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The Defender (Mills & Boon M&B) - Lindsay McKenna - Google книги

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Meaning of "groundsmen" in the English dictionary

The Tiger's Bride. To Love a Thief. The 14th And Forever. Line of Duty. Duty and Dishonor. Jennie Lucas. Closer Encounters. River Rising. Keith A. Sandiford, By contrast, the comparators worked at a variety of depots and council sites, and only the groundsmen , road workers and refuse workers did any of their work at schools, and in any event were not subject to the control or discretion of the head Richard Rokebyturned away from the window and towards Mr Ackerley.

Would you do us the great honourof translating sentence five,or would youprefer to continue watching the groundsmen Patrick Redmond, It held such anger, indescribable fury mixed with the remnants of fear, that Holly shivered. Andreas's hold on her tightened. He took a step forward, and by Marion Lennox, Thirty-eight, including myself. And twelve ghillies. Trow, This eighth edition includes quotes from everyone - Shakespeare to Shankly, Camus to Cantona, Busby to Beckham - who has made an apt, pithy or comical comment about football. The Ombudsman investigates complaints about the administrative actions of Public Authorities, including Government Departments, Boards and Bodies established or funded by the Legislature.

While the ombudsman's Child Rights Section is a member of the Children's Ombudsman network, there is a separate children's ombudsman in Republika Srpska. Government agencies have Hearing Officer Portuguese : Ouvidor , usually heading a service called Ouvidoria , and each government agency defines its own service. These Hearing Officer usually lack full independence. Since October the office has been held by Maya Manolova. In Canada , ombudsman offices are present in most departments of the federal government, in many provincial and municipal governments as well as in Crown Corporations such as CBC and Canada Post.

There are also several independent ombuds offices in Canada, including the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments and various child advocate offices. They are:.

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Chile remains in the only country in South America without a national ombudsman office, although one was envisaged in a constitutional reform proposed in the Senate by the President in Some other public bodies, such as the National Institute of Human Rights Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos or the Transparency Council Consejo para la Transparencia , have quasi-ombudsman functions, in that their statutes allow them to appeal to the legislature and judiciary for protection and development of fundamental rights.

However, unlike many other ombudsman agencies, they do not have constitutional status, but were created by ordinary statutes. In it absorbed a former children's ombudsman office. The office is currently held by Maria Stylianou-Lottides. The office was established in It has the traditional ombudsman role of mediating between complainants and officials in public bodies, but has no direct means or mechanisms of enforcement.

Should the relevant body fail to provide a remedy, the ombudsman may refer the matter to the government. In Ecuador , the officer known as People's Defender Spanish : Defensor del Pueblo performs the functions of an ombudsman.

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  • The function of ombudsman was entrusted to the Chancellor of Justice in In the ombudsman functions expanded to cover local governments, legal persons in public law and private persons who exercise public functions. The European Ombudsman was established by the Maastricht treaty , the treaty establishing the European Union. The European Union Ombudsman investigates claims by individuals or companies which reside or have their interests within the European Union against incidents of bad administration by bodies or institutions of the European Union.

    In Finland the office of Parliamentary Ombudsman Finnish : Eduskunnan oikeusasiamies , Swedish : Riksdagens justitieombudsman , modelled after the Swedish Ombudsman, was established by the Constitution of The Ombudsman is appointed by Parliament, and has the task of ensuring that all government departments and officials follow the law. The Parliamentary Ombudsman shares many duties with the Chancellor of Justice. The Ombudsman has wide-ranging oversight and investigative powers, has access to all government facilities, documents and information systems and can order a police investigation if necessary.

    If the Ombudsman determines that a government official has not acted in accordance with the law she or he can advise on the proper application of the law, reprimand the official or in extreme cases order a criminal prosecution.

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    Partly because of the prosecutorial powers, the office enjoys considerable respect and the Ombudsman's legal opinions are usually strictly followed, carrying a lot of weight in the absence of a court precedent. Every health care provider in Finland is legally obliged to have a patients' rights ombudsman. In July Dominique Baudis was appointed to the office by the Council of State on the nomination of the Prime Minister, for a single six-year term but died in April In June , former minister Jacques Toubon was chosen for the following six years.

    The office was established by Parliament in The Public Defender is elected for a six-year term by a parliamentary majority, and must follow the Constitution and the law, as well as the universally recognized principles and rules of international law, and international treaties and agreements concluded by Georgia.

    The Public Defender supervises the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, investigates violation of human rights and assists in securing redress. The office supervises the activities of national or local public authorities, public officials and legal persons, evaluates all acts passed by them and gives recommendations and proposals. The office also conducts human rights education.

    The nearest equivalent to a federal ombudsman service in Germany is the Parliamentary Petitions Committee German : Petitionsausschuss Deutscher Bundestag , which receives and investigates complaints of maladministration. The Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman is an independent authority whose functions are to investigate complaints received from the general public about acts of maladministration by the Government of Gibraltar and certain public bodies and contractors.

    The Advocate is assisted by six Assistant Advocates, who coordinate the activities of the Advocate's office in the six thematic areas in which the office has authority: i civil rights , ii social protection , iii quality of life , iv state-citizen relationships, v children's rights , and vi gender equality. The Office of The Ombudsman , known as the Commission for Administrative Complaints until , is an independent statutory authority, established in under the Commissioner for Administrative Complaints Ordinance , to redress grievances arising from maladministration in the public sector through independent and impartial investigations to improve the standard of public administration.

    The Government of India has designated several ombudsmen sometimes called Chief Vigilance Officer CVO for the redress of grievances and complaints from individuals in the banking, insurance and other sectors being serviced by both private and public bodies and corporations. In India, the Ombudsman is known as the Lokpal or Lokayukta. It recommended a two-tier machinery: Lokpal at the Centre parliamentary commissioner, as in New Zealand and one Lokayukta each at the State level for redress of people's grievances.

    However, the jurisdiction of the Lokpal did not extend to the judiciary as in case of New Zealand. The central Government introduced the first Lokpal Bill , Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill in , and further legislation was introduced in Final bill, after all the amendments, has been passed in Rajya Sabha on 17 December and passed in Loksabha on 18 December The state-level Lokayukta institution has developed gradually.

    Orissa was the first state to present a bill on establishment of Lokayukta in , but Maharashtra was the first to establish the institution, in The structure of the Lokayukta is not uniform across all the states. Some states have UpaLokayukta under the Lokayukta and in some states, the Lokayukta does not have suo moto powers of instigating an enquiry. The Indian anti-corruption movement led by social activist Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal includes in its demands the creation of a stronger ombudsman agency with jurisdiction over all state institutions through the enactment of a Jan Lokpal Bill , as an alternative to the Lokpal Bill proposed by the government in The Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia previously named the National Ombudsman Commission is a state institution in Indonesia that has the authority to oversee the implementation of public services both organized by state officials and government, including those held by State-Owned Enterprises, Regionally-Owned Enterprises, and State-Owned Legal Entities private or individuals who are given the task of carrying out certain public services which part or all of their funds are sourced from the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget or the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget.

    The Office of the Ombudsman was set up under the terms of the Ombudsman Act The Ombudsman deals with complaints against Departments of State , local authorities , the Health Service Executive Ireland , private and public nursing homes and direct provision accommodation services. There are other ombudsmen established in Ireland. The first Pensions Ombudsman , Paul Kenny, was appointed in All these offices are statutory and their holders are public servants.

    A non-statutory Press Ombudsman began work in January and legislation has been published to establish a Legal Services Ombudsman. The Ombudsman Amendment Bill of provided for the statutory protection of the title of Ombudsman. This was passed as the Ombudsman Amendment Act , which increased the number of State agencies under the Ombudsman's remit, and also designated the Ombudsman as Director Chief Executive of the Office of the Commission for Public Service Appointments.

    The State Comptroller also serves, by law, as Ombudsman. She or he discharges this function by way of a special unit in the Office of the State Comptroller, known as the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman investigates complaints against bodies that are statutorily subject to audit by the State Comptroller, including government ministries, local authorities, state enterprises and institutions and government companies, as well as their employees. There is no generic national ombudsman office, but by Law no.

    Many units of sub-national government regions , provinces and communes have their own ombudsman Italian : difensore civico , who are elected by regional, provincial or communal councils. The Office of the Public Defender was created in by the Public Defender Act , replacing the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman which had existed since The Public Defender currently Earl Witter has the typical ombudsman function of investigating and remedying maladministration, with additional jurisdiction to investigate alleged violations of constitutional rights.

    CAJ is a Commission within the meaning of chapter 15 of the constitution and has the status and powers of a commission under that chapter. The Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo OIK accepts and investigates complaints of human rights violations or abuses of authority by any public authority in Kosovo. The institution is currently led by Ombudsperson Sami Kurteshi, a former opposition activist, political prisoner and human rights activist, who was elected to the post by the Assembly of Kosovo on 4 June The OIK has several offices throughout Kosovo, and participates although not yet accredited in the global network of national human rights institutions , as well as in the European ombudsman network.

    Previously, similar functions were carried by National Human Rights Office — In Lithuania, the nearest equivalent to the position of ombudsman is that of Parliamentary Controller Lithuanian : Seimo kontrolierius , an office appointed by the Seimas Parliament of Lithuania. There is also a children's ombudsman. Since Macedonia has an Ombudsman for protection of citizens rights Macedonian : Naroden pravobranitel. The ombudsman is appointed by the Parliament and performs her or his work under the Constitution and the Law of the Ombudsman.

    The Office of the Ombudsman is a constitutional body established by the Constitution of Malta and is regulated by the Ombudsman Act. The Ombudsman may investigate, suo motu or on foot of a complaint, the actions of State bodies or other public entities. In Malta, the Ombudsman is also an Officer of Parliament and is appointed by the House of Representatives of Malta through a resolution supported by votes of not less than two-thirds of all members of the House. The Ombudsman may be assisted by other Commissioners appointed for specialised areas in accordance to the law.

    The recommendations issued by the Maltese Office of the Ombudsman are not binding legally but do have a persuasive value. National Human Rights Commission Mexico. On February 13, the Interior Ministry Secretariat of the Interior created the "General Human Rights Department" as a wholly dependent office within the ministry's structure. On June 6, , by presidential decree, the General Human Rights Department was renamed the "National Human Rights Commission" and gained full autonomy from its parent ministry. It was not until , after some constitutional reforms, that the National Human Rights Commission became fully independent of the government.

    Article 78 of the Constitution of the Netherlands , as revised in , established an office of National Ombudsman. The ombudsman and deputy are appointed by the House of Representatives for a fixed period or until reaching retirement age. The office includes a children's ombudsman. The post of Ombudsman was established in New Zealand in , to investigate complaints against government departments.

    In the post was expanded, with a Chief Ombudsman and several other ombudsmen. The Ombudsman also has responsibility to protect 'whistleblowers' and investigate the administration of prisons and other places of detention. There is also a Children's Commissioner. It started functioning on 8 August The office of Ombudsman is currently held by Salman Farooqi.

    The Act provides for similar offices at the provincial level. It has 36 offices throughout the country. The Office of the Ombudsman of the Philippines is empowered by the Constitution to safeguard both the government and government-owned corporations from corruption and dispense justice in the case of such offenses. The office also functions as the national human rights institution , and is accredited with A status by the ICC.

    He was succeeded by Irena Lipowicz. Since , this position has been held by Adam Bodnar. Justice Provider , and its role is defined in article 23 of the Constitution of Portugal :. Citizens may submit complaints against actions or omissions by the public authorities to the Ombudsman, who shall assess them without the power to take decisions and shall send the competent bodies such recommendations as may be necessary in order to prevent or make good any injustices.

    The bodies and agents of the Public Administration shall cooperate with the Ombudsman in the fulfilment of his mission. Besides the traditional routes, complaints can be filed online [] and there are toll-free lines for children and one for senior citizens. Since 15 April , the current ombudsman is Victor Ciorbea. The Commissioner is appointed for a fixed term by the Parliament. The ombudsman cannot be dismissed before the end of his term, and is not subordinate to any body of power, including the President or the Government. Fewer than half have done so.

    In Serbia, the Protector of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia [] Ombudsman is an independent state authority, mandated to protect human rights and freedoms. It was introduced into the legal system in by the Law on Ombudsman and confirmed by the Constitution of Serbia in Ombudsman is elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia [] for a five-year-term and is accountable to the Assembly for his work. The Ombudsman enjoys the same immunity as a member of the parliament.