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The three way battle for control of the planet puts the United States Sector government in a precarious position. Doing something about the terrain war threatens destruction at their own hand. Doing something about the aliens threatens the destruction of humanity. One way or another, the time has come for somebody to rise. Will humanity survive? Or will they be destroyed by their own achievement of bringing unity to most of the world, while bringing two alien races home? She was working on advanced nanotechnology at her university job when a blast outside of her office building transports her to a utopian world, where her new job is to integrate advanced nanotech into the new world.

Is this really life after death? Available at: Amazon Amazon. As Dr. The Experiment These are dangerous questions -- The apocalypse wiped out Earth in the form of an alien invasion on November 1, The only survivors were five hundred of the Earth's best scientists and astronauts that were smuggled to an experimental space station in orbit of Jupiter. Then one day, the impossible happens. A dead planet resurrects with high-tech life. Madison and Janelle pick up transmissions through Earth satellite systems and want to return to investigate, but their commander suspects an alien trap.

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Yet his depiction of Earth civilization in "Death's End" is charitable. Society goes through some rough spots, but it learns from its mistakes and prioritizes democracy and human rights over military panic. Unfortunately, humanity's desire for peace and prosperity also undermines its survival. It's a dangerous universe out there, Liu argues, and a global social welfare state may not be equipped to deal with it. Such ideas make Liu's books compelling reading, and "Death's End" is the most mind-bending of them all.

While Liu's humanity on the whole is conservative, some characters — both heroes and antiheroes — are determined to save civilization at all costs.

Black-eyed ghost children are the new grey aliens

In "The Dark Forest," an officer hijacks a starship and takes off into deep space because he believes that Earth will be defeated in the coming war with Trisolaris. The main character in that novel, Luo Ji, achieves a standoff with the alien invaders because of his willingness to destroy humanity as well. And in "Death's End" we encounter Thomas Wade, an American intelligence officer who is prepared to wage a horrific civil war in order to pursue transformative research into light-speed travel. Yet as a novelist Liu has weaknesses that are impossible to ignore: These characters are exclusively men.

Liu's women, in contrast, tend to be nurturing, sentimental and weak.

While Xin's motivations are pure, her inability to make hard choices threatens to be disastrous. Such passages point not only to sexism, but to poor characterization generally. Although the books are full of thrilling ideas and scenarios, the characters are little more than cutouts, with gender stereotypes providing the most obvious pattern. Even with its flaws, however, Liu's picture of humanity's place in the cosmos is among the biggest, boldest and most disturbing we've seen; perhaps it's no wonder that the author himself succumbs to the comfort of familiar parental archetypes.

Fortunately, Liu remains true to his dark vision.

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In this terrifying world, neither mommy nor daddy can save us. Glinter is a freelance writer and critic.

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