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Whistle down the wind

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Must-have movies: Whistle Down the Wind (1961)

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All Rights Reserved. A sound produced by a whistling device or by whistling through the lips. General Engineering of a kettle, train, etc to produce a shrill sound caused by the emission of steam through a small aperture.

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Zoology of animals, esp birds to emit a shrill sound resembling human whistling. Tools a device for making a shrill high-pitched sound by means of air or steam under pressure. Instruments music any pipe that is blown down its end and produces sounds on the principle of a flue pipe, usually having as a mouthpiece a fipple cut in the side.

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Brewing wet one's whistle informal to take an alcoholic drink. Switch to new thesaurus.

Can you whistle? The electric kettle's whistling; The referee whistled for half-time. The bullet whistled past his head. He gave a loud whistle to his friend across the road.