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Romberg 3 Duos op. Not really easy for both players. In this edition there are no bar numbers and no other signs. Thus practising from the to parts without score is really hard. Best idea is to write numbers by yourself. Dedicated to Gabrielski Trois Duos Concertants op. Three Fantasias op. Introduction und Variationen op. It is a sad text and thus it should not be played too fast. Trois Grands Solos op. Edition Peters , Rating: mid-grade Nr.

Trois Trios op. Duett Allegro moderato - Rondo Allegro appassionato 2. Duett Allegro moderato - Rondo Allegro 3. Two parts, no score. Beethoven used this melody in to write variations for the piano. Schaffner, Nicolaus Albert - Possibly this was also written for Ferdinand Bogner. You need a flute with deep h for this. Fantasia concertante op.

Unfortunately without numbering the bars in any way. The "Easy" as part of the title should not be taken literally. Both parts are emancipated and demanding, the movements are quite long and some of them are really very beautiful. Bouquet des Tons op. First editions in Berlin and London before The opera this quintet is made of, was written by Rossini at the age of The opera was written in Originally for flute, violin, viola and cello.

From a musical point of view this might be light fare. For the player it is a really hard to job to make it sound easy. V Allegro spiritoso - Andante assai - Rondo No. Originally for flute and strings. Probably made for music students. A quite cheap paper put together in a plastic cover. It is a cheap edition though.

Composed being a young man in Paris after Everybody knowing the woodwind quartets will recognize the melodies. Here the flute part is very dominant like in a solo concerto. But this is more imaginative. I liked it and will probably have look for Walckiers more often when searching for repertoire. Everybody has a solo part. Only the first movement is also in Kuhlau-length. A nice work for a concert Vogler Parts and score, also for each alternatives to alto flute. Grande Polonaise op.

Larghetto op. Kummer, Kaspar - Trio op. Rating: mid-grade Allegro Nice, very typicall for Mr. Quartett in G-Dur op.

A part for oboe or violin instead of the clarinet is included. Parts and score and both are optimized by additional pages for easier page turning.

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And it sounds great, too. The Arpeggione was something between cello and guitar. Hold like an guitar and played with a bow but with frets.

Boccherini: 6 Violin Duos op 5 no 1 - 6

This edition for flute was done by Peter-Lukas Graf. Introduktion und Variationen op. Menuet and Trio op. A really funny piece for flute. Rabboni, Giuseppe - Late classic or early romantic music. Very beautiful music, the movements quite long. Both parts are equally demanding. It is really fun to play this. Molique, Wilhelm Bernhard - Seufzer-Galopp op.

Damen-Souvenir Polka op. Neue Pizzicato-Polka op. Unfortunatly printed in very small notes. Originally for violin. I didn't like the arrangement very much. Clinton, John - Konzertantes Duo op. Written in being the one hundredst work of the composer and a present to his wife. The premiere was played by his wife and Franz Schubert playing the violin.

Composers B

The first public performance was at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in by Emilius Lund on the oboe and Carl Reinecke on the piano. Kjos Music Co. We thought the passages of only flute or horn playing with piano too long and inserted some parallel passages to fill them. Abendlied op. Waldszenen 82 flute, piano Gerard Billaudot , G. A perfect encore and perfect for a serenade. Chopin wrote this in Warsaw. Gregh, A. Both-sided but easy to turn the page because there are several bars rest in each part for doing so. Variation - Molto moderato 2.

Variation- Moderato 3. Variation - Moderato 4. Variation- Molto moderato 5. Variation - Allegro 6. Variation - Lento e sostenuto 7. Variation - Allegro risoluto 8. Briccialdi, Guilio - Duo concertant op. Not easy to play, but worth it. Both parts are emancipated ant the movements are not too long. Quintetto op. Sounds a bit like the Italian operas of the same time. There was no name of the composer on it.

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But the comparison of different handwritings lead to Gounod. Petite Symphonie g-moll flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in H flat, 2 bassoons, 2 horns in H flat Gerard Billaudot , Rating: mid-grade 1. Adagio et Allegretto 2. Andante Cantabile 3. Scherzo 4. The score is available with order number UE Petite Suite Gauloise op. Gouvy is anyway a name to be remembered.

Attention: the first bassoon needs to read tenor clef. Ottetto op. Fantaisie sur un Motif de Beethoven op. Take a french horn player who is able to play properly piano. The flute has to practice, it is not so easy to play the role of a little bird in the woods Berceuse op. Among these many mouvements are some really nice and they may be used in service. Originally for piano and dedicated to Liszt. Sounds like studies of counterpoint. Dupont, Pierre - Reinecke, Carl - Octet op.

And this is the best example. Based on the homonymous fable of Friedrich de la Motte-Fouque. Where have been 22 musical versions of this story in about a hundred years. The story told by this piece of music: the nymph Undine falls in love with the knight Huldbrand and makes big sacrifices for this love. After the marriage her lover turns towards another woman. Undine returns to the world of ghosts and kills him. First edition in and dedicated to the flutist Barge Konzert op. Dedicated to Maximilian Schwedler. Composed in Satz - Bewegt und mit Bravour zum 2.

Satz zum 3. Satz A score for the harp and a separate flute part. Probably for playing together it might be helpful for the flutist to play from the score, too. Sextett op. This was recommended to me The piano has the lazy part in accompanying the two winds. Schirmer , Vol. Not so good composed. Ungarischer Tanz Nr. There is just too much missing if this music is reduced to a trio. Not for us, thanks.

The pieces are very short and easy, thus it is possible to play from the score. Serenade No. Allegro Still available allthoug my edition is very old and in a large format. The word odelette means a joyeous form of an ode and is from the 16th century. Written at first for flute and orchestra. Romance op. First five b, afterwards 4 sharps, then 2 sharps and again 5 b.

Written in in original for flute and orchestra. Edition s Musicales , Rating: mid-grade Presto ma non troppo Piano part includes the score, too. The parts for flute and clarinet are separate. Nearly impossible to turn pages for the piano player. The cue notes for the woodwinds give melodies which are not played by the piano because they are part of the orchestral score.

Dedicated to Dorus and Leroy To support his younger colleague Rossini at first said it was written by him and corrected this statement only then the success of the piece was obvious. Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs op. Petersburg with Taffanel , Gillet oboe und Turban clarinet. Three Pieces flute 2 flutes oboe violin , clarinet, bassoon ad lib. To be played with flute and piano or with 2 flutes and piano.

The second flute might also be played by violin, oboe or even clarinet. Additionally a French Horn or Englisch Horn or bassoon. Third and fourth flute have to change to piccolo. Partly the piccolo part is included and in the Carillon a sequence from the first violin is added. Thus you have an orchestral study with piano accompaniment. One might not believe, that this beautiful piece of music flopped at the premiere. Cheapest paper, each sheet another size, only copies and those are bad. Moderato II. Andante molto III. Tempo di minuetto IV. And the scales and figures are written in a very playable range, thus the extremely fast parts are possible to be played.

Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Chanson Triste d-moll Bearbeitung 4 flutes Rubank Inc.

Easy Duets Op. 46 and Violin (Violin  | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

This is the first edition of an early composition, accessible only since In the original there was a second flute playing parts of the melody one octave beneath the first flute. Der Nussknacker op. Well edited. The dominant wind section in the orchestra version is helpful for this.

You have either to play very high like in orchestra or very deep. A bit surprising. The best piece for sight-reading is Blumenwalzer, sounds the best at first. Im Herbst op. The flute goes up to b3. Melancolie op. Schmidt , C. Chant sans paroles op. The piano part is painfully monotonous, the woodwinds play one part sometimes in unison and sometimes split one playing, one not. No need to try this one. This is an edition of a trio for three violins. Parts for the first and second flute.

The third has to play from score, but this works well, as the whole score is only one double page. Suite - Amerikanische Suite op. This man does magic with melodies. Originally for piano, written in Zwei Walzer op. Originally for piano, composed in The premiere was played in with a string quartet. Humoresque op. Good readible print, extra small pocket score, alltogether in a stable folder, labeled by a sticker. Clever system for a small publisher, which leads to cheap editions of good quality.

One of eight humoresques for piano, written in , transcribed for woodwind quintet. But the music is really fine. Grieg , Edvard - There are hints for special fingerings. Much of the music is in high register to come near the violin sound. You will have to practise this The parts have to be cut in two or you need to make illegal copies.

Quintett B-Dur flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano M. Belaieff , Rating: mid-grade Allegro con brio Andante Rondo Allegretto My edition is a quite old one and no longer available. The new Belaieff edition has only the parts, no score. Probably member of the bookshelf of any "serious" flutist. Scales, arpeggios and intervals in countless variations, to be practiced preferably by heart. A niece piece for collectors. The text passages are completely in French, German and English.

The second part starts with the Daily mechanic Excercises, which are also published separately. They are followed by 24 progressive etudes in all keys, the next are twelve etudes of virtuosity. Next comes a chapter about stilistic things, one about cadencas and some repertoire pieces and orchestral passages.

All movements with metronome numbers. I liked this one very much. Written in Faure, Gabriel - Berceuse op. As one might expect of a piece written originally for the oboe, it is in the lower register. Fantaisie op. Most pieces are really beautiful. It looks like copies, collected in a plastic cover. Sometimes the prints inside stick to the cover. Not the best idea, I think. Sicilienne op. Cheap but not very robust and in a plastic cover.

Sonate op. Piece a-moll flute, piano Alphonse Leduc , A. At each of the three times the page has to be turned, third flute has a break to do it. Berceuse C-Dur 3 flutes B. Cervantes, Ignacio - Andersen, Joachim - Allegro Militaire op. He also included an introduction with hints for practising the etudes. Drei Miniaturen op. Krug, Arnold - Serenade op. Progressive Duette - Heft 2: 15 schwerere Duette op. Lektion - D-Dur Lektion - C-Dur Lektion - a-moll Lektion - G-Dur Lektion - h-moll Lektion - g-moll Lektiion - e-moll Lektion - A-Dur Lektion - d-moll Allegro moderato Andante Adagio patetico Allegro moderato- Allegro molto Allegretto mosso Allegretto molto vivace Allegro mosso Allegro molto vivace Allegro giusto Allegro vivo Adagio Allegro con spirito Andantino mosso Andante sostenuto Allegro spiritoso Valse B-Dur flute, piano Durand S.

Edition s Musicales , D. The last movement is possibly the best known. Suite op. Highly romantic, harmonically demanding with lots of suspensions and passing notes, very atmospheric. Due to five b flats not so easy to play but only one page of music. Henschel, Georges - Theme et Variations op. Seems to be no longer available. Langey, Otto - The edition for quintet and piano was done by D'Indy himself. Chanson et Danses op. Perhaps a newer edition is not that big format. Unfortunately without score Suite en parties op.

About the years in this choir the music is written. The idea for writing this music was given during a visit in Sanssoucic there the images of Frederic the Great lead to an association with military structures and piccolo flutes Moszkowski, Moritz - I like this sort of selling sheet music, because it is possible to buy exactly the number of parts you need, even if you lost one.

Conference Library Holdings by Instrumentation

Concertino op. There are no additional informations about the composer oder the opus. But is an absolutely great cost-performance-ratio. I think that is a really good line for a edition to publish easy works for beginners. Chanson d'un matin op. Gavotte from Contrasts op. Wie missed something like a melody. The piano accompaniment consists mainly on harmonies. One of my favorite woodwind quintets. Five winds make a typically Bohemian nearly symphonic sound.

Terrific and difficult. Goepfart, Karl - Quartett op. The tango is much nicer, easy music made for coffeehouse or something like that. Averkamp, Antoon - En bateau is edited for flute and piano. Syrinx Lesure Nr. Henle Verlag , Rating: mid-grade Tres modere An classic and absolutely beautiful. Written in for Fleury. Nyfenger dedicated a chapter named Twenty-Five Perversions of Syrinx of his book Music and the flute to this piece of music. As original tempo for the piece he takes 78 R. The fourth flute should have a foot joint with deep h or you have to play the alternative notes of this part.

Originally for piano. Debussy Suite No. It sounds awful and we never came further than the first movement. J Rating: mid-grade Tres Modere Probably one of the most popular flute soli in orchestral literature. Rating: difficult Allegro con spirito Adagio Allegro molto e leggierissimo This as usually very expensive French edition comes with a very soft, thin paper cheap.

A new bad idea is to include the woodwinds parts in the middle of the book. You have to open the tacks in the middle to get them free. Both flutes and both bassoons are printed in score. Pastorale op. Nocturne en Forme de valse op. I like this kind of music. The first flute has to change to piccolo. Lots of cue notes for better orientation. Strauss, Richard - Introduction, Thema und Variationen op.

Variation - Tempo primo minore 3. Variation - Maggiore 4. Variation - Adagio Finale - 5. Souvenir de l'ami lointain op. Au Foyer op. Kronke, Emil - Suite en stile ancien op. Caprice Impromtu op. Nielsen, Carl - Quintett op. Written in Quintett op. A score is available separately. Fantasy Pieces op. Both pieces were transposed up a minor third. In a newer edition at Billaudot the pieces are available again. Sonatine Modale op. Deux Nocturnes op. Early composition from around the turn of the century.

Premiere posthum in Unfortunately it is a really thin, touchy paper which will probably not last long if really worked with. Duration is given with two and a half minutes. Divertissement op. Partly without bar lines. Rating: mid-grade Adagio Granados, Enrique - Flute repertoire - The name of the composer is linked to the associated biography.

The following data is ordered by the birthyear of the composer. Schott Verlag , FTR Allegro Adagio Fuga. Nice piece of music, nobody is bored and it sounds nice. Giordani, Tommaso - Trio G-Dur. Amadeus Verlag , BP Allegro spirituoso Allegretto ma non troppo. Schott Verlag , ANT Robert Lienau Musikverlag , Rl Haydn, Joseph - Londoner Trios.

Edition Peters , Nr. Universal Edition , UE Chor des Landvolks "Lenz! Zimmermann , ZM Adagio Menuetto Presto. Allegro moderato Adagio Allegro molto. Probably written in That is the score. Allegro con spirito Andante quasi Allegretto "Chorale St. Antoni" Menuetto Rondo - Allegretto.

Zimmermann , Z. An old edition from the second hand bookshop. Allegro moderato Adagio Finale - Presto. Edition Breitkopf , Nr. Allegro Andante Finale - Allegro moderato. First printed edition made of a handwriting from the year , owned by the woodwind quintet of the Saxonian National orchestra Dresden. Henle Verlag , International Music Company , No. Quartett D-Dur, Op. Quartet G major, Hob.

Edition Kunzelmann , GM a. Tonger Musikverlag , PJT Gerard Billaudot , G Gavotte Tambourin. Little Piper. Alphonse Leduc , A. Allegro Andante Poco presto. Haydn, Michael - Quartett D-Dur. Robert Lienau Musikverlag , RL Allegro Rondo presto assai. Wanhal, Jan - Quartett op. Musica Rara , M. Stabinger, Mathias - 6 Quartette opus VI. Robert Lienau Musikverlag , S. Andante cantabile Menuett. Boccherini, Luigi - Quintetto C-Dur. Musica Rara , Allegro non troppo Allegretto Tempo die Minuetto. Allegro moderato Adagio Rondeau Allegretto. Musica Rara , MR a. Allegro assai Minuetto - Amoroso.

Larghetto Rondeau - Allegro con moto. Zanibon , G. Stamitz, Karl - Sechs Duette - Heft 1 op. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Allegro Adagio e cantabile Presto non assai. Schott Verlag , FTR Allegro Andante non troppo moderato Rondo Allegro. The edition includes a cadenza by someone called Lebermann. Edition Breitkopf , Allegro Adagio Rondo moderato. Allegro Adagio Presto non molto. Edition Kunzelmann , GM Thomi-Berg , AM Allegro maestoso Larghetto sostenuto Rondo. Allegretto con brio.

Hook, James - Trio G-Dur. Universal Edition , UE b. Allegretto Adagio e sempre piano Andante Allegretto spiritoso. Emerson Edition , Southern Music Company , ST Allegro vivace Andantino Menuetto Poco Presto. Cimarosa, Domenico - Konzert G-Dur. Edition Peters , Allegro Largo Rondo. Composed about Edition Breitkopf , Musica Rara Allegro Adagio Finale. Allegro moderato Adagio Rondo. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Nr. Hauff, Ferdinand - Duo d-moll. Thomi-Berg , TB Adagio Rondo.

Campagnoli, Bartolommeo - Duett Nr. The flute plays from the score, for the violin there is a separate part. Movement die contradanza. Allegro moderato Andante amoroso Rondo - Allegretto giocoso. Hoffmeister, Franz Anton - Erstes Konzert op. Allegro Adagio Rondo Allegro. Musikverlag Ludwig Krenn , L. Allegro moderato Menuetto Adagio Menuetto Andante con variazioni. Parts and score, both in a relatively small handwriting. Heinrichshofen , N Allegro Adagio Allegretto. The sonatas were published in several editions during Hoffmeisters lifetime.

Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , K. Allegro Adagio Rondeau Allegro. Cadenzas are included. Heinrichshofen , PE Allegro Andante Allegro non molto. Schott Verlag , Allegro brillante Adagio Rondo. Allegro Romance Allegretto. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Ed. Allegro Poco Adagio Allegro. International Music Company , Allegro maestoso Adagio Allegretto. Musica Rara , MR Andante Allegro vivace Andante Allegretto. Moderato espressivo Menuetto Presto Allegro agitato e con fuoco.

Vranicky, Pavel - Quartett op. Accolade Musikverlag , ACC. Allegro moderato Andante sostenuto Tempo di Gavotta Allegro ma non troppo. Allegro Adagio cantabile Rondo Allegro. Rolla, Alessandro - 3 Duette. Pleyel, Ignace Joseph - Trio Concertante. Stretta , STR Allegro Romance Rondo Allegretto. Allegro Romance Andante Rondo Allegretto. The score is very small printed and handwritten, but the parts are really well done for turning the pages. Verlag Doblinger , Diletto Musicale Duett No.

Allegro vivace Rondo. Edition Dohr , I. Allegro Adagio Rondo. Allegro molto. Vandenbroek, Othon - 3 Duos concertant. Duo Allegro - Allegro. Widerkehr, Jacques - Trio Nr. Adagio Allegro non troppo Adagio Menuetto Allegro. Edition Kossack , Thema - Moderato 5 Variationen. Allegro moderato Minuetto. Allegretto Adagio Alla Pollacca. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , Allegro Adagio Menuetto - Allegretto Rondo. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , a. Allegro moderato Minuetto - Allegretto Adagio Alla pollacca. Konzert G-Dur. Allegro Romance Rondo Moderato. This is only the score I found in a second hand book shop.

Allegro Adagio Rondo - Allegretto. Allegro Adagio Allegro ma non troppo. Edition Breitkopf , MR Allegro espressivo Presto non troppo. Gerard Billaudot , G B. Allegro Pastorale Grazioso con varaiazioni Allegro. Tonger Musikverlag , Fo Moderato Adagio Menuett Allegro. Gebauer, Michel Joseph - Duo op. Alphonse Leduc , Rl Allegro Polacca. Nice edition with fold-out pages. Allegro vivo Larghetto Minuetto Allegretto. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , H. Quintett G-Dur, op.

Quintett A-Dur, op. The form is typical for a string quartet: four movements in sonata shape fast - slowly - Menuett - fast. Allegretto Andante Menuett Allegro. Musiques suisses , MH Allegro moderato Larghetto Polonaise - Allegretto. The piano part is the score. Edition by Andras Adorjan. Allegretto moderato Larghetto Menuetto - Allegretto Polacca.

Larghetto Andante moderato Minuetto Allegro Allegretto. Larghetto - Allegretto Larghetto Polacca. Allegretto Andante con moto Menuett-Allegretto Allegretto moderato. Andante sostenuto Allegro Andante Menuetto Allegretto. Edition Kunzelmann , ekb Allegretto Andantino Minuetto Allegretto Allegretto. Megido Music Publications , 06M Larghetto Minuetto. International Music Company , No Allegretto Larghetto Minuetto Polacca. Compositions by Gershwin are in the public domain in Canada, but most are under copyright in the USA.

My copy says "Copyright Renewed ". I don't know that would imply, but I think it means that a US copy won't be in Public Domain untill Am I right? As far as Rhapsody in Blue goes, I don't believe the "full orchestral" version was even made until or so -- but I've been looking for the REAL original found on a few recordings, like the two with Tilson-Thomas , but unable to even find it on Worldcat. Am assuming that Charles and Carlo Gromis are the same composer It is possible though that the first two are by a Charles Gromis and the last two are youthful works by a Carlo Gromis, conte di Trana, b.

Alvarez' site leaves very little to desire! The indexing of these editions on CPDL is not quite complete. Wikipedia Nynorsk. Works by Harwood are for organ unless otherwise specified. Is this Johannes Hasse —? Or possibly Johannes Hasse fl. This is why dates are important. Seems not to be the same person as Max Henning.