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Do men have book clubs? Men should be reading passages from this book aloud to each other between courses at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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I am tired of the people who are responsible for the problem of patriarchy being excused from doing something about it. I am tired of writing the same article about abortion restrictions every three months. Intersectionality is an analytical framework developed by the critical race theorist Kimberle Crenshaw — it looks at the ways in which interlocking points of privilege and power affect and perpetuate oppression and marginalization.

This is a hard-won achievement for women of color, for trans women, for disabled women, for queer women, for nonbinary people, and for so many others who have historically been shut out and silenced.

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  5. Shut out, in fact, by second-wave feminists like Joanna Russ, who was rightly and roundly criticized for the transphobia in her classic The Female Man , for which she later apologized. This is all to say that I genuinely see a bright, intersectional future for feminism. Already, I see the white women that popular feminism has historically privileged moving back though not as much as we should and women of color, trans women, queer women, disabled women and others moving up.

    I hear these conversations daily, and I know people who are doing this work.

    Top Ten Most Influential Feminist Books

    It is often inadequate but it is, at least, in progress. I cannot say the same for men. I know there are men who care about gender justice — some even come to it before they have the daughters that seem to inspire so many to finally give a shit — and even a few who speak on it , loudly and often, and publish on it , and talk to their fellows about it.

    Have I missed it?

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    I am not the audience for this book. My dad is the audience for this book. My husband is the audience for this book. The guy falling asleep behind the counter at my local bodega is the audience for this book. Mike Pence is the audience for this book. Justin Trudeau and Andy Samberg and the remaining members of Journey are the audience for this book. The 24 other writers- both classic and current- on this list admirably continued the work started by Wollstonecraft, cementing feminist literature as a genre not only significant, but essential.

    Probably the most famous female English novelist of all time except maybe J. Published in , I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings changed the face of feminist literature and remains a staple on educational curriculums and nationwide reading lists. By the age of 27, she was the best-selling author in Europe of any gender, eclipsing even major figures like Victor Hugo. Walker embodies this ethos both in her own life and through the sharply-drawn and profoundly moving female characters she creates. Born Mary Anne Evans, George Eliot wrote under her pseudonym during the Victorian era in England, penning seven highly-acclaimed novels and also dabbling in poetry, journalism, and translation.

    Her most famous novel Middlemarch remains a staple of literary education, and its heroine, the clever and enterprising orphan Dorothea Brooke, is still celebrated as one of the best-developed female characters in the canon.

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    Louisa May Alcott penned one of the most classic childhood novels ever written: Little Women. When the book went to press in the late 19th century, a character like Jo March- youthful, willful, determined to chart her own course, but still devoted to her sisters and the very notion of sisterhood- was wholly unprecedented. This story, focused on the familial bonds between a group of Chinese-American women, spawned a blockbuster film and brought its interlocking stories about mother-daughter relationships into every book club in the nation.

    The legendary Virginia Woolf became a staple of the early 20th century arts scene in London thanks to her well-received novels and essays like Orlando , Mrs. Sci-fi is historically a very male-centric fiction genre Butler refused to take that lying down. She published dozens of futuristic tales, the vast majority of which featured powerful female protagonists, frequently women of color.

    Popular Feminist Classics Books

    In , Butler became the first-ever sci-fi writer to win the MacArthur Genius Grant, effectively smashing down the walls barring women from this particular genre. Library of Congress. The Radcliffe grad also wrote plenty of her own content, much of which included references to same-sex relationships between women most notably, her pseudo-autobiography The Autobiography of Alice B.

    Toklas , written from the perspective of her eponymous life partner. This revolutionary Parisian thinker penned The Second Sex , a hugely influential treatise on gender differences, religious discrimination against women, a case in favor of abortion, and a discussion of female agency and pleasure during sex. This book informed fellow feminist thinkers like Betty Friedan and led to the rise of second-wave feminism in the early s. A Mexican-American novelist and poet famous for her stylistic flair and genre-bending prose, Sandra Cisneros seeks to make Chicana voices heard through her writing.

    Latin-American women take center stage in her pieces, like Esperanza, the teenage heroine of her most famous book, The House on Mango Street. Her willingness to confront these topics from the perspectives of female characters set her apart from her contemporaries and make her a continuing literary force.

    Korenman Lecture: Feminism as Traveling Theory

    A celebrated poet and essayist during her lifetime, Audre Lorde wrote numerous philosophical texts on feminism as a theory and on how it relates to the real-life experiences of women of color. In her works, she cautioned against non-intersectional feminism, famously stating that:. It is learning how to take our differences and make them strengths. For the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.

    They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. And this fact is only threatening to those women who still define the master's house as their only source of support.


    The post-apocalyptic drama centers around Offred, a woman stripped of her rights in a totalitarian society who nevertheless resists the forces fighting to dehumanize her. She also prioritizes live audiences with readers, participating in regular talks, lectures, discussions, and performance-art showings to address her perspectives on gender theory, particularly as it applies to younger generations.

    A UK-based novelist and journalist, Caitlin Moran uses her incisive wit and brassy humor to skewer the literary canon, as when she controversially declared that female students should avoid reading male authors altogether. Her highly-feminist debut novel, How to Build A Girl , centers around Johanna, an insecure teen who decides to reinvent herself with a bold, irreverent, risk-taking alter ego. Essayist, short story scribe, and academic lecturer Roxane Gay hit it big with her first collection of autobiographical essays, incisively entitled Bad Feminist.