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There are three openings: in the centre and at the sides. Ping appears at the centre. Turning first to the right, then to the left, he calls his companions. They are followed by three servants, who are carrying a red lantern, a green lantern, and a yellow lantern, which they then set on a low table, surrounded by three stools. The servants then retire to the background, where they remain, huddled on the ground. Hola, Pong! Ci sono tre aperture: una centrale e due laterali.

Ping appare a quella centrale. E rivolgendosi prima a destra, poi a sinistra, chiama i compagni. Essi entrano seguiti da tre servi che reggono ciascuno una lanterna rossa, una lanterna verde, e una lanterna gialla, che poi depongono sopra un tavolo basso, circondato da tre sgabelli. I servi quindi si ritirano nel fondo, dove rimangono accovacciati. PONG The red, holiday lanterns! PANG The white, mourning lanterns! PONG Gilded coins of paper PANG Tea, sugar, nutmeg! PONG The fine scarlet palanquin! PANG The great, well-made bier! PONG The singing priests PONG Io preparo le nozze! PANG Ed io le esequie!

PONG Le rosse lanterne di festa! PANG Le bianche lanterne di lutto! PONG Monete di carta dorate PONG Il bel palanchino scarlatto! PANG Il feretro grande ben fatto! PONG I bonzi che cantano PANG The moaning priests PING O China, o China, who now starts and leaps restlessly, how happily you used to sleep filled with your seventy thousand centuries! Then Turandot was born PONG and off with the heads! PANG I bonzi che gemono Poi nacque Turandot What work! What boredom! What have we become? And here I am, wasting my life, wearing out my brain over the sacred books When I could go back there to my little blue lake all surrounded with bamboo!

PONG Go back there! I have forests, near Tsaing, than which none are lovelier, but their shade is not for me. I have forests than which none are lovelier! Che lavoro! Che noia! A che siamo mai ridotti? I ministri siam del boia! E sto qui a dissiparmi la mia vita, a stillarmi il cervel sui libri sacri PANG To go back there! PONG Tsaing PING Honan PONG Tsiang We have seen the suitors arriving! Oh, so many! So many! O world, filled with mad lovers! He made his application, and how joyfully she sent him the executioner! He sought love, and was beheaded! Ne abbiam visti arrivar degli aspiranti!

O quanti! O mondo, pieno di pazzi innamorati! Amore chiese, fu decapitato! PING Beheaded Farewell to love! Farewell to our race! Farewell, divine lineage! And China comes to an end! But should the night of surrender come PONG I will shake up for her the soft feathers! PING E decapita Addio, amore!

Addio, razza! Addio, stirpe divina! E finisce la Cina! Ma se viene la notte della resa PANG I want to perfume her chamber! PING I will lead the bridal pair, holding the lamp! There was only one, and she who was ice is now flame and ardour! Princess, your empire extends from the Tse-Kiang to the immense Yangtze! PING But there, within the filmy hangings, is a husband who reigns over you! Everything whispers in the garden, and golden bells tinkle They whisper amorous words, as the flowers are pearled with dew!

Glory to the lovely, exposed body that now knows the mystery it ignored! Glory to their ecstasy and to Love, which has conquered and has given peace to China again! You hear the great drum of the green temple! Already the infinite clogs of Peking are clattering! PONG You hear the trumpets! Peace, indeed! PANG The ceremony is beginning! Scene Two A vast square inside the Palace walls At the centre there is a great marble stairs, whose summit is lost among lacy arches. There are three broad landings. Numerous servants set vari-coloured lanterns everywhere.

Gradually the crowd invades the square. The mandarins arrive, dressed in blue and gold. Gloria al bel corpo discinto che il mistero ignorato ora sa! Udite il gran tamburo del tempio verde! PONG Udite trombe! Altro che pace! PANG Ha inizio la ceremonia! Numerosi servi collocano in ogni dove lanterne variopinte.

La folla, a poco a poco, invade la piazza. Arrivano i mandarini, colla veste azzurra e The Eight Sages go by, tall and pompous. They are enormous old men, almost the same size. Their gestures are slow and simultaneous. Each is carrying three sealed silk scrolls in his hand. Among the clouds of incense appear the white and yellow banners of the Emperor. Then at the top of the stairs, seated on a vast ivory throne, the Emperor Altoum is seen.

He is very old, all white, venerable. He appears among the clouds like a god. Glory to you!

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The crowd prostrates itself, face on the ground, in attitudes of great respect. The square is bathed in a vivid red light. The unknown Prince is at the foot of the stair. And the holy sceptre I clasp is steeped in blood!

Andrea Bocelli - Nelle Tue Mani (Now We Are Free) from ‘Gladiator'

Enough of this blood! Young man, go! Passano gli otto sapienti, altissimi e pomposi. Sono vecchi, quasi uguali, enormi. Hanno ciascuno tre rotoli di seta sigillati in mano. Sono i rotoli che contengono la soluzione degli enigmi di Turandot. Ecco Ping. Ecco Pong. Ecco Pang. Pare un dio che apparisca di tra le nuvole. Diecimila anni al nostro Imperatore! Gloria a te! Tutta la folla si prosterna faccia a terra, in attitudine di grande rispetto.

Basta sangue! I ask to undergo the trial! So be it! Let your destiny be fulfilled! E sia! Si compia il tuo destino! But whoever faces the trial and is defeated, must bow to the axe his haughty head! And all will be radiant! Turandot advances and stands before the throne. Beautiful and impassive, she looks at the Unknown Prince with icy eyes.

And that cry, after many generations, took shelter in my spirit! Princess Lo-u-Ling, sweet, serene ancestress, who ruled in your dark silence with pure joy, and challenged, sure and unyielding, the harsh mastery of others, today you live in me again! Ma chi affronta il cimento e vinto resta, porga alla scure la superba testa! Bellissima, impassibile, guarda con freddissimi occhi il Principe ignoto. The Kingdom defeated! And Lo-u-ling, my ancestress, dragged off by a man, like you, like you, stranger, there in the horrid night, where her sweet voice was stilled!

No one will ever posses me! The horror of her assassin is still vivid in my heart! No, no one will ever possess me! Ah, in me is reborn the pride of such purity! Stranger, do not tempt Fate! The enigmas are three, but death is one! Il regno vinto! No, no! The enigmas are three, and life is one! The trumpets blare. Turandot asks the first riddle. It spreads its wings and rises over infinite, black humanity! Everyone invokes it, everyone implores it!

But the phantom disappears at dawn to be reborn in the heart! Squillano le trombe. Turandot proclama il primo enigma. Hope which always deludes! Sometimes it rages! But idleness changes it to languor! If you dream of winning, if flames! Its voice is faint, but you listen; it gleams as bright as the sunset! It flames and languishes, too, if you look at me, in my veins: it is Blood!

La speranza che delude sempre! Se ti perdi o trapassi, si raffredda! Se sogni la conquista, avvampa! Ha una voce che trepido tu ascolti, e del tramonto il vivido baglior! Non perderti, straniero! Avvampa e insieme langue, se tu mi guardi, nelle vene: il Sangue! She comes down the stair. She bends over the Unknown Prince, who falls to his knees. White and dark! If she sets you free, she makes you a slave! If she accepts you as a slave, she makes you a King!

And you know you are lost! Come, stranger, what is the frost that gives off fire? My fire will thaw you: Turandot! Glory, victor! May life smile on you! May love smile on you! Si china sul Principe ignoto che cade in ginocchio. Candida ed oscura! Ti sbianca la paura! E ti senti perduto! Il mio fuoco ti sgela: Turandot!

Gloria, o vincitore! Ti sorrida la vita! Ten thousand years to our Emperor! The Light, the King of the world! August father! Your daughter is sacred! You, who mock my pride! I shall not be yours! No, I will not! Luce, Re di tutto il mondo! Padre augusto! Non gettar tua figlia nelle braccia dello straniero! Non puoi donarmi a lui, a lui come una schiava, ah no! Tu che irridi al mio orgoglio! No, non voglio! He offered his life for you!

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The oath is sacred! I want you ardent with love! Strong one! I will propose only one to you: You do not know my name! Tell me my name, tell me my name before dawn! And at dawn I will die! Turandot, agreeing, nods. O forte! Turandot piega il capo, annuendo. For your wisdom, for your goodness, we give ourselves to you, happy in our humility!

My our love rise to you! Hold high, high, the banners! A te salga il nostro amor! A te, erede di Hien Wang, noi gridiam: Diecimila anni al grande Imperatore! Alte, alte le bandiere! The pavilion is the entrance to one of the wings of the Palace, which contains the rooms of Turandot. It is night. From the remote distance come the voices of Heralds, who are going around the immense city, proclaiming the royal command.

Resting on the steps is the Prince. In the great silence of the night, he listens to the cries, as if no longer in the real world. No one must sleep! No one must sleep You, too, o Princess, in your cold room look at the stars, that tremble with love and with hope! But my mystery is shut within me; no one will know my name! Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma No, I will say it on your mouth when the daylight shines!

And my kiss will break the silence that makes you mine! And, alas, we must die! Set, you stars! At dawn I will win! I will win! Slipping through the shrubbery come the three Ministers, leading a small crowd that, gradually, becomes more numerous. PING You who look at the stars, lower your eyes. PONG Our life is in your power!

PANG Our life! PING Did you hear the proclamation? In the streets of Peking, at every door Death knocks and cries: his name!

Sul sentiero delle parole

PING Tu che guardi le stelle, abbassa gli occhi. PANG La nostra vita! PING Udisti il bando? Per le vie di Pekino, ad ogni porta batte la morte e grida: il nome! Is it love you seek? Well: take it! Look, they are beautiful in their shimmering veils! PING All ecstasy and promises of stupendous passions!

At a sign, porters bring in baskets, coffers, sacks filled with gold and jewels. O sangue! Ebbene: prendi! Guarda, son belle fra lucenti veli! Tutti i tesori a te! PING They shatter the dark night PONG Blue fires! PANG Green splendours! PONG Pale hyacinths!

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PANG The red flames of the rubies! PING They are tear-drops of the stars! Red flames! PING Take them! No riches!

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We will have you flee PING Rompon la notte nera PONG Fuochi azzurri! PANG Verdi splendori! PONG Pallidi giacinti! PANG Le vampe rosse dei rubini! Vampe rosse! PING Prendi! Nessuna ricchezza! Noi ti farem fuggir ALL Flee! Go, go far away! And we will all be saved! Dissolve this nightmare! We are lost!

It will be a horrible torture! The sharp irons! The spiky wheels! The hot grip of the pincers! Death, little by little! Noi siam perduti! I ferri aguzzi! La morte a sorso a sorso! Non farci morire! Your threats are in vain! If the world should collapse, I want Turandot! You will die before we do! A curse on you!

The name! PING They know the secret! Where did you catch them? Inutili minacce! Crollasse il mondo, voglio Turandot! Morrai prima di noi! Tu maledetto! PING Sono il vecchio e la giovane che iersera parlavano con te! PING Conoscono il segreto! Dove li avete colti? Turandot appears at the edge of the pavilion.

All prostrate themselves on the ground, except Ping, who comes forward with extreme humility and speaks. But we have instruments to wrench out those teeth. Come, speak, old man! I want him to speak! Turandot appare sul limite del padiglione. Tutti si prosternano a terra. PING Principessa divina! E abbiamo ferri per schiodar quei denti, e uncini abbiamo per strappar quel nome! Costor non mi conoscono! Su parla, vecchio! Il nome! My supreme pleasure is to keep it secret and to have it for myself alone! Until she speaks! Until she dies! You will pay for her torments! Sconterete i suoi tormenti!

PING His name! A soldier twists her wrists. His name! PING Quel nome! Uno sgherro le stringe i polsi. Non mi fan male! No, nessun mi tocca. Il suo nome! I give you him, Princess, and I lose everything! Even my impossible hope! Bind me! Torture me! Give me torments and pain! Te gli do, Principessa, e perdo tutto! Tormenti e spasimi date a me! Curse you! PING Put her to the torture! Yes, the executioner! Let me by! You, who are enclosed in ice, conquered by such flame, you will love him, too!

Before the dawn, I will wearily close my eyes, so he can win again PING Sia messa alla tortura! Ho paura di me! Lasciatemi passare!

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Suddenly she seizes a dagger from a soldier and stabs herself to death. She casts her dazed eyes around, looks at the Prince, who is still held by the Guards. She stumbles over to him and falls headlong at his feet, dead. A great silence falls, filled with terror.

The Prince is freed. Then old Timur, as if out of his mind, rises. He goes over to the little dead body, kneels down and speaks. Open your eyes, my dove! Everyone feels pity and remorse. Ping notices it, and goes roughly towards the old man to drive him away. But as he nears Timur, his natural cruelty is overcome, and the usual hardness of his voice is softened. Prende di sorpresa un pugnale a un soldato e si trafigge a morte. Gira intorno gli occhi perduti, guarda il Principe ancora trattenuto dalle Guardie. Barcolla presso di lui e gli stramazza ai piedi, morta. Si fa un grande silenzio, pieno di terrore.

Allora il vecchio Timur, come impazzito, si alza. Si accosta alla piccola morta, si inginocchia, e parla. Apri gli occhi, colomba! Sul volto di Turandot passa una espressione di tormento. Se ne avvede Ping, che va rudemente verso il vecchio per allontanarlo. PING Get up, old man! We will all pay for it! The offended spirit will take revenge! Then a superstitious terror seizes the crowd: the fear that the dead girl will become an evil spirit, because she was the victim of injustice, and that she will change, as the popular belief has it, into a vampire.

Scornful shade, forgive us! With religious pity, the little body is raised up amidst the profound respect of the crowd. And I will follow you to rest near you in the night that has no morning. PING Alzati, vecchio! Ombra sdegnosa, perdona! ATM card Hotel Imperiale accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival. Hotel Imperiale accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival. Real stays.

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Under the Volcano and Other Stories. Gianluigi Ricuperati in conversation with Stefano Graziani

There was a problem loading the reviews. Try again. Open your list. Sono sempre pronti per ogni esigenza, molto apprezzato anche il supporto che ci hanno dato per il parcheggio gestendoci direttamente loro l'auto pur non avendo piu posto all'interno della struttura. La stanza aveva il balcone direttamente sul mare, la vista era fantastica! Ottima posizione dell'hotel, con accesso diretto alla spiaggia. Camere con arredo un po' datato, ma comunque pulite e comode. Buona colazione abbondante. Piscina eccezionale. La struttura ha accontentato la mia richiesta della camera vista mare.

Colazione ottima con delle buone torte fatte in casa, pranzo e cena altrettanto ottimi. Ottima posizione: meno di un minuto dalle spiagge e dal mare! Stanza davvero pulita con ampio balcone, grandi armadi e bel bagno! Staff gentilissimo, Colazione buona. Error: Please enter a valid email address. Error: Sorry. An error has occurred. We've sent you an email so you can complete your subscription.

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We Price Match. Hotel Hotel Imperiale 2-star hotel Beach. This property is either next to the beach or will have its own private access Beach Airport shuttle. Airport shuttle available for an additional charge. You can request this in the next step. Airport shuttle. Hotel Imperiale Reserve now.

Cortesia del personale, stanza pulita e funzionale, vista mare, hotel di recente ristrutturazione Vale, Italy. Sono stato con un gruppo di amici e abbiamo preso 3 camere per una notte. Perfetta la posizione della struttura a 2 minuti dal mare e a 5 minuti dal centro. Ottima posizione sul mare. Ottima colazione Carmine, Italy. Ho soggiornato in questo hotel solo per una notte con il mio ragazzo. Perfetto per un weekend! Excellent location! Previous image of the property Next image of the property.

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Hotel Imperiale 2-star hotel 9. Andrea Italy. Vale Italy. Mattia Italy. Kim Italy. Riccardo Italy. Carmine Italy. Benedetta Italy. Domenico Italy. Cristina Italy. At the hotel the rooms are fitted with a desk and a flat-screen TV. What would you like to know? Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property Submit. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close. Missing some information? Most popular facilities Parking.

Swimming pool. Pets allowed. Free WiFi. Family rooms. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation on most rooms! Availability We Price Match. When would you like to stay at Hotel Imperiale? Sorry, reservations for more than 30 nights are not possible.

Please enter your dates to check availability. Your departure date is invalid. Check-in date. Check-out date. Double Room 1 large double bed or 2 single beds. Free WiFi! Parking: Private parking is possible on site reservation is needed and costs EUR 10 per day. What do you want to know about the selected options? Enter your feedback. Thanks for your time! Your feedback will help us improve, so you can book more easily next time.

Thanks for your response. Single Room 1 single bed. Quadruple Room 2 bunk beds and 1 large double bed. Just booked in Riccione 4 properties like Hotel Imperiale were just booked in the last 15 minutes on our site. See availability Hotel surroundings — Excellent location - show map. Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

Are you missing any information about this area? Why book with us. Outdoors Beachfront Terrace Garden. Pets Free! Internet Free! Parking Private parking is possible on site reservation is needed and costs EUR 10 per day. Transport Airport drop off Additional charge Airport pick up Additional charge. Services Daily housekeeping Airport shuttle additional charge. General Air conditioning Lift Family rooms Non-smoking rooms.

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Languages spoken German English French Italian. What topic s would you like to know more about? Hair dryer Bathroom features shower, tub, etc. Lunch and dinner details Meal prices.