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  1. Murder Mystery Dinners at Shipyard: Crime and Punishment
  2. The Shipyard Murders by Adele Langendorf
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Murder Mystery Dinners at Shipyard: Crime and Punishment

BART police were patrolling the station when the sisters were stabbed around p. But Nia Wilson died at the scene, according to a probable cause document for Cowell's arrest. And her sister was taken to a hospital. Wilson's death was the third in less than a week from unrelated attacks on the BART system. According to the declaration of probable cause, Cowell was seen in surveillance footage stabbing the sisters before running away.

As he escaped through a nearby parking structure, he discarded his sweatshirt and backpack, which was later found and contained items inside identifying him by name and his date of birth, it said. Hate crime whodunit: He posted hateful words -- but did he threaten mosque? Soon after, he was in police custody.

Cowell has not been linked to any radical right wing or white supremacist groups, Rojas said, but he "has a violent past. John Lee Cowell. Cowell was convicted of second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in , according to the criminal complaint. He was paroled in May after being sentenced to two years in prison for second-degree robbery, according to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The Shipyard Murders by Adele Langendorf

Rojas described Cowell as a "transient," and said, "there's no doubt in my mind that this individual is the killer, and we're going to bring him to justice. The number of hate crimes rose in Cowell and the Wilson sisters had been on the same train car, but they never interacted, Rojas said, and there was nothing to suggest that there was any dispute between them. On Wednesday, Cowell was charged with the murder of Nia Wilson and the attempted murder of her sister.

He's currently being held in the Santa Rita Jail without bail, according to online records. Cowell's family released a statement extending its sympathy to Wilson's, and said Cowell had long been suffering from mental illness. He's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, the family said, and they had to get a restraining order at one point "for our own protection. But Wilson's father expressed doubt about the suggestion that Cowell's mental illness was behind the attack. When is a crime a hate crime and when is it terrorism?

The shipyard murders

That's all I want to say. He was well-aware of everything that was going on," she told CNN. Why would change your clothes, wipe off the knife? Members of the community had a range of opinions at a makeshift memorial for Wilson outside the MacArthur station on Thursday. He's white.

The breaking of a ship is done with a gas wielding process, which led to this disaster. The explosion was so intense that heavy metal sheets were seen flying into the air, and later found up to two kilometers away.

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Gadani is not only a graveyard of ships but also of labourers. The authorities, including police and the labour department, have colluded with the yard owners to let them get away with these murders. The NTUF has campaigned for the rights of shipbreaking workers for a decade, most recently on October 30, when workers demanded their right to occupational health and safety.

In the wake of this latest disaster, the NTUF is demanding a dramatic change in safety measures in the yards, as well as compensation for the injured and the families of the dead workers.

SHIPYARD SHOOTING: Murderer's 'schizophrenic' rants played for jury

The deputy commissioner of the Lasbela district has ordered that all work at Gadani stop. Jump to main content. Add to favourites.