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Abandoned by her father and left in the care of an uncle she has never met before, eight-year-old Dorothea Ryan finds herself cast away in a big strange house in the middle of the countryside. No one seems to want her.

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Her one wish is to return to her old home in London. But as time passes and hopes of ever going back start to fade, Dorothea becomes more and more enmeshed in her new life at Cl Victorian London is gripped by fear as a serial killer slays an apparently random victim on Hampstead Heath every month, each with a single knife thrust. Two men begin to suspect a mysterious link between the victims: Major Henry Steele and ex-Sergeant Mason have been discreetly retired from Military Intelligence following the suspicious death of a dangerous German agent in the Middle East.

Young Marcella McNeill's family are always rehearsing: her father is an actor, her mother Valerie an aspiring opera singer, her grandmother Gloria a renowned violinist. During the summer of - after their parents' bitter divorce - Marcella and her little sister Rose-Renee are sent to live with their enigmatic grandmother in her decaying countryside mansion.

Ocean Ambient Noise Carey William M Evans Richard B

Instructed never to disturb the Bideford, Devon, April the River Torridge is in flood. Almost as soon as she sets foot in the town, Abigail March saves a young woman from drowning. Abigail, the daughter of a progressive Canadian politician, is in Bideford on official business, deputizing for her father. Avalon Castle is an unusual, disturbing place. Painstakingly built by Ambrose Blackwood, an eccentric obsessed by the legends of King Arthur, and inhabited by the rest of the dysfunctional Blackwood family, Avalon Castle houses some very dark secrets.

When Rachel Garland visits, she hopes to spend the Christmas of peacefully with her half-sister Lucy who is living there.

Avalon Castle - Rosemary Craddock - Google книги

What she finds is When Jim Maddern - well-respected police sergeant and pillar of the local community - begins to act completely out of character, ex-Met officer John Cannon is concerned. As Cannon tries to find out what has got Maddern so spooked, he discovers that death threats have been sent to Maddern and his family via the local paper after Maddern stumbled on the paperboy's criminal lineage. Westmorland - winter, After her mother dies unexpectedly, Florence Grainger is abandoned by her stepfather at an isolated farm owned by the Dalbys.

He leaves her with nothing but an old red coat belonging to her late mother It is far too dangerous for a young woman to travel the roads alone and Florence must embrace the settled way of life - courting pai Despite his best efforts, Don is continually thwarted, with Pike constantly evading the DI's net. As he uncovers some harsh truths behind the murder of a local priest, an opportunity arises for McIntyre to have another go at nailing his nemesis, and he m Tamara Hoyland, formerly an undercover operative for government intelligence, has been a blameless w England is blessed with many beautiful cathedrals, including the world-renowned Durham, with its geometrically carved pillars, Wells, with its astonishingly graceful scissor arch, and the gloriously uplifting Ely and its octagonal tower.

For a millennia and more, these and similar buildings have welcomed and inspired generations of believers with their beauty and grandeur. This book is a highl Foster's English Oddities A wonderful collection of England's quirkiest characters, most extraordinary facts and strangest coincidences. This fascinating book is a must-read for anyone interested in English trivia! The perfect book for trivia lovers and armchair historians. Full description. Ideal for trivia lovers and those interested in the more esoteric aspects of life in Wales, Foster's Welsh Oddities is a wonderful collection of Wales' quirkiest characters, most extraordinary facts and strangest coincidences.

Discover the lucky, unlucky, strange, silly, downright weird, wonderful and funny events that make up Allen Foster's entertaining contribution to the social history of W A lively, well-researched, expert study of aging in the literature of Jane Austen There is no Nevil Maskelyne was a hugely significant figure in the worlds of British science and mar Surnames carry the history of people in a very personal way.

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In England surnames were mostly established by the end of the fourteenth century - by ordinary people, for ordinary people. Uniquely, surnames describe medieval lives not captured by any other record. They tell us what these people did, where they went, what they noticed and give clues about their culture and memories. This book exam Famed throughout the world for its meat market, the Smithfield area of London has a long and turbulent history. Originally a 'smooth field' lying just beyond the City wall, over the years Smithfield has seen riots, public executions and healing.

From medieval times it became a centre of industry where tanners, slaughterers, glue-makers and dyers assembled. Largely untouched by either the Great This is the story of ordinary life in an extraordinary place. The beautiful city of Venice has been a fantasy land for people from around the globe for centuries, but what is it like to live there?

To move house by boat, to get a child with a broken leg to hospital or to set off for school one morning only to find that the streets have become rivers and the playground is a lake full of sewage? Almost Princess Alice passengers and crew died. Whole families were wiped out; many children were left orphans; parents childless. The nation wept. This ground-breaking biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams reveals more than any other the man behind the music.

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The author examines the considerable range of Vaughan Williams' work, from the English pastoral tradition to Modernism, and shows how Vaughan Williams was influenced by the Boer War, the economic depression after the First World War, the deprivations of the Blitz, and the austerity of Wealth or Poverty? Jane Austen's Novels Explored. When Sarah Ziegel's twin boys were diagnosed with autism at the age of almost three, she found very These essays, which first appeared in Regency World magazine, celebrate the quirkiest corners He led a singularly adventurous and fascinating life, with just the right alternations between the While passing through Cherrywood Crossing, US Marshal Maxfield Knight is confronted by a gang of hired guns who tell him to ride the other way, or be shot down.

With no choice but to ride into the high country, Knight soon learns he is being hunted by a man named Silas Manchester, but why, he has no idea. Determined to survive this dangerous game that he's been forced to play, Knight is destin When fifteen-year-old Jack Taylor is offered a job with the newly formed Pony Express Company, it looks as though he will be able to rescue his family from the financial problems which are troubling them.

However, he injures his ankle, and it is likely his job will fall through. His twin sister, Beth, decides to ride in his place; this is the story of the only girl to ever ride for the Pony Ex Hannah Henford, travelling West from Ohio with her family aboard a steamer on the Missouri River, meets the reticent Andrew Callahan, a young man also following the trail towards Oregon.

The boat docks and during the next part of the journey, the strong and broad-shouldered Andrew captures the heart of Hannah with his bravery, and the two become close. Jeremiah Smith, a mysterious and adventur PI Frank Doy's short-break holiday in Prague is rudely interrupted when he steps into a street fight outside his boutique hotel and helps a man being badly beaten in an attempted abduction.

The unfortunate victim is Leon Podolsky, a wealthy Russian dissident based in the city. He and his two sisters run a global business empire and publish an online Russian-language newspaper critical of the K Reedsy is a community of top publishing professionals. I love to help people realize their dream of becoming a published author.

BC, Canada. A book designer since , I have worked at and freelanced for publishers, large and small. Looking forward to working you. Experienced Book Production Manager taking titles from edited script to print-ready files efficiently, reliably and with flexibility. Sign up with facebook or. Create your free Reedsy account to browse hundreds of professional profiles. Reedsy profile URL. Verified identity. Reviews 2. With over 20 years experience of book design and production, I am pleased to offer my services on a freelance basis for typesetting, book layout, image optimisation, packaging and getting books to printers with problem-free files.

My experience includes 11 years at Able Publishing, a company that specifically assisted self-publishing authors to get their books produced. This included a page large format hardback book titled Craftsmen of St Margaret's by Sir Ian Mills with over photographs of the work of 12 different Victorian craftsmen. It was a real labour of love by Sir Ian and I learned a lot through the process of its production. Most of the books produced during my time at Able were much smaller and included family and local histories, biographies, educational titles and fiction.

We liaised with the authors throughout to ensure they would be happy with the end product and I would certainly do the same now. I also spent a happy 7 years at Robert Hale Ltd, a family-owned independent publisher, with responsibility for producing trade fiction and non-fiction titles in a wide variety of genres. Here too, there was plenty of communication with the author through the production of their books. Thompson and many others, some of whose books can be seen in my portfolio. For all the titles in the portfolio, except for the Black Horse Westerns and 'On the Sofa with Jane Austen', the front cover artwork was commissioned by me from other designers, but I completed the typography and design on the back, spine and flaps as required.

The Black Horse Westerns used generic 'western-style' artworks but some of the more recent books have used photo to painting conversions that were undertaken by me. Robert Hale ceased trading at the end of November and their imprints were taken over by The Crowood Press. I was pleased to be able to finish works in progress and I continue producing some Hale titles on a freelance basis for them.

It was an excellent experience working for one of the best illustrated non-fiction publishers but I missed the creativity of the work I had done before. When the contract came to an end, I saw it as an opportunity to return to a more creative role but now being self-employed.

Services Typography. Book Interior Design. Production Management. Languages English. Fiction Adventure. Historical Fiction. Work experience. Owner Self-employed. April, — Present about 2 years. February, — April, about 1 year. October, — November, about 7 years. Publications Manager Able Publishing. February, — April, about 11 years.

Portfolio 97 selected works. Craftsmen of St Margaret's Mills Ian. Chang and the Rice Robbers Sue Harris. Moorend Farm Gwen Kirkwood William and Emma Sinclair have settled into life at Moorend Farm in North Yorkshire and live happily with their growing family, believing they have left the shame of their past behind.

Beyond Reason Gwen Kirkwood Janet Scott loves books, and learning, and is happy living at the schoolhouse where her grandfather is the dominie. Wheels of Grace Tania Crosse Grace Dannings has lived her entire young life in the safe and idyllic Dartmoor village of Walkhampton, working as a maid at a farm within sight of her own humble family home. Killer in Black Paul Bennett In a small town in Texas five ex-mercenaries reunite when one of their number, Red, half Comanche, half Texan, is threatened.

The Jacobite Murders G. The rake's ruined lady , Mary Brendan. An accidental encounter , Dawn Bridge. A seaside affair , Fern Britton. Where I found you , Amanda Brooke. A crafty Christmas , Mollie Cox Bryan. Murder at Mullings , Dorothy Cannell. Tailing a tabby , Laurie Cass. The dead will tell , Linda Castillo. The enigmatic surgeon , Annie Claydon.

The Queen's man , Rory Clements. The memory book , Rowan Coleman. The ultimate seduction , Dani Collins. The law and the lady , Wilkie Collins. The naturalist : a novel , Thom Conroy. Miss Verey's proposal , Nicola Cornick.

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One night of scandal , Nicola Cornick. The rake's mistress , Nicola Cornick. The Lovegrove hermit , Rosemary Craddock. My lady's prisoner , Ann Elizabeth Cree. Undone by the sultan's touch , Caitlin Crews. Guilt trip : a Lina Townend mystery , Judith Cutler. Christmas in cowboy country , Janet Dailey. Willow Basin : a western sextet , Peter Dawson. To Hell or the Pecos , Patrick Dearen. Carnival of love , Helen Dickson. Jewel of the night , Helen Dickson. Virtue falls , Christina Dodd. Bad Little Falls , Paul Doiron. The prince's forbidden virgin , Robyn Donald.

Nightingale on call , Donna Douglas. The rebel and the heiress , Michelle Douglas. The shroud maker , Kate Ellis. The killing club , Paul Finch. The model murders , Norman Firth. Navajo sunrise , Ethan Flagg. The narrow road to the deep north , Richard Flanagan. The runaway , Katie Flynn. The man from Laramie , T. Blackpeak Vines , Holly Ford. We are all completely beside ourselves , Karen Joy Fowler. We shall remember , Emma Fraser. Turn left at Doheny , J.

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From enemy's daughter to expectant bride , Olivia Gates. Return to Fourwinds , Elisabeth Gifford. The yellow wall-paper and other stories , Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The soldier's daughter , Rosie Goodwin. Not just a convenient marriage , Lucy Gordon. Becoming Bea , Leslie Gould. Zarif's convenient queen , Lynne Graham. Boneyard Ridge , Paula Graves. Last day in Paradise , Paul Green.

Finally home : a Hope Springs novel , Lois Greiman. Red man down :ba Sarah Burke police procedural , Elizabeth Gunn. Back in her husband's arms , Susanne Hampton. Deceived , Irene Hannon. Enon , Paul Harding. Crown prince, pregnant bride , Kate Hardy. The soldier prince , Kate Hardy. Love without end , Robin Lee Hatcher. Emma, Mr. Knightley and chili-slaw dogs , Mary Jane Hathaway. Drifter , Steve Hayes. A matter of honour , Anne Herries. Rosalyn and the scoundrel , Anne Herries. The two faces of January , Patricia Highsmith. The tryst , Grace Livingston Hill.

The butcher , Jennifer Hillier. Be safe I love you , Cara Hoffman. The cavalier of Rabbit Butte , Robert J.

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Everland , Rebecca Hunt. Take me with you , Catherine Ryan Hyde. Close to home , Lisa Jackson. Pray for the dying , Quintin Jardine. Destiny's captive , Beverly Jenkins. Crossfire , J. It had to be you , Suzanne Ross Jones. A kind of madness , Penny Jordan. Bitter betrayal , Penny Jordan. Equal opportunities , Penny Jordan. Falcon's prey , Penny Jordan. Force of feeling , Penny Jordan. Free spirit , Penny Jordan. Game of love , Penny Jordan. So close and no closer , Penny Jordan. The future king's pregnant mistress , Penny Jordan.

The inward storm , Penny Jordan. Unspoken desire , Penny Jordan. Valentine's night , Penny Jordan. Without trust , Penny Jordan. Yesterday's echoes , Penny Jordan. The wedding gamble , Julia Justiss. What a girl wants , Lindsey Kelk. Silent noon , Trilby Kent. A weaver Christmas gift , Allison Leigh. The missing place , Sophie Littlefield. A lack of temperance , Anna Loan-Wilsey. The leather burners , Bliss Lomax.

Uncovering her nine month secret , Jennie Lucas. Soldier of crusade , Jack Ludlow. A father for her baby , Leah Martyn. The midwife's son , Leah Martyn. To love again , Carol MacLean. Some day I'll find you , Richard Madeley.