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World Mizrachi has elected And the third stage is the continued Natur, with almost children and a representatives in each of these development of the country, long waiting list for housing… organizations. I myself had the privilege of the other organizations. Its mandate connecting the peripheries to Central making Aliyah from there when I was is education, promoting Aliyah and Israel. In our eyes, the value of I was in Bruchin, a community settling the Land.

The RGD is the settling the Land — upon which Israel in the Shomron, and I saw families operational division responsible for was established 70 years ago — is as who had made that move. They had populating the Land in Yehuda and important now, at the start of , as left the Diaspora and its attendant Shomron Judea and Samaria , the it was back then. Not to be taken for granted One example of this third stage is at all.

Our activities It was a HaShomer HaTzair kibbutz, their arrival moved me no less, with include planning, preparing and which for years yearned for new young and old doing their utmost to developing new residential areas blood. Now it is opening its gates to ensure that their fellow Jews would and communities, accompanying other populations such as religious acclimatize in the best possible communities in crisis whether social, groups, hence becoming a mixed fashion.

We even took part in That day reminded me that Zionism public buildings, and more. And Aliyah. And those are precisely the involves three stages. The first is the even during recent rocket attacks, 13 areas we are engaged in on a day-to- return of Am Yisrael to its Land and new families moved into the kibbutz day basis. Am Yisrael Chai! They the National Institutions Bring HaMizrachi to Your Community! If you would like to dedicate an issue of HaMizrachi in in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a simcha, please choose from the following planned issues and send an email to production mizrachi.

However, the forests one sees all over several centuries beginning in the thousands of participants each year. Middle Ages, it became desolate and Israel today are very different from Because this custom is so widespread, depopulated. Tu BiShvat is actually an official They are generally dominated by the vacation day in Israeli schools.

Still, some forests remained. These pines as meritorious. In fact, at one time to the Arabian Peninsula km have become so ubiquitous that they it was considered a great pioneering long. The forests of Eretz Yisrael, are mentioned in the opening line of accomplishment to cut them down! These inhabited by dangerous animals. Therefore, the JNF has begun to land for human settlement. We even a priority. These efforts were stepped plant a variety of different trees. And read Joshua that when up during the British Mandate, and when parts of a forest are destroyed by the tribes of Ephraim and Menashe new species of trees were introduced, fire, they often refrain from replanting complained to Yehoshua that the including the eucalyptus imported them.

Go cut down the trees swampland , and the Aleppo Pine. How did the situation planting over million trees to a beautiful expression of the joy of a change so drastically? Phil Chernofsky A Fruity C nundrum or Think Before Y u Bless O ne of the reasons that our Sages require our making brachot, is to help us realize the debt of gratitude we owe to G-d for creating the world and giving it to Apricots and strawberries.

HaEitz on the apricots first because you like then more and then HaAdama on the strawberries. Had you liked Okay, dates. Sorry, we tried that already. A number of years ago, this conundrum was presented to several strawberries more than apricots, us to benefit from and enjoy. HaAdama on strawberries would go rabbis. He said that if the prevalent ruling up thinking that HaEitz always goes for different food and drink and gives you an impossible situation, before HaAdama.

Every halachic detail makes us Dates and strawberries. HaAdama on fare any better. Chaviv gets the first bracha. Subsection 1. If In addition to what specific bracha one has many fruits in front of him, all less-liked fruit. With dates and apricots, among them is one of the five fruits of of priorities. Why the Seven Species, the bracha is said is honored with a bracha first? And not with dates and strawberries too? Good question. With dates and the others In subsection 2, the Shulchan Aruch — two at a time, and then all three So the special fruits get the bracha.

He quotes the together. Chaviv tells by; namely that whether the brachot need: the personal order of how much us which goes first. Dates, apricots, strawberries. Three fruits, two brachot. And remember, Conundrum solved! Apricots get Final caveat: there are differences of the first bracha HaEitz covering we like apricots the best, strawberries opinions within the halachic details the dates too, and strawberries get a second, and the dates are in third we are presenting — we need to follow HaAdama.

So what do we eat first? Actually, for this not to work. Dates, because of Shivat HaMinim. No, And the big lesson? Always think Confused? Read on. Strawberries have priority over before you make a bracha and dates because you like them better. Two at a time. Dates be genuinely thankful for the bounty and apricots. Dates are from Shivat Okay. So strawberries go first. No, G-d provides for us every single day. HaMinim one of five fruits in sorry again.

You like apricots better so the Seven Species in the verse — they go before strawberries. Deuteronomy — that Eretz Yisrael is blessed with. Dates therefore get the Okay. Apricots it is then! No, sorry. Phil Chernofsky is Educational honor of the HaEitz even though you Dates go before apricots because Director of the OU Israel Center like apricots more and the apricots are of same bracha — HaEitz, but with in Jerusalem and Editor of Torah covered by the bracha on the dates. Tidbits Part of the Jewish people's return to its homeland in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries has involved the reintroduction of quality grape-growing and wine-making.

Your youth has returned to the Land. Your redemption is near. More than 60, dunams 15, acres of land are currently under grape cultivation as vineyards. Its descendants — including the Yokneam pineapple and Ogen melon later the Galia melon — also set a global commercial standard. It's sweeter and less acidic than a grapefruit, smaller than a pomelo and much easier to peel. Angello, the first seedless bell pepper in the world, won the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in Most apple varieties need a winter chill to thrive, but Anna ripens in the early summer and grows in hot climates such as Indonesia, southern California and southern Texas.

In far too many , as Gush Katif was emptied of Justice, turning the very methods used areas in Israel, people have been its Jews and Peace Now was waging by anti-Zionist organizations against gazing out their windows, taking in a successful legal campaign against a them. Day after day, week after week, the stunning views of the Holy Land, host of Jewish communities. Three year after year, a small but dedicated without realizing they are looking at a young Jewish idealists looked out of staff of fieldworkers and attorneys new battleground for the future of the their windows — one from his home in have documented, researched, and Jewish Homeland.

Cement mixers have very eyes. Deutsch, and Betzalel Smotrich now a planning, in violation of international Taking advantage of the illegal quarries that are scarring the authorities, and closely monitor outmoded system of law in force countryside, water pollution caused by enforcement activity. When necessary, in Judea and Samaria, the PA has dumping of raw sewage, destruction we take it to the next stage. Our The follow-up often takes longer than the Prime Minister, members of the research on the illegal automotive the case-building or prosecution, and cabinet, ministers and MKs.

At the scrapyards that are blighting the some active cases have been in the same time, we filed several Supreme north of Israel revealed that there courts for a decade. In the interim, Court petitions, launched a media is no official government authority Deutsch and his colleagues use campaign, and took MKs on fact- responsible for enforcing the law in the information and experience to finding tours of endangered areas in cases of environmental crime — and piece together a larger picture of the Judea and Samaria. Our report on these to enforce the law. And when the law is as a result of our intensive efforts, scrapyards will serve as the basis for insufficient or unclear, they focus their the Ministry of Defense has finally acknowledged the problem, and continued activism in the Knesset and has drafted recommendations to the courts in When we In alone, Regavim opened 50 have the facts, the next stage begins.

Polygamy is arise in the first place. The odds against for decades. As a result, the Bedouin their success seem insurmountable; population in the Negev is the fastest the magnitude of the challenges growing population in the world,1 stupendous. Yet they have sued the doubling in size every 15 years. All of this depends on on our recommendations, have begun the partnership and support of Jews to address the problem, as part of our from around the world who share our love of Israel. It flows from sober policies aimed at conflict management are a more rational and even moral choice.

They are not a cowardly cop-out of spineless politicians and overly-cautious Even in Gaza, despite the recent drive by Hamas to breach the fences, the potential is there for a conflict management bargain that would make life better — if Mahmoud a Western tradition and in recent military tacticians. The alternatives — notion of problem solving. Oslo in , grand transformative understandable. They The same can also be said of the American intervention in Iraq in of unpredictable consequences. This would also seek an unequivocal Things went wrong, and is especially true when Israel faces victory over the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, and counsel in ways not fully or even dimly a very real prospect of escalation in the government to dismantle the anticipated by the grand strategy the north and of having to act — in accords altogether and return to designers.

Others call either for a resumption of negotiations on Palestinian terms, built-in risks of failure; even more None of this should be read as or for a non-negotiated unilateral so when dealing with a region as an endorsement of the present withdrawal from significant parts volatile and unpredictable as the Middle East. When this is the situation in perpetuity. All it means of Judea and Samaria. Here and there, alternative plans Conflict management does not come — as yet vague or unworkable — are without a cost.

All belong not hitting the Palestinians harder. Millions armed and ready to conquer the of orphans. Who took care of them? Yet they did. Those were the good enemy nations they would encounter. Who watched over them? The rest of deeds. Each took four other sets own children. This also this is our heritage, and this is our remained alive… and if so, there were requires elaboration, given that just mandate. If so, Chazal understand that we were naked with one heart. Not five children per family, 1 Maybe the secret is the Rashi we are but each had five sets of children, Exodus That is also Ezekiel It is somewhat common to.

But on longer trips, Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh and Rabbi them, because in that generation there on trips without snacks and amenities, of the Nofei HaShemesh community David M. False alarms continued. Nachmanides We did so in abundance. We gave forth almond, apple, apricot, banana, barely, cabbage, cherry, chickpea, date, fig, grapefruit, guava, kiwi, lemon, so that all His children can come lychee, mango, melon, peach, pear, home and live in plenty.

But we received no we have given to modern Israel, Land of Israel, want Jews to know green light from G-d to begin growing from which world-class and holy what a dramatic transformation has again. So, we, the fruits of the Land of Israel, waited and waited. We would only be allowed beneath the surface of the earth. We also knew that Grow!

Respond to the work of their The far-sighted Jerusalem educator He had forewarned of this in Leviticus hands! Make Israel great again. We awoke from you want to speak to G-d, go to the Furthermore, we were told not to hibernation, stretched our roots and Western Wall. But if you want to see respond with any enthusiasm to smiled.

We were directed to turn Him, go to shuk Machane Yehuda. Over the centuries arid and nearly dead Israel into a there were many foreign occupiers: verdant, fruitful, agricultural world Romans, Byzantines, Moslems, superpower. Crusaders, Turks and more. They all 1 A special halachic leniency for the sabbatical invaded but we did not react to their And the Lord further instructed year.

It makes no difference whether they are religious or not. They David M. Weinberg is vice president There were moments when we are My children and they are coming of the Jerusalem Institute for thought our misery was coming to an home. Grow even in the shemita Strategic Studies 1 end. We thought our children were year, even using the heter mechira. For example, in the Grow, impart your bounty, grow! Educating a person is therefore bringing out his or her achievement that overflows into the classroom.

The soil of Eretz Yisrael becomes a source of educational success and rather functions on a much higher, potential and powers, realizing their spiritual level: inner skills, and guiding them to use spiritual healing, not to mention the values and discipline it instills in the them for the benefit of others. But this is the nation which intended , but of course agriculture is there would be a higher and more is the Holy of Holies, and its land and also about sowing the seeds, bringing innovative level of Torah study in language, and all its values, are holy.

Eretz Yisrael, which will be more Because the entire nation personifies the In recent years, a number of initiatives advanced than in the exile and carry a sacred expression of humanity, so all of its 1 in Israel have been combining corresponding level of faith. This then agriculture too is saturated with holiness. High will lead to a visceral understanding of In other words, agriculture is the school students work in the fields and the spiritual dangers of materialism, essence of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael.

After in the afternoon and evening. The different, more exalted way than our the exile, when non-Jews wished to farmers certainly benefit from these ancestors. Our lot will no longer exist distance those Jews who remained enthusiastic and motivated young of sorrow and the sweat of our brow in the Land, they forbade them to workers, even if they only work a half but rather an abundance of blessings work in agriculture. When the Jewish day. Well, there are many children who cannot sit for a when you ask these year-olds such as tithes, first fruits, leaving why they are prepared to get up something in the fields for the poor, whole day in the classroom.

They yearn for the outdoors. And a student so early every morning and work etc. This detaches them from the so hard, they all give you the same source of their spiritual vitality and who has worked half a day picking bananas or pruning loquat trees will answer: satisfaction, meaning, pride, they become a nation like all other teamwork, and a sense of achievement nations.

Sign up at www. Morocco The cruise makes the trip much more convenient; our floating 10 days 25 March , 17 June luxury hotel travels from country to country and from site Vibrant, colorful and dizzying diversity between the sea to site. Therefore, there is no need to pack and unpack or and the desert.

Our Premium Tours are top-quality China on Passover journeys under premium conditions! Canada-Alaska The British Isles China 19 days 30 June 15 days 30 June 13 days 23 May Awe-inspiring scenic beauty, enormous Combine urban adventure with rural An ancient modern country: mysterious beyond beauty on a cruise to the lands of knights imagination; enchanting beyond belief. Alaska is like nowhere else on earth. Japan explorers. Discover fascinating history, 11 days 1 July cutting-edge design and breath-taking Rotate Japan Cherry Blossom Season: A time of beauty, serenity, and natural beauty.

Encounter contrasts almost everywhere; Mediterranean Sea ancient temples alongside modern Iceland skyscrapers, ornate gardens and hi-tech 9 days 8 July 11 days 18 August gadgets, and Samurai castles in bustling, Glaciers, Geysers and Volcanoes in the Land of Fire and Pristine beaches and ancient ruins, artsy modern cities. Africa at its best: Feral, Raw and Wondrous. Plants and I do not agree and sometimes I feel that the plants I have in my home indicates that humans have much to learn from nature — both the animal and plant kingdoms — and that only a fool would ignore these lessons I realize that even orchid plants do not bloom forever.

All things in this world are finite. The The care of these plants and the I have an orchid plant in my home plant does not seem to be overly reason they have survived so long that has been dormant for well concerned about its ultimate has always been due to the distaff over a year. The woman that helps future and demise. Meanwhile, it side of my home. I very much enjoy clean and keep my house orderly does what it is supposed to do — flowers and plants and I see in them proposed that I dispose of it since produce beautiful flowers for human some of the bountiful goodness and it obviously was no longer going to enjoyment.

I told her that it had done so in the That is also a great lesson to those past and that I would hang onto it, if haunted by a sense of mortality and So I persist in watering and caring only for sentimental reasons. The only wake-up call and a couple of weeks to laugh even to the last day. It sprouted bulbs the last day. But the deeper meaning plants. They require very little care and recently gave birth to the is that while we have not yet arrived and that is what they receive.

Their first beautiful orchid flower. I was at the last day, we have to pursue our flowers are absolutely magnificent deeply touched by the event for it mission and task in life, do what we and their presence has a soothing highlighted the continuity of life, have to do, with enthusiasm and joy effect on my rabbinic nerves. And the greatest thing about orchid We all pass through difficult and The gift of life and resilience the plants is that after they shed their sad times.

I am very more than a year, and then suddenly continue, for the challenges and grateful to my orchid plant for this revive themselves and begin to difficulties of life are inescapable. There is a great human Watching my orchid plant bloom Rabbi Berel Wein is Senior Rabbi of lesson to be learned from the orchid again brought this attitude home to Beit Knesset HaNassi in Jerusalem plant and I am grateful to have me… a mere flower served as both and Director of the Destiny that opportunity.

The Torah itself challenge and comfort. Foundation For example, Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch says that Tu BiShvat celebrates the beginning of spring while still in the and let us note that winter robbed us of our fruit and colorful leaves. The storms and cold broke branch after branch, twig after twig, leaving the trees enshrouded in ice and snow. But if we look carefully enough, This message is so significant. It we will be able to ignite our hopes Overseas Program teaches us that the gentle awakening and dreams by celebrating our We offer an intensive, high-level program in a strongly Zionist environment.

The old leaves and fruits intellectual environment, combined with the winter; silently, softly and hidden are surely gone but the blossoms of wide variety of faculty, is particularly attractive from view. The fresh new sap flows the future are within our grasp. Under the …The twigs and branches broken range of ideas and approaches.

Experience Israel The winter is no graveyard. It is the brittle and lifeless but their inner Students are encouraged to experience Israel to source of life. They the fullest. Overseas students often share rooms will always weather the storm, just with Israeli students, and participate in activities As Rav Hirsch so poetically as our people will survive the terrors with Israelis.

Our strength events and the political situation in Israel are a are bent by sorrow, pain and grief. Our eternal foundation is a Leadership and Community with the unlimited power of their place that weather and storms cannot The full Midrasha program includes volunteer might and deeds. A violent force reach.

hujekarezubo.gang — ZXCVBN v

During this long winter flourishing hope and joy, destroying understand contemporary Israeli society. Yet from this very educational exploration with the necessary skills darkness — perhaps because of this to lead others. Not a single blossom is within sight. The redemption as individuals in an environment in which each new future. But we misunderstand! We aim to We fail to look within ourselves, to realize the Source from which We know that spring will follow teach not what to think but how to think.

Because of winter. Our faith strength and life blossom. And so on this day we must leave our homes shaken by winter storms and 1 See Collected Writings, Volume 2 — tempests. We should behold the trees Shvat 2 and Shvat 5. Midreshet HaRova The Stewar F ew texts have had a deeper influence civilization on than Western first chapter of Genesis, with its momentous vision of the universe the establishes G-d as Master of the Universe, it is the human being who is appointed master of the earth.


Grappling with the challenging coming into being as the work of notion of humans as divinely- G-d. Set against the grandeur of ordained owners and subduers of the the narrative, what stands out is the earth, we come face to face with the smallness yet uniqueness of humans, fundamental questions of our place vulnerable but also undeniably set in the universe and our responsibility apart from all other beings.

A literal interpretation suggests a world in which people cut down The words of the Psalmist echo forests, slaughter animals, and dump the wonder and humility that the waste into the seas at their leisure, primordial couple must have felt as much like we see in our world today.

Yet you have made them little lower than Genesis 1 is only one side of the the angels complex biblical equation. It is balanced by the narrative of Genesis And crowned them with glory and 2, which features a second Creation honor. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks rdship Paradigm property that belongs to someone the requirement to serve and guard that you do not spoil and destroy My else. This guardian must exercise as seen in Genesis 2.

The famous world; for if you do, there will be no vigilance while protecting, and is story of Genesis — the eating of one else to repair it. Not everything is permitted. There none to destroy or despoil it.

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On the Day of everything. As guardians of the earth, few. If we continue singularity of G-d. Who would G-d plant and animal species. Before creating the the ecosystems of the earth. Our with the future of human civilization human, a being destined to develop unbounded use of fossil fuels to fuel put into question. An If we see our role as masters of the sought the approval of nature itself. The mandate in Genesis 1 to closer to that of Eden. For Congregations of the Commonwealth Further, this mandate is limited by your sake I created them all.

See to it RabbiSacks. It became clear that they was this sanctification different from those who followed him even before wanted to accept the Torah and the earlier examples? Moshe Rabbeinu told them to enter fulfill the mitzvot. A leader helps others to believe tribe of Yehuda merit the monarchy? He inner strength. This is true leadership in Egypt due to the harshness of answered, that is only enough to and the ultimate Kiddush Hashem the slavery. He 2 Yalkut Shimoni, Beshalach Remez What Do We Call This? Biosimilars in Oncology: Development, Regulation, and Utilization.

PA - Anemia Overview. For whom and under what conditions, is self-compassion protective? A school-based study of the intersection of stigma among racially diverse sexual- and gender-minority youth. PA - Flex CaseOphtho. Phase 2 Student Panel. Student Mistreatment. PA - Chronic Vision Loss. PA - Strabismus Amblyopia. PA - Acute Vision Loss. PA - The Red Eye. PA - Ophtho Intro Overview. Implementing evidence-based practices for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders in primary care.

PA - Cases of Patients Stroke. PA - Stroke Rehabilitation. PA - Seizure Disorders. Hormone receptor isoforms in cancer progression and drug response. Surgical Psychology PA - Flex Case 2. PA - Movement Disorders. PA - Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. PA - Stroke. Well-being: Tools You Can Use. PA - Headache Diagnosis. PA - Multiple Sclerosis. Depressive Disorders Treatment. Recognizing and Responding to Disruptive Events. PA - Peripheral Nerve Disorders. Energy Metabolism Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease. PA - Neuromuscular Disease. PA - Flex CaseReview.

PA - Somatoform Disorders. PA - Suicide Risk Assessment. PA - Eating Disorders. PA - Schizophrenia. Towards Computational Phenotyping of Bipolar Disorder. PA - Approach to Sleep Disorders. PA - Mood Disorders 1 2. PA - Personality Disorders. PA - Anxiety Stress. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: from the genome to the clinic. PA - Psychological Development. Guinness Stout, Statistics and Surgical Research. PA - Principles of Psychotherapy.

PA - Introduction to Psych Module. DIA Training. Board preparation Information Session. PA - Metabolic Disorders. PA - Diabetes Pathophysiology. Management of Patients with Refractory Angina. PA - Common Genetic Syndromes. PA - Overview of Medical Genetics. PA - Inheritance Patterns. PA - Introduction to Cytogenetics. PA - Introduction to Molecular Genetics. PA - Thyroid Cases. PA - Thyroid Function. PA - UARenal. PA - Endocrine Physiology. PA - Renal LabsUrinalysis. PA - Pharmacokinetics Phamacodynamics. PA - Lab Medicine. PA - Renal Physiology. Introduction to Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine.

PA - GI Physiology. PA - Nervous System Physiology. PA - Cardopulmonary Physiology. PA - UE Shoulder. PA - Neuro 2. PA - Neuro 1. PA - Musculoskeletal. Arrhythmia-Induced Cardiomyopathy. PA - Abdomen. PA - Lung. Myocardial Viability. PA - ENT. Anat - Anatomy of the Brain. Immune Based Treatment Options in Lymphoma. PA - Eyes Cranial Nerves. PA - Pictures of Health Discussion. Research in Review RnR Workshop. PA Resources - Faces of Patients. PA - Patient Advocacy.

High Flow Vascular Anomalies. PA - Social Media Professionalism. Contemporary Management of Melanoma of the Head and Neck. Updates on the Management of Gastroesophageal Malignancies. Esophagectomy: Evolution of an Operation. Test Stream. PA - Graduation Prep. PA - Financial Planning. PA - Why Become a Preceptor. PA - The Art of Medicine. PA - PharmacoEconomics.

PA - Burn Management. PA - Medicare Part D. PA - Complementary Integrative Health. Cardiac Amyloidosis. Senior Resident Global Health Experiences. PA - Nuclear Medicine Discussion. Lung Transplantation: How did we get here and where are we going? The Death of Evidence? PA - Nuclear Medicine 2. PA - Nuclear Medicine I. PA - Peds Radiology Discussion. The Patient Revolution. PA - Ethics 3. PA - Intestional Obstructions. PA - Peds Chest. Shelter Medicine - Shelter Transportation. PA - IBS. The Gut Microbiome and Cardiovascular Disease. Clinicopathological Conference CPC. PA - Colon Cancer.

PA - Abdomen-Pelvis Discussion. Shelter Medicine - Respiratory Disease. Is Waist Circumference a Waste? PA - Abdomen - Renal. PA - Nausea and Vomiting. PA - Ethics 2. Geriatrics Core Lecture: Transitional Care. PA - Abdomen-GI. Shelter Medicine - Behavior. Population-based management strategies for follicular lymphoma. Shelter Medicine - Wiesner Scholarship Presentations.

PA - Safe Opioid Prescribing. PA - Wound Management. PA - Spine Radiography Discussion.


Match Day Ceremony Pediatrics Grand Rounds with Dr. Sue Swedo. PA - Suture 1. PA - Ethics I Campus. PA - Lab Evaluation of Rheum. How Will We Manage? Navigating High Costs With Patients. Are Physicians Paid Too Much? Shelter Medicine - Dogs Playing for Life. Men's and Women's Health in Interventional Radiology. Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome - a Surgical disease. Shelter Medicine - Sanitation. PA - Endocrine Emergencies 2. PA - Endocrine Emergencies 1. Cause or Cure? PA - UTI. Mei W. Baker, M. Shelter Medicine - Housing. Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Nathalie L. Maitre, MD, PhD.

Funds Flow Transition Information Session. PA - Treatment of TB. Rabies Prevention. PA - Pulmonary Emergencies. From ecology to epigenetics: Investigating the long term effects of nutritional and microbial environments in infancy on the regulation of inflammation in adulthood. Shelter Medicine - Capacity For Care.

PA - Asthma Pharmacology. Screen sharing to promote information acceptance and shared decision-making in doctor-patient interactions. GME Retreat PA - Cardiology Pharm Review. Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Dr. Tom Fleming. PA - Searching the Literature. PA - Echocardiography. Shelter Medicine - Managed Intake. PA - Vascular Other Assessments. Preclinical Biomarkers of Cognitive and Physical Frailty. PA - Cardiology Pharm Review 1.

Introduction to Shelter Medicine. PA - Intro to Door to Support Time Are we there yet? PA - Head Injury.

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PA - Intro to Emergency Medicine. PA - Heart Sounds Lab 1. PA - Heart Sounds Lecture. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Children. Update on Smoking Cessation and Vaping. Chest Radiography: Pathology and Pitfalls. Advanced Clinical Genetics Concepts. Suicide and Suicide Risk in Cancer Patients. PA - Eczematous Eruptions. PA - Bullae Desquamation. PA - Derm Flex Case 2. PA - Skin Cancers. The Significance of the Core Grant?

The Inhumane Cost of Cancer Care. Candidate Jacquelynn Grev Seminar. PA - Intro to Dermatology Module. PA - Head Neck Neoplasms. Inherited Causes of Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathies. PA - Adenotonsillar Disease. PA - Pediatric Sinusitis. PA - Adrenal Review Lecture. PA - Thyroid Disorders. Creating an Effective Learning Climate. EKG Workshop. EKG Lecture. Surgical Productivity: Why documentation matters in a changing work environment. PA - Endo Flex Case. DeMets Lecture PA - DM Complications. PA - DM. Think Katie First; Think Sepsis. PA - Oncology Principles. Child Health Champions: Call to Action.

PA - Myelodysplasias Leukemia. Should Preference Surveys Measure Health? PA - Intro to HemeOncology. DOR Staff Forum. Stents on Stents on Stents. POTS Update PA - Ocular Manifestations. Advanced Clinical Genetics Concepts Rice Pediatric bullying update: Policy and Practice. Peden Town Hall. PA - Ophtho Intro. Michael E. Field, L. Lee Eckhardt, Nicholas H. Von Bergen, Miguel A. PA - Neuro Flex Case. PA - Stroke Rehab. Advances in VT Ablation. Dept Director and Manager Meeting Sept Brasier Town Hall. PA - Headaches.

Coronary No-Reflow. Management of Neonatal Hypoglycemia. Intro to Neuroradiology Lecture. PA - Psych Flex Case. PA - Antipsychotics Review. Intracoronary Imaging and the Vulnerable Plaque. Belize Mtg. PA - Substance Use Disorders. PA - Anxiety Stress Disorders. Burnout and the Impact of Medical Errors on Physicians. Cell therapies in academic health centers: How scientific inquiry informs first-in-human trials. His Bundle Pacing Goes Mainstream.

CVM Grand Rounds. Radical Ideas: The emerging field of Redox Biology and its relevance to critically ill infants and children. PA - Approach to Patient Care. Emerging Challenges in Pediatric Transplantation.


PA - Complete Blood Count. PA - Intro to Molecular Genetics. PA - Intro to Cytogenetics. PA - Thyroid Function Testing. Chapter 5. PA - LFT. PA - Lab Med Chem. Plain People and Precision Medicine. PA - Upper Extremity Shoulder. PA - Pharmacodynamics Lectures. PA - Pharmacokinetics. Grief in Medicine: Finding our Way Forward. Navsaria Presentation. PA - Neuro 2 extended because of fire alarm, see pt 2 at PA - Musculosketal Spine. Pediatric Obesity Guidelines. PA - Lungs. PA - Review of Systems. Davis Town Hall. UW Health Concur Training.

Davis Seminar. Program Development and Outcome. Johnson Town Hall. Johnson Seminar. PA - Eliciting effective feedback in the clinical setting. PA - Discussion of Effective Studying. PA - Preceptor Panel. PA - Lifelong Learning Lecture. Mason Town Hall. PA - Challenges in the Clinical Environment. PA - Faculty in the Hot Seat. PA - Intro to Professional Sem.

Mason Seminar. PA - Transition to Clinical Year. PA - Ice BreakerBreakfast. Surgery - Surgery Flex Case. Surgery - Surgery Group Case Presentations. Advances in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy. A Kiss to Remember. Surgery - Cases of Patients Surgery. Assumption is a BAD concept for surgical educators.

Surgery - Informed Consent. Surgery - Surgical Wound Care. Surgery - Surgical Nutrition. Surgery - Critical Care. Surgery - IV Fluids. Surgery - Anesthesia. Trumping Health Care Reform? Perspectives on the Past, Lessons for the Future. Surgery - Review Admission Order Assignment. Surgery - Pain Control.

Surgery - HospitalSurgical Orders. Surgery - Surgical Complications. Surgery - Orientation to the OR. Surgery - Pre-Op Evaluation. Surgery Live Stream. Ramirez Valles Town Hall. Ramirez Valles Seminar. A Dream Deferred. Dong Town Hall. Dong Seminar. Pathology PA - Professional Seminar.

Other Specialties. Pharm Econ. PA Geriatrics Review. PA - Nuclear Medicine 3. PA - ComplimentaryIntegrative Medicine. Overview of Rural Health.

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Aortopathy of the Bicuspid Aortic Valve. PA - Maternal-Fetal Conflicts. General Surgery Topics in Transplant Patients. PA - Urgent Care Topics. Smith Town Hall. Carling Town Hall. Smith Seminar. PA - Nuclear Medicine 1. PA - Peds - Discussion. Saving Sight Session: Balancing hope and hype: the potential of stem cells to help patients with blinding diseases. Medical Student Workshop. Shelter Medicine - Dogs Playing for Life! Chagpar Town Hall. Queer Families and Surrogate Decision-Making.

Current Empirical Research on Disparities and Outcomes. Colin Grove-Prelim Exam. PA - Peds-Abdominal Imaging. Overview of Rural Health Elective. PA - Burn Management Lecture. Hines Town Hall. PA - Liver Function Tests. PA - AbdominalPelvis Discussion. Shelter Medicine - Humane Housing. Chung Town Hall. PA - Abdomen-Renal. PA - Advance Directives. Moreno Seminar. Morton Town Hall. PA - GI Emergencies 2. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Putting the Watchman on Trial. PA - GI Emergencies 1. Well-being is a skill. ZhengZheng Jane Tang. PA - Introduction to Endoscopy. Zuckerbraun Town Hall. PA - Contemporary Clinical Bioethics. HFT - Stewart Raw. PA - Management of Substance Abuse. Shelter Medicine - The role of the veterinarian in handling animal abuse.

Acute Aortic Syndromes: State of the Art. Addressing Behaviors that Undermine a Culture of Safety. PA - Graduation Prep PA - Review Session. Fraker Town Hall. Shelter Medicine - Optimizing care for vulnerable animals: foster care best practices. Two Pediatric Patients with Leukodystrophy. Global Health and Disease: Uganda. Minter Town Hall. Pathology Ischemic and Hypertensive Heart Disease.

Pathology Atherosclerosis. Heparin in Cardiology: Past, Present, and Future.

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Empathy: What you should know about this controversial tool. Global Health in Uganda. Pathology Genetics of Neoplasia.