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You can spell out all the details — from what your pet should be fed to how often he should see the vet to where he should sleep. Pet trusts are especially important if you have a pet with a long life span, says attorney Kim Bressant-Kibwe, the trusts, estates and planned-giving counsel for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. African grey parrots, for instance, generally live 50 to 70 years. Pet trusts also are advisable for people with exotic pets, which would be hard to place in new homes, or for people with multiple pets.

The pet trust that Helmsley set up for little Trouble was problematic from the start. But neither wanted to, so the trustees had to find someone else to provide care. Thinking about what would happen to your pets if something happened to you is part of being a responsible pet parent, Bressant-Kibwe says. Barbara Marquand is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. Email: bmarquand nerdwallet. Twitter: barbaramarquand. This article was written by NerdWallet and was originally published by Forbes. At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

I urge you not to walk into a meat market for the first time and ask for freebies. Most of the year, these items are hard to get ahold of so stock up while you can. I personally like to buy Goose heads and feet during the holidays while White Oaks Pastures has them available! If you know other raw feeders in your area ask your local meat market if you could earn a discount by sending bulk order customers to them. Remember, you need to establish a strong relationship first, before you start asking for these money-saving options.

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Co-operatives are voluntary organizations, open to people able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, which can vary. Raw feeding co-ops are a great way to save money when buying bulk. Above all else, I want to see you supporting local farmers who raise their animals on organic and natural diets, in natural environments, ethically. Buying directly from farmers can be less expensive than you think.

Local, small-scale farmers who sell directly to the public often do their own butchering and because of this, some of them are willing to supply raw feeders with pieces and parts that would normally be discarded. Local, small-scale farms are always looking to value add. Buy all of it that you can! Farmers lose money every time this happens. For instance, a local beef farmer recently called me asking if I wanted a whole cow. She had broken her leg and had to be put down.

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  • In this case the cow was put down with a shotgun. They want to sell uniform products. This would apply to poultry, rabbits and other small animals. Local, small-scale butchers are hard to come by these days, but they do still exist! One reason to do this is because they can call you when someone is selling an animal for slaughter that they need off their hands immediately.

    Reader Suggestions: How To Save Money On Pet Care - Frugalwoods

    Just like local meat markets, butchers toss out trash bag after trash bag of scraps on a daily basis, and may be willing you let you in on some freebies. Buying fat by the 30 lb. The last time I bought 30 lbs. Botchers have more bones than they know what to do with. Ask for any unwanted major organs, minus the digestive tract. Buying a whole cow is easier than it sounds.

    Simply contact the butcher shop for a reference on who to buy from and that seller will deliver to the butcher for you. All you have to do is pick up your packaged meat. That includes fat trim, organs, the head, tail and feet, etc. Not ready to commit to buying a whole cow? You can buy a half or a quarter. The only downside is that you may not get the organs. The 4-H kids work hard every year to bring their finest animals to the yearly fair. Anyone can bid and the money raised goes to support the 4-H program. If you do put in a winning bid, the animal will be delivered to the local slaughterhouse for you.

    Plus, the purchase is tax deductible. The fair is a great chance for you to get to know the small farmers in your area. You never know who is right down the road from you with market-ready livestock. Homesteaders understand the desire to break away from the status quo in order to feed healthier foods. They also have a strong belief one that we should all have that nothing should go to waste. When they butcher a rabbit or chicken, homesteaders would much rather see the heads and feet etc.

    A little here and there is okay. You can ask for unwanted freezer meat and join agricultural groups to find unwanted home-grown meat or hunted meat. If hunting is too out of your comfort zone, start with fishing. A fishing license and gear is inexpensive and well worth the investment.

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    Even just a couple of fishing trips can save you a good chunk of change. Mullet is an inexpensive bait fish where I live. Fish heads are normally thrown in the trash. If you live near a lot of water like I do, you probably have friends who fish and toss the heads.

    Buying fresh fish from the store is extremely expensive. In the unfortunate situation where an animal such as a deer gets hit and killed by a car, call your local wildlife rangers and ask them to come to the scene and go through the procedures to allow you to take the animal for harvest. There are times when rangers have to put injured animals down and having you as a contact to pick the carcasses up for harvest is a win for both sides. People overfeed their dogs all the time. Treats disrupt the fasting period in between meals and are simply not needed. Our food system is extremely fragile these days.

    Not only that, but factory-farmed animals live unimaginably horrible lives and the end result is a less healthy meat. This is a big step to take, but well worth every bit of energy you put into it. Where I live there are eggs for sale signs everywhere.

    Other times of the year chickens lay abundantly. A whole raw egg shell and all is a complete source of nutrition. Every dog is different so know your dog! Backyard chicken flocks are a fast-growing trend. Chickens bred for laying eggs will lay as many as per week. Just a few hens, fed chicken scraps and feed, can supply you with dozens of eggs per week at little cost. Meat chickens grow quickly and are ready for butcher in as little as 8 weeks. You may even be able to raise enough chicken in one batch to last you the year.

    Duck eggs are extremely nutritious but hard to come by. A flock of 5 female ducks hens is all you need for an abundant supply. Meat ducks grow quickly and are a very healthy supply of red meat. Feed them weeds and kitchen scraps on top of their daily feed to greatly lower the cost of raising them to butcher weight. Quail eggs are generally even more expensive than duck eggs, by weight. Quail grow to butcher weight by 8 weeks. They eat very little feed and are easy to manage. Buying quail at the store is very expensive.

    Raising your own is well worth the low costs. If you raise enough birds for eggs you may end up with extras on a regular basis. Sell the eggs to offset your costs. Blood is incredibly nutritious. Know someone who wants to start or expand a small farming operation? Sheep and goats are fun to raise each year. You can buy young stock and raise them up over a few months, then butcher and fill your freezer.

    These birds are not prolific layers but are good for meat. Geese produce red meat while turkeys are considered white meat. Rabbits are one of the easiest animals to raise for meat. They reproduce well and a good line of rabbits will produce quite a lot of meat. They are also extremely quiet and easy to handle. While the goal is to raise livestock to fill your freezer, if you have quality livestock you may want to sell some animals instead of butchering.

    Some people struggle to get rid of aggressive livestock animals or animals that are getting up there in age. These people generally find it hard to butcher their livestock and would rather give them away so someone else can do the deed. For example, many people end up with unwanted roosters each year and want to give them to someone who can use them.

    The manure from all of these animals is highly sought after by gardeners. Especially rabbit manure.

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    • Bag it up and sell it to offset your costs! Have too much of a good thing? Remember, variety is key to a healthy raw diet! Find fellow raw feeders who need more of what you have and less of what they have.

      New Puppy Do's And Dont's

      That overfeeding can really add up! That can result in overfeeding. I see people waste s upon s of dollars every year on poor quality, unregulated, untested and unproven supplements. Check your freezers! Because it takes a freezer full to the brim of meat about a week to thaw I could have saved the meat if I had been diligently checking the freezer for malfunction. Another time, I packed a small freezer full of about lbs. Lots of meat lost. This is a given for raw feeders.

      Never leave them alone. If your dog turns his nose up at certain foods, put his uneaten meal back in the freezer and give it to him at his next meal time. Do this until he eats what you give him. It took my boys 3 or 4 days to give in and eat duck heads and now they are a favorite. Meat left sitting out to thaw will lose moisture. Moisture loss results in lighter meals. I choose to do a slow thaw in the refrigerator, overnight. All packaged meat will lose some moisture in its package.

      I feed my dogs whole quail with their feathers still on and rabbit heads and feet with fur intact. Be very choosy about feeding whole prey. However, if you can get your hands on something like whole rabbit that has been properly raised, you can feed it whole after freezing it for months first. To give you an idea of the weight difference, rabbits are processed when they reach 4 lbs. After being skinned and the organs removed, the clean carcass weighs in at about 2. I fast my dogs once a week. Because my dogs eat once a day that means I feed them 6 times per week.

      I fast as a benefit to their health. There are incredible fasting facts that are being discovered every day! Win, win! A dehydrated dog is a malnourished dog and a malnourished dog will need more sustenance through their meals. A well-hydrated dog will not require more food on top of their daily requirement.

      Note: Know your state laws before following any of the suggestions outside of the feeding and buying tips. The giving away of certain animal parts is prohibited in certain states.

      Medications And Vet Care

      If you have any questions, contact your local agricultural department. I know that, like me, you want the best for your dogs. The way to give your dog the longest and best life possible is by feeding them a superior diet. Have you been told that your carnivore needs fruits, vegetables and even grains? Have […]. Trichinosis also known as trichinellosis or trichiniasis is a parasitic disease caused by roundworms.

      Infection was once a very common issue and though outbreaks still occur among wild animals, trichinosis is now rare in factory-farm raised meat throughout the US. When fed raw, quail eggs for dogs are one of the most complete sources of amino acids and are also good sources of vitamin […]. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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      101 Ways to Save Money on Raw Feeding

      The opposite is true. Weigh meals. Add fat. Pre-portion meals. Create relationships with local hunters.