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You can argue in person or appoint an advocate to fight the case. In any case, it is advisable to consult an advocate before filing a PIL. If you intend to argue in person, be better prepared to explain the issue and convince the court in the little time that you are given. Once you are ready with the PIL copy and intend to file it in the High Court, submit two copies of the petition to the court.

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Also, a copy of the petition has to be served to each respondent in advance. And this proof of serving the copy to the respondents has to be affixed in the petition. If you are filing PIL in the Supreme Court, then five copies of the petition are to be filed before the court. Respondent is served with the copy only when the notice is issued from the court.

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A PIL itself is cheap compared to other court cases. One has to pay a court fee of Rs 50 for each respondent and affix it with the petition. However, the expense for fighting the case depends on the advocate the petitioner chooses to argue the case. Writs are filed by individuals or institutions for their own benefit and not for public interest, whereas PILs are filed for a larger good.

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It differs from judge to judge. PILs are handled by the Chief Justice of the court, hence it purely depends on how the sitting judge perceives the matter. The average admission rate may range from 30 to 60 per cent. Normally PILs are taken into consideration if the judges are convinced of the fact that the subject is of significance and is in the interest of the public.

That depends on the case. If the matter is of utmost importance pertaining to lives of individuals, human rights violation etc, the court would take up the case immediately, conduct the hearing and dispose of the matter. But in general, due to piling up of PILs in courts, the hearing and closure of the case is time consuming, often it takes years. However, in between the hearings, the court may issue directions to the authorities to perform certain actions as and when needed.

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It is interesting to know that the misuse or abuse of PILs is growing to be a serious concern in India, where the number of cases pending before the courts is already huge. In , the Supreme Court came down heavily on frivolous public interest litigation petitions for personal or extraneous reasons, and eventually laid down certain guidelines to be followed by courts in entertaining PILs.

Delhi to take steps to curtail food wastage at weddings, Hyderabad grapples with record rainfall, Punekars win fight to save bird sanctuary … all this and more news from cities across the country. Stay informed.

Counter-Terrorism Module 4 Key Issues: Criminal Justice Responses

The number of people covered under UID has grown. So have the controversies and concerns around it. A quick recap. Not required. The person who files PIL has the right to fight the case without an advocate, though it comes with a set of challenges. The person should have knowledge and capacity to convince the court.

I have mentioned it in the above guide. The member bloc normally abides by a principle of non-interference in each other's internal affairs. ASEAN was heavily criticised by rights groups after a report it commissioned lauded Myanmar's work on the repatriation issue. Myanmar has not offered citizenship to the mass of Rohingya in Bangladesh's camps should they return, while the minority also want safety guarantees and restitution of seized lands and torched villages before agreeing to go back.

The page no longer exists or did not exist at all. The declaration informs Canadians of the limits being imposed on Charter-protected rights or freedoms.

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It also requires the government to explain itself, to accept full responsibility for its actions, and to take the political consequences. So far, Parliament has never used the notwithstanding clause. Equality rights are at the core of the Charter.

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They are intended to ensure that everyone is treated with the same respect, dignity and consideration i. English and French are Canada's official languages, according to the Charter. Both languages have equality of status and equal rights and privileges to be used in all institutions of Parliament and government of Canada. This right to minority-language instruction applies where numbers warrant, and can include the right to receive that instruction in minority-language educational facilities provided out of public funds. As noted earlier, Section 35 of the Constitution Act, recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of Aboriginal peoples.

The Charter cannot take away or diminish those rights, or any other rights or freedoms that Aboriginal peoples may acquire in the future for example, from the settlement of land claims. The Charter guarantees many basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. But we all have other rights that come from federal, provincial, territorial, international, and common law. Also, Parliament or a provincial or territorial legislature can always add to our rights.

Rights and freedoms in Canada Previous Page Table of Contents Next Page In Canada, the Constitution, as well as federal, provincial and territorial laws, protect our human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Normal Citizen: The Fight For Justice

What does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms say? Parliament or a provincial legislature can limit fundamental rights, but only if it can show that the limit is set out in a law; pursues an important goal which can be justified in a free and democratic society; and pursues that goal in a reasonable and proportionate manner.

What rights does the Charter protect?