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Readers have described his work with the following terms: 'haunting', 'mesmerising', and 'compelling'. Joseph Sale is a novelist, writing coach, editor, graphic designer, artist, critic and gamer. In he was nominated for the Guardian's "Not the Booker" prize. In his spare time he plays badminton, listens to podcasts, and puts on his DM hat, concocting fiendish dungeons for his friends to battle through. Whether you're looking to improve your abilities as a writer or to put on an incredible literary event, I can help.

Sign up to our mailing list to get a FREE novel! She is the author of six poetry books, most recently Blues Baby Bucknell, and Sleeping with the Dictionary University of California, In she received an award from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts. Mendi lives and works with her husband Keith in the New York metropolitan area.

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She is a co-founder of the journal Lipstick Eleven. He currently lives and writes in Pensacola, Florida. Her current academic projects include a book tentatively titled Gothic Homelessness: Domestic Ideology, Identity, and Social Terror in African American Literature and an investigation of the relationship of race and innovation in African American poetry. Lorenzo Thomas , one of the leading poets and critics of his generation, died on July 4th, as this book was in production.

His reading and plenary talk were among the highlights of the conference, and in recognition of his role as friend and guiding spirit to many poets and scholars at the conference, this anthology is dedicated to his memory. Her third collection, Native Guard , is forthcoming from Houghton Mifflin. His chapbook of poetic squibs and epigrams Topical Ointment was published by Slack Buddha Press in O'Brien, Lindisfarne, [shared]. Owen, Scholastic, Embracing the Dark edited by Eric Garber, Alyson, End Games, edited anonymously, White Wolf, [shared].

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Trevelyan and Scott Brassart, Alyson, Ghost Omnibus edited by Kurt Singer, Leisure, ? Ghost Stories edited by A. Ghost Stories edited by Robert Westall, Kingfisher, Norton, Pyramid, Hinsenbrock, Iowa State University, Ghostmasters, The, edited by Betty M. Ghosts and Things edited by Hal Cantor, Berkley, Ghosts edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Ghosts, Castles, and Victims edited by Jack C. Wolf, Crest, Ghosttide edited by Claudia O'Keefe, Revenant, Roche, Ace, Great Tales of Terror edited by S.

Joshi, Dover, Greystone Bay edited by Charles L. Grant, Tor, [shared]. Hastur Pussycat, Kill! Haunted Holidays edited by Martin H. Bobbs Merrill, as My Best Story. Haunted Stories edited by A. Haunted Women edited by Alfred Bendixen, Ungar, Haunters and the Haunted, The, edited by Ernest Rhys,? Haunting Women edited by Alan Ryan, Avon, Hauntings edited by Henry Mazzeo, Doubleday, Hauntings and Horrors edited by Alden H. Norton, Berkley, Hellbound Heart, The, edited by George R. Hell on Heels, edited anonymously, Berkley, Hell on the Installment Plan, edited anonymously, Dream People, Heroes in Hell edited by Janet Morris, Baen, Hideous Dreams edited by L.

Hideous Progeny edited by Brian Willis, Razorblade, Highland Vampire, edited anonymously, Brava, [vampires]. His Eternal Kiss, edited anonymously, Kensington, [vampires].

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His Immortal Embrace, edited anonymously, Kensington, [vampires]. Holidays Are Hell, edited anonymously, Harper, Horrible Beginnings edited by Steven H. Silver and Martin H. Lansdale, Cemetery Dance, Horror in Paradise edited by A. Grove Day and Bacil F. Kirtley, Mutual Publishing, Horror Stories edited by Susan Price, Kingfisher, Horror Times Ten edited by Alden H.

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