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02. Accept that your social life will change, but it doesn’t have to be for the worse.

  1. Science confirms you are a different person after giving birth
  2. Life with Baby Brother | Parenting Counts
  3. 01. Acknowledge your fears.

Science confirms you are a different person after giving birth

Find information on feeding your infant: breast milk, formula and vitamin D. Infant immunizations. Getting your child immunized, and immunized on time, is one of the most important ways to keep them healthy.

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Early teething and tooth care. Babies' growth and development. Understand the different stages of development - physical, emotional, social, hearing and language. Newborn hearing. Speech and language development for children. Our community speech-language pathologists support communication development for children aged zero to five years. Newborn rashes and skin conditions.

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Baby safety. Tips to prevent the most common causes of injuries, including a car seat checklist. Nutrition for mom. Parenting your baby. Tips to adjusting to parenthood, establishing routines and parenting through love and attachment.

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She used to sleep all night, but now she wakes up and needs your help to get back to sleep. In fact, by the time the new baby is one year old, the older children will move forward again and even become a little protective of the baby.

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Also, more than half of older children became more independent after the birth of a baby. Life with Baby Brother This research-based post will help you to better understand your 26 to 48 month old child.

Life with Baby Brother | Parenting Counts

With a new baby in the house, you may find that older children start acting differently: They may want help doing things they once could handle on their own, such as getting dressed, feeding themselves, or using the toilet. They might be upset at the baby, or they may be acting this way to get your attention. Tell children that the new baby will have its own thoughts, feelings, and wishes. Children who hear this often interact better with their siblings once they arrive.

01. Acknowledge your fears.

One study found that having a close playmate helped children interact with their younger brothers and sisters. Take older children to visit mom and new baby in the hospital. Children who visit the hospital after a birth are more likely to respond well when their mothers return home.