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Against Politics: On Government, Anarchy, and Order, by Anthony de Jasay

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While his initial interest and training were in economics, he later turned to political philosophy, and his writings draw on both. He published five books, several of which have been translated into a total of six languages, as well as numerous articles, mainly in English but also in French and German. He is widely considered as one of the foremost liberal philosophers. He also wrote a monthly column for the Library of Economics and Liberty between and Anthony de Jasay — — In Memoriam.

Anthony de Jasay Quotes

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Anthony de Jasay: Collective property and the agency problem (subs español)

Huawei and the Damaging U. Tear Down Those Walls. So Tee the dog is purchased. The whole point of renting Tee is to ensure that the costs of obeying contracts are less than breaching. In equilibrium, if Tee is well-trained he cannot be bribed with doggy treats , there will be no biting and contracts always bind. This means that Tee can be rented out to many pairs of potential transactors, because Tee has very little to do. Everyone is happy, and contracts are easily negotiated because enforcement is cheap and sure. So far, so good: de Jasay never disputes the value of credible commitments to secure private contracts.

Who, pray, could be expected to enforce that contract, the one from which all other contract enforcement is derived? Remember, Tee is a big strong dog, so big and strong that it is difficult to resist him if he attacks. But then it may be difficult to restrain Tee to his role as neutral third-party enforcer. Put down my gun, and stop drinking my scotch! Tee looks up coolly. I think there need to be some changes around here. Security seems to be different, perhaps because it involves force and perhaps because it seems so fundamental.

But there is nothing special about protection, any more than there something special about other household services that are contracted for. Bad, Tee! Stay, Tee!


All we need are private contracts, and so long as only private contracts are involved no enforcement mechanism will be dominant enough to renegotiate. Competition among enforcement providers will be enough to limit the illegitimate use of force. De Jasay would answer that it is true that there are roads, and bridges, and teachers. But we paid for those things, and continue to pay for them. There is no continuing obligation; even though my dog protects my house, my dog does not own my house. If man can no more bind himself by contract than he can jump over his own shadow, how can he jump over his own shadow and bind himself in a social contract?

He cannot be both incapable of collective action and capable of it when creating the coercive agency needed to enforce his commitment. One can, without resorting to a bootstrap theory, accept the idea of an exogenous coercive agent, a conqueror whose regime is better than anything the conquered people could organize for themselves. That is, while it may be true that consenting to be coerced in private contracts is possible, because it is implied by the nature of the contract itself, the notion of coercion in a social contract is quite different.

He was a paradox, a fierce critic and a sincere and true gentleman.

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He was honestly and openly grateful for the assistance in advancing his work provided by many, especially James Buchanan, but rarely referenced or tried to integrate his work in the main stream of political economy or philosophy. His was an independent but productive watch. And now his watch is ended. Related Authors David D.

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What Feeds Big Government Isn’t Only Ideology - WSJ

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