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They showed that:. Think of it as a cholesterol score for childhood toxic stress. You get one point for each type of trauma. The higher your ACE score, the higher your risk of health and social problems. Of course, other types of trauma exist that could contribute to an ACE score, so it is conceivable that people could have ACE scores higher than 10; however, the ACE Study measured only 10 types.

As your ACE score increases, so does the risk of disease, social and emotional problems. With an ACE score of 4 or more, things start getting serious. Here are some specific graphic examples of how increasing ACE scores increase the risk of some diseases, social and emotional problems. This was determined by a group of neuroscientists and pediatricians, including neuroscientist Martin Teicher and pediatrician Jack Shonkoff , both at Harvard University, neuroscientist Bruce McEwen at Rockefeller University, and child psychiatrist Bruce Perry at the Child Trauma Academy.

They often have difficulty trusting adults or developing healthy relationships with peers i. Nicotine reduces anger, increases focus and relieves depression. Alcohol relieves stress. In addition, toxic stress can be passed down from generation to generation. They can pass that response onto their children.

Fortunately, brains and lives are somewhat plastic. Resilience research shows that the appropriate integration of resilience factors — such as asking for help, developing trusting relationships, forming a positive attitude, listening to feelings — can help people improve their lives. This questionnaire was developed by the early childhood service providers, pediatricians, psychologists, and health advocates of Southern Kennebec Healthy Start, Augusta, Maine, in , and updated in February The scoring system was modeled after the ACE Study questions.

Its purpose is limited to parenting education. It was not developed for research. Rains wants everyone to know that the resilience questions are only meant to prompt reflection and conversation on experiences that may help protect most people about three out of four with four or more ACEs from developing negative outcomes.

A secure early childhood is helpful, but not necessary. A higher number of positive experiences is not necessarily more protective. Please circle the most accurate answer under each statement:. Like Like. My ACE score is 6. My resilience score 9. In the last 3. Countless operations and now medication dependent to stay alive. However I am very grateful to be alive and am embracing my latest rock bottom to really make permanent and fundamental changes to my life.

I have already started. Time to release and truly heal rather than the continuous fight…. Like Liked by 1 person. I have a score of 9. I have a lot of health issues at the age of Migraines, body aches, and anxiety all the time. Mentally, I am always on edge, but I have been able to put myself through college and I now work at a Fortune company and followed my dreams.

The ACE questionnaire gives a very sexist view of domestic violence. My mother was the aggressor and abuser in my household. The phrasing of the question that includes only a mother or stepmother being victimized invalidates the experience of many taking this test. If your mother abused your father hit, punched, stabbed, etc. Like Liked by 2 people. Seeing that…. I took both the ACE test and the resilience test. No surprises, I had a very high score on ACE and an almost zero score on the resilience test.

I am the over achiever working long past retirement, afraid of having nothing to do. I am a loner, divorced and gave up on relationships. I am a super health nut person. My son says I did a very good job raising him mainly alone. I was very afraid to use drugs and alcohol because I always felt that I had a tendency for dependency sine my father was addicted to both. It took me years of psychological help to feel that I was worthy. My greatest competition was my self.

I can finally wear a size 8 and be good with that. I can finally laugh at my self and embrace my me. Moved away from home to go to college. I experienced how different other people outside of my family viewed me. Realized my mother had many narcissistic and borderline personality disorders traits. Cut off contact with my family. Learned about ACE research studies.

My first glimpse of hope came about as a result of my suicide attempt soon after immigrated to the US. I was interviewed by a social worker and referred to a community family therapist, who met my story with compassion and understanding, not accusation of betrayal.

I hope US continues to strive to value facts, not wishful thinking. This is my first time hearing about this. I need to do more research on this. This stopped when I learned of his sexually affairs which increased the abuse and cost him a prison sentence. He and my first child suffer from severe schizophrenia…. Identify, great first step. Learn techniques to think and behave more healthfully for you. Behavioral Dialetic Therapy sp is one way. Build skills to never be deceived or harassed.

Build a life worth living. Boy do I know that feeling, Jacqueline. But I hope you can learn how to un-screw. Wishing you a year of slow and gradual movement towards un-screwing up! ACE score 5 and Resilience score 8 Pondering significance of the two scores. I am very encouraged that the resilience score is high. One 1 for sexual abuse. As an adult 12 out of So why am I as screwed up as I am? The way in which that trauma was perceived by you at the time would have a massive impact.

You may have lacked the skills or not have been taught the skills to capably deal with the knocks and challenges and as a result suffered greatly from things that would have little impact on people who did receive these skills. That one traumatic experience in your life may have been enough to wreak you, but a child that was strong and resilient could have gotten through it and more.

By the way, any brain injury is a huge setback for anyone so maybe that plays a bigger role than you think. Sexual abuse is a pretty significant trauma. Plus the other factors you mentioned may have impacted your resilience to some degree. As I have learned through doing, head injuries themselves are traumatic events and they can do a lot to leave you not feeling right.

She connected me with a great neuro optician, med management, and finally picked up the complex trauma history. To get the right care you need a load of self-advocacy and some luck. Have hope that there is opportunity for improvement with the right interventions. Resiliency was 7. All things considered, I feel like I escaped from the dysfunction of my childhood as well as can be expected, and compared to others it could have been much worse.

I hope this helps. One Woman's Choice. I agree, it can have a lasting impact upon children, my youngest brother has been severely hampered throughout life because he was unable to access proper bereavement counselling. But, the good thing is, you can always go back and sort out your feelings in your mind with a trusted counsellor [even if that person is a close friend]. This is probably due to not having sufficient participants who had lost a parent as a child, to adequately represent the population for statistical analysis, when considering the number of factors being analyzed.

The more factors analyzed, the greater the population needs to be and the more precise the effect needs to be, to determine statistical significance. Statistical analysis is complicated. What about children who grow up with frequent medical intervention? My child has not been abused, but she had brain surgery as a toddler and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life. It is not like a little kid can necessarily understand that the person who is hurting them does so for a good reason. What research is being done on medical trauma in medically complex kids, especially those whose adverse medical experiences begin early in development?

Medical trauma is acknowledged as an ACE. There are many other adverse experiences that are, as well. But hey, my parents, though ignorant, only occasionally spanked me! If this test is to be taken seriously, it needs questions, not And a serious examination of the effects of all kinds of institutional and other home-external environmental abuse, which is far more likely to occur below the middle classes.

Okay this is about the profoundly different world in which those who are genetically wired to provide basic concern for you not only fail you but traumatize you. This is about having no safe place or person to go and everyday is defined by how you can raise yourself, protect yourself from sexual or psychological or physical abuse or be an adult to save yourself from the nightmare around you.

No offense, but as a person with serious chronic health issues, they are a walk in the park compared to this stuff and I was abused. The world cares about the sick little kid. As a healthcare provider, I can tell you plenty of people work on the issue of child healthcare related trauma. Pediatric hospitals have pleasant floors, kids have items to soothe them and the last one I worked at had everything from xboxes to specially trained social workers and a host of other resources to help parents and their children cope and thrive despite the medical trauma.

They wait in the ER for hours stuck with ER adult psych patients much of the time. Wait times can be for several hours or even days. I as well could not wait to leave my home and break the cycle once I had children. Huuummmm i actually did the same thing that my parents. I ended up losing my child however she was cared for by her grandparents. I as well suffer from a chronic disease. I actually have many disease that I inherited from my mother. The sad part is knowing that how they cared for me cause me to suffer from trauma and at times feel that they had ruin my life.

ACEs cause all kinds of physical, mental and social miseries. Then I would say that your resilience is definitely higher than a 1; you are not giving yourself enough credit for grit…. I just learned about the ACE score in church yesterday from my pastor. I am grateful to be able to read about it, because my 10 year old grandson has had a difficult life and is acting out in school. He and his family lived with me until he was eight and left under unpleasant circumstances. I see all of the effects of the study. Fortunately his mother is getting help from mental health for him.

It tears my heart out to see his pain and hear him wishing he could stay with me. Classes should be integrated into the school system where our children can actually learn crucial information that will help them grow into healthy adults. Looking at these test scores, it looks like many of our parents have failed us in ways that have drastically changed our lives and our ability to cope and function. The schools need to step in where the parents have failed in order to aid our children in learning the life skills to overcome and compensate for childhood trauma, neglect, and simply never being taught how to manage life in general.

I was sexually molested by kids my age. They dont have to be older than you. I fear my children willl be harmed by all the fun businesses and events that seem to celeebrating the offense. I was sexually molested by a kid my age and I agree. I have lasting issues from it. ACE score of 8, resiliency score of 5. My childhood made me fiercely independent with a hidden craving for a happy family.

I really have no experience with healthy relationships so nothing has worked out the way I hoped. My stepfather molested me from 6 to 10 when I got my first period. My mother closed the door. They divorced within 6 months and after teenage years trying to find hope in physical relationships I got unhappily married at He died at 24 leaving a pregnant girlfriend, I became pregnant and married a pallbearer. I tried to hold her hand as she was dying and she shook me off with the last of her strength.

Things like that have made it very hard for me to keep reaching out to people but I do…hopefully one day I will find a hand that fits. Amen to you. I too have tried to push forward and treat my own children the way I wish I had been treated. My past shall remain my past.

Focus on what you have done that is positive and build from that. I applaud your courage. Amy, I understand your thoughts and feelings. I can relate. I also know the strength that it took to stand strong, to raise your child in a better home situation, to still be able to show compassionate care towards someone who failed to show you the same.

You are amazing and strong! I applaud you! Bless your heart for you have gone through a lot! I my deepest prayers and thoughts are with you! Have faith. Pingback: Episode en gender ed Reflections on the needs and impact of domestic violence on survivors and children—a look back with our guest, Michael — engendered. I may well have been touched, as I have big sections of time in my childhood in which my abuser who lived with me is just… Missing. Be that as it may, he did a lot of damage verbally, emotionally, and with body language, much of it extremely sexual.

Also abused my Mum in every way. Used to lie awake at night listening to her trying not to cry while he raped her. It took me until the age of 41 to understand that all of that had really affected me. I still struggle to call it child sexual abuse, because others have experienced so much worse… Anyway.

My response was to bury my head in school, work incredibly hard, and shut my feelings down completely. I got into one of the best universities in the world, got 2 degrees there with really good grades , did really well at my job, etc. But I burned the candle at both ends. I suffered from mental illnesses from a young age, and went to counselling, took meds, but regularly had severe depressive episodes, which cost me a few years of uni.

I just pushed through it and ate ibuprofen like candy. I got sick all the time: colds, pneumonia, flu, Lyme Disease, an uncommon ear infection bacteria in my throat, strep over and over, gallbladder disease… I landed in the hospital multiple times, and each time the sickness, whatever it was, was worse. When I was 33, and insanely stressed out, I injured my back, had surgery, and developed chronic pain. The thing is, I did it to myself. We keep getting sick, having breakdowns, and you just keep going! You broke your ankle and 3 days later went on a field exercise in the Carribean!

Walking through the jungle in a cast! Are you insane?! Like Liked by 4 people. Dear Heather, your childhood was a truly horrific one! Be aware that when you did this to yourself, you never had a choice, because you were conditioned to act this way, just to survive short term. And the same is true for your parents — did they have any choices, regarding how their upbringings were? And the effects are gross. Thanks for sharing your insights.

The 10 questions cover the most frequent abuses, and yours was a bit different. Only a limited number of questions can be managed in questionnaires like this. Thanks, Erik. I had no emotions about it numb , but he actually stopped walking and gaped at me. My Dad is a closed book, but his sister is very similar, and my grandparents were curiously emotionless. I understand her pain and forgive her, but it still hurts.

Stepdad… All I know is that he stopped talking to his parents long before they died, and his brother killed himself. Ace 9, Res 7: Although my abuse was every kind except sexual… our adult lives have played out so similarly I got goose bumps. After 40 years of hyperarousal my body has switched to hypoarousal for the first time ever to stop me … and I am lost in the woods with no supplies for this one.

Wow, our lives have gone similarly! I seem to be switching between hyper- and hypo-arousal at the moment. I used to think hypo would be better, but oh no. How are you now? I had a bit of a revelation a couple of days ago. You are too. My name is Stephanie Lynn. I acknowledge your courage woman!!! I am so grateful for that powerful share. What you described IS sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

And I can say that having experienced it myself. My story is a bit different. I was abused by my biological Father for many years. I am currently doing cognitive processing therapy. I am putting my effort and energy into rewiring my brain. I have a lot of wounds from childhood. I can remember being touched at age 2 approximately, the abuse stopped when I was 14 years old. I am now I kept it all in for many years, I created a monster of myself. I was a bully at one point in my life, I hated myself most of the time, I did lots of drugs, I was in self destruct mode.

I remember always saying that I would die young… I always thought that way, that my life had no meaning to it. My self esteem was almost gone and my will to live as well. A lot has changed for me since those days. I have done a lot of meditation, energy healing, I did the Gratitude Program super powerful retreat!!

Trauma - reaction and recovery - Better Health Channel

Totally recommend it , I pressed charges against my Father with the intention to get a full confession and for him to get the help he needs and not hurt another soul again starting with himself now I am doing this therapy for the first time at a Rape Treatment Center nearby… I am also creating a documentary about overcoming sexual trauma and the whole process I am currently putting myself through.

I want to spend my life living joyfully, light-fully and compassionately. I want to remind the world that communication, connection, vulnerability and courage are right there for us to access when we want, all we have to do is look in that direction and begin framing our thoughts around them, then speaking up about whatever it is that ails us and experiencing the effect of it. Your message is a big step towards healing. Thank you for that! The reason I speak up is to heal. This way I also set an example. There is no reason to suffer in silence for years when it is so easy to speak and heal right away.

So Thank you again and again for speaking up! Hi Stephanie, thank you, and damn, your response is equally powerful.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Thank you for making me feel less alone, for joining me in my vulnerability eek! Obviously your abuse needs no validation. I wonder how many of us there are, who survived but lived for so long in silence? No matter, I quickly ended up in situations that thoroughly squashed it again. The self-hatred never got squashed. It has shrunk a lot the past few years.

More later. I am so sorry you went through all this pain Heather. I was molested by my father for fifteen years. All the illnesses, all the pain in my body my mind and my spirit were healed through my walk with Jesus. God is not the unloving person that we all hear about He is truly love at the greatest form. The devil comes to kill steal and destroy. There are promises in the Bible and I would pray these out loud over myself. Those are Gods promises to use and he cant lie.

Rest every as you talk to the King of Kings let his love cover and heal you. Let him tell you who he sees when he looks at you. You are his precious daughter and what is his is yours. I am praying right now that you will have the sweetest encounter with Gods love. I declare every promise you claim as yours will take hold of you life your body and your spirit.

Thank you Tammy, I really appreciate your response. For people who have four types of childhood adversity — an ACE score of 4 — alcoholism risk increases percent; attempted suicide increases percent. Heart disease and cancer nearly double. People with high ACE scores have more marriages, more broken bones, more depression, more prescription drug use, more obesity. We become co-dependent.

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime - Nadine Burke Harris

ACE score 6 Resilience 8 — still the same today. I can see the effects and why I still have so much work to do on myself. The main obstacles to healing seem to be the people who caused much of the trauma are still around and behave in ways that either compound or trigger the trauma. Maureen Pierce.

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My ACEs is 8. There are so many criminals who do not get caught and so many other forms of addiction. My resilience score is 2. It is a miracle that I can walk and talk. Like Liked by 3 people. I scored 13 definitely not true. Dear Arlene, Whatever ACE score you have, mine is 7, I found understanding of my predicament, and a great relief, by reading books and blog by the legendary Dr A Janov. I tried all sorts of things for decades with very little result, until I did limbic system retraining, which is a treatment for PTSD. It was truly transformative.

You go to a seminar to learn the technique, and then practice it daily for months for me, it took about 10 months. Best effort I have ever expended in my life, I have to tell you. All the best to you and others reading this. Hello Otterishly, Thank you for this info, which interests me greatly. Do you know of anything similar in the UK? I was independent as a child. Everything else was Definitely not true. I was abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I was forced into human trafficking, and had to work as a prostitute, or a sex slave for older men.

I was homeless, and went to live with my father, he was on drugs. He left grease on the stove while I was sleep, and he left. The house caught fire. One of his girlfriends was walking towards the house and saw the fire. She had to pry open the back door. I have asthma and the smoke nearly killed me. I had to be hospitalized. So I went in foster care again. My first time I was My mom burned me with cigarettes, locked me in a room with the dog, and whatever was closest in a fit of rage, she used it to hit me.

She would drag me out of my room with the dog by my hair, into the garage and stomp on my ribs. Then left me there for days. If she ended up cutting me, she would force salt in the wound. I also developed my anorexia from her. I was only allowed to eat one slice of bread a day, whenever had to start going back to school because they were going to charge her. At that time I had a younger sister. My mom never beat her. Even though I was only 2 years older than her I raised her. My mom would change moods like we blink. It was a cycle, things would be tense for no reason, she just beat me because she wanted to.

Then she would leave the house for days. When she came back she would bring candy, and stuff. The last time was the day before I went into foster care. I had to practice walking right after. Those bruises cuts and burns took 11 months to stop hurting and fade. Her friend that lived with us raped me continuously and she threw me out after I told her. I was pregnant with his child at 14 and she threw me out.

So I became homeless again. I miscarried, and then she let me back in and tried to suffocate me with a plastic bag while I was sleep. Eventually I was removed and put back in foster care for the third time. I used to run when I was younger because my mom would try to kill me. Whenever she decided to feed me, she mixed sedative pills in my food, bleach in the water, held me at knife point, tried to suffocate me, held my head under water and banged my head if I held my breath.

I was only allowed to take a shower when she used water she boiled or ice and cold water and I had to sit in the water or she would beat me extra. Rare luxury to take a shower, even if the water burned my skin or made the burns and cuts extremely painful. To this day, I take no less than an hour in the shower. Some came from the trafficking. I was sold to a man about fifty years old, and stayed with him, God knows how long.

I mixed in sleeping pills with his alcohol when it was time to bring him dinner. He gave me five. Then I moved foster homes. Domestic violence here, domestic violence there. Many suicide attempts, my drug use got bad, then had to move again. When I continued be raped and abused. Was suicidal since 7, been cutting since 6. So everytime something happened, it made me have a complete relapse in recovery.

With the anorexia, the suicide attempts, and substance abuse. Was a junkie since 11, I witnessed my mother pop pills more than 5x daily whenever I was out the cage, either for a beating or to care for the siblings. Took them like candy. I was sent to a program for my suicide attempts and was required to do substance abuse treatment as well. Per court order. At that place I had two major suicide attempts. One I slit my wrist with glass until I could barely move, then looped a pair of headphones around my neck and pulled tight then tied a knot. They found me and sent me to a psych hospital.

The second time I climbed to the highest point on this thing like a playground. I dropped the suicide note I wrote the night before under where I was going to jump from. No one was watching. I broke the string off my dress and tied the knot to where it gets tighter and hard to undo with weight. I was about 8 feet up.

I put it around my neck and jumped. Then it got black and I started to suffocate. I could hear screaming. Someone climbed over me and fumbled to cut it for about 2 minutes. I went unconscious. When they cut it, the male staff under caught me. Then I went to the ER, then psych. I used to be really impulsive, but now I think more than I used to. Still struggle with it but definitely much, much better.

Attempt suicide much less, so less hospitalizations. Still struggle with self-harm, but clean for a couple of months. Almost relapsed a couple of times. Clean from drugs a couple of months. Jazzy, Non of the suffering is your fault , God has kept you through all of this, I will Pray to God who knows you I In his eyes you are the most precious, Lift your eyes to him know he is sending an army to your side and I am one of them my name is Michael a friend sent to you from the spirit of God himself by his son Jesus.

Call out to him he has heard your plea. You are an incredibly amazing person to have gone through so much yet still be standing. I really believe your story can help and inspire others to keep going when things get rough. Sometimes it can be so difficult to reconcile all the bad that happened simultaneously with all the good that provided me with resilience.

ACE score of 6, resilience score of 3. I had a horrible, frightening, confusing childhood and I have rarely ever felt loved or cared about, certainly not by my family. I have had a lot of near misses with alcohol, drugs, s3x work etc. I turned 40 this year and realised that my job in a caring profession was hollowing me out, so I quit. I scored 6 on ACE and a 4 on Resilience. After reading everything this far I feel like I have truly beating the odds. I had a horrific, Terrible, scary childhood.

I was a very depressed teen and I had very low self-esteem. At 15 I ended up pregnant. I was one of the lucky ones though, because I had an amazing man by my side. I have learned to work hard and fight for everything in life. I have made sure my kids will never go though what I went through. My scores me nothing to me as I have concord my deemons. My score was 4. There were at least two questions which were not so black and white. Question 8: T here was care only if I received a deportment comment and a grade C or less.

Question I believe I exercised a independent personality, but I was not a high achiever as a child. Question The idea is good but I never had control of my own life. It belonged to others. I feel happier not having contact with my emotionally abusive mentally ill narcissistic egocentric father and my emotionally abandoning slightly manipulative never incouraging mother though. They both are weak and misrerable. The more self-love you have the less the lonelies show up. At least this is what I practice and believe. I care enough to send you hugs. Peace, from your Childhood Trauma Buddy. I am a nursing doctorate student and have used this questionnaire for a project.

I want to make sure I have the correct permission to use the questionnaire.

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Thank you! But I have a wonderful, understanding wife and I have made every effort not to repeat the mistakes of the past, though I think maybe my past has made me not want to have children as yet. Like Liked by 5 people. So glad for the rest of my family, especially grandparents, for being my support group. Pingback: Parenting with a History — Choosing Connections. I agree. My stepfather worked all the time and my mother was the abuser…primarily to me as she despised my bio dad.

I scored a 10 on the test. My childhood was not fun. My mom struggled with addiction, in abusive relationships and suffered from untreated mental illness. My 3 sisters and I went to live with an aunt and uncle who were well off financially, emotionally and physically. My mom as a child suffered from mental illness that no one talked about and was raped by a uncle that no one believed. She started using at a young age. My two brothers stayed with my mom. Now, years later. She is 57 years old. Her kids: Oldest son 39 has suffered from almost the same life as she did.

In and out of rehab, off and on drugs, has overcome and then had many set backs. He has 4 wonderful boys has been married twice and now for the past 2 years has struggled with Meth use. Is right now in a mental facility and is struggling to stay alive. Myself 36 grew up in a loving home after being g taken out and got out in counseling right away.

Joined the church and had that as a foundation for my whole life. Married a farmer and has 4 kids. I struggle with a lot of chronic pain, anxiety and shame. Had an eating disorder for 10 years and stilll struggle with weight and body image. They are just really freaking great. My husband and I have been married for 12 years.

My twin 36 is a terrible person. Beats his wife and kids. They both do drugs. He suffers also from a lot of chronic pain, is mean, controlling and probably has untreated mental illness. Younger sister 34 has been married 3 times. She has two kids. She is a guidance counselor. Is crazy to my standard , but has made it.

Suffers from a lot of pain, has anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, and anything else she diagnoses herself with. Youngest sibling 31 has two boys, married to a man in the service. Does well, is a teacher and loves her boys. I love my mom and the strong person she is.

So many things happened to me and my siblings, but also to my mom. Pingback: Trauma achurchforstarvingartists. This quiz and score are accurate for me. How many circumstances happened to me in my life growing up. As a survivor of 8 Aces, my heart goes out for all who have these Aces, experiencing such turmoil to sort through life. These podcasts of Trauma Unpacked are a start to help those of us who never knew there were other ways to think and do life:. ACE 5, resiliency 9. Tough start and sometimes I still struggle, but overall very successful. Did not perpetuate anything.

I have been working on myself for nearly my whole life. Pingback: Suicide, Technology, and Acceptance. ACE score is 8 and Resiliency is 6. I identify with most everything said. I was also bullied mercilessly in middle school and never told anyone. I would categorize my entire life as being engulfed with guilt, shame and never feeling good enough. I have been somewhat successful professionally but recognize all the ways I derailed myself — I could have accomplished so much more, given my intellect but I lacked a drive or belief in myself and am a perfectionist, which is a character flaw in itself.

I think being bullied had the biggest impact on the shame I grew up with. This program seems promising and am glad this study has been done. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are very brave. Continue to dwell on the positive things in your life. You are valued and important! Your experiences can help young people who are experiencing similartraumas. I teach and find it rewarding to work with young people.. Take care! You talked about how being bullied has been the biggest impact on the shame you grew up with. I know being bullied was my leap downward into a cycle of shame and of not being good enough EVER which continues to this day at 62 years old.

Letting go of my past of pain that is merged into my soul; will always be with me as I work towards doing the best I can in life. Thanks for sharing your experience, you sound like a very sweet person. So I respect you a lot for searching for ways to feel better! One thing I would want to advise you is to always try to be as nice to yourself as you want to be to others, take care of your needs, watch them carefully, and forbid yourself to be hard on yourself. It sounds easy, but maybe you could feel a little better about yourself.

I think you deserve being well taken care of! Acaravello, your post made me so sad.

9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try

Please know that you are a valuable and lovely human and nothing that has happened to you in your past can take away your worth. I hope you can find someone to talk to, and find the strength to find hope in your future. You deserve happiness! Pingback: Improvising with what you have — Anxious Hands. Greg Manning. My ACEs score was 9 and my resilience score was 8. It was as I had always thought but this article just confirmed it…… Wish there was something like this in the UK. There are people in the UK working on this, too.

Go to our companion social network, ACEsConnection. I have been struggling lately. I took these tests and got a 7 on ACE and 2 on resiliency… now I know why. Childhood was rough. Can you get some professional help and support? It may prevent a lifetime of further trauma.

Good luck. I have seven. I was surprised, but relieved. It explained so much of my life, and it helped me accelerate my own healing. If you start changing your life to support and facilitate your health, it can help extend your life. I just want to send you some love. Hoping you find a kind community of people to be with when you journey into healing.

Much love, Sandy. I never would unless I walked in your shoes. Fortunately we are leading reasonably normal lives. Because of this study, Kaiser Permanente preventive health division, which most Kaiser patients participated in at that time, screened all patients for ACEs more than , people and talked with all of them about their ACEs, no matter how many they had. Unfortunately, Kaiser closed the preventive health division and forgot about ACEs until just the last couple of years. Of the 12 charts on this page, only 3 mention 5, and of those 3, only 1 mentions 6 specifically.

If you get 4, you have just a 0. To reiterate, they are pretty horrible to one degree or another: be an alcoholic, suffer chronic depression, be on antidepressants, be a domestic abuser, have liver disease, be a smoker, be raped, be suicidal, be a sexually active teen, be an absentee worker, have serious job performance issues, serious financial problems, or COPD.

Presumably your chances are even worse if you score higher than a 4. I have to wonder how many others have similar attitudes to things like me that are probably unhealthy, but just are a part of who we are. As an anecdotal example of what I mean. A co-worker found out that her husband grew up in the same neighborhood as I did, at around the same time as I did, when my response to talking about getting stabbed was the same as his. They were equally bleak statistics. This is a conclusion regarding a very large sample. It is not a tool for giving a diagnosis or recommending a treatment for a particular patient.

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  8. I have a 8 on ace text I am 57 now and have had a very happy life over all I struggle with some of the stuff. Had a loving hubby who also had a 6 on the ace text no bed of rose. Why not 4 or 3 years? What if the person was the same age but was bigger and stronger? Other than the aforementioned issue, I respect the research done on the concept of ACEs. This has the potential to be truly groundbreaking in solving problems related to mental and physical health.

    This has article has shed a new light on several of the issues I have in my life. Looking back, I somewhat understand more and more how I got to my current situation. ACE: Resilience: 7. Perhaps the age has something to do with the person being in a perceived position of influence? I agree that any sexual assault should be counted, but I would have to say the reason for the age difference specification is because as children, we expect people who are older to be a force of guidence and potentially protection.

    When that concept is violated, it goes past just the powerlessness and pain of the assault and can cause one to question everything they know about trust and security. Well thank you Maddie and Sheri for the good answers. But thanks to you both, I may have a better idea where they were going with that particular question. When people experience traumatic events, the stress hormone cortisol gets released in the brain. This biochemical reaction to chronic and extreme stress changes the formation of the brain.

    Consider this analogy—think of the human brain like the earth and water like trauma. Over time, the release of water over the earth begins to erode the soil into pathways. As pathways form, the water rushes down those pathways again and again until they become canyons. Like the earth, the brain begins to look physically different than it once did. Therefore, the brain reacts differently as a result. When the brain experiences a trauma trigger, fear becomes an overwhelming irrational emotion. The brain automatically goes into survival mode and the person fights, flees, or freezes in his own way.

    Such triggers only make the erosion and canyons deeper with time. Their behaviors can look similar to that of a younger child. They steal, lie, argue, throw temper tantrums, blame others for their mistakes, and have trouble regulating their emotions, for example. Their brains are hard-wired to stay put. The assumption on behalf of the general public that children with DTD might just be a bit behind developmentally makes sense. They believe that the children will just catch up eventually.

    They include borderline, histrionic, antisocial, narcissistic, dependent, or obsessive-compulsive personality disorders. Each disorder is different from the other. Yet, all adults that suffer from these various personality disorders have difficulties with attachment and relationships. Society as a whole pays the price for untreated trauma as well. According to stress expert and psychiatrist and traumatic stress expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk:. Toxic stress in childhood from abandonment or chronic violence has pervasive effects on the capacity to pay attention, to learn, to see where other people are coming from, and it really creates havoc with the whole social environment.

    And it leads to criminality, and drug addiction, and chronic illness, and people going to prison, and repetition of the trauma on the next generation. Childhood provides the best time frame to decrease the lifelong effects of trauma. The older we get, the harder it becomes to battle it. It is possible to battle personality disorders. However, adults must desire to work extremely hard to overcome those beliefs and behaviors that have been ingrained over their lifetimes.

    The best chances to overcome trauma is to begin the work as soon as possible. We can all do something to overcome the effects of early trauma in our society. As parents, we can recognize and fight for the right help our children need. As friends and family members, we can educate ourselves and support parents raising children with DTD.

    As professionals, we can continue to learn about what works for kids with DTD as well as what does not. As citizens, we can advocate for sufficient funding and education to support parents raising children with DTD. There is not one easy solution but we each have a voice.