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Also read in Dec Jul 31, Becky rated it it was amazing. Brilliant - all of her books are amazing. Gavin is a 31 year old hairdresser, living at home with his parents and lacking self confidence - but a fortnight of chance encounters is about to change his perspective. Feb 22, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. Two weeks in the life of a 31 year old hairdresser who still lives with his parents. Three women he meets in this short period and they have a huge impact on his life. Gavin Lamb is a thirty-one year old virgin who still lives at home with his parents.

His doting and old-fashioned mother would also have a very hard time letting go of her son. The strength of the book is the depiction of Gavin who is meek, shy and kind. His job as a hairdresser has allowed him to practice talking to women but most of his customers are middle-aged and elderly women.

The thought of talking to a young woman absolutely paralyzes him.

Children & Libraries: Getting It Right | ALA Store

He is also extremely self-conscious about his acne that continues to persist into his thirties. Harry knows that Gavin must be lonely and he suggests that Gavin tag along to a party one weekend. There are two women at the party that cause Gavin to have some interesting adventures. Gavin finds it remarkably easy to speak with Joan because she is so honest and straightforward with him. It is Joan who introduces him to the finer points of physical intimacy with a woman.

But in the end Joan is too unhappy and selfish to ever be committed to someone like Gavin. The other woman that Gavin meets at the party is a young girl named Minerva who is an absolute hot mess. After the party she follows Gavin home and invites herself to be his house guest for the night. Gavin is horrified at the thought of his mother waking up and finding Minerva in her house. Lamb is fascinated with the British upper classes, so Gavin tells her that Minerva is a Lady.

This is one of the funniest scenes of the book as Mrs. Lamb falls all over herself to impress Minerva who is just a common girl with various emotional problems. If Mrs. Lamb knew the truth about Minerva she would be absolutely scandalized. When he realizes that she has mental problems that need to be addressed he feels more responsible for her than he should. The third woman that has an impact on Gavin at this time in his life is actually someone that he has known for three years but has never interacted with until a chance encounter during his lunch. Jenny has been a junior assistant at his hair salon but when he accidentally meets her at the park, he talks to her with a level of comfort that he has never know with a young woman.

Jenny, he finds out, got pregnant as a teenager and her mother is helping her raise her young son Andrew while she is at work. Jenny asks Gavin to teach her about sophisticated interests such as classical music and literature. Gavin loves his new role as teacher and they get closer he wonders whether or not he has feelings for her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the charming plot of this book as well as the endearing character of Gavin. For those who love classics British literature then Elizabeth Jane Howard is a must-read. Jul 20, Ann rated it really liked it.

Getting It Right

What a fantastic man fumbling his way through life. Gavin Lamb is a 31 year old and is a hair dresser to the older women in London. He's shy but has learned to talk and listen to the ladies who come into the shop where he works. Jenny has been working for several years as a helper in the shop and when they meet outside work at a party they begin seeing each other. He is teaching him about music and books and she is helping him communicate with people outside work and looking at life away from hi What a fantastic man fumbling his way through life.

He is teaching him about music and books and she is helping him communicate with people outside work and looking at life away from his mother's influence. It would be nice to revisit with them in another story, maybe Harry deserves a story. At one stage I was about to abandon this book because of one particularly sleazy character whom I disliked intensely. I'm glad I persevered as the character did not feature for too long and the book proved to be quite satisfying in the end.

Elizabeth Jane Howard was a very good writer and I have read most of her other books. I intend to re-read them now that I have quite a lot of time on my hands.

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Aug 31, Alison rated it it was amazing. I don't understand why this book is out of print. I think Getting It Right is a perfect book. The characters are all well-drawn. This may have been the first novel I read which felt as if the people truly existed. That you might run into them at the store or in l line at the post office. I'd give you my copy to read, but I won't let it out of the house! Nice cute little book, about people trying to understand themselves in order to know what is love. I saw the film ages ago and I loved it. It's so close to the book that I can't hardly believe it.

Cute book. I recommend it.

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    I am so impressed with the amount of content and how explanatory Kelly is with her classes. This one is one of my favorites…. Keren Padayachee verified owner — April 11, I love learning from kelly and I am grateful that she shares her skills at such great prices. Thank you for sharing you passion and skill with us. That is just what I have been looking for for years! It is the key to start making correct photos.