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The left arm of the suit had been torn off, revealing a complex pale blue tattoo running up her bare arm. Zed turned on his heel and headed over to a sink at the other end of the room, grumbling all the way.

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The woman smiled kindly. Zed knows his stuff, but the Emergence is a rough thing to experience, especially if you weren't born into it. She dropped the cup in surprise, turning her arm over and staring. Zed, could you? Zed turned on his heel and headed back to the sink. It showed a human torso with bright shards scattered around inside. The monks had theories about Eridium's organic properties, but this is the first time I've seen it bond to a person like this. How did you even get these in you and not, you know, die?

A Moonshell hit close and the Eridium I was carrying must have been broken by shrapnel and hit me. I thought I was dead. The woman put the pad away.

Smashwords – The Accidental Siren – a book by Jake Vander Ark

For now, you feel like taking a walk? I'm thinking some fresh air might do you good. The woman pointed at another gurney, where Savannah saw her trousers, jacket and boots folded neatly. Savannah levered herself up, wincing at her sore muscles' sharp protest. She padded over to the gurney.

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The woman politely turned around, punching Zed on the arm and turning him around when he didn't. Savannah dressed quickly and followed the woman to the door, nodding her thanks to Zed as she passed by. The woman pulled the door open bringing a blast of hot air inside. The two stepped outside into a hot noontime sun.

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Subscribe For Two Free Ebooks. My notecard system for The Accidental Siren. I made a rule for both Lighthouse Nights and Fallout Dreams that I wouldn't include pop-culture references of any kind Writing from the perspective of a year-old reminiscing about his life as a year-old was a breeze. Endings are one of my strengths as a writer I remember rearranging my notecards even after the book was nearly complete, trying desperately to make everything fit. I spent a lot of time deliberating the scope of the book.

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My initial idea was to show Mara and James as children, then college kids, then adults. As I traveled deeper into the childhood portion of the book, I realized just how long the novel would be if I kept going.

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These two challenges are going to converge if I ever muster the confidence to start book two. I establish early in Siren that Mara's effects linger for a very long time.

It's going to be an epic jigsaw puzzle when I finally find the time to put it all together. I still remember helping my dad build the pedestals for the lions at The Castle Favorite Passage Reading it now, it sounds a bit clunky What you and I overlooked in our cloud of perversion and nasty objectification was the unrestrained joy of a little girl playing dress-up for the very first time.

The Castle. The Woods.

Siren slip-up? No reason for alarm

The Watertower. Downtown Grand Haven. The Coastguard Festival. Lake Michigan. Mara's eyes change color four times throughout the book.

The Accidental Siren (Paperback)

My rules for Mara: She IS supernatural. The perception of her personality and physical characteristics change subtly depending on who's looking at her. Her only two supernatural abilities are her looks and voice. Her appearance starts the drama. Her voice finishes it. Here's a terrible picture of me holding up the first terrible cover for Siren. Book Club Questions Coming soon!