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Verrückt, Mann, total verrückt

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Lastly, here is a very popular German song from the 80s. It was so popular internationally as well that Nena even recorded a version in English. Is this a place that any of you want to visit, or maybe even study abroad at in the future? In general, do any of you feel inspired to experience new lands and different cultures?

It has been such a pleasure crafting these posts for you and reading your comments, and I look forward to sharing more with you in person. Like Like. Lots of videos and picture the videos where nice now that you have been there for 3 months now come over here. Thanks Jared!

Those drawings were cool from the walls. Were those concert videos you sent me were from yesterday? The concert videos were not from yesterday, but the most recent one was the one I took of Paul Kalkbrenner, the DJ. Please share more. Also how do people just think about what to draw and do it?! We can talk more about it when I come to visit your class. Many times the people find inspiration from something else like the cat from the cartoon or it has a political or emotional meaning for them, etc. Sometimes it can be hard for an artist to describe their work!

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Usually, it just comes to them and they begin. The girl is Anne Frank! Have you read or heard about The Diary of Anne Frank? The paintings wer amazing! I favorite was was the astronaut. I wondered how long it took to paint it. The paintings were amazing! My favorite one was the astronaut. I wonder how long it took to paint it. I agree, they are very amazing!

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According to my tour guide, the astronaut was actually painted pretty quickly. Could you?! Those painting were pretty cool. But what left me confused was how they got up so high to paint it? There are many different methods that they use. Often ladders, but sometimes they will actually go to the top of the building and access the wall from the top using ropes to secure themselves! There was a crazy story about a guy who had his friends hold his feet so he could hang off the building and paint something. The paintings were great and my favorite one was the astronaut.

And which kind of Berlin music do you like? Anyways see you in January. I agree, the astronaut painting is very cool! I like just about all music. My favorite out of the ones I showed you is Wir sind Helden. Those paintings are fantastic! I really like the one with the astronaut on it. I really enjoyed learning about the German culture and I would love to visit Berlin.

Thank you for sharing this blog with our classroom, it was really nice to learn about it. I had a great time working on this blog for your class. I look forward to meeting you in January! Wow there are really amazing artists in Berlin! My favorite painting is the astronaut one. Which is your favorite painting? I really like the astronaut one too, but I also like the colorful one of the face on those doors! It will be nice to meet you next month! I feel like sparring everything else when we meet you in January, when we meet you in person.

By the way, have a good time listening to German music when you come back home! I love the ones with lots of colors too!

"Da wird ja der Hund in der Pfanne verrückt!" English translation

So vibrant and beautiful to look at. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. A piece by famous street artist El Bocho. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Those are really cool pantings! The story is interesing and I liked it very much. May I liked the stories. The author explains that the economic labels don't guarantee that the products have high quality.

The poor peasants do not profit from the system. In the long term they ruin the fruitful floor by producing the requested products in monocultures. The profit goes to the rich distributors and the organizations which issue the labels. Apr You Are Wanted. The story is about the project manager Lukas Franke.

It starts at his workplace, a congress center in Berlin. Lukas has been hacked and his life is turned all over. He has to fight back to save his family and himself. Mar Altough not to complex it was fun to hear. Professor van Dusen and reporter Hatch Hutchinson solve a case about three homicidal maniacs. The german version can be ordered at Amazon. The audiobook Chrysaor german by James A. Sullivan has its setting in a time were the artificial intelligences left the human race. People aren't able to rebuild the advanced technologies which were left behind by the machines.

They are used in the hope that they don't get broken. The story weaves around the young Pilot Chris who plays an important role in the war between the Uranosioan system and the rebels about the access to a planet with an ancient city with many artefacts. The story was good and I liked to hear it. Feb Martin is a collection of four short science fiction stories. The stories were written between and Three of them I found mediocre. The best of them is the Sandking story, which gave the book the title. Now, that I know the book story, I appreciate the comic even more because it told the story in great details.

The audio book The autor reveals the lies of the german politicians. Krieg der Klone. In a distant future 75 year old John Perry is recruited for the intergalactic army. Mankind is in war with different extraterrestrial nations. The book is quite fun to read and I recommend it very much.

Global Hack. Todays cyber criminals are highly skilled. It is a very intersting book. Jan Mord in Serie.

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  • The Mord in Serie audio books are interesting short stories. Up to date I heard the series until story Quite entertaining. A small group is able to reach the city in the mountains. It is attacked by animals. Lucee and her group learn about the Squids, which is now the dominating species on earth. The city is ruled by viking descendants. The group member Marek integrates in the society, but the others want to flee with some new friends. Das Prinzip von Hell und Dunkel. The book Das Prinzip von Hell und Dunkel german by Peter Schmidt is a science fiction book which appeared first in The greatest part of mankind was killed in a war.

    A new society of young people live in some kind of utopia. Their feelings are turned off. Doctor Wargas is a survivor who lives in the ruins of a city. He has to be always on alert because the hunters of the new society try to capture him because of his connection to the old way. They want to extinguish the old thinking because it is dangerous and let to the war. The story gives interesting thought about societies. An airplane is somehow teleported a few hundered years in the future. Mankind seems nearly extinguished. The passengers meet some robots which keep up their duties on maintaining Denver airport.

    The passengers can collect some information about a meteor impact which altered life on earth and they learn that a city exists where the last human refugees live. Interesting story. Dec Mission Hoffnung. At their return on earth mankind is contacted by an alien ambassador who wants to meet this astronauts.

    He reveals that mankind is doomed and they are allowed to save people of their species. Their unborn child is very important for their future. An easy to hear story which will entertain you for the time being. He is accused of murder. But he was at home at the time of the murder. It gets quite complicated and strange for him to proof his innocence.

    Nov The Long Utopia.

    Polenta Porridge with Homemade Plum Jam & Figs

    The story evolves and more facts about the main characters are revealed. The story of Joshuas ancestors, natural enabled switchers to parallel worlds, is reveiled. The arificial intelligence Lobsang tries to live a normal life as farmer but ends up to help mankind fight an alien replicator species. Terry Pratchett died in , but he could finish the fifth and last story before death. The book Raumpatrouille german by Matthias Brandt tells in loose chapters the story of his youth in s germany. The author was the son of a great german politician. I liked the book very much.

    To recommend.

    we're cuckoo for - wir sind verrückt nach

    Oct Dark Space I - Die Menschheit ist verloren. Scott is the first book in the series. It's a military science fiction story. Ten years ago the Synthians conquered the human solar system. Mankind flees in the dark space, an isolated part in the galaxy in which it is quite difficult to navigate. Ethan Orthane is given the task to infiltrate the military ship Valiant which guards the entrance to the dark space. The story is intersting to read. It is a fictional historical roman which plays ten thounsand years ago. Its the story of a tribe of hunters and collectors which evolves to settlers.

    Very good written! Stephen Baxter is one of my favorite authors. Die Tiefe. The book Die Tiefe german by Nick Cutter is a thriller in which mankind is decimated by a deadly illness. Infected people forget everything. At the end they forgot to eat and die. In a lab deep down in the ocean a parasit is examined which could be the cure. As the contact to the research lab is lost, Luke is send down to examine why.

    For Luke the mission is special since he will meet his genius brother Clayton. The brothers have lost contact several years ago. The scary story is quite good. Die Macht des Gedankens. People can get ill just be thinking they will become ill.

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    Never think you are less worth than others or you have less luck than others. Limits are self set barriers. You can achieve more if you think you will have success. Sep Dewey und ich. The author Vicky Myron, a librarian at the town Spencer in Iowa finds a kitten in the crate for returned books. Because it is very cold she and her team take care of the cat and decide to keep it as library cat. The library customers love the cat named Dewey. It gets quite famous around the world. A heart warming story which shows that kindness and taking care for someone are values which help make a better life for everyone.

    Available at Audioteka. Geliebter Roboter. The robot can't be distinguished from humans. The woman gains social status. The second story is about the invention of a device to see any moment in the past and its influence on the people who use it. The third story is about dreamers which have the possibility to deliver realistic stories for computer recording devices.

    The stories are very interesing. Sehlberg is a thriller with science fiction elements. Eric insists that the virus was a computer virus which infected humans by using his invention of a brain interface. The biotechnology company Cryonordic, controlled in the background by terrorists, first wants to create a cure for which they need Hannas blood.

    Since the virus is under control they intend to create the need for a vaccine by deliberately infecting people. Hardwick is the second crime story with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on the Sherlock Holmes Chronicles 25 audio book. The story is related to the Hound of Baskerville case. The german version can be ordered at Hugendubel. Sherlock Holmes - The Hound of the Baskervilles.

    Das ist ja verrückt! "Ja" used in the middle of sentences in German

    Meer der Dunkelheit. Mankind is closely watched by the Sholen, an older space traveling species which prohibits direct contamination of the planet and contact with the species which has a low technological level. Some team members flee in the darkness of the ocean and make contact and discover that there exist some artefacts. Aug Humankind and the other two great races are confronted with a new mighty species. Commander William Bronson has to ignore orders to save humankind. Easy to read. The end is very compressed, especially the section where the alien planet of the creators is explored.

    More about the author at Facebook.

    verrückten Arsch - Translation into English - examples German | Reverso Context

    Die Lazarus Mission. One of their missions is to check what happened to a scientific outpost on a distant planet. I liked the book. More at Amazon. Srum is nowadays used in software development but also in other areas like the military. Teams should not be greater than eight people. A person is only able to keep four things in mind. Therefore it is necessary that all team members share their knowledge and the team members have to be allrounders who can replace and help each other.

    The scrummaster has to guide his team to continuous improvment. He has to ask with regularity: how can we do what we do better? After each iteration the team has ideally to look at itself and ask two questions: What can we change how we work? What is our biggest sticking point? Everyone should see where your project is. The release of incremental updates helps to evaluate what customers really want. Not all features are necessary immediately. Observe, orient, decide, act. What at the beginning of a project was required, is not necessarily what is wanted in the end.

    Be open to changes. Society rewards for results not processes. Happyness is important. The team should feel fulfilment by realizing a successful project. Every team member has to participate and has to stand up. That way there is active talking. If there are further things in detail to discuss then this can be done after the daily meeting.