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He earned 50 pounds a year for his lightkeeping duties and was supposed to supplement this by serving as a harbor pilot. But the lightkeeping responsibilities were all-consuming. During a gale, several dozen of his sheep wandered on to a spit, and were stranded. The town of Boston agreed to increase his salary to 70 pounds, and upon returning from Boston with the money, his boat capsized and he drowned.

Some books found inside 36 Yogananda, identified

His daughter, teenaged Ann Worthylake, the first official lighthouse child in this country, her mother and the station slave were with him. His other children were watching as the boat capsized. Site of first foghorn.

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In Hayes set fire to tower, and was assessed three years pay -- pounds -- but managed not to have to pay it. See Bibliography: DeWire p. See De Wire p. Block Island Southeast , Rhode Island, This is one of the most remarkable structures in America. It looks like it came out of a Gothic romance. Beautiful coast scenes. It is very picturesque, and a Mecca for artists and tourists. It is reached by ferry. There are thousands of seagulls on the island. Everything about the project was huge; , pounds of steel used to support the structure, 38 lifting jacks capable of hefting 60 tons each The light has a first-order Fresnel lens, installed in The kerosene-fed lens revolved on a bed of mercury.

The light was electrified in During the move, the old first-order lens had to be removed, since it emitted toxic fumes from its mercury bed. Back to top. Minots Ledge Light , Cohasset, Massachusetts, The destruction of the first tower might have caused Pleasonton his job. As a result, The Lighthouse Board was formed in , completed its survey and uncovered many of his failures. See Bibliography: Roberts. When keeper Joshua Wilder entered tower room to light second tower for first time on November 15, , he was greeted by tens of bonfires on South Shore celebrating.

When he lit the beam, Roman candles and skyrockets shot in the air. See Bibliography: Snow, p. Good ghost stories about keepers who heard the gallery door mysteriously open and insistent tapping in the tower walls -- said to echo a game that Antoine and Wilson played by tapping on a stovepipe that ran from the lantern to the living quarters. Also, passing ships used to report sighting a man clinging to a rope outside the tower, dripping wet and speaking a foreign tongue -- Portuguese sailors understood him -- it was the ghost of John Antoine.

Recent restoration efforts by Coast Guard in , and Cohasset Historical Society has assembled a Minots Light Monument on nearby Government Island, where original granite blocks were shaped.


Centuries Of Tradition At The Shore, Nation’s Oldest Working Lighthouse Turns 250

The keepers duplex, built in , is also located there. Old Cape Henry has the distinction of being the first lighthouse to be authorized , completed , and established under the auspices of the First United States Congress. Construction of Old Cape Henry began before the Revolutionary War, but was abandoned when stone masons balked at working for useless Continental dollars. Roberts writes in his book, Southern Lights, about an amusing story that colonists talked about placing the lighthouse at mouth of Chesapeake in early s -- and in , Spotswood, the flamboyant Governor of Virginia, took a group on a scouting trip -- in a green velvet suit, with a dozen compatriots and a wagon of wine -- but returned home too tipsy to remember what he had seen.

Old Cape Henry had continual problems mostly with shifting sands. It was abandoned in when four cracks appeared in its walls. However, it stands to this day. Old Cape Henry stands near the shore where the English colonists, in , first set foot in Virginia.

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A white cross represents the wooden cross the settlers placed on the site. A pilgrimage on the 4th Sunday in April observes the landing. They were built very close to each other. There is a good contrast of architectural styles -- Old Cape Henry was built of sandstone blocks, and is an architectural beauty, while the New Cape Henry is constructed of cast iron painted in black and white design. They both sit right next to the beach. New Cape Henry is still an active aid to navigation.

Coast Guard families live in the original keepers houses and quarters. The Americans succeeded in damaging the tower somewhat before being driven off by an approaching armed vessel. The Revolutionary War over, the newly formed Federal Government was small enough that President Washington could take a personal interest in the affairs of individual lighthouses.

One of Washington's first official duties was to write a letter to the keeper of the Sandy Hook lighthouse directing him to keep the light tended until Congress could provide funds for its upkeep. After the Revolution, the lighthouse again became the focal point between two antagonists, this time between the State of New York and the State of New Jersey.

In , New York passed a law which required all vessels from other states to report at the local customs house where they were registered and cleared, paying a fee for the privilege. The dispute was defused however, when the Federal Government accepted title to and jurisdiction over the lighthouses then in existence and provided that "the necessary support, maintenance and repairs of all lighthouses beacons, buoys, and public piers erected, placed or sunk before the passing of this act, at the entrance of, or within any bay, inlet, harbor or port of the United States, for rendering the navigation thereof easy and safe, shall be defrayed out of the treasury of the United States.

In , an inspection of the lighthouse found it to be in good order. However, two beacons, made of wood were criticized:. In , during an inspection of the countries lighthouses, the Lighthouse Board reported the lighthouse to be "in a good state of preservation," but criticized:. The inside walls of the tower have been recently whitewashed but two years had elapsed since the outside had been done. The Keeper is not instructed in the manner of adjusting the apparatus and had entered upon his duties without previous instruction The fact that there is only Keeper at Sandy Hook, while there are five at Navesink, cannot fail to be remarked upon The lights are not lighted at sun- setting, and kept burning until sun rising, in compliance with instructions.

The Keeper uses his own discretion in this matter, generally lighting about dusk and extinguishing at daylight. The Keeper stated that the oil last year was bad; the winter oil was cut, in cold weather, with a knife. The Sandy Hook lights are nor trimmed during the night; in the Keeper's opinion they do not require it! In addition to the main light, the Keeper also had two smaller beacons to maintain. The Keeper of the main light was given a paltry amount of money to hire help, but was held responsible for all three lights.

Six Fort Hancock historic buildings offered for restoration, lease on Sandy Hook - hujekarezubo.ga

Only the main light stands today, the East and West beacons having long since been replaced by automatic skeleton towers, and their locations have been changed many times to fit the current disposition of the hook. The West Beacon was refitted in , the East Beacon was rebuilt in The main light received a new lighting apparatus in , a 3rd order Fresnel lens, made by P. This lens is still in place. In the main light underwent extensive repairs, including a new edifice, a brick lining inside the tower, and iron steps which replaced the worn wooden ones.

There is a "legend" about a secret cellar under the main light, which, when opened in , revealed a skeleton sitting at a table in front of a crude fireplace. While intriguing, the fact is that there is no cellar under the lighthouse, but instead is under the keeper's house. Some variations of the legend say this, but also give the date as closer to , when the keeper's house was torn down there have been 3 documented keeper's houses.

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As to the skeleton, there has not been any documented proof which would confirm or deny the story. In the East Beacon became the first light in the United States to be equipped with a steam driven fog siren. The siren consisted of a fixed disk with slits radiating from its center. A second disk with the same arrangement of slits was revolved back of this, which high pressure steam was driven through both, and emitted from a horn at one end.

The siren apparently lasted until , a newspaper account of that year stating that a "new siren has been purchased and will soon be erected at the station in place of the one nearly worn out.