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She also increases her ability to pick up and carry someone, as her joint attack with Nora Valkyrie on the Geist was a vast improvement over the time she carried Penny Polendina. Another amped ability is her encircling of air, which she previously used successfully against Team JNPR and unsuccessfully against Mercury Black. Previously it was smaller, but she is now capable of enveloping her enemy in a tornado-like rush of air.

Notably, whenever she uses this Semblance, she leaves a trail of rose petals in her wake that dissipate over time. It is unknown what causes this, but these rose petals are not merely symbolic and can be perceived by others. Weiss once waved her hands to brush them away, and Ozpin comments on witnesses who reported rose petals left behind in a dance club. Through her mother, Summer, Ruby comes from a line of legendary warriors who possessed powerful abilities related to their Silver Eyes , said to be an extremely rare trait.

Upon seeing Pyrrha Nikos die in " End of the Beginning ", Ruby accidentally uses this power in her grief and petrifies the Wyvern. However, she has no memory of doing this other than her head hurting. Later in the episode, Qrow describes a fairy tale about warriors with Silver Eyes who are so powerful that even the Grimm fear them. In " The Next Step ", it is revealed that Ruby's powers injured Cinder Fall greatly, causing her to lose her left eye and arm, and making it difficult for her to speak for a period of time. Salem states that this is due to Cinder's possession of the Fall Maiden powers but does not explain why this is the case.

However, when Ruby uses her powers once again in " The More the Merrier ", Raven Branwen , who possesses the Spring Maiden powers, is not affected despite being in the vicinity, indicating that the Maiden powers themselves do not cause an individual to be affected by Silver Eye powers. This indicates that the reason Cinder was affected was due to her usage of the Grimm, through a Grimm beetle glove and a Grimm arm.

In " Alone in the Woods ", Ruby has managed to activate her power intentionally after Maria Calavera tells her to concentrate on her loved ones, turning a group of Apathy to dust.

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In " Our Way ", Ruby was able to petrify the Leviathan , but the massive Grimm was able to partially destroy the stone encasing its body before it was destroyed by Caroline Cordovin. In addition, Ruby is heavily reliant on Crescent Rose.

In contrast to her sister, her hand-to-hand capabilities are rather poor, making her easy to be taken down by mere grunts. Without her weapon, there is not much she can do in a fight, and her best bet is to run away with her speed. Her cape, on occasion, has been exploited and used against her, notably during the Beacon initiation when a Nevermore pinned her cape to the ground with its feather-spears. In " Lighting the Fire " Ruby is shown to be slightly improving in hand-to-hand combat under the tutelage of Professor Ozpin through Oscar Pine. Until she was guided by Maria, Ruby was using the power of her silver eyes in reaction to the death of a close friend or a loved one being in danger, without control on her part.

Also, she is vulnerable to attack from behind, as shown when she is knocked out by Emerald Sustrai during the Battle of Haven. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Do you like this video? Members of this wiki gave feedback on a previous version of the above video's script. Any inaccuracies in the new version are not approved of by members of this wiki. Additionally, the above video may be out of date. For the episode of the same name, see Ruby Rose episode.

But if we gave up every time we lost, then we'd never be able to move forward. Contents [ show ]. Should Ruby Rose be considered Human??? Except GoL has been elsewhere since reviving Oz, like, galaxies away. Foxcomm wrote: I have two theories. The first isn't as likely though. Like Oz, Salem also gains a new body over time. Sentry Blackchaos27 wrote: At this point, I think the most likely reason for wanting Ruby alive has to do her being Ozpin's "smaller, m Categories :.

Chris proves himself to be a valuable friend and ally. This showed an interesting dynamic because after many years apart, the two are forced to come to terms with each other. Furthermore, this benefited the plot [by moving it along], as it turns out Anushka has a deeper connection to Cecile, and her mother, than she realized. We get to learn about some of the politics of Trianon and how the rest of the Isle is structured leadership-wise. Cecile discovers the Regency — the reigning government of the Isle — has close ties with the trolls and Anushka. I absolutely loved all the plot twists Jensen had waiting for the reader, most were a complete surprise!

However, I would have liked more world-building. It felt to me she only scratched the surface, and I had more questions for every answer provided.

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Witchery, grimoires, magic — all these things were manifested in Cecile and came with serious character growth. The magical side that she only discovered in Stolen Songbird , is put to good use in Hidden Huntress — for better or worse. Cecile dives straight into the dark arts and animal sacrifice, her love for Tristan and their friends a huge motivator.

It was a fascinating turn of events, as Tristan seemed to go a more moral route. I did have some issues with the writing. I encountered this with Stolen Songbird , but definitely feel it has since improved. It was almost a chore to get through. Overall, Hidden Huntress undeniably surpasses as a sequel to Stolen Songbird. I was blown away by the ending and cannot wait for book 3 — which is even harder since I read book 2 before it was even released! Jensen has shaped an underground city of magical creatures into one of my most valued book worlds — and that makes me extremely excited for future works.

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Stolen Songbird. Hidden Huntress. Warrior Witch.

She might also be the hunted… Review: Hidden Huntress is book two in the Malediction Trilogy , and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than book one. Look, I am not one to always demand a happy ending. Bittersweet endings can be really cool when they are done well. After all the build-up of the challenges, the conflicts, the struggles that the characters had to go through over the course of three books, what we ended up with here felt like a kick in the teeth.

There was no pleasure tinged with sadness or pain here, just a pure sense of awkwardness that felt extemporaneous and out of place. If you loved the first two books like I did, then you probably should read Warrior Witch. If nothing else, that final epic showdown is well worth the price of admission just to witness how all the human, troll and fae conflicts resolve.

Jensen , Malediction Trilogy , Warrior Witch. I however need my HEA! Thanks for the info on the last one. Like Like. If HEA is important to you, then I highly recommend staying far away! Like Liked by 1 person. I would be very interested to hear what you think of that ending! Oh no! But, sorry to see the series has ended on a low note. I wish this one had ended on a high note like that one did.

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Yeah, those really unsatisfying endings, right? Yeah, now I understand why there were so many mixed reviews, lol! Ha, yeah, this mirrors my thoughts pretty well. I think I wrote a very spoilery review for this one because I wanted to rant a lot. Ugh, this book and the way it makes me feel… Yeah I remember seeing your rating for the book but skipping the spoilery parts of your review thanks for the warning!

The relationship just was terrible and Cecile was a proper numpty throughout the whole book — got on my last nerve. Describes Cecile perfectly. Ugh, I hate it when an otherwise good series ends poorly. You are commenting using your WordPress.