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  1. Synonyms and antonyms of morisco in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms
  2. Meaning of "morisco" in the Spanish dictionary
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  4. 4 Alonso del Castillo: Translator, Author?

This volume draws examples of these issues from experiences in the public sphere such as education, public performance, and political engagement discussing how religious communities were perceived and how they perceived themselves. Based on the conference proceedings from the conference at Leiden University entitled Common Ground?

Synonyms and antonyms of morisco in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms

Changing Interpretations of Public Space in the Middle East among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the 19th and 20th Century this volume presents a variety of cases of minority engagement in Middle Eastern society. With contributions by: T. Baarda, A. Boum, S. Goldstein-Sabbah, A. Massot, H.

Meaning of "morisco" in the Spanish dictionary

Murre-van den Berg, L. Robson, K. Sanchez Summerer, A. Schlaepfer, D. Schroeter and Y.

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Editor: Josef Meri. There were even Christian lords who permitted the construction of mosques on their estates long after they had been banned.

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Such confrontations were quite frequent in Aragon, which never fully accepted the authority of the Inquisition. In the spectrum of 16 th -century tolerance, the Countess of Cardona represents the paternalist tradition set by the first Archbishop of Granada, Hernando de Talavera, who argued that the Moriscos could be won over to Catholicism by gentleness and peaceful proselytising.

The Licenciado Mendoza comes from a similar tradition.

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Mendoza warned that these efforts would produce a rebellion, and he was entirely correct. When rebellion broke out, he nevertheless played his part in suppressing it, as a soldier and a loyal servant of the Crown.

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The Licenciado Mendoza is cut from similar cloth. I imagined him much as I imagined the Mendoza governors of Granada: rigorous, fair-minded and loyal to the Crown, but also pragmatic, reasonable, and willing to place the broader interests of society and justice above the defense of the faith. Some critics of my novel—and of Blood and Faith —have accused me of imposing 21 st -century notions onto 16 th -century Spain.

Yet in terms of the treatment of the Moriscos, there was a genuine debate between the more hardline advocates of repression and persecution, and those who did not want the longterm presence of Islam in Spain but were nevertheless able to separate questions of culture, religion and political loyalty to find space for the Moriscos. All these different forces are present in my novel. And just as I wanted to show that there were many different kinds of Christians, I also wanted to show that Moriscos were far more varied than they were made out to be by their enemies.

There were those who continued to worship as Muslims but remained loyal to the state, and who inhabited the same intellectual world as Christians, like the Mayor of Belamar.

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4 Alonso del Castillo: Translator, Author?

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Related Content. Orientalist scholarship in Early Modern Spain, in which an interest in Oriental languages, mainly Arabic, was linked to important historiographical questions, such as the uses and value of Arabic sources and the problem of the integration of al-Andalus within a providentialist history of Spain, is also addressed. The authors consider these issues not only from a local point of view, but from a wider perspective, in an attempt to understand how these matters related to more general European intellectual and religious developments.