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Thus, she reached out to Dr. Ruchti, a. Professors from all over campus came together to put this conference on. The conference had a dual purpose. The first was to introduce traditionally underserved women to the college community and de-mystify the application and financial-aid process. The second purpose was to empower women to see the world as limitless, full of opportunities, and completely validating of their choices. The girls were buzzing as they left campus… and were already making suggestions for next year.

It was a great success and we hope to do it again next year! It was wonderful to see the young women having fun and getting excited and informed about college life. It was rewarding to watch our students become inspired by helping the high school students. I was proud to tell the young women that so many people and departments at WCU sponsored this program and really believe in their success.

Entrepreneur Stories 4⃣ Inspiration -

I am thrilled that our evaluations from the high school students indicate that they felt empowered and inspired, which was our goal. I am so proud that we were able to offer an experience that encouraged them to realize their potential as young women. The conference was a fantastic success. The evaluation forms asked the girls to name at least one thing they learned. That you can reach anything if you see WE2 page 3. Have asthma? Or know someone who has asthma? An estimated million people worldwide are diagnosed with the disease. Say a person gets short of breath when it gets really cold out, that could be a sign of asthma.

The best thing to do is to go get it looked at by a healthcare professorial known as a Respiratory Therapist. They will perform a rather simple breathing study to determine the presence of asthma and if found, the severity of it. These students complete a four-year program to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Health Science: Respiratory Care upon graduation. Optional specialty credentials are offered, usually with an added bonus, in these areas. The job description of a Respiratory Therapist can be pretty extensive at certain places.

A typical week at work could consist of covering the pediatric intensive care unit on Monday, administering. Extensive knowledge of the cardiac and pulmonary systems is a must for accurate patient assessment, and good communication skills are required to perform daily tasks such as interacting with patients, nurses, doctors and families.

The training is meant to help transition the student to working and life post-college. Training begins with floor care based work such as administering nebulized breathing treatments, drawing arterial blood gases, performing breathing exercises for post-op patients, and performing bedside pulmonary function tests. Lastly, starting the third year, the classes are off-campus in a Bryn Mawr Hospital classroom. If a student is www. When mechanical ventilation, seeing someone in need of among others.

He can be their future ability as a reached at MS wcupa. I realize now that I and plan to try and do another was already a victim, I just conference again next year. The WCU Philosophy Department held a conference on Buddhist Ethics for a two day event, featuring some of the biggest names in Buddhist scholarship in the country. David R. Loy is interested in the dialogue between Buddhism and modernity. Jin Y. Wilson and Grace M. The Conference Organizing Committee was made up of Drs. Joan Woolfrey is in the Philosophy Department.

She can be reached at jwoolfrey wcupa. This was the day of the minute delay, after the hopefully last snowstorm of this winter season.

Here's the Latest Episode from Entrepreneur Stories 4⃣ Inspiration:

Therefore, the sidewalks that normally fit three people walking were narrowed to less than two. Philip A. Guest and opinion columns, letters to the editor, political or social commentary, and artwork is ac-. All material may be sent to the attention of the editor in chief, The. Students should include information such. Material is only. Such distinc-. We do not accept submissions from members of the community that are not associated with West Chester University.

LOVE YOURSELF - Positive Morning Motivation (very motivational)

All material may be edited to adhere to our policies, AP style, and space re-. We do not edit for content unless it is libelous, excessively profane, or harmful to a particular individual or group thereof. I was lucky enough to see some of these walk-offs and gauge my most effective move: the Matrix backbend.

So please, those of you who like to walk people deep on sidewalks, snowcovered or not, have the decency to allow other people through. Opinions expressed within the letters to the editor,. The Quad is funded primarily through advertising sales. The University has no prior review of the content. Rates and mechanical requirements for display advertising can be found on our Web site. The Quad reserves the right to refuse any news items, letters, or advertising thought to be offensive or inappropriate.

Claims for adjustment must be made within five days of publication. A total of 49 Democratic state legislators from Indiana and Wisconsin have fled their states to prevent a fair up or down vote on legislation they do not want passed. The lawmakers from both states have taken refuge in Illinois. The most media attention so far has been given to the drama in Wisconsin, where 14 state senators have gone AWOL in order to deny the state senate a quorum of 20 senators, which is required for budget bills.

This leaves the Republicans one senator short of a quorum—the division of power is What could possibly be so offensive as to cause this mass exodus of Democrats? Pay raises for state and local employees that exceed inflation would need voter approval. State and local workers would also be required to pay 12 percent of their health care premiums, which is still less than half of the national average. State and local workers would also have to vote every year on whether to retain the union as their collective bargaining agent.

Police and firefighter unions would be exempted from these rules. These are reasonable measures to take, but. Democrats and unions will have none of it. The 14 Wisconsin Democrats are refusing to come back until their demands are met—they want the unsustainable status quo to remain in place. Governor Walker and the Republicans are refusing to budge. Any other working American would be fired—and rightly so. In Madison, the capitol of Wi s c o n s i n , relentless pro-union demonstrators continue to protest the plan.

Countless signs compared him to Adolf Hitler. Many teachers that were perfectly well got sick notes from doctors and, instead of doing their job, attended the protests in Madison. They managed to convince a number of their students to join the left wing hate fest.

Students who were interviewed at the protests had absolutely no clue why they were there. Essentially, some teachers used children as political pawns. They should all be fired. A campaign of misinformation and outright lies has been at the forefront of this liberal circus. Walker and the Republicans are constantly accused of wanting to take. To the left, this appalling behavior is acceptable as long as the offenders are liberal Democrats.

I wonder if Quinn would maintain that same bizarre attitude if everyone who worked for him stopped showing up for work because they were happy being somewhere else and doing something else other than their job. Likewise, I wonder if Nancy Pelosi would have had the same attitude if Republicans in Congress prevented a quorum by fleeing the country when she was Speaker of the House a purely hypothetical scenario since the U. House only needs a majority present for a quorum.

Democrats prefer to keep states on the road to fiscal ruin rather than address the overly lavish pensions, pay and benefits of public employees that are sucking states dry. In essence, they refuse to address reality. Governor Quinn, for example, had the brilliant idea of hiring nearly 1, more state workers in his own budget proposal to the Illinois state legislature.

Why would one of the most fiscally distressed states in the unions hire more workers? Yet this is what Democrats want, the unsustainable status quo to continue to the point where the whole country collapses. Thirteen of the 14 runaway Wisconsin Democrats have a. Other unions spent tens of thousands of dollars to get Democrats elected as well.

It works like this: Democrat legislators approve lavish pay and benefits for state and local employees, then the union bosses collect their dues from their members, and finally the unions donate large amounts of this taxpayer money to help get Democrats elected. And this cycle of corruption continues. That way we could cut out the middle man. But alas they need the middle man to make it all legal. Throughout this drama, leftists have claimed that the pro-union extremists are fighting for democracy and the conservatives are trampling on democracy when, in fact, it is the other way around.

Taxpayers are sacrificing more of their paychecks to sustain the lavish pay and benefits of their government counterparts. Yet liberals oppose these proworker reforms. What is democratic about denying state and local workers the right to vote every year on whether or not to retain their union? It is the Democrat state lawmakers that are purposefully avoiding participation in the democratic process.

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If they want democracy they should return to Madison and vote on the legislation in question. There is no need for government unions. This is about getting reelected using taxpayer dollars. It is a cycle of corruption that must be ended by abolishing collective bargaining rights of government unions altogether. How is that for a proposal? Bill Hanrahan is a third year student and the Secretary of the College Republicans. He can be reached at WH wcupa.

Graduating Student To present greetings At Commencement An Undergraduate Student will present greetings from the graduating class at the May commencement. The student speaker will be chosen by audition, to be held on the week of March 21st. Ground Floor. You must be participating in the May 7, Undergraduate ceremony to be eligible. At the audition, each applicant will read the speech that he or she will present at commencement.

The speech must be no longer than 3 minutes and a typed, doublespaced copy must be included with the application. The student selected must present the speech at the commencement rehearsal, which will be held on Friday, May 6th at am. You will be notified in advance to schedule an audition time. For aspiring author and former WCU student Carissa Hickok, writing for a living was not even a question when it came to deciding future career choices.

Knowing when to run is better. Hickok discovered the website when she was browsing the internet, looking for help on how to submit her manuscript to HarperCollins. Now, one month later, her manuscript is at the th spot. Hickok has a lot of experience as a writer. She says that a lot of her work involves some form of writing. Hickok also talks about the professor at WCU who encouraged her to write when others were telling her that she could not have a successful career as a writer. Trotman was one of my writing professors and encouraged me to write.

Trotman in her acknowledgements section of her book, thanking him for all of his influence and inspiration. She describes it as different from self-help books. Hickok encourages writers to keep writing. She can be reached at AT wcupa. Along with other students and alumni from the University of Texas, their mission was to create an online resource that could be utilized by student leaders and administrators in order to eliminate some of the communication barriers and irritations that the founders themselves experienced as involved students of the campus community.

Fortenberry and Cayce soon recruited three friends to launch the OrgSync team, and they formed partnerships with five colleges and universities. Users can personally add new student organization profiles themselves. Website tools include a calendar, to-do list, an e-portfolio and an involvement log. Students can use ePortfolio to upload information about his or her biography, academics, extracurricular involvement, employment, recommendations and other documents. The network also offers a job search engine, powered by the Indeed job search program.

Continuing the reflection of Facebook features, OrgSync allows users to create profiles including photos and interests. Carol Fritz is a second year student majoring in Communication Studies and German. She can be reached at CF wcupa. Two representatives from the film, Jeffery Azize and Michael Campo, were present for the screening for a Question and Answer session following the screening.

What is it? In , the sound quickly spread from small local scenes in England, thanks to websites dubstepforum. Venues in Philadelphia have big name dubstep producers like Rusko, Datsik, and most recently, Excision perform live shows that are usually played to a near-capacity crowd.

100 Inspiring, Engaging Arts & Culture Attractions in Georgia

Even though there may be a mainstream sound in a genre, chances are you may like the opposite. And you never know, you might meet a fellow dubstepper! Michael Sheehan is a fourth-year student majoring in Respiratory Care. He can be reached at MS wcupa. Would you like to get paid?

Do you know how to work a computer? Most importantly, do you like entertainment? I should probably explain. Some people become doctors or teachers or wooden shoe makers. Others haunt mirrors. Just as the deep-fried Oreo should only inhabit the world of carnivals or similar outdoor events. Leave the hot dogs with the roided up super humans where they belong! Eating a handful of Junior Mints is like eating an entire tube of tooth paste and washing it down with a mouthwash chaser. A whole box of the little devils? Junior Mints completely mask the flavor of all of the rest of your cinematic concessions, including my beloved popcorn and Sprite combo.

What does popcorn taste like when consumed in conjunction with a Junior Mint? A Junior Mint. What does Vodka taste like when you imbibe it after helping yourself to a mint? A freakin mint! You betcha! Pretzel Bites Point of interest: Did you know that movie theaters only make fresh pretzel bites once every ten years? I think the only time that I ever tasted a fresh, delicious pretzel bite while located within the not-so-friendly confines of a cinema was when I was an employee there. As a consumer? Well, the contents usually have more in common with a hockey puck.

I know that this is a controversial pick as some of you out there swear by the healthy alternative that is the pretzel bite, but I say feh! Ice Cream Who are these people ordering ice cream at a movie theater? This is absolutely the least practical thing you could ever order in a movie theater. Bear Grylls would roll over in his bed if he heard about this totally unneeded luxury.

You know that movie theaters are always 10 degrees colder than the rest of the world. Perhaps for snuggling purposes? Placing Classifieds To place a classified ad in The Quad, visit www. Pay for your ad with any major credit card on our secure server. Deadline for placing classified advertisements in The Quad is 12 noon on the Sunday before publication. Mom needs help getting kids off to school. Mon, Wed, Fri: am am, and with after school routine on same days, 5pm -9pm.

Have a fun summer while gaining experience working with children outdoors. Apply on-line at www. We offer competitive wages, benefits, paid time off, and flexible scheduling. Come for an immediate interview at our Exton Red Robin located at W. Uwchlan Ave. Visit our website at www. We West Chester University and have immediate openings for walking distance to downSales Representatives! InterMedi ton Sq. If you enjoy talking to people Dryer, on-site maintenance and have sales experience then and much, much, more.

CALL we want to talk to you! Contact Dr. Kim Wasserman Fill in each grid so that each of the numbers to arrange for an appointment. Advertise in The Quad Visit www. See your ad online now, and in print in our next issue! They held the lead for the first five minutes of the opening half, but eventually let Bloomsburg fight their way back. By halftime, Bloomsburg led West Chester Once the second half started, West Chester came out a little flat and let Bloomsburg extend their lead to as many as 12 with remaining in the half.

West Chester finally found their footing and fought their way back into the game and regained the lead on a made pair of free throws by Carl Johnson with only left in the game. However, that was the last lead that West Chester would have. Mack made a layup with three seconds left that made the score Bloomsburg, but the Huskies went 6-for-6 from the free throw line in the final seconds of the game to give the. Bloomsburg went on to win the game and hand West Chester a loss in their final game of the season.

Roberts went 3-for-4 from behind the 3-point line and finished the afternoon going a perfect 4-for-4 from the free throw line. Daniel was also perfect from the penalty stripe. Although Bloomsburg won their final game of the season, they needed Cheyney to lose their game in order to have a chance at postseason play. However, Cheyney defeated Mansfield Saturday afternoon to knock Bloomsburg out of playoff contention. Amy Festa is a fourth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism.

She can be reached at AF wcupa. The fifth seed Rams kicked off the tournament Friday evening against the fourth seed Colonials of Robert Morris University. West Chester struggled with RMU this season, losing the season series However, the Rams proved their dominance in this game early and often. In an attempt to generate more offense, the WCU lines were switched around for the tournament.

Early in the first, WCU took the lead on a goal by Kozza. Meade scored twice in the second, once before and once after a Chris Doyle goal. However, the Colonials had some fight still left in them. It was one of only two shots that beat goalie Randy Japchen that evening. That was as close as RMU would come, as they ended up losing the contest , eliminating them from the playoffs. Goaltending was the deciding factor in the game, as the Colonials managed to beat Japchen only twice. The winner of this game would go on to the finals to compete for positioning in the ACHA tournament, West Chester was outplayed in the first period, as Rhode Island more than doubled their shots, However, Meade continued on.

Outplayed by the Rams in. The battle continued into the third, as Bob Beggi gave URI a three-goal lead for the second time in the game. West Chester responded by playing even harder. Meade scored his fourth goal in two games, bringing WCU a little bit closer to tying the game. Minutes later Doyle added his second goal of the weekend and it seemed the Rams had the momentum going into the final Photo courtesy of wcuhockey.

West Chester the first half of the period, pulled their goalie late in the URI bounced back and showed game for an extra attacker, why they were number one. Three more goals muster up a goal to tie. Nobody understood their period. He is a military Navy veteran that served during the Korean War. He is the most important man in my life, and has been for the most all of it, nearly 40 years now.

He worked hours a week to take care of his family and my grandmother when they were I have not had any kind of experiences like his. Lots of people all around the World do experience these tragedies. He was very inspiring and motivational. His story was so In , on her balance beam routine she fell during her mount onto the beam.

She did not cry and she did not waver for the rest of her routine. She got back on the beam without skipping a beat This book taught her sister the ins and outs to surviving high school and told her to be the best person she could be. Her family told her to publish this book, but she wanted to do something a little more She was the person who encouraged me to join FFA and changed my life for ever. I never pictured myself being a chapter officer, let alone running for chapter President next year.

She encouraged me to try a speaking contest my Freshman year and from When he was born, he was never expected to live. As the months went on, he came close to death several times. If one thing is for sure, Cyrus was born a fighter.

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Born three months premature, health issues showed up almost immediately. Before the age of Claflin is my gym teacher he helped me when i hurt my knee my freshman year of high school looking back know i thank him for that i took precautions for my freshman sister i didn't want Mr. Claflin to go through the hurt knee situation again.