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Cancel Submit. Thank you, Jonathan Easton We have added you to our waiting list and you will be contacted as soon as a ticket becomes available. Back to ticket listing. This programme is organised by Society for Chinese Ceramics Studies. Mr Ye Ke Wei will deliberate on the concept of Ge Ware by looking into the relevant literature, comparing with excavated pieces and consider the Long Quan "Ge" type ware.

One for home, one for the truck, and one for the retreat. They contained basic first aid items he could use himself after the course he took, but the advanced kits contained quite a few items that an EMT, Paramedic, or Doctor could use in their treatment of him, if they were caught without their own kits. He began building up a trust relationship with his regular doctor in order to, hopefully, get to the point where she would prescribe medications and such for him to store for an emergency.

Larry found a friendly range and practiced with all three of his weapons and decided on the load bearing equipment he would need for a combat load out after studying what was available on the internet, and based on a few suggestions he saw on the preparedness forums. He would get what he need the following spring if things worked out. After much searching on the internet Larry found an herbalist that would teach him about not only medicinal, but edible and dangerous plants.

Ware Ye - Chapter 3 Larry had his first real opportunity for a live, hands-on test of his preps that winter. A fierce blizzard came swooping down from the arctic regions of Canada. It dumped nearly two feet of snow on St. Louis with temperatures hovering around zero for three days. The weather system went as far south as Memphis, though it had weakened considerably by that time.

After the power failed the NWS radio was his main source of weather information, though he listened to regular broadcast radio on a crank up combination radio and light. It had the TV voice bands, too. The city was virtually shut down with only emergency services out and about. They just sold the insurance at the office where Larry worked. When he did get out and about he began to hear the stories of how bad it was during the blizzard. He could only shake his head. When it had begun to cool off in the apartment after the heat quit, he restacked the boxes of food and water that could be damaged by freezing and used the Coleman heater to keep them from warm.

He just bundled up and did fine.

The Concept of Ge Ware and the Existing Heritage Collection

Mike and Marshal each owned a home. When they lost power they suffered, according to Marshal. Clyde, like Larry, lived in an apartment building. They lost power, but still had water and sewer service. They had freezing problems, too. Larry just continued to use his preps as the repairs were made on the frozen plumbing in his building. The other three continued to grumble having to do without, since, though the power came back on quickly, there were more frozen pipes to fix than plumbers to fix them. Deciding it was a good time to bring up preparations, Larry did so.

We survived it and the National Guard was right in there helping. Things have changed since Katrina. Such as it was. Enough for a few days. Then it hit me. So I said forget it. Larry did. He wound up picking and choosing from several sources over the spring months. FMCO supplied a set of 8-point attachment H-suspenders, two one-quart canteen covers, a full flap hip holster for the Glock 21, four pistol single magazine pouches, and four round shotgun shell pouches. Op Tactical had a cell phone pouch and an EOD tool case for a small set of tools that would be useful in the field.

RS Tactical had a weapon retention lanyard. All the equipment except the notebook case, map case, and pistol lanyard were MOLLE compatible or could be used with the suspenders and belt. He could arrange things the way he wanted and tried several combinations until he found the ones he liked. That was after he bought the PTR He decided on the PTR over the HK partly for cost reasons, but primarily because he learned on the forums and the J. He started a new envelope to get the quick mount scope mount and a scope for it. To the Benelli M4 he added a sling and a 6-round sidesaddle shell carrier.

Larry practiced with them both and bought more ammunition to replace what he used and to increase his stocks. Though there was much he still wanted to do, he considered himself fairly well prepared as a cold summer turned into an even colder fall. The year supply of regular foods he just considered short term. Between one large Walton Feed order and one large Emergency Essentials order plus smaller monthly orders to Emergency Essentials and a couple of other suppliers, Larry put together a substantial two year LTS food supply that would be used if he went through the one year supply of regular food.

He picked up a Country Living Grain Mill with power handle to do the grinding required by the whole grains in the Basics. He added many additional 10 cans of individual items to supplement the packages. And he suspected the serving sizes were on the small side and he had a high metabolism. He needed plenty of food.

Larry added the Glock 30 to his armory in February and picked up an inside-the-waistband holster, and two dual IWB magazine pouches for it. He applied for a concealed weapons license and got it after a considerable wait. He began working on plans for at least a minimal retreat on the Ozarks property. Two of the Eagles and a roll each of the dimes and quarters each month. He also picked up a few more of the edged tools, weapons, and field tools he wanted. Larry had already bought what he considered the most important ones over the last two years.

He put together a set of small tools to be carried in the EOD pouch when in the field. During the summer of things began heating up. Not only the weather in Mid-America, but the world political situation. Nothing had been resolved about either Iran or North Korea and their nuclear weapons programs. Despite democratization, Russia and the Republics were steadily rearming with their newest designs. China was, as well. And they were cooperating to a large extent. Many of the democracies in South America were becoming more and more Leftist.

The new Border Wall was only partially complete and on hold. There had been another major war gas attack in Japan. Rumor had it that it was an al-Quaida training run. Human transmitted bird flu had just begun to spread on the East Coast of the US. He had lots of preps, but he was lacking in a few critical areas.

One was alternative sources of news. The major new networks were all about the same. Larry decided to get a Yaseu VR multi-band, multi-mode receiver. It was a hand held model. He picked up a pouch for it from Maxpedition to carry it on his LBE. Actually, he picked up two of the pouches. It had trunking capability so he could stay informed of where and what the police and fire agencies were doing. The short wave stations he picked up on the VR were not very reassuring.

The entire world population seemed worried and about to react. It would pressure feed clean air to the Millennium mask. Any leaks because of the beard would be outward. Extra filters for both. He would shave if he had to. Three spare batteries and an extra charger for the Optimair 6A. The Millennium was equipped with a drinking port so he got the two-quart flex canteen with pouch and shoulder strap, and a pressure cap adapter. A Tychem SL High performance containment coverall had an attached hood and bootie feet. The entire package came from Approved Gas Masks. Larry felt better now about having the means to safely escape a chemical or biological attack.

The equipment was also suitable for decontamination chores after a nuclear incident. He did have shelter space located if St. He wanted shelter at the Ozark property. He turned all his spare time and finances to that end. The first thing he did on the vacation he took to address the situation, was to hire a local man with a backhoe to dig him a trench off to one side of the camp clearing.

It had come in the package he bought from KI4U. Larry had added a CD remote reading survey meter to the original package, and though the package included a Nuk-Alert, he bought a RadDetect PRD keychain radiation alarm and several batteries for it. It would be available if anything happened before he could construct a better one. Larry watched the news closely, saving up his money for the retreat. He had finalized the plan and taken it to an architect he knew to review the construction details. The architect suggested a few changes to make the basement roof stronger, which was the main worry, as it would have three feet of earth cover on it.

It was too late in the fall to start the construction, according to a company that specialized in masonry construction in Popular Bluff. At least they were able to dig and pour the footings and floor of the basement for the house after Larry had the area of the retreat contoured. The concrete would be cured by the time he started construction come spring, which was a plus.

Another plus was the fact that he managed to keep his job. When he indicated he needed extended time off, it was not well received by his boss. So Larry sweated out the winter, hoping nothing nuclear would happen. Ware Ye - Chapter 4 As soon as the weather turned in the Spring of Larry told his boss he needed a month off. This time, when Larry made it clear that he was going to take the time, even if he lost the job, his boss, reluctantly, agreed to the time off. Larry let out a sigh of relief when his boss agreed.

It just so happened that one of the employees of the contractor had a decent travel trailer he was desperately trying to get rid of. He talked the man into a significant down payment and then monthly payments. Larry lived in the trailer as he supervised the construction. The work of roofing the basement with twelve inches of concrete and back fill of gravel went well. The two main entrances for the basement shelter, one an opening through the roof and the other a set of wide concrete stairs down to a right angle turn and entrance hatch, had enclosures built over them. The contractor also built a six thousand gallon concrete tank for future water storage.

A different contractor was hired to put in the escape tunnel. It led from the shelter to the expedient shelter that would now be used as a root cellar. The tunnel consisted of thirty inch diameter masonry sewer pipe. Larry bought a garage creeper and tied lengths of rope to each end so he could pull it to him from either end of the tunnel. It was a lot easier than crawling in the tunnel. The house itself would not be built until Larry had the funds. But he had his shelter.

Now he needed to equip it. Larry felt like he was running out of time. He did get more of the 15 gallon water barrels and took them to the retreat. He also moved the two year supply of LTS food there. He split his ammunition supply, keeping a small supply at home and moved the rest to the retreat. Larry slowed down on buying additional LTS food and increased the amount of funds going toward a well and a septic system for the property.

He started a new savings envelope for a generator and fuel tank. The world situation began to get worse as fall approached. Larry broke one of his own rules. He used the funds that had accumulated for the generator and tank to supplement the funds for the well and a septic system. Between them, the generator came in a distant second place. The well driller he found was old and experienced.

He doused for the best location for the well. Larry really wanted it closer to the shelter, but the driller guaranteed a minimum of a five gallon a minute well if he could drill where he wanted or there would be no charge. Larry was doubtful, but he agreed. The well produced eleven gallons a minute. It was safe water, but had a slight taste to it. Larry would filter the drinking water. He used a Brita at home, anyway. The retreat was already plumbed for water and sewer, and wired. The property was sloped such that Larry was able to place the septic tank down the slope from the house and have gravity drains through the floor of the shelter.

Not the best way. Usually septic tanks were between five and ten feet from the foundation. His was twenty, but the plumber assured him that it would work. Larry insisted on three cleanouts for the sewer line, just in case. A solar powered submersible pump went into the well, as did a deep well hand pump for back up.

The solar powered pump would keep the six thousand gallon storage tank full and a second solar pump would feed a pressure tank in the shelter utility room. A hand pump was mounted on the sink counter and could pull from the storage tank when needed. Though it cleaned out both the plumbing systems and generator envelopes, Larry was able to install a three thousand gallon diesel tank and plumb it in with a fill hose at the end of the earth bermed tank, and a pipe to the utility room of the shelter, where the generator would be.

He would begin filling it, slowly, with diesel treated with Pri-D. Though Larry preferred to buy new, he began investigating used generators.

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He wanted an rpm diesel driven generator with four to six kilowatt capacity. The Isuzu The smaller unit and some deep cycle batteries with a small Trace inverter would supply limited electrical needs. It was a shelter, after all. By the time he got around to building a house, he would be able to get what he wanted.

Things had quieted on the world political scene, though all the old issues had not in the least gone away. Weather patterns and global warning were in the news every day now. It seemed the process had accelerated. Coasts were beginning to flood. The oceans were only an inch or so higher, on average, than in the past, but that inch was pointing out low lying spots on coastlines.

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There was more cooperation in discussing the problem, but nothing was actually being done. It was obvious that man-made or not, the warming was not controllable by humans. Even most of the effects could not be countered, only prepared for. Nobody seemed to be willing to do even what they could. Larry breathed a sigh of relief when the Spring of came and he was able to buy a used Onan generator like he wanted. It had been pulled from a wrecked motorhome, but was in good shape. He picked up Surrette batteries and the Trace inverter from Affordable Solar, along with two small battery maintainer solar panels.

One to put up, which he did, and one for storage in case something happened to the first. Now he had reasonable power at the retreat. He continued to put money in the larger generator envelope, and started one for a moderate sized solar array, with a larger inverter and more batteries.

He was in so much better shape than most people, he decided he could relax a little, while still continuing and upgrading his preps. Even the guys on the bowling team mentioned how much more relaxed he was. Larry smiled and nodded. They were the ones getting tense. And it was the opposite reason that he was relaxed. They were getting concerned a little about the world political situation and the wide swings of weather of the last few years.

So Larry brought up preparations one more time. Like back in the sixties. FEMA should be doing a better job. You guys probably need to look at your insurance coverage. Just about anything can be covered. You should know that, Larry, being in the business and all. Clyde showed just a glimmer of interest. You know. In case the water goes out again. Marshal and Mike laughed. And toilet paper. Clyde looked ashamed and Larry decided not to bring up the subject again.

He wondered if Clyde would keep the water and TP, or dump the water and just use up the toilet paper. Larry bowled a that night. It was his last bowling game for a very long time. Ware Ye - Chapter 5 The authorities said that when the next major terrorist attack came, it would not be the same as the last one.

The authorities were wrong. In a big way. This time there were fifteen aircraft hijacked. Unlike the last time, however, the Air Force was quicker to react. Airliner or not. Passengers or not. Three of the aircraft were shot down before they got to their targets.

Air Marshalls fought it out with the terrorists on two planes. One plane landed safely. The other crashed during the fight. Passengers, not the Air Marshalls, fought with and subdued the terrorists on another aircraft. It was able to land safely. The other nine aircraft hit their targets, with redundancy. Two into the White House. Three into the Pentagon. The last went into the San Onofre, California nuclear power plant. Neither of the nuclear plants went up, as the authorities had claimed, but many had feared.

In both cases the destruction of supporting buildings and equipment was enormous. The reactors at both plants were out of commission, probably permanently. He made immediate arrangements to head for the Ozarks. He told his boss he was leaving, but would be back when things settled down. He went into his office and came out a few minutes later with a check.

Larry already had his few personal possessions in a copy paper box. Instead, he bee-lined to the bank the check was written on and cashed it. He went to his bank and withdrew everything. He was lucky. He was one of the first in the bank after the attacks. He got his money. The bank restricted withdrawals to fifty dollars. Larry only kept enough in the bank to pay his monthly bills, but he wanted it. Using his cell phone, Larry started to call Marshal, Mike, and Clyde.

They were his closest friends.

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  7. When Marshal got on the phone and heard what Larry was talking about he suggested a conference call. Marshal called Mike and Clyde and put everyone on speaker phone. The government will institute more travel restrictions and keep looking for bin Laden. I really doubt it. I suggest you all do the same. Buildings with deep basements or underground garages. Mike sounded a little less sure of himself. I bet you have guns and everything!

    His voice sounded almost angry. Yeah it is. A retreat. Look, Larry. Let me and Loretta go with you. I tried to talk to you guys about preparing, but you just laughed it off. Angry at Larry for being prepared. Enough for one for a long time is enough for many a short time. Mike had hung up. Marshal cut the connection before Clyde could say anything else. He had decided to just take off and let the others fend for themselves.

    Threatening him. Clyde drove up in his Volkswagen New Beetle. Clyde had been the most receptive before. But then Mike drove up in the Dodge minivan his wife usually drove. Mike opened the door and put one foot on the pavement. And we brought stuff. Supplies and things. Larry was surprised to see that Marshal was alone in the car. There is wild talk on the news. You could be right. Marshal turned toward him and the shotgun fired.

    But he had. Mike screamed and fell back into the minivan. An ashen faced Clyde dropped the Beetle in reverse and sped away, zigzagging erratically, by choice or not. You stand right there. I need to get something out of the car. His hand whipped back and he began drawing the Glock 30 as Marshal began to lean into the Cadillac. But Marshal saw him and began to swing the shotgun back toward Larry.

    Larry followed his training. Two to the chest, one to the head. People were starting to approach. He came screeching to a halt behind the Cadillac. The blood slowed almost immediately as the clotting agent in the bandage did its work. Please, Larry. Just a while ago the news was reporting Americans attacking Arabs. Here in St. Things could get really dangerous.

    We can get a doc to look at my arm later. I just need something for the pain. Do you having anything? Larry gave Mike two Vicadin and helped him move to the passenger seat.

    g g o I.docx - ware It ye greatest removing concerns an...

    He sat in the Beetle, a resolute look on his face, hands on the steering wheel. He intended to follow. Larry decided to let him come to. He got into the truck without a further word and put it in gear. Before he could drive forward a green Jaguar came to a screeching halt behind Clyde. Well, she surprised him. He was leaving me behind. Fat Chance. Lead on, cowboy. Larry was already pulling out, the others following. The gathering crowd encircled the body after Bettina got in the Jag and followed the others. In the other direction. A couple of others climbed into it, too, as it slowed to let them in.

    By the time the body was reported and the police arrived, the body had been stripped down to its shorts. Instead of heading directly out of town, Larry led the little convoy to a parking lot at a medical building. Mike started protesting even before Larry got out of his truck and walked back to the minivan. Rebecca stayed with Sally. Larry was getting a bit worried about Sally. She was still crying silently.

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    She calmly instructed her nurse to take Mike to an examining room when the nurse went to get her with the unusual client. Larry explained what had happened, leaving out a few details. Larry shook his head. People are rioting and killing anyone they think is Arab or Moslem. Take a look at me. But what do you think? Let me go with you. When Larry looked hesitant, Barbara continued. I have some stuff at home that will pay my way. After you take care of Mike.

    1 Corinthians - TYN - Are ye not ware that ye are the temple of god a

    What about your nurse? The nurse was motioning to Barbara. Switch everyone over to Julie or Crandall. They came out carrying boxes and plastic totes. The interior of the Suburban was full, as was the roof rack, when Larry took the lead of the convoy again. Larry took the other radio with him and got into his truck. This time they were headed for the retreat. All turned on their radios and listened to the news. As they left the metro area and entered the suburbs of St. Louis, Barbara called Larry on the radio and asked him to stop at the first fueling station.

    She was down to a quarter tank. Larry did so. Even though he had fuel to get all the way there, he knew the others might not. They drove until they got to Cape Girardeau. They fueled up again, Larry topping off his tanks on general principles, before they found a motel for the night. Mike was in some pain again and Barbara gave him another pain killer and another dose of antibiotics. She also gave Sally a sedative to help her sleep. The following morning the news was about the same. More riots and retaliation against Arabs and Moslems. Barbara received a few scowling looks as she joined the others in a fast food place for breakfast.

    Mike and Sally both looked much better this morning. Bettina was showing no signs of anger at Larry about the death of her husband. Larry was beginning to think that it might not have been a good marriage. Barbara wolfed her food and then took out a pad of paper from her skirt pocket and put it on the table.

    She was sharing the table with Larry and Bettina. They moved their things out of the way and Barbara began writing on the pad, sheet after sheet. Bettina reached over and picked one up. We need to stop at a Wal-mart, K-mart, Longs, Walgreens and big grocery stores with pharmacies.

    I want to get some working supplies. If this blows over. But I guess we have it. It took them all morning, and they would stop at a few more places on the way to the Ozarks, but Barbara was happy with what they picked up in Cape Girardeau. Perhaps bin Laden would have kept his word. It became a moot point when Americans in city after city turned on anyone that could be identified as an Arab or Moslem. There was wholesale slaughter of thousands of Arabs and Moslems across the United States.

    When the video of the battles in the streets and in mosques aired, bin Laden ordered the nuclear devices that were already in the US to be detonated. One of the targets was St. The device was downtown, near the Mississippi River, apparently to damage the river bridges, to help cut the country in two. Clyde, following Larry, flashed his lights and sounded his horn, motioning Larry to pull over. Larry told Barbara on the radio and then eased over onto the shoulder, the convoy in line behind him.

    This changes things, but not much. Are you all right? She took his arm and they walked back to her Suburban. She nodded. I should be okay for the next hour. They had to abandon the Jag, minivan, and Beetle. Using the service truck and Suburban they shuttled everyone and everything the last half of the track. Everyone was exhausted from the nervous energy expended that day. The leadership of Iran, incensed at the slaughters of their people, used their newly made nuclear weapons and missiles to attack Israel in retaliation as those in the retreat slept.

    They were watching the news the following morning and all had ashen faces. The President unlocked the nuclear arsenal just after pm Eastern Time and essentially obliterated Iran. The Russians and Chinese had treaties with Iran.

    Ye Na Wale

    They both targeted America and America responded in kind. North Korea took the opportunity to nuke South Korea and to start to invade. India did a preemptive strike. Israel had half expected the attack from Iran, though not the magnitude. She retaliated with her nuclear arsenal against every one of her sworn enemies. The group spent the morning arranging things to provide each family unit a bit of privacy.

    Larry was running the shortwave and amateur bands on the Yaseu VR What he was hearing alarmed him. The TV news that the others were watching was suggesting that people keep calm, and that was about it. Against the protests of the others, Larry disconnected all the antennas line from their radios and attached them to a grounding panel.

    Electromagnetic pulse. It could burn out the electronic gear. Each of the others came out from time to time check with him. There was no announcement. The radio squealed loudly and died. Larry knew the attack had begun, but there was no way to tell how bad it would be. He went inside and told the others. Clyde was frantic. Larry battened down the hatches and checked the air filtration system and generator. Everything was fine. He stopped the generator, and after it cooled down, serviced it, for something to do.

    They all felt the ground shake lightly twice. Larry kept checking the CDV remote reading survey meter. It was early evening before they began to get fallout, and from the initial readings it was fairly light. The others turned in after a light supper. Larry continued to watch the fallout meter. He checked his keychain RadDetect keychain alarm. He decided to use the CDV to check for hot spots all around the shelter.

    They could use the full space of the shelter. Larry was keeping a log of the CDV readings. They showed a steeply rising outside radiation level, with a few points where it leveled off, and even dropped for a while. Larry surmised they were getting fallout from multiple strikes to their west and north-west. The readings peaked at something over , the limit the CD would measure. Larry would use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the rough peak when he had enough readings below He took a meter reading first and then hit the bathroom.

    The facilities were proving themselves more than adequate to meet their needs. Barbara was coordinating breakfast for everyone. She seemed at home in the kitchen. Mountain House had something that everyone would eat. After she finished her breakfast, Bettina took Barbara aside and asked for something to help her resist the urges to smoke. Barbara had foreseen the possibility and had what Bettina needed. Clyde was the one Larry was worried about. He was still withdrawn, though a bit wild eyed, Larry thought. Loretta, other than her worry about Clyde, seemed to be okay.

    So did Rebecca. The fourth morning into their stay Larry got up to see Clyde passing back and forth the length of the shelter. Like the moon landing. The government is just penning us up until they have soldiers on every corner. They know about this place and will be coming here to get me. Let me get Barbara. She can help you with something. Want out of here. The others began to wake up, asking what was going on from behind their blanket curtains.

    Larry started to get Barbara, but Clyde came back out, an over and under shotgun in his hands. And you are letting me out of here right now. Larry had his hands out to his side, careful not to make any sudden moves. Clyde had seen him shoot Marshal. Any similar move and Larry was sure Clyde would fire. With Loretta crying and begging him to stop, Clyde opened the heavy door just a bit and slipped through. The door was open only enough to allow Clyde through.

    The shotgun bridged the gap and Clyde dropped it in his haste to get out of the shelter. Larry ran over and picked it up and followed Clyde. Clyde was already at the edge of the forest, running as fast as he could. Larry shook his head and went back inside the shelter, unloading the shotgun as he did.

    He found out it was. Loretta was frantic. And the fallout! Please, Larry! He just signed his death warrant going out with the radiation still this high. Loretta bowed her head into her upraised hands. Larry gratefully let Rebecca and Barbara gently take her and begin to calm and console her. Sally was looking on, wide eyed.

    Mike went to her and took her back to their cubicle. Larry untucked his shirt and went to put on the Glock 30 and a pair of magazines. He was tired of having a shot gun pointed at him. When Loretta went to the bathroom Larry searched their cubicle. He found a box of 20 gauge shells half full.

    He took them and added the shotgun and shell to his arms locker, again not caring if anyone took note. Loretta was withdrawn the next few days, but Barbara said she was doing okay. The rest had adapted to shelter living without much problem. The yard sale board games, too. What helped the most, Larry thought, was the fact that the entire basement was a shelter. There was room to move around. Room to be alone, if wanted. That was the important one for Larry. The ability to get away from the others for a few hours. Larry suited up on the eighth day, after the radiation had fallen below 1.

    On the off chance that mutant zombie bikers were waiting for them to come out, he took the PTR with a round drum. He also had the Glock 21 on a belt around his waist. Only silence. The grass and trees were coated with the fallout dust. But the sky looked stormy. If it rain it would wash much of the fallout to the ground, and with the slope of the property, away to the gullies that drained the area. Loretta asked him if he saw any signs of Clyde.

    When he said no, she walked away, looking forlorn. After fourteen days in the shelter the radiation was at 0. Still silence. But either the other day he had been out, or sometime since, it had rained. The grass and the forest looked fresh and green under the noonday sun, despite the haze. Larry had a couple of extra Tyvek suits and plenty of dust masks. Two people at a time would suit up with him and go outside to start decontamination.

    The radiation was still 0. It was decided, by Larry, they would stay at the shelter until the radiation level fell below 0. Everyone was able to go outside for a few minutes a day, but they spent most of the time in the shelter. Finally the day came when the radiation read below 0.

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    There was an argument about who was to go. Everyone wanted to. Mike strongly objected that he was to stay behind with the others. Only Larry and Bettina would go. Larry chose Bettina because she was the only one, besides Mike, that agreed to go armed. From what Bettina had said, she was no stranger to firearms. Larry believed her. Mike, armed, with no training might very well be a liability.

    Larry had his fingers crossed. Bettina chose to take the Beretta 20 gauge. He gave Mike the Savage 99A, for his comfort, and showed him how to load and fire it, to calm him down. Larry drove cautiously, not to stir up the dust that had accumulated. He had decided not to wear the Millennium respirator, but he and Bettina both sported P masks and safety glasses.

    He took an hour to get there. They passed half a dozen stalled cars.