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As he grew up the witness created 12 notebooks full of reference notes and photos. Kapetaanovic was a hydroelectric plant foreman in Peru when his contacts began at the dam there and continued for years. Those human Ets said they came from a planet they called APU. They treated Altiplano Indian Shepherds for maladies.

A page biography of the contacts by Chacon in Tucson, AZ, with beings who said they came from their and his home planet Zeti, which they then proceeded to demonstrate to his satisfaction and he left with them and did not return. Y and Wendelle Stevens. A page E-Book describing Mr. Much discussion aboard the craft and many sketches and diagrams are provided in the pages. They made initial contact by modified short wave radio and TV, then face to face.

By Thomas F. Castello and Wendelle Stevens. Includes many sketches and diagrams of the operations and facilities, and an actual photograph of an alien ET. A page E-Book of of the best of the best UFO color photographs worldwide, in full color, in digital format for best manipulation and print out by computer.

All photographs are shown full frame with short captions only, only one to a page. Many of these were published in my UFO Calendars. Commandeer all U. Seize all domestic energy and transportation infrastructure.

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Deploy the national citizen conscription plan to fulfill any labor required for the purpose of national defense and reconstitution. At the time of the December Kecksburg crash the facility was totally unknown to the public. It would only become known in when a plane crashed near the facility.

Bourassa was sending messages about hardware that was being recovered in other areas. It was not until that I figured out what code Blue Grass stood for. The Blue Book document stated,. Time — Mr. Time As a result of this call from Mr.

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Bourassa I called Mr. The three pieces are to be brought to him in the morning by Mr.

He asked if we minded if he kept one piece to a spectral analysis on it. I said go right ahead but send the other two. The pieces were reported as not being very charred; however, the other people finding these "pieces" said they showered from the sky and are spread over a wide area. While at the Johnson library and National Archives I was looking for files on Bourassa and on the "Special facilities Division" to see how it fit into the Kecksburg crash.

What I learned about Bourassa is that he, and the organization that he ran, had also been heavily involved in the blackout of New York City. It was in fact during the New York City blackout that the Top Secrecy facility went on alert for only. But worse — much worse — two of the sensors, the ones for Salt Lake City and Charlotte, North Carolina, were showing red. Red for nuclear detonations. Bourassa assumed the worst — that a surgical nuclear attack was under way — and placed Mt Weather on full alert. It was the one and only time that the facility went on alert during the Cold War.

It may not be conclusive proof, but it is interesting to note that many of the key people that might have been involved in the Kecksburg crash all strangely showed up for tours at the Top Secret - Special Facilities Division in the days following the crash. These included:. Bourassa and Kenrick W. General Train Commanding General of the U. The nd Radar Squadron at the crash scene was an Army unit. Lovekin was an Army cryptographer in the Pentagon from In his public testimony he stated,.

In a interview with me he confirmed that he had been at Mount Weather a dozen times and the rumor was that UFOs were being tracked from the facility. There was talk about it. Someone had told you that? Referring to the work that was being done to get disclosure on the issue by the Disclosure Project run by Dr. Could the Continuity of Government operation at Mount Weather be what he was referring to?

The COG has been described in almost the same terms that Clinton used. COG was called extraconstitutional because it would pick a new president without the vote of the public and the whole thing was outside the constitution. The COG, during the Reagan administration, actually operated as a second government during the Iran arms scandal. Investigators discovered that Col. Oliver North was using the elaborate communications system, known as the Flashframe to bypass normal government communications channels. The lead counsel for the Senate Iran-contra committee went as far as to call the COG unit a "secret government-within-a-government.

Those, in the White House who did pick up on the activities, ignored them out of a belief that the advisers were operating with presidential sanction. In a June 15, interview with radio host Nancy du Tertre Col. Alexander dropped a bombshell. He did a Ph. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and who is noted as the man behind the development of non-lethal weapons for the US military. The bomb that Alexander dropped dealt with the existence of a group known as MJ MJ, according to unsubstantiated documents leaked in the mids reported to be the ultimate control small group in charge of the entire UFO story.

The documents stated that it had been formed in under a secret Executive Order signed by President Truman. The fact that it was an EO meant that the program would be run right out of the executive office of the president. Alexander is one of a number of people who have confirmed the group did actually exist.

This is what Alexander told du Tertre,. I had someone whisper to me that MJ had existed. Alexander told du Tertre that he did not believe that the group had anything to do with UFOs saying,. I think that there actually was a group and they were created something known as COG — continuity of government — and it was to prevent nuclear decapitation of the United States.

It was really super super sensitive.

UFO moon sterling silver Opal ring

The continuity of government that Alexander believed was behind the MJ group was located at Mount Weather. In our discussions, it was obvious that contingencies for even contact with ET were not on its priority list — it was never even thought about in emergency organizations at which he worked. It is possible that the head of emergencies measures in Canada is read-in, but the head of his American FEMA counterparts were in the dark.

The chapter looks at all the disaster situations that could be initiated by UFOs. The chapter raises the questions of radio meltdowns, overwhelming technological advantages, and the current state of planetary defense. According to the authors there really is has never been an official plan of action established, so they quote from a book on flying saucers written by Frank Edwards who was a prominent journalist in the s. The announce stated that it would involve about all first responders in the county as well as surrounding counties, in addition to Community Emergency Response Teams under the auspices of FEMA.

Gender has nothing to do with identity. Pleiadian souls are androgynous both male and female. Because pleiadians are fully awakened to the concept of reincarnation, they know this body is temporary. They express their personality regardless of gender. They access past-life memories and recognize souls from previous incarnations. Pleiadians are extremely affectionate. When two or more! They love to exchange and manipulate eachothers energy by touch, similar to Reiki. Grooming is another way of caress.

The only reason for a pleiadian to have intercourse is reproduction. Many pregnancies are artificially inseminated. On pleiadian planet Erra lives only a few hundred thousand inhabitants.

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And advanced pleiadians choose not to incarnate. Pleiadian awakening. Physical pleiadians go through an awakening process just like humans. As toddlers they begin to access past life knowledge and memories. After this event pleiadian kids are considered as small adults. Pleiadian third eye. The human pineal gland sits in the middle of the brain..

The pleiadian pineal gland isn't located in the brain. Parts of their sinus cavities holds a similar, but larger organ. This is connected with their optic nerve and allows them to see spiritual energy clear as day. Fun fact:. Pleiadian sleeping and life expectancy. The human pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone which regulates sleep patterns. We only have cycles of inactive periods. Humans sleep approx 8 hours a night. At age 75 you have spent 25 of them asleep.

About Pleiadians - About pleiadians

That way our lives are longer than humans. Veganism Once upon a time Pleiadian veganism probably started out morally. Killing and eating animals is not an option. Not even for survival. Their intestines no longer digest meat.