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  1. Community Treatment Order Policy
  2. Information for people subject to community treatment orders (CTOs)
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  4. Mental Health Review Tribunal - Community Treatment Orders

The doctor must have examined the person in the 72 hours before he or she enters the plan and believes:.

Community Treatment Order Policy

That the person is suffering from a mental disorder that requires continuing treatment or care and continuing supervision while living in the community,. The person is able to comply with the plan, and. The detailed treatment or care and supervision are available in the community. The doctor has spoken with all the people who would be named in the community treatment plan. The doctor must first determine whether or not the person is capable of consenting to the Community Treatment Order.

Information for people subject to community treatment orders (CTOs)

If found incapable, the doctor will give the person a written notice Form If the doctor found the person incapable of consenting to treatment at an earlier time, the person may not be given the Form 33 again. Either the person if capable or the Substitute Decision Maker if the person is incapable will assist in developing the plan. The doctor will also discuss the plan with anyone else, who may be named in the plan — this may include social workers, other doctors, and support services in the community.

Once the plan is developed, the person will be given a Form 49 Notice of Intention to Issue or Renew a Community Treatment Order and a copy of the community treatment plan. If a Substitute Decision Maker has consented to the plan, he or she will also receive rights advice. When the Community Treatment Order is issued, the person will receive a copy of the Form 45 Community Treatment Order and a copy of the community treatment plan.

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A community treatment plan is treatment as defined under law and the doctor must obtain consent. If the doctor finds the person incapable of consenting to a Community Treatment Order, the person may ask that the Consent and Capacity Board review the doctor's decision. The person and Substitute Decision Maker if there is one may talk with a lawyer before and after a Community Treatment Order is issued.

  1. Information for people subject to community treatment orders (CTOs) | Care Quality Commission;
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The application is a Form If the Substitute Decision Maker consented, he or she can withdraw the consent. It is also an element which has proved controversial, and both service user and professional groups have voiced strong views about its use. These are described in the Code of Practice as follows:.

Start the module. Alternatives to acute admission: crisis resolution and home treatment by Dr Christopher Bridgett. Related Advances articles. Download take-home notes to print and annotate.

Mental Health Review Tribunal - Community Treatment Orders

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Community Treatment Orders CTO were introduced with effect from 3 November through the amendments to the Mental Health Act MHA for the purposes of: Allowing suitable patients to be safely treated in the community rather than under detention in hospital; providing a way to help prevent relapse and any harm to the patient or to others; helping patients to maintain stable mental health outside of hospital and to promote recovery; treating patients using the least restrictive option; maximising their independence and purpose and effectiveness; A CTO provides a framework for the management of patient care in the community and gives the Responsible Clinician the power to recall the patient to hospital for treatment if necessary.