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Koontz has made a career out of melding sci-fi and spec-fic trappings with his particular brand of horror. With Watchers , Koontz really found his footing as a master of his craft. Earth has become an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland and a few select humans have been plucked by an alien race — who have their own particular interest in humans. The Culture: a society in which humanoids and machines live symbiotically.

In the Culture, machines oversee everything and humans are left to pursue their own interests, such as game playing. Three million years after a nuclear incident wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf, the computer revives frozen crew-member Dave Lister: the only man left alive in the universe. Reunited with the hologram of his roommate and the humanoid descendent of his pet cat, Lister goes from being a small fish in a big pond to an equally small fish in an empty ocean. On the surface, this is an adaptation of the first season of a beloved British sitcom.

In the 29th century, a creature called the Shrike waits for humanity on a world of Hyperion. Enter a crew of pilgrims who are traveling to Hyperion to seek answers. But whether or not they will kill the Shrike or worship it like a god is unknown — along with the vital secrets that each of them hold inside of themselves.

Theme park goes off the rails when the main attraction starts killing the visitors. However, just like the scientists in Jurassic Park, we believe that he merely perfected the formula when it came writing this well-researched, action-packed novel. To every avid science fiction reader, the name James Tiptree Jr. Piece of advice when you use time travel to zip back to the 14th century: get your shots for the bubonic plague ahead of time but literally. This becomes a pickle for Kivrin, a young historian who is sent to the 14th century — only to get stranded there when the plague is at its height.

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Yet even as her team from the present era desperately tries to rescue her, a strange disease has begun to spread throughout modern-day London as well. What could it have to do with the 14th century? And what role does Kivrin play in the middle of it all? Medical mystery meets science fiction in this unputdownable book. An assured, impressive debut novel from Nicola Griffiths, Ammonite focuses on Marghe, an anthropologist sent to a planet whose human colonists had been apparently wiped out centuries prior.

As she learns more about them, her views on society and adaptation begin to change profoundly… as yours may too after reading this book. As in all of the best science fiction books, author P. James crafted a world that becomes more believable with each passing year. Set in the year , the human race has not seen a new birth in over a decade — and in much of the western world, autocratic governments have taken control. Self-aware cyberpunk fans, Snow Crash is for you. In the Community of The Giver , every young person receives an assignment which they will carry out for the rest of their lives — all except for Jonas, who receives an assignment no one has ever gotten before.

The resulting combination of scientific imagination and understanding of the human condition is both engaging and incredibly moving. Protagonist Bean is a child who lives on the mean streets, begging for food and often ruthlessly fighting other children for a crumb of bread. It all comes to a head in the Alps, where a horrifying discovery of preserved bodies hints that something long dormant is ready to return.

Darwin certainly never predicted this. When Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr and her platoon are pulled from leave for a supposedly easy mission, they have no idea that they are about to walk into a conflict greater than any they had faced before. In this first installment of an acclaimed trilogy, Dr.

Bazargan directs a scientific exploration of an alien planet. Now the crew must flee for their lives while battling a mysterious species called the Fallers who have their ey es on one thing and one thing only: the extinction of the human race. This bildungsroman blends popular tropes from the best sci-fi books with elements of Caribbean folklore. It begins with Carnival time on the Caribbean-colonized planet of Toussaint.

Young Tan-Tan is revelling in the costumed festivities when a crime committed by her own father lands them both in brutal New Half-Way Tree tree world. His only choice: to go to Tokyo in search of his father. Yet his search uncovers more questions than it answers — most pressingly, what exactly separates his dreams from his reality? And what is the significance of the number nine? In this Hugo-nominated novel, a young man bears witness one day to a foot stone pillar appearing out of thin air.

Wilson explores the thought-provoking impact of self-fulfilling prophecies, and just what causality means. Before Ready Player One , there was Otherland and its staggering vision of virtual reality. This epic science fiction series begins and ends in the Net and its Otherland, a mysterious golden city that steals and murders souls. The fate of those missing might just fall into the hands of Renie Sulaweyo,! Xabbu, Paul Jonas, fourteen-year-old Orlando, and Mister Sellars: a band of misfits who nevertheless may have to rise up to become heroes for a literally lost generation.

Though perhaps best known for inspiring the movie Arrival , this innovative anthology has much less to do with aliens than with us. People travel between the stars by zapping their minds into new bodies and the rich become immortal through a series of constant upgrades. Takeshi Kovacs is a former special forces soldier who has been hired by a wealthy man to investigate his own mysterious suicide. How can this be? Thanks to the fact that his consciousness was backed up on the cloud or something , he remains alive but with no memory of how he died.

Pretty freaky, right? But when a hacker causes the feeds of a group of spring-breaking friends to malfunction, Titus and his partying pals are forced to recoup at a hospital with nothing but their own thoughts to keep them company — imagine! Two lovers are separated in a world of mutant meerkats, decadent cities, and underworld labyrinths full of stitched-together monsters in this classic work of unclassifiable but brilliant literature from the author of the Southern Ranch trilogy.

In the world of Oryx and Crake , Earth has been wrecked by climate change and Snowman formerly known as Jimmy may be the last human alive. His journey to understand what happened brings one too many answers, revealing the horrifying dangers of genetic engineering and corporate power. Once again, Atwood demonstrates an uncanny knack for creating grimly powerful dystopias that strike a bit too close to home. In the year , the Intersolar Commonwealth contains over six hundred worlds and many more inhabitants.

Exploration of this sphere is made easy through the use of wormholes — until one day astronomer Dudley Bose observes a star vanishing entirely… and that one small revelation could spell doom for the entire galaxy. As she works, she reminisces about her past experience at Hailsham, a boarding school in England: the school where she met her two lasting friends, Tommy and Ruth.

Yet Philip Roth conquers imaginations to paint a frightening picture of a timeline in which Charles Lindbergh of aviation fame defeats Franklin D. Roosevelt to become President of the United States in — leading to an uncomfortably close friendship with Adolf Hitler. As avant-garde as it is political, this book is a timely exploration of the consequences of fear, terror, and hatred. Raz lives on the planet Arbre. He is part of a hermetic enclave dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge while the rest of society remains blissfully ignorant , Canticle for Leibowitz -style.

Featuring detailed discussions of logic, mathematics and philosophy, Anathem is certainly one of the headier titles on this list. Twelve districts. Twenty-four contestants. One survivor. Katniss Everdeen never wanted to get involved in the Games, but after her sister is randomly chosen, Katniss volunteers in her place — entering a battle for her own life.

As he investigates the death of a student, he finds himself on the trail of a murderer which spans two cities… that happen to share the exactly same physical space. What Neuromancer did for cyberpunk, The Windup Girl does for a new subgenre based on the power and perils of bioengineering.

Science fiction meets traditional Caribbean storytelling in this bold debut novel from Karen Lord. Paama is a woman married to a wreck of a man: her husband Ansige is a foolish, bumbling glutton. But everything is thrown back into uncertainty again when Cheng Xin wakes up from hibernation. An aerospace engineer from the 21st-century, she alone knows a secret from the beginning of the Trisolar Crisis that could cause the universe to collapse once more. Did you think that living in a science fiction universe would suddenly make everything easy-peasy? When botanist astronaut Mark Watney is accidentally abandoned on Mars, he must use his science brain to figure out how to survive long enough for a rescue party to arrive.

Acclaimed for its humor and respect for actual science almost every detail of the story is scientifically accurate , the book has since become a blockbuster film starring Matt Damon. Meanwhile, fellow teenager Day is a criminal through and through. In a twist on the typical post-apocalyptic fare, The Last Policeman presents a pre-apocalyptic universe: one in which the United States has six months until impact. While everything is going to pieces, Hank Palace may be the last policeman who cares about investigating a suspicious suicide. A loving homage to the ubiquitous red-shirt-wearing phaser fodder on Star Trek, this comic novel centers on Andrew, the newest crew member aboard a starship.

She used to be the Justice of Toren , a starship that served the leading empire in the galaxy. This mind-bending novel was such a game-changer that it won the science fiction triple crown in the year that it was published: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the Arthur C. Wool was introduced readers to the Silo and its inhabitants, Shift told the story of the inhabitants lives and how the silos came to be, and Dust , the final novel in the Silo series is meant to detail the undoing of the silo society.

Juliette has explored the mysteries of the silos and is done being controlled. But she might be on her own, and the toxic world beyond the silos walls is only one of her worries — a poison has begun to grow within the walls of Silo 18 itself. Set in a somewhat familiar post-apocalyptic world, most of the population has been infected by a zombie fungus. Also adapted into a recent film, this book will appeal to fans of the video game The Last of Us which also happens to feature fungal zombies and a young, headstrong female protagonist.

Meet the world of Red Rising , where everything is color-coded, including society. Darrow is a Red, the lowest caste: he spends his days toiling in the mines so that Mars is habitable for future generations. But when he discovers that the surface of Mars is already inhabitable and that he and his fellow Reds have been duped, his desire for vengeance sends him to the Institute, the top training institution in the galaxy… and a death ground for anyone but Golds. One brave young explorer in the form of Rosemary Harper? A motley and diverse crew that contains multiple alien species?

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A fast-paced, riotous romp through space as the Wayfarer encounters a lot of mishaps — and we mean a lot? Check, check, check. The Nebula and Hugo winner for best sci-fi novella, Binti introduces us to an unforgettable titular character: Binti, a girl who has just become the first of the Himba people to get an offer to study at Oomza University. Time comes to reveal the truth, but it could rip her colony apart forever. Fans of Tiptree and Crispin will take to this exceptionally gripping novel instantly.

List of cross-generational references

Only everyman Mike Erikson is unconvinced. Fans of Marie Lu, gather around! The truth may only be found in the data and documents that Kady discovers: a web of emails, chatrooms, and IMs that coincidentally happen to be the frame text of this heart-pounding, immensely readable novel. This is the power of Information, a global search engine monopoly: it can manipulate economies and decide the fates of nation-states across the globe.

Now politics are more tempestuous than ever and three operatives have staked everything upon the upcoming election — even though the smallest miscalculation could mean their downfall. Published in , Infomocracy just as relevant now as it was then. The drama, which involves political rivals, possible betrayals, and even a meeting with the queen, is both irresistible and delicious.

Red Team Series in Order - Elaine Levine - FictionDB

Readers will be eager to see more from McQuiston after this extremely promising start. The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook is a beautiful, elegantly designed reference that details all of the known spells cast in the Harry Potter world. Each spell is given its own entry including spell name, pronunciation details, a description of the spell effect, spell casting methods, wand movements, hand movements and vocalizations, plus primary sources in which the spell was used.

Robby Soave investigates millennial activism in the age of Trump, and profiles the full spectrum of major and minor groups on left and right. This revised edition will feature a new introduction, more pop quizzes, modernized references, and additional content from the popular Quick and Dirty Tips website. As Court and Mykal grow closer, their linked bond becomes harder to hide, and dynamics change when Franny begins to fall for someone new.

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Tightly plotted and brimming with heart. But that was years ago and time has found them far apart, leading separate lives. Until they meet again in Paris. What really happened back then? As the last child in a family of daughters, seventeen-year-old Janneke was raised to be the male heir. On the day her village was burned to the ground, Janneke—as the only survivor—was taken captive by the malicious Lydian and eventually sent to work for his nephew Soren.

After dangerous truths are revealed, Janneke must choose between holding on or letting go of her last connections to a world she no longer belongs to. Readers will flock to this compelling debut. However, the elements that perhaps shine the most are the history, riddles, mysteries, and science, woven together in a world brimming with power and magic. A delectably intriguing adventure for all teen shelves.

Fans of substantial historical romance as well as fantasy will be thoroughly enchanted. Foster Stewart and Tate Taylor are special—between the two of them, they can talk to plants, control the clouds, and see perfectly in the darkest night. But when a deadly tornado strikes and awakens their true abilities—the power to control the element air—they must stop the evil Dr.

Maybe then she can move on. And her second chance is about to take an unexpected turn. Hunter Available now from Wednesday Books Ages 13 to Chloe was three years old when she was adopted. Until Cash tells her the real reason he sought her out: Chloe looks exactly like the daughter his foster parents lost years ago. Can the right song and the perfect summer on the road make two broken hearts whole? Let them fear her. In this stunning Joan of Arc inspired debut , Nadya—a peasant girl who can speak to the gods—must find a way to work with a deadly adversary to turn the tide of the war and assassinate the mad king.

Chaos ensues. Though the ragtag group of misfits known as the Black Star Renegades won a decisive battle, the war is far from over. And they are in possession of the ultimate ace in the hole: The mythical Rokura, the most powerful weapon ever known. The transition from high school—and home—to college can be stressful for students and their families, but this guide is here to help. Adrift in a frigid sea, no land in sight, nineteen-year-old Doaa stays afloat on a small inflatable ring and clutches two little girls—barely toddlers—to her body.

For days as she drifts, Doaa prays for rescue and sings to the babies in her arms. She must stay alive for them. She must not lose hope. Erik Weihenmayer is the first and only blind person to summit Mount Everest. A tightly constructed YA mystery. Harrowing but cathartic.

A charming and delightful romance with dynamic characters. A heartbreaking case worth revisiting again and again. Your email address will not be published. By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. Macmillan Audio Minotaur Picador St. By emily. Addie Thorley. Allison Raskin. Becca Ritchie.

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