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  1. ISBN 13: 9781844673773
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ISBN 13: 9781844673773

Is this book just another publisher's sop to their bottom line, cobbling together existing material for the gift-giving market -- or is it something Sara Paretsky really wanted to write? The answer is in the book:. Every writer's difficult journey is a movement from silence to speech.

We must be intensely private and interior in order to find a voice and a vision -- and we must bring our work to an outside world where the market, or public outrage, or even government censorship can destroy our voice. Paretsky refuses to be silenced.


When she was warned not to give one of her talks to library users because it was too political, she gave it anyway, on principle, shaking with fear and dreading confrontation. But she got a standing ovation at the end, and afterwards people came up to her and said they thought they were the only ones who felt like that.

Paretsky makes a point of saying she is 'still doing feminism'. She has found that women who read her fiction say they are encouraged through their own difficult times, and that's enough to keep her writing.

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There is something psychotherapeutic in reading about a woman who risks life and limb in pursuit of justice, sleuthing around outside empty factories at night when she should be home in bed. It makes our everyday fears pale in comparison, and gives us courage to stand up for our own rights. There's nothing more satisfying, when you've been a fan of a writer's work for years, than finding out about their life, their childhood; how they came to write, what books they liked to read.

It took Sara Paretsky a while to shake off the effects of a difficult childhood, and her academic career was obstructed by the inequities of the day. An ordinary interview will cover these things, of course. An extraordinary interview will make much deeper and often surprising connections. Reading this book, Writing in an Age of Silence , is like hearing an extraordinary interview with a writer.

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The insights are generous and and the confessions bold, and that pushes the book's value beyond any publisher's bottom line. The Book Show is an archived program which is no longer broadcast. Facebook Twitter Delicious Reddit Digg what are these? Transcript Lynne Mitchell : Once when Sara Paretsky was on a writer's residency at Oxford, she lived in a college where the shared bathroom was so filthy, she showered wearing complicated plastic wrapping and sprayed herself constantly with Dettol.

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She's referring to Herman Melville, but her fans can apply this to VI Warshawski if they like: Fiction can provide a form of truth: not the truth of hard news carefully investigated, but that of real emotions, carefully explored. The answer is in the book: Every writer's difficult journey is a movement from silence to speech. Editorial Feature articles Subjects Transcripts.

Writing In An Age Of Silence

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Writing in an Age of Silence - Sara Paretsky -

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