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Creating Dramatic Agency in Immersive Environments. Formal Encoding of Drama Ontology. Emotional Spectrum Developed by Virtual Storytelling. Toward Interactive Narrative. Meta-Data for Interactive Storytelling. The Role of Tangibles in Interactive Storytelling. The Rapunsel Project. Back Matter. As academics, they explore the volatile interface of race, ethnicity, politics, literature, music and culture. As a marri …. One of the most moving Vermont Conversations was my interview with First Lt.

Jay Karpin, a bombardier in the first wave of bombers that attacked Normandy in the famous D-Day invasion on June 6, It was the first time that Karpin, 93, among …. Is Vermont Gov. Wisconsin Gov.

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Scott Walker won e …. A live broadcast from the VBSR Spring Conference talking with leaders in the socially responsible business movement in Vermont and nationally about issues from SR Business , gender diversity in the workplace, a quarter century of SR business in Ve …. As Vermont Gov. Phil Scott attempts to assert state control over collective bargaining with teachers over their health benefits, we examine the national network of conservative organizations that is backing statewide efforts to weaken unions.

In his first few months in office, Vermont Gov. Scott Walker …. Paid family leave for Vermont employees moved a step closer to reality when the Vermont House of Representatives passed legislation for it on May 3, What form will the coverage take, and what will it take for paid family leave to become law?

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In fact, the business of outdoor recreation, which relies heavily on public lands, supports more jo …. When Democracy Now! Twenty years later, Democracy Now! Are social service cuts necessary? One Vermont, a coalition of advocacy and social service groups in Vermont, argues that proposed state budget cuts will hurt the vulnerable, and can be avoided by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and lowering ta …. It has been seven years since the US Supreme Court Citizens United decision unleashed unfettered corporate influence in politics. What has happened as a result? In his new book, political economist Gordon Lafer follows where the big money is flowing: ….

On April 12, , hundreds of high school students from around Vermont descended on the Vermont State House to demand climate action in the second annual Youth Lobby Day. This week, Vermont state representative announced four proposals to tax carbon while eliminating or reducing other taxes. In the criminal justice system these disparities create challenges ranging from disproportionate …. As the Trump Administration intensifies its crackdown on immigrants in the U. It has pioneered a San ….

Can the power of state procurement be used to give incentives to companies that create livable wage jobs and good benefits? We discuss legislation that would level the playing the field for socially responsible businesses. Is there life after prison? For 30 years, Dismas House of Vermont has been a welcome home for those leaving prison.

The US incarcerates more people than any country in the free world, and Vermont spends more money on incarceration than it does on higher education. Who is in jail in Vermont? Is there a better alternative than prison? Hillary Clinton murdered her political opponents, used body doubles, and ran child sex rings. Sounds absurd? It is. But these stories were part of a tidal wave of fake news that hit the presidential campaign of Sen.

Bernie Sanders. Where did it come …. Every summer since , high school students from Vermont and beyond spend up to two weeks living on college campuses and immersing themselves in current affairs, math, engineering, the arts, and other topics. This is the transformative experience o …. Vermont voters overwhelmingly rejected Gov. We discuss the politics of school budgets in Vermont, the impact of education cutbacks, the …. Moats discusses editorial writing, the parallels between Presid …. Vermont State Auditor Doug Hoffer keeps a watchful eye on the numbers, both in his official duties and as a frequent contributor to local blogs and comments.

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Here, he takes down some persistent economic myths. Two leading immigration advocates and attorneys discuss the fallout and how Vermont is fighting to protec …. Phil Scott has proposed a budget that key Vt. Is Gov. Paul Cillo, president of Public Assets …. The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center is a community-based nonprofit group that provides lake access to over 6, people each year regardless of age, ability or income. Phil Scott has proposed a radical change in how education is funded and governed.

In his first budget address on Jan. Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of Democracy Now! For two decades, Richter has been a leading national and loca …. For 48 years, Vt Sen. Bill Doyle has participated in the ebb and flow of Vermont politics from inside the Legislature and from his classroom at Johnson State College. He notes proudly that about 50 of his former students have run for elective office. Christopher Curtis has dedicated his life to eradicating poverty. Journalist and broadcaster Lowell Thomas is best known for dramatizing the story of Lawrence of Arabia.

Thomas trav …. His company …. At age 26, He gave away his inheritance and has spent the last three decades mobilizing against inequality. Collins is now a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies where he co …. Several of …. During the Iraq and Afghan Wars, veterans from the United States crossed the border to Canada seeking relief and refuge from serving in what they viewed as an unjust and immoral war. Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and other eating disorders ar …. George Lakey is a long time activist, strategist and trainer for nonviolent movements.

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His newest book, Viking Economics: …. On July 1, , new bias-free policing policies were enacted for all police in Vermont.

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  6. This followed charges of racial profiling leveled against multiple Vermont police agencies. Ingrid Jonas of the Vermont State Police is the highest ranking …. In the wake of the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, 1, people marched in Burlington, Vermont—and in numerous other cities—in solidarity with LGBTQ people. The Vermont Conversation. Bill McKibben: Are humans losing the game to climate change? This included passing the strongest abortion rights law in the country, enacting a hour waiting period for handgun purchases and removing … Rep.

    Ginny Lyons on new protections for women and families Rep. Senate Committee o … Rep. Ann Pugh; Sen. Voter fraud or voter suppression? The growing voter rights movement — Part 2 Is vote fraud a national epidemic? The growing voter rights movement — Part 1 Is vote fraud a national epidemic? Will there be skiing in the age of climate change? Part 2 Is climate change killing skiing? Part 1 Is climate change killing skiing? Is Vermont losing ground on climate change efforts? Can universal health care work in Vermont? A long walk for the climate On April 5, , a group of marchers set off to walk from from Middlebury to Montpelier, Vermont to press the case for climate action from affected communities to the Vermont State House.

    Dying to Work: Jonathan Karmel on dangerous workplaces In January , the Trump admin dealt a blow to workers by blocking a rule requiring most employers to report details of workplace injuries. Can a woman be jailed for a miscarriage? A lead sponsor of … Rep. Can Vermont end gun violence? Part 2 was the year that shook the nation—and Vermont—when it comes to gun violence and gun safety.

    Following the shooting deaths of 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida in February , high school students around the country mobilized, walke … Sen. Part 1 was the year that shook the nation—and Vermont—when it comes to gun violence and gun safety. Following the shooting deaths of 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida in February , high school students around the country mobilized, walke … Grace Walter, U. Scott Rep. Has the time come for paid family leave?

    How Vermont craft beer took over America Vermont craft beer is taking over America. How does a small state tackle global climate change? From homeless teen to newspaper editor: Steve Pappas finds his voice Steven M. Warriors to end wars: Veterans for peace As The US has been embroiled in numerous foreign wars in the last few decades, some of the most passionate activists for peace have been military veterans.

    What could you do with a few thousand dollars? Author Bob Friedman says you can change the world What would you do with a few thousand dollars? Is welfare reform killing women? Felicia Kornbluh on the female face of poverty Has welfare reform, passed in with bipartisan consensus between Pres. He talks about the pulse of climate change activism around the US, his take on the midterm elections and what to expect from t … Bill McKibben, author, activist, and co-founder of Is philanthropy racist?

    Can we find common ground? She has designed programs to help professionals display inclusive behaviors and to … Dr. Madeleine Kunin was the first and o … Gov. Social media for small business: What works? How socially responsible businesses became a movement How did sustainable business that support a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit become a movement? Surviving Amazon. July 11, broadcast Dr.

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    He talks about … Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Civil rights leader and aide to Dr. The exhibi … Jerry Greenfield and Dr. Do Felons Deserve a Second Chance? Broken promises: Ed secretary Rebecca Holcombe on how Gov. Hero or villain? Author Reeve Lindbergh on the double life of Charles Lindbergh In , at the age of 25, aviator Charles Lindbergh made the first solo transatlantic flight. Tackling toxics: Will Vermont side with industry or citizens?

    The StoneCutter (S. Lasher & Associates, #1) by Scott Blade

    The long road to gun control in Vermont On April 11, , Gov. Is our economy stacked against women? Whitman is director of policy for … Gordon Whitman, author, Stand Up! Are we living in a post-truth world? Pedro Noguer … Dr. Most of the qualities of Jack Cameron are still in Jack Widow though he comes with more believable skills, backstory and the intelligence of age. In typical fashion, he had found the bad guys and left behind a beautiful woman. But unlike other times, he left behind a son.

    Armed with the indomitable genes and the unrelenting and tough love upbringing of his mother, Cameron sets out to Get Jack Reacher. To know his father, he finds himself following in his footsteps as he tracks down the elusive Jack Reacher, who does not even know that he has a son. His quest to reunite with his father sees him stumble into a deadly secret in a small town where a man is left distraught after his wife went missing. Like his father, the need for justice is the mission that drives Cameron.

    Winter Territory the second novel of the series opens to Cameron still on the quest to get Jack Reacher. Alone and an orphan he soon gets himself embroiled in a deep conspiracy that spans from the mountains of Wyoming right to the most secretive agencies in Washington. A few days ago, he had sent one of his subordinates to the Red Rain Indian Reservation as an undercover operative.

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    But when the man does not turn up hours after he was supposed to, Shepard is worried that something has gone wrong. Lives are on the line, he has no time to waste and he thinks his agent may be dead. Cameron Reacher steps into the picture to offer hope of recovering the agent and stopping one of the largest terrorist plots in the state. Cameron has to deal with a hidden enemy, a beautiful tribal police officer and the harsh winter precipitation.

    If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details.