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  1. ISBN 13: 9781556593277
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The incredibly graceful Ruth Stone is a nonagenarian whose pastimes are amassing major prizes and putting out work of undiminished excellence. Stone's poems are concise and approachable, yet her imagery and figurative language are nearly always oddly arresting.

ISBN 13: 9781556593277

Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Post a review for What Love Comes To This feature requires that you first log in or create an account if you do not already have one. Collected Songs of Cold Mountain, The.

What Love Comes To: New & Selected Poems

Kindest Regards: New and Selected Poems. For What Love Comes To , Ruth Stone "Many of Stone's loyal readers may know only her most recent, and most celebrated, works: the National Book Award—winning In the Next Galaxy , and its immediate prequels , which present a poet of wisdom and experience in clear, compact free verse She is running to the house and is looking for the paper and the poem passes through her.

She grabs a pencil just as it's going through her and she would reach out with her other hand and she would catch it. She would catch the poem by its tail and she would pull it backwards into her body as she was transcribing on the page. In those instances, the poem would come up on the page perfect and intact, but backwards, from the last word to the first.

Ruth Stone is the author of thirteen books of poetry.

What Love Comes To: New & Selected Poems - AbeBooks - Ruth Stone:

In July , she was named poet laureate of Vermont. The thematics suggest an ongoing byplay between science and some mode of intellection which is not science This is a philosophically serious writer, maybe one of the few instances of a genuinely integrated poetic sensibility we have seen in a very long time. Her heirs both literary and family — including her granddaughter, poet and visual artist Bianca Stone [13] — have established a foundation to convert the property into a writer's retreat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ruth Stone.

Roanoke, Virginia. Ripton, Vermont. Cathy N. American Poets Magazine. Poets Search more than 3, biographies of contemporary and classic poets.

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Ruth Stone — Ruth Stone was born on June 8, , in Roanoke, Virginia. Texts Year Title Prev 1 Next.

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Collections Year Title Prev 1 Next. Photo credit: David Carlson.

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In the Next Galaxy Things will be different. No one will lose their sight, their hearing, their gallbladder.

More by Ruth Stone

It will be all Catskills with brand new wrap-around verandas. The idea of Hitler will not have vibrated yet.

While back here, they are still cleaning out pockets of wrinkled Nazis hiding in Argentina. But in the next galaxy, certain planets will have true blue skies and drinking water. Ruth Stone Always on the Train Writing poems about writing poems is like rolling bales of hay in Texas. Nothing but the horizon to stop you.