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A: The quality of our merchandise and our touch of France. WCVB: What kind of items can we find in your store? A: We carry merchandise in a wie range of prices, to fit every budget. A: I love meeting all of the tourists that visit Lake Geneva. A: I absolutely love our comfy USA clothing line.

WCVB: Do you offer shipping? Can people order online? A: We have a shopping website where much of the merchandise in our store can be purchased. A: We always bag every purchase in a cute pink gift back with tissue and a bow. Our hours are Monday through Thursday am — 5 pm, and Friday through Sunday am — 6 pm. After browsing through the store, we had a little one-on-one with the store owner to get the dish on E Street Denim.

7 Gifts So Dumb, They’re Actually Awesome - White Elephant Show #4

Q: How was the name chosen for the shop? So no E Street in disguise. Q: What makes E Street Denim unique? From basic to fashion, up and down we base the wear on denim. Q: What kind of items can we find in your store? Q: If someone would like to visit E Street Denim, is there anything they should know before coming? A: Open your mind!

Forget the hype! A: Whatever makes you feel great! Q: What is your favorite part about being a local business in southeastern Wisconsin? A: Simplicity. A: We are always involved locally, support Autism, and soon Vets! Q: Do you offer shipping? A: We will ship anywhere. Q: Do you offer gift wrapping for holidays or other occasions? A: Absolutely! Q: Where can we find E Street Denim, and what are the shop hours? We are open 7 days a week.

The store is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, so do we. Until then, happy shopping and happy Shop Local Saturday! To learn more about all the fabulous local shopping right here in Walworth County, visit our website. He knew that he did not come problem-solver. Epstein presented he said. The also reduces waste. Epstein said. Epstein, he said, because he to reach consumers.

How do you ind he said. Getting a deal are inding is that there are two or three Epstein, were among the founders of with one of those celebrities is always treatments worth of product left there. Every child is a miracle.


But for some, the dream of a healthy baby can seem impossible. Men and women who are struggling with infertility or are carriers for genetic diseases can suffer repeated miscarriages, fetal illnesses or even infant death. On the cutting edge of assisted reproductive technologies, Shaare Zedek is helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. To learn more, visit www. Joel Pitkowsky, the religious leader of divisive and polarizing in American ipants. Both live in who can engage differently. They also went to deeper understanding of the nuances Mr. Silow-Carroll said.

Ramallah and various neighborhoods in that mark and complicate relations up to the individuals who take part to east Jerusalem. Their Palestinian coun- between the two communities. April 8 through April This was his second such experi- sky said. Participants are selected lay and professional, from Hillels, feder- It was not always easy to sit back and also met with several members of orga- by the organization, based on referrals.

Rabbi Pitkowsky stressed that who set the tone for the community. Rather, as described we wanted. We were not to engage in ian conflict and to be a positive force for a debate. This is not a dialogue program. Silow-Carroll was for American Jewish leaders to inter- comfortable with those guidelines. He did ish sides of the conflict, and much less note, however, that some of what he about any of the Palestinian sides. He facilitated one of those groups. Local Rabbi Pitkowsky is not yet sure how liked would be elected any time soon.

Silow-Carroll said he was sur- is with her therapist. This year gregants on a Sunday morning. And world, at venues ranging from the- about how Etty is living in this time ter trip was positive in two ways. First, who knows, it may be.

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But you could ater festivals to prisons. Stein will nating now. They loved Etty. They wanted to stay to continued. That he said. They did care about the who live cheek by jowl. Washington Ave. Hudson Ave. Penalty for early withdrawal. New funds required. Other terms and rates available. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Interest payments are rounded to the nearest cent. As a result, low balance accounts may not be paid interest.

Available only to persons who reside or work in New Jersey. Your contributions may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor. NVE Bank is not responsible for any typographical errors. Like the they discussed public safety. Bergen County is a welcoming Birthday cake macaroons, which sensitive place during the holiday.

On grocery store shelves. Cover and cook Courtesy TBS whole chicken, cut up pan. Cook about 15 minutes, on a low heat for 20 minutes. Then let it 1 cup raw almonds turning on each side. Remove the sit for 30 minutes. Serve with spaghetti 2 tablespoons oil tomato stem and peel. Place the squash or quinoa.

Add the almond, sure they are covered with wine. Bring and kosher salt about 40 minutes garlic, tomato mixture and cook to a boil, cook until liquid becomes or until tender. While the chicken for another 5 minutes. If it is too thicker and slightly syrupy. Turn 1 tablespoon of oil until golden.

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Add tomato sauce, salt and the pears so they are evenly colored. A salt alternative is no- garlic cloves for about 5 minutes. Add chicken Remove the cloves and cook the to the pot, either cut into eighths Endless Possibilities 4. Floor of 3. Prime was 5. Line of Credit is a 10 year interest only draw period followed by a 15 year fully amortizing term loan.

This is a variable rate loan, rates are subject to change without notice.

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  7. Total loan term is 25 years. Offer is available for family owner-occupied homes, excluding mobile homes, co-ops, homes for sale, under construction or on leased land. Primary or secondary residence in New Jersey only. Interest may be tax deductible. Consult with your tax advisor. Subject to credit approval. Subject to all bank underwriting conditions. Charlotte Korchak, commitments. Noveck at AriellaN jfnnj. Daniel Rynhold, pictured teaching Women and Temple Emeth congre- service led by Rabbi Steven Sirbu and sity, has offered a college credit class outdoors.

    Rynhold will be honored gants participated in a special Council Cantor Ellen Tilem in the sanctuary. The show is about what might Henrietta. The original script was written by chapter members Miriam Aron and Debra Mazon. Wentworth design. Work- Richard Polton will be hon- ing with a consortium, Mr. He also leads guided New Jersey. Congregants of all ages attended the event hon- particularly about Jewish, Paterson, and Service, the architects, and the Hamilton oring Morah Dora, as she is affectionately known. Friedman, above, was surrounded by family at the celebration. Kur- borhood. Polton was a board member of the Judaic, architectural, and popular history New Jersey Council on the Humanities into a wonderful story.

    In partnership with a Jewish live in Glen Ridge. He has three daughters, entrepreneur, Jacob Fabian, he designed Maya, Madeline, and Rachael; two sons- local homes and buildings, among them in-law, Eric and Paul, and four grandchil- Victor Borden, M. For tickets, call or go Mr. M-3 P. American Cancer Society Relay for Life be cheering them as they walk. Activi- Gumpert Teachers Workshop Ethnic Cleansing: — a celebration of the yearlong effort to ties, games, prizes, music, and food all raise funds for the nonprofit organiza- are part of the fun of Paramus Relay.

    When does it Become Genocide? An open- Online registration is available until In cooperation with and supported by the N. For information, go to RelayFor- by welcoming remarks. The Sparks Life. Door-door transportation available in many areas. Monday—Friday For more information visit jccotp. Buy a share in a local farm and receive fresh organic produce for 22 weeks. Full averages varieties of vegetables weekly. In this class Steven Masi will perform and discuss op.

    Find out more at jccotp. Johnson cups of Manischewitz Extra Heavy Malaga. Now, about the wine. And when the Haggadah said My future father-in-law is sitting at the head of the table. My future mother-in-law is sitting to drink the cup of wine, he drank a full cup of wine. The photo is about 30 years old, ough Park and Crown Heights. The Malaga went down nice and six of the 10 people seated at the table now are dead.

    It was my first Passover, and I very nearly screwed it up. Then came the dinner. I even enjoyed the tzim- I was slowly being accepted into her family after a very rocky mes. The gefilte fish was trickier, but with an ample application introduction as the goy who wanted to marry their first-born of maror, it was OK.

    It had taken Henry Kissinger-level diplomatic skills My father-in-law, who was becoming a wine connoisseur, had for me to end up seated next to my future father-in- found some kosher-for-Passover wine that was decidedly better law. There had been a very real possibility that my than the Malaga we had consumed before dinner. There were in-laws would sit shiva for their wayward daugh- three different types of wine, and at his insistence, I had a full ter instead. It may not have been peace in the glass of all three types with the festive meal. As a graduate of both public and Arkansas boy. Ivy League universities, I had completed all my coursework in I felt that all eyes were on me because this was inebriation, and by the end of the meal, I had that certain feeling that I had had enough for the evening, and that any more might my first seder — and it was a seder under very difficult prove to be an embarrassment.

    I decided to adopt a role model during the one driving home. After dinner, we had scattered to the couches and Eames chairs in the living room, and I started checking my watch. I found the afikomen and ran- directly opposite me, I would need only to somed it for Yiddishkeit lessons from my father-in-law. I opened glance up at him to learn the moves. It my mouth when I was supposed to and kept it shut otherwise. All was well indeed.

    I made it through the first couple of hours OK. I made it through the egg, the hand washings, the Wait — what? Second half? No, this must be a joke. A fresh bottle of Malaga was set on the table, and I learned that there were two more glasses of wine to drink. Under slightly different circumstances,. Clearly, I But it was even worse than that. At the close of the service, we had to sing was the novice in so many ways. But the first one was the most much less two songs with about 13 verses each. And here I am trying to keep up fraught with opportunities to screw up.

    Lindsay House Publishing

    I almost cried. There is no joy in I remember feeling that I was the victim of an immense practical joke. I their plight. This was one of those many moments a Jew. It took a while for me to commit aMsterDaM — Anywhere else in museum, which is the only one of its during my journey to Judaism where I Europe, a muscular cartoon character kind in Europe.

    Max into thousands of puppets. He Christmas dinner? Amateur hour, stars and acts as a guide in the animated dear. In some of our ancient But in the Netherlands, where films accompanying the displays at the the mettle of family love. As for my future uncle-in-law, he had became an unlikely hit with the gen- been training for the Passover seder his higher or lower than animals. One line of eral population. Since his creation He has been featured on taxicabs as entire life. Well, we can also make good choices, rising straight from the waist of a pair of green trousers, is a round matzah.

    In , Max received his own too. There are other ies across the country. At the seder, we are reminded that we have been given freedom. Jewish telegraphiC agenCy Brian D. Jewish standard aPriL 19, Cover Story host, Siemon de Jong. That is why Max has an elaborate backstory. He lives in a dollhouse in the attic of a Dutch Jewish family called the Hollanders with other members of his multicultural family of pastries, A Max the Matzah relaxes at a park in Amsterdam.

    De Jong, Holocaust Museum. One guest told about his their collaborators killed 75 percent father coming out of the closet. And I think Max does a great job. Early withdrawal penalty may apply. CDs must be opened in person at an Apple Bank branch. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

    The Here are four Haggadahs that show just that. Offer applies to Gutter Helmet only and must be presented at time of estimate, cannot be combined with any other offers and subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited by law. Lednor is neither a broker nor a lender. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.

    Cover Story what is now the Czech Republic. Black-and-white images show rich in society, including in the Jewish community. The pages show wear and tear, Wisse noted, robotssgoacthiaerl,prmecoisteoinrteallnigdenccoe amndmuutinliziceaextipolonsivseksiltlos. Konig afbiu. The comparison draws on the Passover commandment that each person should imagine him or herself as if he or she were a slave in Egypt, Wisse said.

    For Freedom: A Celebration. But the Haggadah, which was created by the United From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency archives The archives of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency includes articles published from to Archive stories reflect the journalistic standards and practices of the time they were published.

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    Tilapia April 11, Synagogue of America. Dean Street for the holiday. This year the two do not coincide. The Jewish Welfare Board has also issued a Pass- The Central Executive Committee of the Comso- over cross-word puzzle and a comprehensive bul- mol in its instructions declares that the Communist letin containing an outline of the historical and cer- youths are to carry on the campaign against Pass- emonial significance of the festival.

    Not valid with any other offer discounts or coupons. Dine-in only, for a limited time at participating restaurants. Cover Story Sandi M. Not only can you buy a copy of this great book in the store now and find out whodunnit, but on Sunday, April 15 , you can meet the author!

    While spring is not a traditionally busy time of year for non-fiction releases, there are still lots of gems to be had for book lovers who prefer having a little more realism on their nightstands. Arguably one of the most influential and successful kings in history, Alexander the Great, during his short, war-filled life, amassed an incredible fortune of jewels, gold, land, and slaves, all while changing the face of the world in incredible ways. Built by the Romans in the fifth century, there are just as many mysteries about this eighty mile long wall as there are facts.

    Was it really meant to keep the Pictish people in the North where they belonged? What would life have been like for a Roman soldier posted in one of the forts along the wall? Unicorn has a glorious mane, perfect teeth, and eats cupcakes for breakfast…Horse does not.

    Though Horse might be a bit jealous of all the things that Unicorn has, when his horned companion gets kidnapped in the middle of the night, Horse is the only one who can save him. A Couch for Llama by Leah Gilbert is destined to become a bedtime classic! When it lands squarely in a roadside pasture. From Jesse Andrews , the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl , comes a brand new teen novel that is at once funny and thought-provoking.

    So when their house gets crushed, Warner and his sister Prayer must battle against all the odds to somehow earn more munmun and grow their way out of daily danger. Featuring a summer trip to Spain, some strange travel companions, and family secrets just waiting to be unveiled, this book is a perfect spring or summer read for fans of Sarah Dessen , Morgan Matson , and Kim Culbertson. Unfortunately, our newsletter is only so long, and there are so many other new and forthcoming releases to discover and enjoy! Not to drive the metaphor home too hard, but spending time in the store over the last couple of weeks really has felt like watching a garden bloom.

    So, escape the chilly weather and pay us a visit to find solace inside our walls lined with great novels and riveting non-fiction. This adult choose-your-own-adventure book will keep you occupied for ages as you star in your own story and make choice after choice to determine your own literary future. Will you end up living in the Highlands, taking care of wartime orphans?


    Ruling society as a very rich widow? Or maybe running around the Egyptian desert with your lady love? Only you can decide! Local author Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair will be in the store on Saturday, April 7 from pm to pm to sign copies of her new book, Muses from the Blue Shack.

    Category: Shop Local Saturdays

    Ontario author and debut adult novelist, Jean E. An unlikely relationship develops between the two as they work to decipher the books and are drawn into the musty words he penned more than seventy years before as he manned the lighthouse on Porphyry Island. Combining an emotional story of human connection with a mystery spanning decades, this tale of family, identity, and art will captivate and resonate with readers.

    Attention all Book Club Members! Jean E. April : Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. Attendees only need to attend one session per month and can select whichever date is most convenient for them. New members are always welcome. For more information or to join the Book Club, give us a call at or send us an e-mail at staff booksonbeechwood. Unfortunately for Tommy, nice guy or not, when he rips off the daughter of a notorious motorcycle gang member, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

    Now, having seen things that have put him in the line of fire, Tommy must up the ante in order to save himself and get out of town unscathed. In the modern media-savvy climate, the show cleverly highlights and resists its own artifice, allowing Bachelor Nation to see through the fakery to feel the romance.