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Do you have an ETA on the Linux version? Wondering if I should budget for it in the near future or buy something else in the meantime. I would prefer to not see games This game really could use more checkpoints. Spending 15 minutes doing the same slow gauntlet of rooms over and over again because there are a million ways to trip up is something I'd expect out of a Mega Man game, not a puzzle platformer.

The most enjoyment I've had in the game so far comes from ma Stream level impossible to pass, bug for this Steam version? I got stuck on the stream level and thaught I made a mistake, But I then ccompared this versions stream level with youtube vids showing a different path specificaly the xbox one version. This Steam version brings you to a door halfway through the stream No one has rated this review as helpful yet.

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Cut from the same cloth as Limbo, Nikola Kostic's puzzle platformer Albert and Otto exudes a strange, otherwordly charm. It's equally fantastic and frustrating, with the experience hampered by it being not quite as polished as it should be. Digital Chumps. It is a tribute to Limbo, and it doesn't try to hide it.

Adventure in Action

It has some issues but it also entertains, so if you're just looking for an interesting adventure, have a look at this one. User Reviews. Write a Review.

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Positive: 1 out of 2. Mixed: 1 out of 2. Negative: 0 out of 2. It could have been more but it's ok for a start i hope the following parts part will Very good indie game, similar to LIMBO but more arcade.


It could have been more but it's ok for a start i hope the following parts part will be better, it has a high potential PROS: smooth controls, visuals are simple but nice, puzzles are easy but clever, character's gadgets teddy bear and shotgun. CONS: short game, vague story, the final part is difficult, need too accuracy: try and die, try and die and so on The game currently supports XBox or Xbox 1 controller, i am working on the rest.

The adventure begins - News - Crossout

In terms of languages, there is no talking or narration in the game, only menu. Thank you for playing! Senaryadaki nesnelerin uyumu da diyebilirsiniz buna. Simdiden iyi oyunlar. Essential Links.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #29: The Adventure Begins PDF

By Metascore By user score. Resident Evil 2.

Slay the Spire. Total War: Three Kingdoms. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Metro Exodus. Anno