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Buddha foresaw that his return would happen a little before the Kali age finish in other words, before , that he would have thousands of followers and that he would teach the true Law:. A man whose spirit shines brightly, a man whose mind is completely unified , a man whose virtue excels everyone—such a man will truly appear in this world. When he preaches precious laws, all the people will totally be satisfied as if the thirsty drink sweet drops of rain from heaven.

And each and everyone will attain the path of liberation from struggles. In this auspicious aeon Three leaders there have been: Kakusandha, Konagamana, and the leader Kassapa too. I am now the perfect Buddha; and there will be Maitreya too before this same auspicious aeon Kali age runs to the end of its years. He will be an Arahant, Fully Awakened, abounding wisdom and goodness, happy, with knowledge of the worlds,unsurpassed as a guide to mortals willing to be led, a teacher for gods and men, an Exalted One, a Buddha, even as I am now.

He, by himself,will thoroughly know and see, as it were face to face, this universe,with its worlds of the spirits, its Brahmas and its Maras, and its world of recluses and brahmins, of princes and peoples, even as I now, by myself, thoroughly know and see them. The Law, lovely in its origin, lovely in its progress , lovely in its consummation, will he proclaim , both in the spirit and in the letter; the higher life will he make known , in all its fullness and in all its purity, even as I do now.

He will be accompanied by a congregation of some thousands of brethren , even as I am now accompanied by a congregation of some hundreds of brethren. I would now wish to hear more about his powers and miraculous gifts. Tell me, 0 best of men, about them! No more polluted by the impurities of the womb than a lotus by drops of water,he will fill this entire Triple world with his splendor. He will explain thefour Truths, because he has seen that generation, in faith, ready for them, and those who have listened to his Dharma will thereupon make progress in the religion.

They will be assembled in a park full of beautiful flowers, and his assembly will extend over a hundred leagues. I will stand with Ramakrishna transfixed and gone in devotion of Ram. India has been prophesied to progress a lot by my medium. Infact we are to celebrate its outstanding performance for the next 5 years to What was all this abt. I was looking for something interesting to read but all I found was ur reasons to prove urself right n must say u feel quite satisfied with ur victory.

U sld be multi-millionare by now if u r so gd n not just another astrologers as u mentioned above. Would have appreciated if u had gone abt in a way to enlighten the guy n not in a egoistic way. Did some one predict extinct of Hinduism from Afghanistan..? Did some one predicted partition of India..? Is there any chance of India ,Pakistan ,afghanistan ,Bangladesh again becoming one country..?

Can Astrology predict these …? Your predictions of storms and floods have been right. Vivekananda never misused his powers. Ramakrishna offered them to him, but he refused, and Ramakrishna was very pleased. By this time Viekananda had already attained nirvikalpa samadhi and was at no risk of being led astray by powers. Your email is never published nor shared. Predictions A New Cold War.

The Essential Nostradamus. Kamikazi Tomorrowland. Predictions for Author of 20 books in 19 languages, "Rogue" scholar, world authority on Nostradamus and the prophetic traditions of the world. Web Hosting Provided by LunarPages. Sign up for reliable web site hosting today. Blog, books and media on Nostradamus, global warming, prophecy, politics, and the science of meditation and evolution.

Skip to content. Home John Hogue Who is Hogue? Appearances Predictions What is Prophecy? Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. Posted 8 June at pm Permalink. Posted 15 March at am Permalink. Posted 2 January at pm Permalink. Hi Did some one predict extinct of Hinduism from Afghanistan..? These industries are oftentimes "pushers" e. ANd people fall for it because they become "junkies". I broke some food addiction myself and realized how insidious some foods can be. Just the modern strain of wheat semi-dwarf high yield strain is a "plague". It is a frankengrain with denatured proteins and sugars that triggers all sorts of conditions from IBS, Celiac, inflammation, brain fog, binge eating disorders, etc.

I was shocked when I first realized how my past health disorders all but vanished by eliminating wheat from my diet But this is on a tangent with your blog post. I just thought that the increasing agriculture practices and reliances on addictive pseudo food were just other symptoms of a downward evolution. And with agriculture came the stress of preservation food stores , concentration of wealth, hierarchical societies born out of this power concentration, etc.

It is all connected together. And just to close with a small note of disagreement, my opinion is that there is no such thing as a balanced diet for all. Everyone must find his own balance, depending on genetic background, environment, season, etc. And to be honest, I don't think people are healthier today than say 30, years ago. Especially western countries where dependence on palliative medicine is huge! But awareness is growing with respect to this basic aspect which is nutrition.

By the way, if you have not read this guy, it could be of interest to you: Charles Eisenstein - The Ascent of Humanity. Lots of food for thoughts in his book. It is available for free online. Hi James, It is true that addiction to junk food is a serious issue, which is getting worse by the day. Unfortunately, the corporate-sponsored governments of the world continue to look the other way even as this health calamity unfolds. I also agree with you that the notion of "balanced diet" depends on one's genetics, geographical location and other factors.

The best solution is to follow the diet of your ancestors who lived in the same region generations back. Those guys were far healthier than us. Even the previous generation was healthier than us. However, I do not support the idea of a primal, hunter-gatherer diet, which some folks seem to be recommending.

The hunter-gatherer diet is meant for hunter-gatherers, and not for people who lead sedentary city lives. If you live in the forest, and build your own house, and hunt your own food, your metabolic rate will be so high you would be able to digest a truck. But in the city one needs to be more moderate and circumspect about what one consumes.

It may be true that people who lived 30, years ago were healthier than us. But we do not know what kind of ecological conditions prevailed back then - the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, the quality of sunlight, the purity of water, the nutrient content in food etc. So we cant really conclude what could have been the reason for their better health. However, we can compare with the folks who lived a or years back, since environmental conditions have not changed significantly in this period. And we are, or at least the previous generation was, healthier than the folks who lived years ago.

Is this due to improvement in living conditions? Or due to subtle changes in atmospheric conditions? I cant say. In general, I dont find any fault with agriculture since the misuse of grains has started only in the past couple of decades , or even with hierarchical agricultural societies, which is necessary for the advancements in the sciences and arts. It is a natural tendency amongst humans to organize themselves in hierarchies. Even in a tribal society, you will find that there exists a very strongly defined hierarchy.

How it Ends: The Ancient Roots of Doomsday Prophecies and End of the World Beliefs

I dont find anything wrong with a hierarchy if it is based on knowledge, wisdom, compassion and justice, and provides a structured career path for people based on their individual potential and inclinations. The way I see it, the problem is not with hierarchies, or with various systems such as capitalism, socialism etc - but with the corrupt, selfish, egoistic people who inhabit and dominate these structures.

Once man falls from his position of grace, everything degrades. Any system inhabited by such people will be polluted. Conversely, in the absence of such people all structures and systems will gravitate towards a state of benevolent humanism. In previous eras, when human consciousness was uplifted, such benevolent societies existed. Not any more. Hopefully things will change in future. I have read parts of the book "The Ascent of Humanity" and found it very good. Thanks for reminding me.


I need to go through the entire book sometime. Hello, I appreciate your efforts You might be interested in my article at:www. Hi Bibhu, Could you respond to this critque of your article : "The "great calamities" that supposedly took place during this "transitional period" B. E were by no means peculiar or strange and could be found in numerous other periods in history. Nor was there a "global collapse" in civilization; some civilizations were in decline while others were flourishing, just like any other period in history. The Greeks and Anatolians among others were in decline while the Assyrians and Nubians among others were flourishing.

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And when the author states that "the Indus Valley civilization finally ended at around BC", he is conjuring facts out of thin air, for the last vestiges of the IVC had already disappeared several centuries prior to the onset of the so-called "transitional period. Hi Virendra, The criticism is baseless. Whoever has written this has very little understanding of IVC or World history. A simple fact checking on the internet is sufficient to prove this. Here are the facts: 1. Check the Time Line on Harappa. You can also check the IVC page on Wikipedia.

The following observation has been made by Jim Shafer: "However, the Indus Valley Civilization did not disappear suddenly, and many elements of the Indus Civilization can be found in later cultures. Current archaeological data suggest that material culture classified as Late Harappan may have persisted until at least c. Check the Wikipedia Page for the Assyrian culture. Assyria and its empire were not unduly affected by these tumultuous events for some years, perhaps the only ancient power that was not. However, upon the death of Ashur-bel-kala in BC, Assyria went into a comparative decline for the next or so years.

The empire shrank significantly, and by BC Assyria appears to have controlled only areas close to Assyria itself, essential to keeping trade routes open in eastern Syria, south eastern Asia Minor central Mesopotamia and north western Iran. It was the only ancient power that was not affected to a very large extent. Egypt was increasingly beset by a series of droughts, below-normal flooding of the Nile, and famine". This can be easily fact checked by anyone having doubts.

The Olmec civilization also suffered major damages. Again check the Wikipedia page for the Olmec culture: This is what it states: "A wholesale destruction of many San Lorenzo monuments also occurred circa BCE, which may indicate an internal uprising or, less likely, an invasion.

The latest thinking, however, is that environmental changes may have been responsible for this shift in Olmec centers, with certain important rivers changing course. Clearly this was a worldwide collapse of civilization at around the same time i. A very informative article sir. But why is it that we have the knowledge of the catastrophic events that occurred in BC but not able to tell what happened in BC - BC? Was it because,as it was the end of the descending kaliyug, people didn't have the know how to record historical events?

I am talking about Indian people here sir. Hi Sidhant, Good question. I think the answer lies in the fact that the Saptarshis did not appear on earth at the beginning of the ascending Kali Yuga i. As a result we never really recovered from that disruption, and the enormous erosion of knowledge that took place during that period. It is said that the Saptarshis do not appear in the Kali Yuga because of its dense material vibrations.

Instead we had the various prophets who provided the moral guidance for the ascending Kali Yuga. Things were different at the end of the Golden Age i. At that time not only were the people far more enlightened and capable, but the Saptarshis had also manifested, and they had imparted the entire knowledge of the arts and sciences including history to humanity.

That information was transmitted through oral traditions for thousands of years. Very Very Interesting - With this blog iam happy to mention our roots adam and eve is never a myth.. Thank you bibhu. I have a one more question Who are these saptarishis? Why were thy called saptarishis? Which lieange do they follow? Why are they created? Where do they live?

How different is this saptarishi calender from our Gregorian calender? Hello Elizabeth, I am happy to know that you found the article interesting. Here's my response to the questions you had raised. Hope you find the answers useful. Who are the Saptarshis, and why are they so called? They are spiritually enlightened, fully self-realized beings of light, living eternally in close communion with Brahma, in the upper planetary spheres.

In the Indian tradition, there are 7 spheres of existence lokas above the earthly plane, the highest being Brahma-loka. The Saptarshis are supposed in the reside in the 4th plane Maharloka or the 5th plane Jana-loka. In the context of the planet earth, the seven stars of the Great Bear constellation Ursa Major , revolving around the north pole, are identified with the Seven Sages. However, our solar system is simply a "microcosm" of a greater reality. In the context of the macrocosm, we may, therefore, think that the Saptarshis reside at the farthest reaches of our galaxy or our universe.

Prophecies - Thou Subrat

Why were they created? The Saptarshis are immortal beings, fully aware of the divine laws of the universe, and are the repository of all Vedic knowledge and are regarded as the composers of the Vedic hymns. Hence they are the patriarchs of all living entities and all Vedic wisdom.

They were created by Brahma for the purpose of providing guidance to all souls by instructing them in dharma and the Vedas for achieving liberation. It is for this reason that they incarnate on the material plane during the "transitional period" between the yugas to formulate the laws, philosophies, systems, and structures which are appropriate for the new yuga.

What is their lineage? A number of Vedic texts enumerate the names of the Saptarshis, although there is a slight variation between them. Since the Saptarshis were the first beings of light created by Brahma, they do not belong to any lineage as such. However, they have given rise to multiple lineages. Every Hindu traces his ancestral lineage to one of the Seven Sages via his "gotra" i. So, if you ask a Hindu his "gotra" he will mention the name of one of the Saptarshis. What is the difference between the Gregorian Calendar and the Saptarshi Calendar?

They are used for different purposes. The Gregorian Calendar is a Solar Calendar used for tracking the days of the week, months and years. The Saptarshi Calendar is based on the years cycle of the Saptarshis, as they move through the 27 nakshatras. This year cycle, which is called a Saptarshi Yuga, corresponds to the duration of each yuga in the yuga cycle. Hence, it was used for tracking large cycles of time, the lowest denominator being a year.

Beginning of each yuga or atleast it's transitional period is marked by the death of a Vishnu Avatar. Rama's death started the dwapara yuga. Krishna's death started the kali yuga. And they have been the most prominent Avatars of Vishnu. Is it possible that the Kalki Avatar will become the next most prominent avatar by appearing at the end of this ascending kali yuga? Also Gautam Buddha,believed to be the 9th avatar of Vishnu,appeared at the beginning of the present kali yuga.

Hi Sidhant, Good observation. I agree with you. The end of the Kali Yuga, specifically the transitional period, should be marked by the appearance of the Kalki avatar. However, since this is the Kali Yuga, I tend to believe that Kalki shall not be a mortal, but will instead manifest in the form of a celestial object, possibly a comet. Why do you think He will be in the form of a comet,sir? Doesn't the Kalki purana specify the name of His parents,birthplace,horse,pet parrot,weapon and for how many years He is going to rule.

About the Author

Also how can a comet wipe out a part of the human civillisation? Lord of the world! Appearing like a comet discharging arrows, brandishing his sword, he cuts down the barbarian host in a mighty conflict 'til all are laid low. Hail Kalki avatara! Cause of the world. You appear like a comet and carry a terrifying sword for bringing about the annihilation of the wicked barbarian men at the end of the Kali-yuga. They may be physically describing the manner in which Kalki will appear. A comet, with its two tails, very closely resembles the image of a person on horseback holding a raised up sword.

A comet can get gravitationally disrupted on close approach to the earth, resulting in a rain of meteor fragments which can cause great devastation. Many of the past cataclysms on the earth, including some of the previous mass extinction events, the end of the ice age etc. Kalki is also supposed to come from Shambhala. In Hindu-Buddhist lore Shambhala is an invisible, ideal kingdom located somewhere in the cosmos, populated by superhumans.

It has nothing to do with the earth. The names etc. All our gods and goddesses also have names, parents, weapons etc. Besides, a mortal born on earth in the Kali Yuga will simply not have the spiritual and physical powers required to bring about the end of the yuga, and usher in the era of enlightenment. This is a very long topic, and I just mentioned the important points briefly. Someday I may write an article on this. Namsaste Punyatama.. From the same parva few snipnet's for you.. This is the age of darkness kali yuga-- shara shari years max..

Just not possible. Eg:: I will quote manu in my next snip-- During the period of Rama's sway, all men were whole and all men attained the fruition of their wishes. The very women did not quarrel with one another, what need then be said of the men? During his rule his subjects were always devoted to virtue. Contented, crowned with fruition in respect of all the objects of their desire, fearless, free, and wedded to the vow of truth, were all the people when Rama governed the kingdom.

The trees always bore flowers and fruit and were subject to no accidents. Every cow yielded milk filling a drona to the brim. Having dwelt, in the observance of severe penances, Rama performed ten Horse-sacrifices Ashwa Medham should not be considered as Killing Horse - I hope you understand This of great splendour 1 and to them the freest access was given to all. Possessed of youth, of a dark complexion, with red eyes, he looked like the leader of an elephantine herd. With aims stretching down to his knees and of handsome face, his shoulders were like those of a lion and the might of his arms great.

Ascending upon the throne of Ayodhya, he ruled for "Ten thousand and ten hundred years" Yuvanaswa, the finger of Indra, placed in his mouth, began to yield a jet of milk. Sucking Indra's finger, he grew up into a stout youth in a hundred days, In twelve days he looked like one of twelve years " In kali age i would be considered as deformaty Gaya also, the son of Amurtarayas, fell a prey to death.

For a hundred years, that king subsisted upon the remains of sacrificial food. Pleased with such devotion Agni desired to give him boons. The boons solicited by Gaya were, 'Let and on every fourth month, for a thousand years, Gaya repeatedly performed the Horse-sacrifice Ashwa Medham should not be considered as Killing Horse - I hope you understand This. Rising at the completion of every sacrifice he gave away a hundred thousand kine and hundreds of mules unto the Brahmanas during this period Note the point Thousan years Of the splendour of gold, that child shall have a thousand years.

Of great prowess, he ascended the throne of his father after the latter had repaired to heaven, and ruled for a period of one thousand and one hundred years. He worshippedthe gods in many great sacrifices characterised by profuse presents. Possessed of great splendour, he gratified the gods and the Pitris. Hi, In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna had lived for a little more than a years, some say years. Balarama, and the five Pandava brothers were also of nearly the same age as Krishna, and had therefore lived for nearly years.

If the average age of people at the end of the Dwapara Yuga was years, then it could not have been very much more at the end of the Treta Yuga when Rama had lived. If you use the ratio, then the average age at the end of the Treta would be approx. Besides, as per the genealogy of the kings given in the Puranas, there were approx. If we assume that the average period of rule in the Dwapara Yuga was years, then the duration of the Dwapara was close to years.

This implies that the duration of the Treta Yuga was also of years assuming equal duration of the yugas ; or if we apply the rule which is incorrect, as I have pointed out in the article , the duration of the Treta would be close years. Rama, who had lived towards the end of the Treta Yuga would have lived for only a fraction of that period. Hence, the 10, years or thousand years mentioned in various texts are imaginary, inflated numbers,which were added when the original information was forgotten.

However, I do believe that people in previous yugas lived for longer durations of time. In my opinion the average life periods were years Satya , years Treta , years Dwapara and years Kali. For the Kali we can see that the average age is indeed close to years, and for the Dwapara it may have been close to years, since Krishna, Balaram and the Pandava brothers lived for nearly years at the close of the Dwapara Yuga.

I also believe that since the durations of the lifespans follow the ratio, this was later applied to the yuga durations. However, the yuga cycle was entirely based on the cycle of the Saptarshis. This is clearly indicated by the historical, archaeological and calendrical information. The Laws of Manu clearly specifies that the duration of lifespans is years in the Satya Yuga and decreases by a hundred years in each successive yuga.

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Here are the relevant verses from Chapter 1: In the Krita age Dharma is four-footed and entire, and so is Truth; nor does any gain accrue to men by unrighteousness. In the other three ages , by reason of unjust gains agama , Dharma is deprived successively of one foot, and through the prevalence of theft, falsehood, and fraud the merit gained by men is diminished by one fourth in each.

Men are free from disease, accomplish all their aims, and live four hundred years in the Krita age, but in the Treta and in each of the succeeding ages their life is lessened by one quarter. If the descending Satya yuga started in BC,who ruled the earth before that? Also,how do we bring dinosaurs into the picture who lived approximately milllion years ago i. Can your yuga cycle theory be applied to the time when dinosaurs ruled earth?

Hi, Regarding the dinosaurs,I suggest that you the read the following two articles on my blog: 1. I believe they will clarify your doubts regarding the applicability of the yuga cycle theory to extended periods of time. Regarding the period prior to BC, we have very little information, either from archaeological sources, or from the ancient texts. Although the ancient texts do talk of some events that took place before the descending yuga cycle, it is difficult to determine the exact timeframe in which those events took place.

Dear Bibbu Dev Misra, I for one can't wait long for Dwapara Yuga or Krita yuga or whatever yuga that may come, any one of them is better than Kali Yuga; you are saying I have to wait 12 more years? Whether it is Kalki Deva or Vera Bramhendra or whoever good will come by that time, would have been born by now, right, so where is this person, it would be an honor to meet such person, and I am not sure if I would meet their standards though.

What is the purpose of life?

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Why is this world created this way, one life lives on another, we are at the top of the food chain? How can we connect to the super consciousness? Can this happen in Kali Yuga? Hi, If we use the Saptarshi Calendar as the basis of the yuga cycle, it means that after we will enter into a "transitional period" of years, before the next Yuga is fully manifested. This transitional period should be characterized by social, economic, environmental and cosmic changes - resulting in a complete collapse of the Kali Yuga structures, and the emergence of a new way of life.

But the entire process will take time. The transitional period should also be characterized by the appearance of the Kalki Avatar. However, one cannot say exactly when Kalki will appear and in what form. If you read one of my earlier comments on June 2, I have mentioned that I believe that Kalki avatar shall appear in the form of a comet.

There is a fair bit of evidence from the ancient texts to arrive at such a hypothesis. According to the ancient traditions, the purpose of life is to become "god on earth", through many cycles of birth and death. We become gods when we achieve self-realization - by connecting to the Inner Source, and letting the Inner divinity shine through us.

This can happen in any yuga. Lord Buddha himself achieved enlightenment in the Kali Yuga. Well if it is going to take years, before next better yuga comes along, what we have is something I will have to live with, the alternative is not good. If the purpose of life is to become a god, then how many can achieve that, what about the rest who cannot.

Why is this world created this way, one life feeds another life, i. Why would God create this way? The universe will continue until every soul finds its way back to the Creator. There will be no-one left behind. On our planet,carnivorous animals represent a tiny fraction of all living organisms. Most of all life forms is in the form of unicellular organisms - bacteria, fungi, algae etc.

Amongst the visible life forms, plants are the most numerous, followed by herbivores. Carnivores, feeding on other animals, are an exception, and not representative of the cycle of life on earth. God gives all of us appropriate bodies with which we can work out our karma.

Hence, carnivores get bodies which are necessary for them at that particular stage in their evolution. In my understanding of The Sacred Science of Sri Yukteswar as enlightened to him by Sri Babaji Haidakhan, the Kali Yuga is complete and ended around the mid 's that also coincides with the Age of Elctricity and Magentism so that we are now - years since the mid 's - close to entering the Dwarpara Yuga.

Previous calculations, due to the inability of mankind to understand the Yugas during the Kali Yuga we off - as you quite rightly have stated. What is your understanding? Regards, Jaishankar. As I have pointed out in my article, both assumptions are incorrect. The BC date has no basis in astronomy, and the ratio for the yuga durations a highly unnatural arithmetic sequence not found in any other culture was highly disputed, with many ancient astronomers believing in yugas of equal duration.

Yukteswar's yuga cycle timeline, therefore, is not supported by historical, archaeological or calendrical information. His date for the start date of the Kali Yuga i. The time period around AD was by no means the darkest period of the yuga cycle. In fact this was the time of the "Golden Guptas" in India, with enormous progress in various arts and sciences.

Yukteswar also said that the ascending Kali Yuga ended in CE, and the full manifestation of the ascending Dwapara started in CE, after a year period of transition. The ancient texts, especially the Mahabharata, describes the Dwapara as a time when people were not only highly virtuous as compared to the Kali Yuga , but they also had tremendous mental capabilities, which enabled them to astral travel, harness the forces of nature by uttering mantras, fly through the air etc.

None of these mental capabilities are prevalent in today's world. From the standpoint of human virtue we have actually gone downhill since CE. Given the darkness and ignorance that pervades the world right now, it would be very difficult to persuade anyone to believe that we are in any other yuga than the Kali Yuga. On the other hand if we use the Saptarshi Calendar, with its year cycle, as the basis of the yuga cycle it shows a very strong correlation to the archaeological, historical and calendrical information.

It is a valid calendar used in India for thousands of years, and the Saptarshi's are universally regarded as the enlightened rishis who appear at the beginning of a yuga to promulgate the rules of civilization. In that respect, it can be readily tied to the yuga cycle. Many people during the Kali Yuga have followed the information in the Puranas, and other ancient texts and oral traditions, and come to different conclusions regarding the yuga cycle. It would be a mistake to raise any of them to the status of infallibility. The Buddha himself said that everything taught by him should be accepted only if it accords to reason.

The same yardstick should be applied to all saintly or scholarly persons. Otherwise, we will develop a narrow, cultic mentality which will retard the search for truth, and give precedence to blind faith over reason, evidence and logic. It is understandable that each end of an age on the descending arch will end with a cataclysm or eradication of knowledge, spirituality and civilisation since a rapid decline is on its way. On the other hand it doesnt make sense on an ascending age arch since during this time knowledge and rapid ascent is built up, instead great breakthroughs or insights or revealing historical and scientific discoveries would be more expected.

It was a long long time since the previous ascending arch was due so no one could possibly have any insights into what is going to happen especially if this is the first step on the ascending arch that is to come. Thanks Camille. Hi Camille, Good points. Yes, its true that the transitions in the ascending cycle may not be the same as in the descending cycle. As you mentioned, the previous ascending cycle was a long time back, and we do not have any memories of what happened in that cycle. Someone else had asked me this question earlier and what I believe is that in the ascending phase every transition should be accompanied by a sudden jump in consciousness, accompanied by higher knowledge and insights.

However, what I also think is that this change in consciousness will be brought about by an influx of new energy, from certain cosmic sources. This may bring about changes in our physical, cranial and DNA structures. Our planet too, may have to "readjust" itself to this new energy, resulting in environmental calamities, and civilization collapses.

The upcoming transition is from the dark, material age of Kali to the spiritual age of the Dwapara. This is equivalent to going from from darkness to dawn or from winter to spring in the smaller cycles. The magnitude of change that is coming is enormous. It is almost unbelievable as per the current paradigm. Therefore,I do expect both physical earth changes, as well as rapid consciousness changes, in the coming period of transition. Regarding the transitions after that - from the Dwapara to the Treta, and from the Treta to the Satya - the transitions may not be all that disruptive.

However, we will be far better placed to answer those questions once we are in the Dwapara, and have access to higher mental faculties and wisdom. For the time being, we do not have adequate knowledge, nor is it very necessary, to speculate on the nature of those future transitions. Radhe Radhe Article is thought provoking, but it lacks one basic element - either you follow Vedic text to suggest something conclusive or completely ignore it giving modern views.

Hybrid introspection can be a good read but not conclusive. Hello, Thanks for your feedback. In my perspective, the hybrid approach is the best way to find the answers. There is nothing called a "pure Vedic text" anymore. Most of the Sanskrit texts were written down between the 1st - 10th centuries AD, and they contain many interpolations i.

This is agreed upon by most scholars. In addition, a considerable amount of information has been lost. For instance, the original Vedas had 1, branches of which only 7 or 8 are now remembered. The yuga cycle timelines that are given in the link you have specified have been mentioned in many of the Puranas. I have given a detailed argument in the article stating why those numbers are incorrect.

Perhaps you can refer to the article for my opinion on this matter. Given the current state of affairs, we need to take a cross-cultural look since the Vedic wisdom was once dispersed throughout the world , and we also need to take the helpof history, archaeology, astronomy,and other modern disciplines to find the answers to these questions. I am not claiming that my interpretation is the correct one, or that everyone needs to be convinced of it.

However, it is a potential solution, and it has many factors in its favour, especially from the historical, archaeological and calendrical perspectives. Indepth record on the Kali Yuga puranas and especially on the "twilight of the Kali Yuga" started in when the 1st atomic bomb was detonated when the knowledge of the gods is "stolen" splitting the atom and genetic egineering and the effects thereoff.

Thanks for suggesting the book. I was not aware that Alain Danielou has also written on the yuga cycles. It sounds interesting, and I shall try to take a look. I have one doubt. In Satya Yuga there was no hatred, or vanity, or evil thought whatsoever; no sorrow. Thanks for your positive feedback. Regarding your question, my feeling is that Hiranyakashipu may have lived towards the end of the Satya yuga. The end of a yuga is always characterized by a sudden loss of morality and powers of judgement. Hiranyakashipu was himself a great asura, who had performed severe penances to please Brahma. Therefore, for him to behave in such an absurd manner shows a loss of mental capabilities triggered by an inflated ego.

Similar events also took place at the end of the Treta when Ravana, who was otherwise a highly accomplished person, behaved irrationally under the influence of a bloated ego, and at the end of the Dwapara when Duryodhana behaved likewise. In addition, Vishnu always appears in the form of an Avatar towards the close of a yuga. As we know, he is prophesized to appear as Kalki at the end of the Kali Yuga.

An excellent article, with well researched and well presented arguments. It has given me much food for thought. Thank you. And in support of that we search numerous things and give them as proofs and presents a lot of controversial things from nowhere. You had written that is erroneous, How can it be possible? You had written that Aryabhatta believed that all yugas are of equal duration, I suggest you that please read original aryabhatiya in sanskrit written by him.

He had nowhere written yugs are of equal duration. Please don't interpret directly from English translations which have been modified under colonial rule as you had described Kalki as comet. Also in one older translation in english in of Clarke, he has also mentioned that there is no indication of yugas of equal duration as hypothesized by Brahmagupta.

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You had written about the age of aryabhatta is of 23 yrs old while writing in aryabhatiya. If a person is writing a text like aryabhatiya it is supposed to be grammatically correct. It may be possible that people in colonial rule had modified the original sanskrit in Aryabhatiya. I have a document which can explain you in detail how this is incorrect. Adi shankara is said to be born in modern history in CE, as he has referred Dharamkirti in his texts which in turn is also referenced by a chinese traveller.

But there can be two dharamkirtis and huen Tsang belong to a much later date. The above 4,32, years duration of kali yug is too old. Although I am also curious to know about the age of kaliyug that's why i am seeing your blog. It is true that Yukteshwar Giri's dates have no references of 24, years that how he derived these dates and according to his calculations actually dwapara is the present age.

In this your statement is right in your article. I have downloaded Holy science and after seeing it properly, I can know his basis in more detail but personally 24, yrs according to me is not known anywhere else. The dates and the thinking proposed by Tilak in the Arctic home of the Vedas has no firm ground. How did he deduce it? It is futile to give his reference. It seems that he is indirectly supporting Aryan Invasion theory as proposed by Max Mueller.

You had written the mahabharat war to be BCE. But accorfing Dr. Aryabhatta, Paulisa and other astronomers of his time believed in yugas of equal duration as specified in "Alberuni's India". I have clearly mentioned this in the article. Yugas of equal duration of years can also be found in Zoroastrian accounts of the world ages.