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From smarter security to genuine life-savers

  1. How to enable JavaScript in your browser and why
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  4. SharePoint Sync Issues – what’s the problem?

Doing so will bring up shortcuts to your most-used apps. For those after something more, additional panels can be downloaded. One way to do this is with split screen multitasking, letting you run two apps side by side. Once open, you can drag to resize or return to a full screen view.

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You can add a range of iris scanner previews to your screen and replace those dull eye aligning circles with graphics that are a little more entertaining. Fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, facial recognition abilities. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is filled with biometric security measures.

How to enable JavaScript in your browser and why

What if the phone was smart enough to unlock automatically when it detected it was safe to do so though? Within the camera app, swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen brings up a number of shooting options, including Panorama, Slow motion and Hyperlapse modes. All that screen space is great from a visual perspective.

It can get slightly unwieldy and difficult to manage with a single hand, however. Fortunately, Samsung has thought this through and bestowed the Galaxy S8 with some solid one-handed mode features. You can enhance the message beyond a standard alert and a location link too. Some love them, others hate them, and while many will argue that the back key should be on the left of the three-key setup, others will argue that its true home is on the right of things. Well, thankfully, with the Galaxy S8 you can make your own choices.

Anyone for pink keys? Bixby -the artificially intelligent assistant on this phone - is more than just another voice-controlled bot butler. It responds to touch, text and voice - essentially making it the brain of your phone that helps you use its functions better. Tap and highlight it and then get Bixby to search for it on the web. Need to set up a meeting? What it can do is remind you that you need to get to the doctor before things get that bad.

That means finding pharmacies, scheduling a doctor visit online or reserving an appointment in real life. Notifications getting on your nerves but still want to have the app run as normal? With the Galaxy S8 you can turn off notifications on an app-by-app basis.

Download ePSXe

This applies not only to stopping notifications but also to muting them. So if you want a break from that WhatsApp group, without opening the app, or just need Facebook to stop hounding you for an hour, they can be silenced easily. This is a nice middle ground between going mad and deleting the app completely. Who knows, you may find the silence refreshing rather than horrifying - a nice way to quit the social media addiction without going cold turkey then. To that end, Samsung has created DeX, a small puck-like object that turns your phone into a PC-like experience with a simple click.

Dex is a dock that features USB ports for keyboards, mice and flash drives.

It also, of course, outputs to a screen which is rather crucial for the widescreen, desktop experience. That means you can use your phone like a full-on computer. The OS itself is similar to Chrome OS with apps in resizable windows, and you can type like on your PC, copy and paste, right click and more for easy navigation and controls. But you can get plenty more beyond simple access to the hour. At the most basic level you can get time, calendar data and even an option to add your own image to stare at lovingly… but you can do more.

I also had the master browser issue with Windows 7. Windows 10 was fine until the last couple of updates, confirming everyones confirmations above. My first post here - ran into same update broke wdtv network shares. Thanks for all the sharing. What used to circle for hours on wdtv now circled just a few times and bingo I saw my shares again. Even as a work around, this was pretty easy task to do and might have to for every reboot - who knows.

Same prob for me after the update. Thanks guys. Checked 4 times all Share Rules, User Login, everything, but nothing helped. Microsoft disabled SMB V1 for unsafty reasons, but many old devices still need it. Launch Powershell as administrator. Solution for multiple network pcs all on the same workgroup that can no longer see each other. In the event of only one pc, add another pc to the same wireless or wired network.

How to fast start your Computer/Laptop ! Windows 7/8/10 trick - Hindi -- startup windows faster

Goto one of these pcs that was not the original workgroup pc and give it a new workgroup name. Then change all the other network pcs and other media to this new workgroup. Reshare all network drives.

Course Title: Support computer hardware and software

Now I have the same problem. Dont buy WD product anymore. Same problem here. I had hoped these fixes turning on the smb1 and the powershell command would work…but no.

I wish WD would help us out here. It seems they have abandoned us. I also own several WD external and internal hard drives, I have trusted them and given them business they were always my first choice. Turned anything to do with networking on… rebooted PC Shares all popped up on the WDTV Live boxes… No time to figure out which one fixed it, just very happy to be watching my.

SharePoint Sync Issues – what’s the problem?

Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. WatchBackup Your post is quite alarming because the other day I finally answered the nag screen to check my privacy settings to get this , and my Win 10 has been completely shut down for a few days.


This is so darn confusing and frustrating. So something weird in the protocol stack is causing the Net Broadcast to close. Bizness July 26, , pm Dono1 September 26, , am PTF November 13, , am Good luck to all! Mr Peter.