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Modeling Serial Arguments in Close Relationships: The Serial Argument Process Model

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  2. Argumentos filosoficos / Philosophical Arguments (Spanish Edition)
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Amazon commissioned robot competitions within the framework of the Seattle International Conference on Robotics and Automation to perfect the processing of orders. One year the machines designed by MIT or the Technical University in Berlin had to collect up in the shortest time possible a rubber duck, a bag of Oreo biscuits, a toy dog and a book.

For Amazon there is no substantial difference between those four items. They are equivalent commodities. Amazon has gradually eliminated the human factor. It has robotized the chain of distribution and wants us, the consumers, to perform similarly. And a read—choice or present—is a rite, the echo of an echo of an echo of something that was sacred once. The great shame of Barcelona, a city with many, excellent bookshops, was the existence for 24 years of the Europa Bookshop, run by the neo-Nazi Pedro Varela, an important center for the diffusion of anti-Semitic ideology. Fortunately, it closed down last September.

Amazon sells a huge number of editions of Mein Kampf , many of them with highly dubious prologues and notes. In fact, the World Jewish Congress alerted the company to the dozens of negationist books it makes available with no obstacle to purchase. Even though it is a crime to deny the Holocaust in many of the countries where it operates. Amazon defends its opposition to censorship.

We On Fire - Intro

Graves, although they had to withdraw it in the end. However, the truth is it censors or privileges books to suit its own interests. During its dispute with the Hachette publishing group a couple of years ago, the writer Ursula K. Le Guin denounced the fact that her books were more difficult to find on Amazon while the conflict lasted. Apparently the only thing that matters is the speed and efficiency of the service. Seemingly there is no mediation. Everything is automatic, almost instantaneous. However, a large economic and political structure exists behind all those individual operations.

A macro-structure that determines visibility, access and influence: that is shaping our future.

Argumentos filosoficos / Philosophical Arguments (Spanish Edition)

There are no booksellers in Amazon. Human recommendations were eliminated because it was inefficient. Because it torpedoed speed, the only value the company recognizes. Recommendation is in the hands of an algorithm. An algorithm represents the height of fluidity. The machine transforms the customer into the prescriber. Customers who bought this product also bought. Self-publishing puts the process in the hands of the producer. Amazon eliminates intermediaries or makes them invisible equivalent to robots. It wants to be so streamlined it will seem to be invisible. By eliminating dispatch costs and haggling with its big clients so it gets the lowest possible price for the individual customer.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July 15, Retrieved December 5, An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments is a not-for-profit project. Its content is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, allowing anyone interested in sharing or adapting it for non-commercial use to freely do so with attribution. December 5, September 18, August 21, Fast Company. October 3, Imagine dislexical people or visually disabled ones. The latter group needs a tool to read out loud written texts.

DDG - "Arguments" SPANISH VERSION (Skay Chloe) by LILTENX | lil tenx | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This change is not really good in a lot of cases. A couple of years ago, this gender neutral language was used a lot in brazilian social media. You can actually find articles written by feminists against this kind of practice. I spent a lot of time without using tumblr, so when I came back I saw this language I lot. Try to change that. Still, if you think that this feature of latin languages is still excluding, try to omit articles before nouns that can be seen as genderless.

I have a feeling that changing language is a poor way to solve a social issue. And if yall feel like language should be changed then adding an X is purely stupid. Thr author purely is making a statement that adding X excludes non-binary spanish people. X is just dumb. Please people…was X really the solution. It even sounds dumb in english.

The Spanish language has rules that cannot be changed because of some political agenda. I consider myself moderate to liberal. But liberals look like fools when they worry about stupidity like this instead of focusing on real issues such as fighting poverty. Im a native Spanish speaker. I accept the term Latinx … your entire post has been rendered invalid and pointless. I think we are so hell-bent on finding a gender-neutral word for everything that we make the language unusable and this is such case.

There is no way to make Spanish a gender-neutral language. It is impossible without changing the core of the etymology and pronunciation and that is unworkable in a short period of time. That would require at least two to three generations. There are ways to make Spanish more inclusive. Personally I use masculine and feminine as gender neutral in my books.

Arguments for and against Catalonia independence

The RAE the body that regulates how Spanish evolves says the masculine is inclusive. I say no. In some of my books sometimes I use the masculine as neutral and in some I use the feminine. That is against the rules but it does not detract from anything other than a decision made centuries ago by men that masculine and neutral were the same. Furthermore, I think changing the language to fit our social agendas in this way is just a lazy way to go about it. The fight for a more inclusive Spanish is there, for sure, but this is not the way to go about it.

This needed to be pointed out. As a white American who was raised in a household where English was the only language spoken, I grew up with the challenge of how to deal with gendered language. Many people in my community were searching for ways to be included and visible in our language. We did struggle with many issues of whether the terms were understood, how to pronounce them, how to make them plural, possessive, how they work as direct objects, indirect objects, etc.

But those challenges were seen as growing pains and in no way comparable to the experience of being erased and misunderstood in every interaction. I also have lived for years in Spanish-speaking countries. I witnessed and participated in similar discussions and explorations, both around issues of sexism and cissexism. None of this represents a threat to anyone. You just have to choose to take seriously the concern that is being addressed and engage with it. Answer: however the hell your community wants. I personally dislike the term Latino.

It connotes that we as a people derive from Latin. Latin was a language and Spanish has its root in Latin. So does Portuguese French and Italian. Consider those that speak these language as sharing the culture the language and mores. I prefer Hispanic. That word will never ever ever ever ever be a real word. Rationally and morally also have definitive arguments. But okay. I will say this. For two individuals I can only presume are men to say that changing a patriarchal element of language is an imperialist move is the real eye-roller for me. What you do not unpack, though, is WHY. Unfortunately, that impulse to always locate and empower men, all else be damned, leaps off the page and into our everyday lives in horribly violent and actually detrimental ways.

You want something to protest? I am ALL about decentering the U. It is, in fact, the only sport my gay butt plays. Nevertheless, I also know revolutions do not start ubiquitously. Their roots are hyperlocal—a person in a community, a city in a sovereignty, an island in an empire. In this case, it seems a cheap shot to undermine a valuable shift being made based on it possibly coming from Latinx folx just a style thang; calm down in the U.

Simply put?

Arguments for and against Catalonia independence debate series

The concept could have hatched in Iceland and Fiji for all I care. It is making people feel seen and heard and reminding them that they, like words, do indeed have the power to change reality. Spanish spread and has been established as the official language of, what, 20 countries and close to million people most accurately due to colonialism, not imperialism. Even as so much was lost, in the name of survival, indigenous and enslaved peoples had to learn, adopt, and pass down Spanish.

And now, in , many descendants of those very people, like me, regard Spanish as their own, a unique cultural legacy, one that we get to bless with our own wisdom, twists, and flavor. To the extent that I can modify Spanish to the benefit of my people, and frankly all people, whether they get it or not, I count it as inheritance and bequest, not imperialism. End of the day, it is the nature of language to evolve to meet the needs of those trying to communicate with it.

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If something does not work, it does not stick. If it works, it takes off and might even endure. So, like, I dunno… Relax, guys… Let gx and let gxd. I do believe that some type of movement towards a more gender-inclusive Castillano needs to be made. The article did point out how Latinx is more commonly used in the US and not actually latin countries.

I do believe that discussion is necessary for the Latine community to come to one universal term. This article was written from such a point of privilege and obviously refused to even consider Latinx as a viable alternative.

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Their big reveal, that you should just stay with Latino is so ignorant. Normalizing the masculine -o to the general public only serves to further the patriarchy by saying the typical human being is male, as well as implies that the ones that are important to specify or talk about are the men. It gives more power to men. Then, refusing to acknowledge a suffix not tied to any gender at all is blatantly ignoring the struggles of non-binary people like me. Assuming that masculinity and femininity fits everyone is cissexist.

And on top of that, what if you want to refer to a specific person? Would you erase my gender in an attempt to preserve your language? Im betting its the same person leaving basically the same comment over, and over, and over, and over….

When you ask a Hispanic Women if they're still Mad

Their gender is a sociological identifier. NOT a biological one like Sex. Sou Brasileira, seu chato— educate yourself before going off. Did I miss something? I am from California. I also work in a University, and let me tell some of you who are in your own nostalgic bubbles — change is always happening. I see young people invent words to describe themselves and their reality.

We are the shapers of reality, and the simple fact that everyone in this comment section has not put thought into this issue and what it all implies is the beginning of change. Now you have the choice as to wether you will put even more thought into what this change signifies, or be a reactionary who will try to squash any change in order to protect some real or imagined privilege your currently enjoy.