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Embattled Czech government survives no-confidence vote

  1. PROTEST | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
  2. Populism and Backlash
  3. Bid Protests, Appropriations Law, & Other Legal Work

Turkey has not yet seen mass mobilizations like those in Hong Kong or Prague. But this week, after Mr. But even in countries where that has not happened, corruption by high-level officials, particularly if committed with seeming impunity, can stir unrest. The recent protests in the Czech Republic came after the police recommended fraud charges against Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who was seen as manipulating the justice ministry to prevent such charges from being filed.

PROTEST | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

So far, Mr. Mass protest is a two-edged sword, and a rise in mass mobilizations may bring not an era of resurgent democracy but one of instability. A more basic phenomenon may be at play in the rise of mass protest movements: Social media, by making it far easier to spread outrage and mobilize people, has made political uprisings subject to the law of large numbers.

Simply put, as many more protests are attempted, Dr. Margetts said, the number that succeed will also rise.

France’s Yellow Vest Protesters Just Won Against Macron (HBO)

But research by Zeynep Tufekci, a social scientist at the University of North Carolina, suggests protests driven by social media are especially fragile. Because they are decentralized, the movements can collapse or be co-opted more easily.

Populism and Backlash

And the gains from even successful protests can be short-lived, particularly if the new government feels pressure to consolidate power quickly. That realignment, however, does not always favor demonstrators.

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In Sudan, for example, Mr. Dozens of people were killed, and many were brutalized. A similar story played out in Zimbabwe, where the ouster of the longtime dictator Robert Mugabe was followed by a violent crackdown. Indonesian police fired water cannon and rubber bullets at protesters trying to breach barbed wire barricades on Wednesday, May 22 as demonstrations over the outcome of the presidential election hit the capital for a second night.

Pro-European 'One Europe for All' demonstration held in Vienna on Sunday amid cries for the resignation of Austria's current government.

Bid Protests, Appropriations Law, & Other Legal Work

Hundreds of LGBT rights supporters gathered outside Taiwan's parliament on Tuesday May 14 demanding for their rights as the parliament votes on three proposed bills. Euronews is no longer accessible on Internet Explorer. This browser is not updated by Microsoft and does not support the last technical evolutions. France Watch: Women protesting burkini ban fined by French police. China Hong Kong braces itself for a third weekend of protests.

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  8. The Cube Protesters occupy German coal mine. More than sound designers, musicians and sound artists have contributed to the project, whether by reimagining a sound, providing a field recording from a protest, or both. Email required. Talk to us required. Subscribe to our mailing list for an exclusive free album.

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