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  1. A long winding road
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  3. Craco: A ghost town in Italy
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And again there were no people around. No women sitting outside on their front steps shelling beans or scrubbing the pavement. No men on their way to fetch water. And no children kicking balls and riding bicycles.

A long winding road

The modern town was unnaturally quiet. We met only two other cars going down, but halfway up the hill the ghost town appeared in the distance. Craco was built on the summit of a steep m cliff giving it the striking appearance of buildings that have become one with the mountain. It looked as if most visitors were satisfied with a few snapshots and a quick thrill, before they turned around and went back down. On the other side of town, however, there was a media centre , and when we ventured inside we met both a receptionist and a researcher.

That sounded okay, so we registered and were shown into an AV-room, where the researcher sat down to introduce us to the history of Craco, while we waited for the guide- and more tourists — to arrive. Afterwards we were shown a medley of all the movies filmed on location in Craco. After about an hour our guide Vincenzo appeared and we managed persuade a Belgian couple to form the rest of the group, so the tour could start.

Views from our walk around the crumbling ghost town.

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Vincenzo was about 30, and he was born in the old town and had played in many of the houses that were sliding down the mountain. This — along with the melancholia often encountered in people from Basilicata — made the experience rather sad. Vincenzo explained how the landslides mostly came at night in December and January, where people would wake up after a heavy rain and see that their kitchen or living room was lying crumbled down the mountain. The first houses were evacuated in , but people stayed on until the s, when the continuing landslides, erosion and an earthquake rendered the old town uninhabitable.

Vincenzo pointed out the bakery with the best cakes. Fascist marks in a road grate. The market square where vendors announced their products in a megaphone, so housewives could send one of the children down to fetch shopping for the whole town. An abandoned stove.

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And the fallen church bell that was still visible through one of the lower windows in the church tower. We walked through goat shit to the palaces where the local aristocracy lived at the time, when Craco was still known as the golden mountain. Peeped into the church where the altar was overgrown by weeds. And ended up in the Norman castle tower that was used as a prison under Frederick II in the 13 th century. But as two clergymen who had recently visited Craco pointed out, it was written in the Bible, that houses should be built on rocks and not on sand.

And the 3.

Craco: A ghost town in Italy

According to Vicenzo the houses in the phantasmagoric town are still owned by private families, who have received no kind of compensation or help from the state to finance a new start on solid ground in eg. Visit Aliano: Tourists stop at Eboli too. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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    Then decided to pile into her friend Tommy's car with his friends Jack and Karen with their six packs of beer and drove down Hill Haven road. Just as they were all singing along with the radio, rain came pouring down and Tommy was having a hard time concentrating on the road because of the loud music and laughter coming from Susie and Karen in the back seat of Tommy's car. Jack was too busy handing out the beers to everyone to notice danger was on the way.