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Natural Cures for Carb Cravings

A desire to chew ice, for example, has been linked to iron deficiency. If you are severely lacking in sodium—and few Americans are—you will seek out salty food. But plenty of people who eat high-sodium diets still crave potato chips and popcorn. And if our bodies could so easily tell us their nutritional needs, most Americans would have overwhelming hankerings for kale and brussels sprouts. In a study she conducted with 32 overweight women who were put on a diet, some of the most commonly craved foods were salty snacks, such as chips and french fries, or sweets that were high in sugar and fat, such as chocolate.

The most identifiable thing about the foods people crave, she says, is that they are high in calories. A monotonous diet—and not a nutritional gap—may be more to blame for your yen for a certain food. People on this one-note diet reported significantly more cravings than they did on a varied diet.

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In fact, some research shows that cravings have less to do with biology and more to do with psychology. In a study published in NeuroImage , researchers used MRIs to investigate which areas of the brain are involved in food cravings. Participants were given a nutritional drink to eliminate hunger during the test , and then asked to think about the taste, smell and texture of a favorite food to prompt a craving. The MRIs, completed during the induced cravings, showed that the parts of the brain involved in food cravings—the hippocampus, caudate and insula—are identical to those involved in drug addiction.

The hippocampus is important for memory, which helps reinforce the reward-seeking behavior that causes us to crave. The caudate also plays a role in these reward mechanisms, and it helps us to form habits, including food-related ones.

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The insula contributes to the emotional connection between food and cravings. Hormones are also involved. As an enjoyable food is consumed, the pleasant feeling of the experience is determined in part by hormone receptors. Over time, these receptors may become less sensitive to the hormones produced when we enjoy a particular food.


How Food Cravings Work

Eventually, we may need to consume more and more of that food to have the same pleasant experience, similar to the reward circuit seen in drug and cigarette addictions. It seems that various mechanisms, including hormones and memories, create a Pavlovian response—a sensory cue that causes us to crave. Everyone knows that food is strongly tied to our emotions and memories. This is why a simple image or smell—such as the aroma of baking bread or a photo of a Thanksgiving turkey in a magazine—can cause us to crave a food.

Perhaps not surprisingly, research done at the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Chicago indicate that these conditioned responses are stronger when we are hungry or dieting. But do those diet-induced cravings stick around? Maybe not. In a study published in the October issue of Appetite, participants reported the frequency and intensity of their cravings during a weight-loss program.

At the beginning, they reported desiring sweets, carbs and fast foods. However, as participants lost weight, their hunger levels decreased, along with their cravings. The good news? Understanding that memory and hunger have such large roles in eliciting cravings makes creating a toolbox to manage them that much easier. Next time you have a craving you want to beat, try one of these tricks:. The best way to prevent cravings from happening at the store is to shop only when you've recently eaten.

The Craving Brain | Tufts Now

Never -- ever -- go to the supermarket hungry. Cravings are very common. They play a major role in weight gain, food addiction and binge eating Being aware of your cravings and their triggers makes them much easier to avoid. It also makes it a lot easier to eat healthy and lose weight. Craving unhealthy foods is common, especially if you're on a diet.

Here are 18 healthy foods that can satisfy this urge without wrecking your diet. Sugar cravings are one of the main reasons people have a hard time losing weight and eating healthy.

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  • Here is a simple 3-step plan to stop these…. Cravings are often viewed as the body's way to correct nutrient deficiencies.

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    Is this actually true? Find out what causes cravings and how to reduce…. Refined sugar and highly processed junk foods affect the brain in many similar ways as addictive, abusive drugs like cocaine. Some of the world's unhealthiest foods are often mistakenly believed to be healthy. Here are 15 "health foods" that are really junk foods in disguise. Junk foods are highly processed foods that tend to be high in calories but low in nutrients.

    This article explores how junk food affects your…. Eating foods with sugar can cause a surge of activity in the reward centers of the brain. In some people, this can cause addiction to sugar. Processed foods often contain a lot of sugar, yet it can be difficult to tell how much. Here are 8 ways food companies hide the sugar content of foods. Sugar is more than just empty calories. It is uniquely fattening due to its powerful effects on the liver, the brain and various hormones.

    Added sugar is hidden in many foods and drinks, even ones that are considered healthy. Here are 18 foods and drinks that are surprisingly high in…. You can strengthen your mindfulness practice through breathing exercises and guided meditation. We talked about all the reasons we eat joy, stress, social cues, etc. Do you have physical signs of hunger , such as a growling stomach or an empty feeling in your belly? Are you bored? Sometimes we eat to blunt uncomfortable feelings.

    Remember, we want bad feelings to disappear and a quick and easy way to usher in some good feelings is to eat highly rewarding foods. Studies suggest that a mindfulness meditation practice can help you observe these emotions without reacting to them, which can put you in a better frame of mind to cope with your emotions. This awareness will also help you reduce the urge to distract yourself with food.

    But often, another habit may be more healthful and helpful in the long run. Want more tips like these? Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Follow better. Get the Better newsletter. Physical or psychological? A better way Why we crave comfort foods — and how to make them healthier.