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Customers making weird requests today at work?

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People driving like maniacs? First things first, earthlings. I am always full.

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Just because I may look like a crescent moon, or a half moon, or a full moon from your tiny human perspective, I promise I am not going on a yo-yo diet. This is me, all of me.

Secondly, take some damn responsibility for your own life! Gravitational pull, tides, making romantic scenes in movies look cooler.

Blaming a full moon by Monika Holyk-Arora

I get it. But you really need to own your choices. Are your kids whining a lot tonight and refusing to go to bed? How much sugar did you bribe them with today, huh? This one is on you. Oh, and dogs bark. They always bark.

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They also bark more when you are too lazy to train them. Smarten up, deal with your dog. As Margot argues in his new paper, the study used faulty data collection and analysis procedures that essentially invalidate its conclusions. For one, to parse days worth of data into "full moon" and "not full moon" observations, the researchers matched each calendar day to a corresponding day of the lunar month.

But, as Margot explains, the timing of the full moon does not map neatly to hour calendar days, particularly when time zone changes and daylight savings time are considered.

Full Moon Blamed for George Bush Election?

As a result, this method introduces variability that could influence the researchers' findings. Even more troubling, the authors treated every 29th day on the lunar calendar as that month's "full moon" day.

Katie Melua Blame It On The Moon Lyrics

But, Margot explains, the time interval between successive full moons actually varies, from While it may sound like a trivial detail, in this particular context it's anything but. On 13 occasions, Margot finds, the authors associated the full moon with day 29 of the lunar calendar, when it should have been ascribed to day Out of the 25 "full moon days" in the dataset, then, more than half were incorrect. Upon complete re-analysis of the authors' data, Margot finds no correlation between the lunar cycle and hospital admissions.

Weird day? Stop blaming the moon

He goes on to review the long history of scientific literature showing that there's no relationship between birth rates and lunar phase. Or, for that matter, criminal behavior, depression, car accidents, or surgery outcomes. Blaming the Moon for your woes may be technically incorrect, but still, of all the places we could be casting false blame, this one seems relatively harmless.

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Margot, however, believes such thinking sets a dangerous precedent. Indeed, we need only look at the recent measles outbreak , the slaughter of Earth's rhinos , or climate change denial to appreciate what a disastrous effect misguided beliefs can have on society. And if stamping out dangerous false beliefs means we ought to stop scapegoating the Moon every time we have a bad day, that seems like a worthwhile sacrifice to make.