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She began to reel out the names of each of her brothers and sisters when Maelon leant towards her, kissing her on her crumbed lips. He rose and stepped towards Dwynwen, attempting to kiss her again. But once more she rebuffed his advances before running back into the cover of the woods.

Making her way back to the castle, Dwynwen was angrily kicking leaves, stones, anything that stood in her path. I won't.

The Italian Effect (Mills & Boon Medical) by Josie Metcalfe (ebook)

As Dwynen returned home, she felt dread in a way she'd not experienced before. This could be the last time she leaves the castle as a girl, before she is forced to become a woman. This could be the day she waves goodbye to her beloved Anglesey: her woods, her birds, her trees.

But Maelon was firmly in her thoughts. She liked Maelon. Yes, he was a fool for trying to kiss her, but he seemed like a good man. There could be worse husbands. She could be forced to marry one of fathers old friends Recoiling at the thought, she desperately thought and prayed for a way to get out of the inevitable.

She prayed for a miracle. She prayed she could remain a girl forever. As she got closer to gates, dusk was approaching. Dwynwen could see Maelon's horse tied by the stables.

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The shadows cast in the dining room candlelight revealed he was already talking to her father. I don't care that you're sneaking around like a mouse. But what I do care about is why you were cavorting with a man unaccompanied, and without permission too! If you are to be married into a good family then you must behave like a good girl!

A good wife! Dwynwen looked at her feet. She didn't know what Maelon had told her father. He'd surely be flogged for trying to kiss a woman to whom he is not betrothed. Maybe he kept that to himself. Maybe to save himself, maybe because he's a good man.

Tag: How To Mend A Broken Heart

Because he'd make a good husband. The audacity to ride into my kingdom and try to fool the almighty Brychan, I should have killed him on the spot. Dwynwen sat mouth a gape. She didn't want to marry Maelon, but she had grown fond of him and didn't want him executed, especially not for love. He has seen your wild behaviour and knows of your wild spirit.

Should word spread, you will destroy what I have built for you. You will never marry and become queen of your own nation. Our bargain, our connection with the neighbouring clan will fall and we risk it all. Dwynwen's eyes widened. She had no idea that her beauty came with such high stakes for the kingdom. You've made a mockery of this family for years, but your mother stopped me from doing anything about it, to leave you be.

You should have been preparing to become a wife, not dancing round the forest like some pauper. I have sent message to the most prominent family in the east. You will marry a prince of my choosing and become the wife you should be. Unable to contain her sobs, Dwynwen ran to her room, aware that another 23 pairs of eyes were watching her. Her father was loving, but he was also terrifying. As she lay on her bed, staring at the marks on her ceiling like they would suddenly rescue her from her fate, her mind wandered. She could run. But if she ran, she'd be exiled forever.

She'd never see her family again.

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  8. And she'd never survive the winter on her own. Maybe she could convince her father to allow her to marry Maelon? He surely must be of some desirable ilk for him to even know about her, let alone where to find her. Perhaps she could help Maelon escape, on the promise he helps her to safety and away from the castle. But how on earth would she get past the guards and then get him out of the kingdom? If he was caught, he would surely be put to death. She couldn't bear the thought of Maelon getting hurt. He listened to her, he hung off her every word like a child.

    He loved the woods. He loved her free spirit. Maybe if she did marry Maelon, she wouldn't be confined to a castle until she bore sons. Dwynwen prayed. She prayed her father would change his mind. She prayed her father would allow her to marry Maelon. She prayed her betrothed would get lost on the way to Anglesey. She prayed she could keep her spirited ways, and not allow it to be broken by a life of domestic servitude. She prayed for Maelon. She tried to rest, but every time she closed her eyes, she would see him chained to the walls, or being flogged in the square, or sobbing at the news Dwynwen had been married off.

    Unable to sleep, she sat up and looked to the window, desperately hearing for any sound of her chained love. Creeping to her door, she carefully pushed down on the brass handle. Rubbing her eyes as they adjusted to the dazzling glow coming from the doorway, she slowly edged backwards. And I come with a gift, a gift that will help you. And besides, he's been locked up. You are not Maelon. His childlike wonder that made you fall in love with him. He has done nothing wrong and will surely die in chains. Maelon will be free. Neither you or he will be imprisoned by your affections for life or for love any longer.

    From Bachelor to Daddy / A Surgeon to Heal Her Heart

    The vial dropped to the floor as the boy impishly vanished into the night. She crept towards the bottle and picked it up. Inspecting the liquid inside she removed the cork and sniffed at the potion. It smelled sweet, like vanilla and peonies. She looked out towards the horizon. Images of a procession leading her betrothed to the kingdom flooded her mind's eye. In a moment of desperation she swallowed the contents of the vial, wiping her lips on her sleeve as she finished the potion.

    Slipping into her nightdress, she climbed into bed, exhaustion finally carrying her of to sleep and dreams of a never-ending childhood. As first light filled her room, Dwynwen sat upright in her bed, unsure if the ghostly apparition of Maelon the child was a vision and the potion an imaginary memory.

    Suddenly there was a loud knocking at her door. Before she even had chance to get out of bed, Maelon burst into her room. He was smiling with pure glee, dressed in full decoration, arms open wide - ready to welcome the princess. He will allow us to marry and we will wed today! Get dressed Dwynwen my love, hurry! Stepping back into her chambers, she shook her head. Get out before I call my father. We shared bread in the clearing? Your father imprisoned me? Do you not remember any of it? You could be flogged for this. Get out now. But before Maelon could leave, he became frozen in a block of ice, his forlorn yet hollow expression captured in the heartbroken moment of his rejection.

    Dwynwen shrieked as almost immediately the memories of her romance with Maelon came flooding back, and the realisation that the apparition of the angelic young boy was a test. The princess dropped to her knees sobbing uncontrollably. The potion had freed her from the arranged marriage but in return erased all memories of the handsome Maelon. And when his love was not reciprocated, he became encased in ice, forever frozen in time.

    Hearing Dwynwen's devastated cries, an angel appeared before the princess. Not in sight, not in sound, but in a voice deep inside her broken heart. Seeing the pain deep inside the young princess, he offered her three wishes. But she was to use them wisely, and each would not be without consequence. Pulling her knees to her tear soaked chin, Dwynwen closed her eyes, and whispered her heart's deepest desires.

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