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  1. The Emergence of the Napoleonic Cuit in German Literature
  2. Amir Eshel
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The Emergence of the Napoleonic Cuit in German Literature

Source: Europarl. But that is wishful thinking at the moment.

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But no, we remain at a level of pious wishes, fine words and declarations with no follow-up. The first requirement is to offer technical aid capable of restoring the discredited banking system. This will remain a pious hope until common asylum procedures are adopted.

[Videorezension] Die Lügen des Locke Lamora

Pious hope on the inside, deafening silence on the outside. Too often in this report we content ourselves with lofty aims and pious hopes. This is highly laudable but I hope it does not prove to be a pious goal.

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Amir Eshel

Unfortunately, at the moment, this is merely a pious desire. Hopefully that is not just pie in the sky. Why, as General Morillon said, are there, however, only words and pious wishes? But the method advocated to achieve these high-minded wishes is flawed.

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That, too, is a pipedream. Source: News-Commentary. My wife is chaste and pious. Source: Tatoeba.

Lügen: Roman (German Edition) - AbeBooks - Elke Naters:

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