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  3. 13 Tooth Fairy Ideas More Fun Than Money

Night after night this spunky redheaded tooth fairy makes the rounds to millions of homes across the country. She uses gizmos and gadgets, her own ingenuity, and a healthy dose of good humor to get the job done, despite many obstacles. It's funny, light-hearted, and very entertaining. Best for ages 4 - 8.

Bear's usual cast of characters is back in this follow-up to the original Bear Snores On. As usual, Bear is the focus of the commotion as he discovers a loose tooth over lunch. Surprise and fear soon turn to excitement as bear begins to understand what's going on. The fun and humorous text flows with the same smooth tempo as all the other Bear books. Truman's in first grade and hasn't lost a tooth yet. But then it happens. A tooth starts to wiggle, and then pop! It's out and rolling across the floor.

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  4. Truman's Loose Tooth by Kristine Wurm (2013, Hardcover, Revised, Children's)!

Is this what growing up is all about? And what about the tooth fairy?

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  • How does that work? The lovely cartoonish illustrations and a fun story make Truman easy for kids to relate to. It turns out that not all kids put their teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to find. There's a whole world of tooth fairy traditions out there. Some kids throw them on the roof, some kids bury them, some kids throw them at the sun! This well researched book is a real eye-opener for kids and adults alike.

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    This is a special book that sadly seems to be out of print. It combines two of our favorite things: the tooth fairy and letter writing, in a fun and witty story. Wouldn't you want some assurances in writing of course from the tooth fairy before handing over your precious chomper? It's full of fold-out letters, maps, a gold coin, and other fun extras. Pick up a copy used if you can but be sure to ask if all the extras are still intact.

    It's a bit harder to get your hands on foreign bills these days. The euro gobbled up so many of the usual suspects. But Canada, Mexico and other countries still print their own paper money.

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    • Kids know that the tooth fairy is a global phenomenon. It makes sense that she'd be flush with foreign currency from her nightly travels around the world. And it makes sense she might leave strange money behind. After all, losing a tooth is a pretty strange experience to begin with! You probably won't get a great exchange rate, so stick to smaller denominations to get your money's worth!

      We figured Tattly would have some great tooth fairy tattoo options, but alas they don't seem to have any! Perhaps we should send some tattoo-themed tooth fairy ideas their way. The best we could find that aren't too over the top "fairy-ish," are these anime style fairy tails from Etsy seller TheCaffeinatedRose.

      Ivan's NASTY loose tooth! Disgusting! Do not watch!

      Maybe Leafcutter should start making a vintage inspired line of temporary tooth fairy tattoos!? Pro Tooth Fairy Tip: If you have a sound sleeper and steady hands, use warm water and apply a temporary tooth fairy tattoo while your child sleeps. Will they find it first thing in the morning? Probably not. But they'll eventually stumble upon it and it'll sure be a surprise when they do! These are quick and easy to cut 'n sew by hand and they're just the right size to trade a tooth for some cash or other small wonder.

      Whenever my father went snorkeling, he'd bring back small treasures for us kids. Maybe a pearly abalone shell or a delicate sea urchin shell. Lea still has some of these keepsakes and they remind her that small wonders lurk everywhere on Earth. Even common artifacts of the natural world can be fun for kids to collect. The tooth fairy can bring something different every time. Sand dollars are nice and flat for sliding under a pillow. Sparkly rocks like quartz or geodes can work too! We stock a ton of these authentic Japanese erasers for our line of custom Tiny Packages. They're colorful and inexpensive and there are hundreds of designs available.

      Why not keep a little collection and throw them in alongside whatever else the tooth fairy decides to bring? Does your child love sushi? The tooth fairy can bring some. They have those too. The tooth fairy has been going global for a few decades now, and some very unusual traditions have sprung up.

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      Even if you don't adopt any of these traditions for yourself, they're full of creative twists that might help you come up with your own fresh tooth fairy ideas. Here's a quick taste of what the tooth fairy is up to around the globe:. Wonder how Navajo children disposed of their baby teeth? And who would dare throw them to a howling hyena?

      Devin turns crafty ideas into surprising products and memorable experiences. Shelley Noble. Really nice blog post, Devin. I appreciate the generosity of Leafcutter Designs promoting good stuff in addition to just their own smart products.

      13 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Today's Kids - Leafcutter Designs

      Each kit includes letterpress certificate, a bag, and some nice extras. The Night Before the Tooth Fairy Rhyming poetic tale of a boy who's tooth just doesn't want to come out. Loose Tooth My First I Can Read Book Simple illustrations paired with large easy to read text about words per page tell the story of a first loose tooth experience.

      Truman's Loose Tooth Truman's in first grade and hasn't lost a tooth yet. Throw Your Tooth on the Roof It turns out that not all kids put their teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to find. Dear Tooth Fairy This is a special book that sadly seems to be out of print. Available items may ship directly from the manufacturer and cannot ship next day, 2nd day or 3rd day. Low stock or large orders can sometimes cause delays in shipping.

      13 Tooth Fairy Ideas More Fun Than Money

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      Quick Overview Truman's Loose Tooth is an entertaining picture book tale of one little boy's life-changing experience when losing his first tooth. See More Below. Product Description.