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This film takes place during the Seven Years' War. After the war, the King - in an unwarranted move - deprives the major of his honor. Von Tellheim becomes impoverished and, filled with shame, breaks off his relationship to Minna. An innkeeper in Berlin, who is a police informer, makes the Major move to a shabby little attic because he cannot pay his debt. Unbeknownst to her former lover, Minna has also arrived at the inn accompanied by her lady's maid Franziska.

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In spite of the innkeeper's prying, the women cleverly set things right. A sweeping story of love, pride and betrayal based on the drama by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Log in. Social Sciences. Instructional Films and Lessons. Staff Picks. Please enable Javascript to use Kanopy!

Minna Von Barnhelm

Show me how. Running Time. Martin Hellberg. Watch now.

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    But on his first stop in the Indonesian megacity Jakarta, Daniel is totally over challenged by the foreign culture. He loses sight of his goals and finally of himself. The great event of the year , however, was the production of his Minna von Barnhelm , the first good comedy in the German language. During the next ten years two other dramas came from his pen; but he was slandered and misrepresented by Voltaire and his followers, and he suffered the usual fate of the man who is in advance of his age.

    The essays on dramaturgy were pirated, with the result that when he left Hamburg he was still poor, though famous. Although Miss Sara is seldom read or acted today, yet in its time it was effective enough to popularize the new type, and became the center from which all modern German drama sprang.

    In Minna von Barnhelm , the scene is laid in Berlin, the characters are easily recognized, the plot natural and quietly unfolded. Goethe praised it, and its influence was not only far reaching, but of a healthy and fertilizing nature. In Lessing wrote the tragedy Emilia Galotti , whose central situation is the same as that in the story of Virginia and Appius Claudius.

    The scene is transferred to contemporary times and the writing is in prose. In the powerful drama called Nathan the Wise , the author turned to verse again.

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    The Sultan Saladin in his palace at Jerusalem, at the time of the Second Crusade, is in need of money and other help. He sends for Nathan, a rich Jew, and tries to entrap him by asking which religion is best, Jewish, Mohammedan, or Christian. The astute Nathan does not reply directly, but relates the Story of the Three Rings , which causes the Sultan to exercise his own judgment.

    Certain features in Nathan were taken from Boccaccio. Interesting as are the plays of Lessing, especially Minna von Barnhelm and Nathan , yet it is by reason of his constructive criticism that he holds his high place. First, he did a much needed piece of work when he attacked the French theories of tragedy. Instead of merely denying their validity, he analyzed and explained genuine Greek classicism, and pointed out the differences between it and French classicism.

    He recognized the genius of Shakespeare , showing that only a perverted interpretation of Aristotle would exclude the English poets from the ranks of the great dramatists.