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Me encanta Bogdanov. Es una buena pregunta. Los bienes comunes nunca fueron tierras sin ley, siempre estuvieron regulados en un sistema organizado, aunque fuera informal. El aire es para todos. La tierra sigue el mismo principio. Es horrible.


Guía de Programación

Antiausteridad, keynesianismo, socialdemocracia… Esa es una secuencia por la que se puede luchar. Pero, en fin, esto es lo que intento hacer como izquierdista, contar la misma historia una y otra y otra vez. Las leyes deben apropiar ese capital para el pueblo. Es un ataque particularmente horrendo contra todo lo bueno y valioso.

En la Luna hay simplemente rocas: silicatos, hierro, aluminio, magnesio… De todo eso ya tenemos suficiente en la Tierra.

Colonialismo inglés

Es una cita para escapar del capitalismo. La ciencia es un gigantesco trabajo en equipo, y por lo tanto requiere gobierno. Eso tratan de sugerir mis libros. Pues bien: para los intelectuales californianos el budismo es tan importante como el cristianismo o cualquier influencia europea. Son dos modos diferentes de usar el budismo en dos de mis libros; en el resto no es demasiado importante. El sufismo aparece bastante en Marte rojo , junto a bailarines derviches y algunos poemas de Rumi.

En efecto.

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Mi realidad suburbana californiana como americano ordinario de clase media fue aumentada por mi experiencia en ese espacio natural. Eso son similitudes. Ya simplemente estar en McMurdo fue fascinante y espectacular. No hay dinero. Hay un recurso narrativo que aparece en diferentes formas en varias de tus novelas: el Padre Fundador o Madre muriendo al principio de la historia. Puede incluso que la escritura se interponga.

Y en ese momento entendemos que no hay un Planeta B. Tampoco creo que Marte sirva como un segundo hogar para la humanidad. No puede investigarse sin matar el cerebro, y una vez lo has matado no hay conciencia. Fue muy divertido, porque normalmente soy un estilista bastante conservador. En hay referencias a Marina Abramovic y Andy Goldsworthy. Acabo de ver a Abramovic en Nueva York. Su amigo Hans Ulrich Obrist , un curador de arte, nos puso en contacto para colaborar en un proyecto.

It seemed like some great trick of prestidigitation, more so because Salva, being her enigmatic self, refused to tell me how she had managed to produce a copy of a book that was sold out everywhere in the country. Knopf, in an unprecedented move, had decided to publish it in Spanish in this country a year ahead of its publication in English as "Living to Tell the Tale. We Latin Americans enjoy few advantages in the world.

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  4. It flashes back to a time before his conception, continues with his birth in Aracataca, Colombia, on March 6, , and takes us to the time when his first novel, "The Leaf Storm," and the success of his journalistic reportage, "Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor," in confirmed his destiny as a great writer.

    One day, unexpectedly, his mother asks him to go with her to sell the family home in Aracataca. Referring to "The Arabian Nights," for example, he says: "I even dared to think that the wonders Scheherazade told about had really happened in the daily life of her time and that they stopped happening because of the disbelief and cowardice of succeeding generations. Because this is a book that draws from the original sources of the writer's imagination, its language makes our mouth tingle with the fruity taste of words we remember from reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude.

    The credibility of these affirmations relies on our senses and intuition more than on our logic. We could say that "Vivir para contarla" has the classical plot of a hero's mythical quest.

    Informe contra mi mismo

    The obstacles he must overcome range from the poverty of a family with 11 children to his extreme shyness, which, fortunately, never diminished his vital force or curiosity. As he narrates his years as a student, he continues to provide us with details of his formation as a writer.

    When he introduces his grandfather, he lets us know: "When Grandfather gave me a dictionary, it awakened such a curiosity about words in me that I read it like a novel, in alphabetical order, scarcely understanding it. That was my first contact with what would be the fundamental book in my destiny as a writer. By that time, he had already written some poems, had read Kafka, who "laid out a new path in my life from the first sentence," and had published three stories in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

    The outbreak of violence that followed the assassination is known in the history of Colombia as the "Bogotazo. After fleeing to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, he circulates in a group of friends and larger-than-life characters who almost tentatively introduce him to the editorial rooms of the newspaper El Universal, where he lands a job. This section of the book may prove more difficult for readers because of the many names and different jobs and residences.

    Like the entire book, however, this section is laden with wonderful anecdotes and musings about the writing craft, as well as the tribulations that led to his first novel, "Leaf Storm," and later to his famous piece of reporting, "The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor," in April He's in the plane writing a love letter to the woman who will be his wife, Mercedes Barcha.

    Llevar | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

    He is 27 years old. Up to this point, we have seen our hero go through his training and the blessing of his arms. With his pen unsheathed, he marches off to the conquest of his literary chimera. Few people I know have had as much luck as he in finding mentors and guardian angels. Fate, it would seem, not only sowed in his path a family whose past contains all the myths of Latin America but people with pockets full of illuminated pebbles to show him the way to the fulfillment of his literature.

    His talent to blend magic and reality relieves us from the rationalist Cartesian split -- so unhealthy for the spirit -- and presents an alternative, wholesome way to embrace both.