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Cohen " is guaranteed to absorb the listener. The Fugitives also strike an overtly political tone throughout the album. The devastating homophobic mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub inspired the song " Orlando For the Victims and Survivors ". I was completely unfamiliar with his story.

Easter Among Strangers

Capay was held in pretrial solitary confinement in a Canadian jail. Capay's supporters decried the confinement as a human rights violation seeped in racial injustice. The song's title is the call to turn off the lights blazing 24 hours a day in Capay's cell. The song's instrumentation creates an effective connection to Capay's case. Yet the full range of the sweeping strings verges on a Hans Zimmer-esque blockbuster theme.

Regardless both tracks are valuable musical and political endeavors. The Promise of Strangers also pays tributes to those who personally impacted the group. The song is accessible enough to remind every listener of a maternal figure. Likewise, " London in the Sixties For Dr. McMorran " was drawn from Glynn's father's memories of the city before emigrating to Canada. The song features lively lyrics such as "I had a waistcoat and Italian shoes" thereby recalling an era of erstwhile frivolity.

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However, the track also questions whether emigration was the right choice. The potential seriousness is lightened by the song's animated horns carried by an exhilarating saxophone solo. A collective in every sense of the word, the Fugitives find strength in their ability to collaborate. The duo are joined by classically trained multi-instrumentalist Steve Charles in addition to the adroit violinist Ali Romanow.

Likewise "No Words for L. Cohen " was recorded live with the gospel based Righteous Ramshackle Chorus. McLeod and Glynn's storytelling tempers the album's experimentation then restates T he Promise of Strangers back to its folk roots.

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At times the songs' musicality sounds like a variation of a theme. The majority of the album's songs begin subdued then gradually up shifts in tempo and intensity.

Paperback Editions

The addition of more vocals or instruments are progressively fed into the track ultimately building to one lasting crescendo. On the poignant " See This Winter Out For Amy ", the music threads in the kick-drum followed by the banjo to build the music.

But The Promise of Strangers is built on immense talent. The musicians' caliber heightens the quality of the album without sounding overly produced. Whereas the album embarks on themes that are personal and familial, the Fugitives reminds listeners of the power cloaked in the unknown.

The Fugitives have found success in Canada but are yet to break through in the United States. This might be the album that expands their audience. I've sworn, after learning about the latest kleptocrat billionaire to buy a club, or scrambling from the clash between hooligans and riot police, or hearing a homophobic chant rise up from the stands, I would give up on the game. Start conversations.

One December morning changed that for me. I received a text message from my sister that shook me. The first thing I did was google everything I possibly could about a procedure that I, even with my nursing background, seemed to know very little about. Cardiology was always my weakness and I wanted to kick myself for not studying it enough. The next day, I was on a flight to Boston for work while my dad went into surgery.

Sitting on that plane was one of the most uneasy feelings in the world. In a way, it was a reminder of how short our time here on Earth really is and that I needed to make the most of it. It was a short trip but one we were grateful for.

The Fugitives' 'The Promise of Strangers' Reminds Listeners of the Power Cloaked in the Unknown

He continues to improve each day. This is one of the touchier subjects because it is about my dear Harper. Harper was a String of Pearls plant that I had brought home all the way from Toronto. After a week of being away for work, I returned to a clearly ill and wilting Harper. With little knowledge on how to revive the poor thing, I was forced to toss her. Needless to say, I have since stopped naming my plants. It was a time of uncertainty, confusion and honestly some fear. That week, my family spent a lot of time together.

We made crepes, ate sushi for days!!! When faced with uncertainty and watching the news so closely, all we cared about was that our family was home. Crepes are a must in times of chaos.

The wall in front of me was a window covered with hurricane shutters. The calm before the storm- my brother Russ and dad went for one last swim in the pool before we all got back in the house and locked up for the night to wait out the storm. I am so grateful that my dad has a great sense of humor in times like these. Three months ago, after much thought, I quit my nursing job at an orthopedic office in Venice, FL and moved to Erie, PA to live with my sister and her family.

Busy was a word I used too often in my vocabulary. I am finally doing what I love and spending more time with the people I love. This was one of the very first days in my new home. I would sit outside covered with a blanket and watch the leaves fall. What about you? Maybe a specific event led to a change in mindset like it has so often for me?

Let me know in the comment section! Loved reading your first blog!!! Now something i would like to share One of the promises I made to my husband is no matter how far apart we are to never leave upset or disappointed or angry or in a fight but to always Apologize before going our superstar ways. No more negative thoughts or emotions.

We talk more about the Bible , family and what it means to be a Christ centered relationship. Thank you so much Lizzy!

The Promise of Strangers by The Fugitives on Amazon Music Unlimited

I loved reading your testimony of what God is doing in your life and I am so happy for you! Keep trusting Him. New year new you! Congrats with this blog. Haha… oh girl! I though I was so brave… woohoo… gonna start a blooooog. It definitely is a lot more work than I though but so far, I am enjoying it!! Keep thinking- not too long- and make it a reality! I love your lesson. Such a beautiful read!