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Elizabeth Gaskell, auteur de Mary Barton. Charles Kingsley , auteur de Alton Locke. Benjamin Disraeli , auteur de Sybill. Car tout est fait pour brider l'imagination, tant dans Coketown que dans l'esprit des petits Gradgrind. Hilary Schor ne partage pas totalement cet avis. Deed we are in a muddle, sir. Look round town — so rich as 'tis — and see the numbers o' people as has been broughten into bein heer, fur to weave, an to card, an to piece out a livin', aw the same one way, somehows, twixt their cradles and their graves.

Look how we live, and wheer we live, an in what numbers, an by what chances, and wi' what sameness; and look how the mills is awlus a goin, and how they never works us no nigher to ony dis'ant object — ceptin awlus, Death. Look how you considers of us, and writes of us, and talks of us, and goes up wi' yor deputations to Secretaries o' State 'bout us, and how yo are awlus right, and how we are awlus wrong, and never had'n no reason in us sin ever we were born.

Look how this ha growen an growen, sir, bigger an bigger, broader an broader, harder an harder, fro year to year, fro generation unto generation. Who can look on 't, sir, and fairly tell a man 'tis not a muddle [ ]? Raisons techniques? La raison en est que la partie constructive de la critique sociale reste inexistante. En outre, deux essais, l'un d'Eliza Lynn, l'autre de W. Sparsit saw him detain her with his encircling arm, and heard him then and there, within her Mrs. The objects he had lately pursued, turned worthless beside her; such success as was almost in his grasp, he flung away from him like the dirt it was, compared with her.

Its pursuit, nevertheless, if it kept him near her, or its renunciation if it took him from her, or flight if she shared it, or secrecy if she commanded it, or any fate, or every fate, all was alike to him, so that she was true to him, - the man who had seen how cast away she was, whom she had inspired at their first meeting with an admiration, an interest, of which he had thought himself incapable, whom she had received into her confidence, who was devoted to her and adored her.

All this, and more, in his hurry, and in hers, in the whirl of her own gratified malice, in the dread of being discovered, in the rapidly increasing noise of heavy rain among the leaves, and a thunderstorm rolling up - Mrs. Sparsit received into her mind, set off with such an unavoidable halo of confusion and indistinctness, that when at length he climbed the fence and led his horse away, she was not sure where they were to meet, or when, except that they had said it was to be that night [ ].

Je suis ta servante et ta concubine! Tu es mon roi, mon idole! Now, Mrs. Sparsit was not a poetical woman; but she took an idea in the nature of an allegorical fancy, into her head. Much watching of Louisa, and much consequent observation of her impenetrable demeanour, which keenly whetted and sharpened Mrs. She erected in her mind a mighty Staircase, with a dark pit of shame and ruin at the bottom; and down those stairs, from day to day and hour to hour, she saw Louisa coming [ ].

The seizure of the station with a fit of trembling, gradually deepening to a complaint of the heart, announced the train. Fire and steam, and smoke, and red light; a hiss, a crash, a bell, and a shriek; Louisa put into one carriage, Mrs. Sparsit put into another: the little station a desert speck in the thunderstorm [ ].

It contained several large streets all very like one another, and many small streets still more like one another, inhabited by people equally like one another, who all went in and out at the same hours, with the same sound upon the same pavements, to do the same work, and to whom every day was the same as yesterday and to-morrow, and every year the counterpart of the last and the next [ ].

Jeremy Bentham. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir! Patten , p. Learning outcomes After studying this course, you should be able to: understand and give information on a French town seek clarification on where to stay and things to do deal confidently with numbers and tell the time identify a personal development in oral fluency and reading skills.

Session 1 1. Download this audio clip. Audio 1. Skip transcript: Audio 1 Transcript: Audio 1. Je cherche aussi le commissariat. Show transcript Hide transcript. Interactive feature not available in single page view see it in standard view. Audio 2. Christine C'est place de l'Horloge. Christine C'est quai Saint Lazare. She's English.

He's Irish. The museum is just there, on the right. La mairie? Elle est au bout de la rue. The town hall? It's at the end of the street. Where are we exactly? We are here. Are you French?

Non, je suis belge. No, l'm Belgian. Recreate the dialogue by putting the sentences in order. Remettez les phrases dans l'ordre. Are you from round here? Audio 3. Answer Dialogue Here is the dialogue in full: Apologize and ask if she comes from the region. La passant Oui, je suis d'Avignon. Ask where the town hall is. La passante La mairie est place de l'Horloge. Ask if it's far. Vous C'est loin? Learning verbs Grammar books and dictionaries give the conjugation of different verbs, that is, all forms of the verb je, tu, il, elle, on, nous, vous, ils, elles in different tenses.

Making liaisons When a word starts with a vowel, a link is sometimes made with the consonant of the preceding word, for example, o n e st. It is useful to indicate where a liaison occurs when jotting down new phrases. Audio 4.

Journal du Cameroun - Actualités et Infos en direct au Cameroun et dans le Monde

Answer We have marked the liaisons in bold. Vous vou s a ppelez John?


Session 2 2. Give the English equivalents for the following words. Que signifient les mots suivants? Answer douche — shower salle de bains — bathroom.

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For how many nights? Audio 5. Skip transcript: Audio 5 Transcript: Audio 5. Framboise Woman on desk. View larger image. Audio 6. Is there a swimming-pool? Il y a un sauna et une salle de gym. There is a sauna and a gym. There are some dolls for the children. In a question you should raise the pitch of your voice at the end of the sentence Il y a une piscine? Oui, il y a une piscine. In the answer, the pitch of your voice drops at the end of the sentence.

Improving your speaking skills Do as much reading out loud as you can. Answer The pictures from left to right are Canal satellite m. Audio 7. Answer Dialogue Here is the dialogue in full: Extrait 45 Posez les questions. Audio 8. Check your answers on the audio clip and in the dialogue. Dialogue Here is the dialogue in full: Extrait 46 Parlez en suivant les indications en anglais.

Say hello and ask for a double room for three nights. Vous Bonjour madame, je voudrais une chambre pour deux personnes pour trois nuits. Say three nights and you want a bathroom. Vous Pour trois nuits avec salle de bains. Say no, you want a room for 50 euros. Agree and ask where it is. Recording yourself Once you feel confident enough, you should practise recording yourself on your own personal audio cassette as often as possible.

Section 2. Which of the places in it would be suitable for the following? Vocabulaire l'agneau m. Reading for clues In activities like this, try looking for clues to find the answer s without using the dictionary. Audio 9. Skip transcript: Audio 9 Transcript: Audio 9. How do I get to the town hall? I would like to go to the opera house. I would like to go to the swimming-pool. Posez les questions. Answer You could have used any of the range of structures given in 1 a.

Audio Skip transcript: Audio 10 Transcript: Audio Skip transcript: Audio 11 Transcript: Audio Il y a un bus, oui, qui part de la poste. Toujours tout droit. Vocabulaire environ about, roughly en bus by bus. It's a three-minute walk away. It's a ten-minute drive away. It's fifteen minutes away by bus. Remember to start your answer with C'est… Lisez les questions. C'est loin? Pour aller au commissariat du quartier?

Skip transcript: Audio 12 Transcript: Audio Philippe Avignonnais. Rue Laboureur. Vous pouvez parler plus lentement? Answer Dialogue 1 The tourist asks her informant to repeat the information, by saying: Pardon, monsieur, je n'ai pas compris. Vous Excuse me. How do I get to the centre d'Art contemporain?

Is it far? Vous I beg your pardon. Can you repeat that? Vous Where is the stop? Euh, quai de Ligne. Now take part in the dialogue in Extract Speak after the receptionist. Answer Check your answers against the audio clip and the dialogue shown here. Dialogue Here is the dialogue: Extrait 51 La receptionniste Je peux vous aider?

Vous Pardon.

Que voir à Conflans ?

Pour aller au centre d'Art contemporain? Developing your oral fluency Another way of improving the way you speak is to listen to one of the participants in a dialogue and say their part at the same time. Listen to the following numbers in Extract 52 and repeat in the pauses. Answer Check your answers on the audio and in the transcript below. Learning numbers To learn numbers, you should practise saying them as often as you can.

Skip transcript: Audio 18 Transcript: Audio Answer To say a date in French, you simply start with le and then say the number vingt-cinq and then the month mars. Le 2 octobre. Le 15 mai. Le 25 juin. Le 1 er premier octobre. Answer 1. Check your answers on the audio and in the transcript below. Did you remember to start your answer with C'est le…? Answer La Saint-Matthieu, c'est le 21 septembre. La Sainte-Sylvie, c'est le 5 novembre. La Saint-Jacques, c'est le 25 juillet.

Votre only has one form for both masculine and feminine: Votre journal your newspaper un journal Votre femme your wife une femme. Vocabulaire elle s'appelle her name is sale dirty. C'est la valise de Thierry? Voulez-vous changer de chambre? Answer votre, mon sa sa, son ma. What a bargain! Listen to Extract 58 and speak after the prompts. Vous Pardon monsieur, quelle heure est-il? L'homme Excusez-moi, je n'ai pas l'heure. L'homme C'est le 02 54 63 73 Vous Quelle est la date de votre anniversaire?

L'homme C'est le 25 novembre. C'est le jour de la Sainte-Catherine. The clues are all to do with town vocabulary. Horizontalement Verticalement 1 swimming-pool 1 post office 3 market 2 police station 6 hotel 4 street 7 museum 5 hospital 8 far 7 town hall 11 car park 9 where 13 avenue 10 square 14 road 11 bridge 12 station.

Answer 1 What you answer will, of course, depend on where you live but this is a possible answer. Vocabulaire seulement only. Christine Excusez-moi. Listen to Extract 59 and speak after the prompts. Extrait 59 Parlez en suivant les indications en anglais. Stop a passer-by and ask the way to the stadium. Vous Excusez-moi. Pour aller au stade, s'il vous plait? Ask if it is far. La passante Ah oui, c'est loin. Say you're on foot. Ask if there are any buses. Vous ll y a des bus? Find the French equivalent to the following expressions in the brochure.

Il y a combien de chambres? C'est 69 euros. C'est 9 euros. Le premier juillet. C'est euros. II y a vingt-six chambres. Skip transcript: Audio 22 Transcript: Audio Skip transcript: Audio 23 Transcript: Audio Bonjour, je suis Isabelle Lejeune. Il y a aussi une piscine olympique et beaucoup de stades. Son anniversaire est le 27 septembre. You might have said something like: a Bonjour, je suis Kim Bowen. Refer to Isabel's presentation as a model. Remettez dans l'ordre les jours de la semaine.

Answer dimanche Sunday , lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi. Vocabulaire beaux-arts m. Answer Fine art beaux-arts , paintings peinture , sculpture and a collection of wrought ironwork ferronnerie. Wednesday to Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and on public holidays.

Skip transcript: Audio 24 Transcript: Audio Le tarif. Alors, nous avons deux tarifs. To check whether you can pay by a certain type of credit card, you can ask: Vous prenez…? Do you take…? La touriste C'est combien? Vous payez comment? Vous acceptez les cartes de credit? How much? Vous C'est combien? Credit card. Do they accept them? What time is it? When telling the time, you use the expression il est… For full hours: Il est une heure.

Il est cinq heures. Il est midi. It's midday. Il est minuit It's midnight. For half hours, you say: Il est trois heures et demie. For quarter hours, you say: Il est sept heures et quart. When more precision is required, people give exact hours and minutes: 7. Skip transcript: Audio 26 Transcript: Audio Learning about verbs Verbs are the words which tell us what is taking place.

Highlighted below are some verb forms: Je cherche la consigne. Le train entre en gare. The train is coming in to the station. I have tea. There are four main groups of infinitive endings: -er parler to speak -re attendre to wait -ir finir to finish -oir e recevoir to receive; boire to drink. Match the following verb forms to their infinitive and look up their meaning if necessary. Count how many verbs are in each group of infinitive endings. Combien de verbes dans chaque groupe? Infinitive ending Infinitive Nous Vous -er fermer to close ferm-ons ferm-ez -ir choisir to choose chois-issons chois-issez -re vendre to sell vend-ons vend-ez.

Say you need a ASA film. Vous J'ai besoin d'une pellicule ASA. Trente-six poses? Ask for twenty-four exposures. Vous Vingt-quatre poses, s'il vous plait. C'est tout? Ask whether he has batteries for a camera. Vous Vous avez des piles pour un appareil-photo?

Ask for two AA R6 batteries. Say you'd like a memory card, too. Ask for thirty-two megabytes.

Say yes thanks. Ask how much it is.

Beginners' French: A trip to Avignon

Vous Oui merci. Ask if you can pay by credit card. Audio 28a. Skip transcript: Audio 28a Transcript: Audio 28a. Vous les voulez quand? Normalement, si. Nous fermons entre midi et quatorze heures. Answer Vrai. She's leaving at 7 am. She wants her photos developed. The shop is open all day on Wednesdays. Audio 28b. Skip transcript: Audio 28b Transcript: Audio 28b. Answer The following lines contain liaisons. Using visual clues to help with remembering liaisons It is worth getting into the habit of marking liaisons with a visual link when you make notes.

List the words that you know or can guess the meaning of. Vous reconnaissez des mots? Faites une liste. Vocabulaire en haut upstairs. Audio 29a. Skip transcript: Audio 29a Transcript: Audio 29a. Audio 29b. Skip transcript: Audio 29b Transcript: Audio 29b. Answer Check your answers against the audio and in the transcript. Answer This is what you might have written. Understanding what is not allowed For the sake of brevity, public notices often show the adjective interdit following a noun referring to the forbidden activity.

Answer You can go back and listen to Extracts 52, 53 and 54 if you are unsure of the pronunciation. Extrait 68 soixante-dix soixante et onze soixante-douze soixante-dix-neuf quatre-vingts quatre-vingt-un quatre-vingt-deux quatre-vingt-dix quatre-vingt-onze cent.

Les chifferes dans la francophonie In some countries where French is spoken, for example, in Belgium, Switzerland, the Congo and Rwanda you will hear: septante 70 nonante Listen to Extract 69 and put the dates in the order in which you hear them. Answer The correct order is: c , d , a , b , e. To check how these dates are spelled, refer to the transcripts below.

Extrait 69 mille huit cent soixante-dix mille neuf cent trente-six mille sept cent quatre-vingt-neuf mille huit cent trente mille neuf cent soixante-huit Extrait 70 In , there were violent disturbances in Paris. Trouvez les bonnes dates et remettez-les dans l'ordre. Skip transcript: Audio 33 Transcript: Audio Enfant, il habite dans un petit village hollandais.

En il passe un an en Belgique. Vincent est mort en juillet