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Et all When two different individuals are brought into contact, a barrier zone of contact ZOC forms between the two. The purpose of this research is to explore the cellular processes used by the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera, to elicit an immune response at the ZOC, including apoptosis , cell migration, and protein expression. In addition, we are interested in determining whether sponges exhibit a memory component i. Apoptosis in larval and frog skin of Rana pipiens, Rana catesbeiana, and Ceratophrys ornata. J Morphology. Invading the Curriculum - incorporating service learning in the local community to enhance student engagement.

Science Scope Evolution of the Environmental Forum. Apoptosis in the digestive tract of herbivorous Rana pipiens larvae and carnivorous Ceratophrys ornata larvae: an immunohistochemical study. J Morphology 1 Amphibian skin: Metamorphic changes in glycoconjugates in the epidermis and glands of Rana pipiens. Faszewski EE, Duggan J. Unlocking the power of observation. Science and Children: 44 1 : Dehydration effects on sugar composition in amphibian skin. Glycoconjugate expression in the immune response of the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera.

Science in the Public Interest. Utilizing field based activities to support student learning and engagement. Faszewski EE. Service-learning and the Environmental Forum. Assessing the role of apoptosis in the remodeling of amphibian skin. Investigation of a memory component in the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera. Martin D, and Faszewski EE.

Opening their eyes to science. Wheelock College, June Labels: dales , Ellen Dean , how stean gorge , lional bart , lofthouse , moors , north yorkshire. This is my new iPod Touch sorry the light is reflected in the photo that I won from www. I am new to iPods so it will be fun trying to work it out. Engraved on the back of the iPod is a lovely thank you message from Moreover.

BAFTA TV Awards: Who'll win? - live blog

Thank you Morover. Labels: Ellen Dean , iPod touch , morover. I had a great time book signing at Borders Gateshead yesterday www. Nearly forgot, the chocolate muffins from Starbucks are still as tasty as ever ;-. Labels: author , books signing , borders bookstore , Ellen Dean , gateshead , mark jackman , starbucks. Labels: castle , keep , national heritage , normans , north yorkshire , podcast , richmond , ruins , tower , william the conqueror. This is the promised update regarding the progress of the joint supplement Cetyl M trial on our veteran equine Katie.

Those of you who read the first blog will know that the trial started in May. Under normal circumstance the loading dose of Cetyl M is 2 scoops morning and evening for the first 4 weeks, however, because of Katie's great age Garbriela from Collarways Collarways who distribute Cetyl M and who requested the trial, recommended the loading dose period was extended to 5 weeks. After 5 weeks Katie was given 2 scoops daily in a very small feed in the evening. The improvement in her movement and stiffness has continued, and been sustained.

Kathy knows Katie's condition very well so is in the perfect position to comment on her improvement. During the session Kathy did a series of stretches with Katie and she was amazed at the result. Kathy's parting shot when she left was, Keep giving her that supplement - it's marvellous stuff!.

This morning we had the second visit from our farrier, Richard Stephenson, since Katie started on the trial. On Richard's previous visit he had confirmed that in his opinion as well as ours there was some joint improvement. Today Richard was amazed at the improvement in Katie's arthritis and how easily she moved. He said it was brilliant because she offered no resistance while he tended to her. Both Kathy and Richard are willing and able to confirm the huge improvement in Katie. Kathy can be contacted by email at Kathymboyer googlemail. Labels: arthritis , cetyl m , equine massage , farrier , horses , joint supplement , trial.

We watched some spectacular riders performing dressage, show jumping and finally the cross-country my fave. Between us we managed to get some photos of horses and riders in mid-flight. I had a chance to wander around the craft stalls and met Carl Hierons Carl Hierons Photo Gallery partner would you believe I don't know her name?

We chatted about his photographs which are truly mesmerizing, I loved the one he had taken on the beach at Bamburgh, Northumberland where the waves are crashing onto the beach like white horses, and the castle stands proud in the background. Labels: cross country , dressage , Ellen Dean , event , horse riding , north yorkshire , phtography , ripon , show jumping , thornton watlass hall.

Tuesday, 4 August Solberge Hall. There are some beautiful hotels and country houses in North Yorkshire so when Sue Bulmer and I decided to meet up somewhere near to Northallerton a midway point to discuss writing, I wanted to find somewhere with the comfortable style that appeals to me and offered free Wi-Fi! And look what I found.

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The Solberge Hall Hotel. Sue Bulmer is a new author. Her first book entitled Sue Who? The book is an autobiography. It tells the story of her city life as a model to her now rural life as a farmer. Labels: Beautiful Strangers , l ellen dean , model , north yorkshire , northallerton , solberge hall , writing. Saturday, 18 July Brian Bond My friend Brian, what can I say!

Brian sent several mysterious texts asking me if I had received a package he thinks he's James Bond. I replied saying the aliens must have intercepted it, because I hadn't received anything. Today I receive another text; had the package arrived yet? I replied, no it hadn't. Then when I was putting the milk bottles out I discovered a package beneath my living room window. Thank goodness it was well protected against the torrential rain. I must say I was a little apprehensive about opening this package! This was what was in my package. Kit Kats - yum yum my favourite biscuit, and a big hint to put the kettle on!

Cheers Brian! Labels: chocolate , farmers , james bond , kit kat , north yorkshire , note , surprise package , tea break. Tuesday, 14 July Model Young Farmer This is a photo of Jimmy Atkinson, my friends son. Today he won the Young Model Farmer Award Congratulations, and well done Jimmy! Labels: farmers , harrogate , jimmy atkinson , model , north yorkshire show. Monday, 6 July Supermarket Sweep.

I'm all for reducing my salt intake, and healthy eating. We wanted some gravy granules so I picked up some Bisto gravy granules proudly showing a blue and white 'Reduced Salt' banner. Great, I thought as I popped them into the trolley. But hang on a second! A Best Seller sticker and price reduction for ordinary Bisto red lid gravy granules displayed on the shelf above caught me eye.

I was surprised, and somewhat annoyed, to discover that the 'Reduced Salt Bisto' was actually 7 pence more expensive than the ordinary. So, I have a question for Tesco. Why should customers have to pay extra for gravy granules with reduced salt? Labels: bisto , food , gravy granules , healthy eating , salt , supermarket , tesco. Look what happened when I waved my magic wand! Yes, Abba 2 Bjorn Belief appeared on stage.

They flew into Masham by helicopter from a little place just outside Sweden, called Swansea. And, even though it was a very hot night, everybody was up on their feet dancing. You performed a brilliant show guys, can't wait for next time. Thank you for my tiara Lorraine, it fits perfectly!

August 21, 2011

Andy, what can I say, the cakes were absolutely delicious, thank you. Our turn next time ;-. Labels: abba , beyond belief , dancing queen , helicopters , magic wand , masham , sweden , tiara. I had an unusual experience on Thursday 2nd July Yes, another one. I looked out of the window and saw orange lights in the night sky. It was about 11pm. I thought the lights were helicopters, so went outside for a better look. There was no noise from them at all. It was a quiet still night. I shouted to Sat Nav to come outside and have a look. We saw seven lights that seemed to be flying in formation, and then after a while another light appeared from nowhere way behind them.

We watched them for about ten minutes. Sat Nav grabbed a camera, but had trouble holding it steady must have been the excitement so the pics are not very good. And then the lights disappeared.

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I rang the police and the person I spoke to said they had had another report of the same sighting. I believed it at first, now I'm not so sure. Because our pics aren't so good I googled to see if I could find any that resembled what we saw, and found quite a few that were taken in the UK last month. I have added one of those pics for you to see.

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The lights we saw were in a straight line at first, and then seemed to be stacked like traffic lights with gaps between them giving two sets of three lights and one light out on its own. The eighth light that appeared was totally alone. Labels: aliens , f , formation , helicopters , july , lights , night , north yorkshire , orange , sightings , sky , thursday , ufo.

Wednesday, 1 July Building A Business. When you start to build a business - make sure you start with good solid foundations. Visualize the end result as a castle, grand and solid. Labels: buildings , business , castle , foundations , visualize. I checked out the EMI website www. I loved the design. It's free sign up. So easy. It only takes a few seconds, and then you're listening to some great artists.

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Plus, you can watch videos, although the videos did tend to buffer a little. Maybe it was the time of day when everybody was on the net. I clicked on Artists, and there were so many I didn't know who to listen to first. I finally chose Pat Benatar. A list of her albums appeared on the left side of my screen offering me a choice. So, I clicked on the album I wanted, selected a track and that was it. I could click to create my playlist, or just play the song.

I played the song. I even found the Indie group Bat for Lashes, who I hadn't heard of until last night when I watched them on the television performing at Glastonbury. EMI have thought of everything with this site. A great plus is that they have made it very user friendly. It's a brilliant site, which I'll continue to use. Oh yes, there were a couple of competitions to enter too! So, if you're a music boff like me then this site is definitely worth checking out. Labels: artists , bands , dvd , emi , Music , records , video. We do have fun in North Yorkshire. Labels: elvis , field , line dancing , masham , Music , north yorkshire , slappin leather.

Wednesday, 24 June Before and after anger management! Before anger management! Do computers make you want to do this sometimes? After anger management! Labels: anger , computer , Ellen Dean , hammer , laptop , management , serene. Tuesday, 16 June Butlins Skegness.

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Morning Campers! Sorry, couldn't resist I last visited a Butlins holiday camp when I was three or fours years old. I have black and white photographs to prove it.

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Last weekend I returned to Butlins in Skegness, and dragged Gloria, kicking and screaming, along with me. But she was just overtired, once she got there, she was fine. I didn't know what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised.