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To finish, a canine Directory offers extended profiles and portraits of a range of the most popular breeds. From first to last, this is a book that will prove irresistible to anyone curious about how the dog gained his prime position in the human world.. From the iconic Irish Wolfhound to the lesser-known Glen of Imaal Terrier, the native dogs of Ireland are ancient breeds with diverse histories and mythologies.

With nine Irish breeds in total - four terriers, three gun dogs and two hounds - each breed evolved and developed specific characteristics to assist them in the daily life of an Ireland long past. Not only working dogs, they also formed an integral part of Irish family life and proved to be superb companion animals.

This book provides a pictorial look at all of our native breeds, each one an intrinsic part of our rich heritage. These dogs are to be treasured and protected as a vital piece of our historical inheritance.. This fully revised edition of the authoritative guide outlines the descriptive 'standards' for each of the pure breeds of dog now recognised by the Kennel Club. The book has been completely updated by a panel of experts to incorporate the latest standards for all breeds in each of the principal categories - Hound, Gundog, Terrier, Utility, Working, Pastoral and Toy.

As well as providing a beautiful colour photograph of each dog, each entry contains a history of the breed, including its origins and function, as well as a full description outlining its essential features. There is also useful advice on the nature of each breed and practical information to help guide anyone who is buying a dog, as well as a glossary of canine terms. This book is essential reading for anyone who owns, or hopes to own, a pedigree dog and is indispensable for breeders, judges and those professionally involved with dogs..

This complete encyclopaedia, with its innovative design and vibrant photos, is the most comprehensive reference available. Each profile details a breed's origin and history, and thoroughly outlines individual personality and care requirements. Every profile also includes boxes that present essential breed statistics and pet suitability information at a glance. In addition to the profiles, extensive articles on the history and development of the dog, exciting breeds, breed types and canine care and training complement and further enhance the text..

From Beethoven to Toto, dogs have been adored for their unswerving loyalty and companionship throughout history and this is the perfect celebration of man's best friend. This extensive catalogue of over dog breeds, from Labradors to German shepherds and every pedigree in between, provides photographs and profiles detailing character, compatible owner traits, and breed-specific advice. You'll also find features on famous fictional dogs, canine heroes, and a fact-packed guide to canine evolution including sports and the jobs dogs have performed over the years. Expert advice on everything from exercise and feeding your dog to grooming and puppy training is included, along with an invaluable section on care to help you quickly identify and deal with any dog health problems.

Covering history, breeds, dog care, health and training, The Dog Encyclopedia is an indispensable owner's guide and reference. It also covers numerous lesser known, but fascinating bulldog breeds and introduces us to about a dozen "new" bully breeds that are developing today as breeders aim to recreate the Bulldogge of old.

Saving Grace assisted with a hoarding case and Sugar was part of this situation. These dogs have been doing very well in their foster homes working on crate training, socialization and basic social skills necessary to be a family companion. With a little patience, positive reinforcement and consistency, they will continue to blossom and flourish as they acclimate to their forever homes. Having been used to living with a large number of dogs, they do enjoy the companionship of other dogs and are learning that being a loved family member can be even better! Dog Adult Male Medium Beagle.

Boxy beagle with a barrel chest and muscles, if there was such a thing on a beagle, has arrived at the farm and is ready to make your acquaintance and bust into your heart and then move into your home! Atlas is simply what seems to be a big man in a little body and he is all hound and all fun! Classically colored in the beagle tricolor pattern, Atlas is about 3 years old and weighs about 30 lbs full grown. Be warned from the get go, Atlas will try to convince you at any turn that he has missed a number of meals.

Since his arrival at the farm, we know he is lying through his canines, but it sure is hard to resist a guy this cute! Atlas is all beagle and likes to sing around mealtimes and will offer his special hound hoots when and where he considers relevant. He has a group of buds at the farm and has done well getting along with all. Atlas is ready for the creature comforts, and love, offered in a home. Other dogs do not even make him think twice and he would be happy with children as well and a fenced yard the icing on the cake. Bring your barbells and come meet this beefcake soon!

Darling Mabel is as sweet as her cookies and creme coat! About years old at 45 lbs full grown she is a great size to bring with you on all sort of fun actives. Patio lunches this spring? She's game! A hike on the Eno? How fun! Puppy playdates with friends? Mabel is a fun-loving girl who is equally loves to cuddle and be affectionate as much as she loves to have a good time.

She enjoys being active, running and wrestling with her furry friends on the farm, but she'll never hesitate to take a break for some pets and kisses! She is doing wonderful with her crate training and possess all the attributes of a great dog in need of some structure and guidance she is a teenager after all. If you are ISO a young, fun companion to be a weekend warrior with, get in your request to meet Mabel! A tri-colored beagle with freckles sprinkled throughout, Sam is 7 years old and weighs 25 pounds. This boy is on the hunt for all the creature comforts a home provides - good food, a yard to explore, a cozy bed, and an adoring family.

An old soul at heart, Sam is always kind when meeting new friends and readily rolls over to receive belly rubs.

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick: 'My work soothes the pain of love lost'

Content to snooze away the afternoon in the sunshine dreaming of past bunny chases, he has a quiet and unassuming presence that is sure to win hearts. So if you are searching for a loving companion, Sam may be just your guy! Budda-Bing, Budda-Boom! Newly arrived Budda is a handsome tri-colored beagle boy who is just 2 years old and 25 pounds. After an entry-level stint as a hunting dog, this youngster is quickly adjusting to life at the farm, regular meals, and his very own crate.

As a family pet, Budda is looking for patience and understanding in his new home until he settles in and gets the hang of domestic life, preferably in the company of adults, older children, and another dog. Once this boy gets a taste of the good life a loving home provides, there will be no stopping him from becoming a cherished family member.

Don't wait too long to make a date to meet this guy because - bing, bang, boom - he's sure to go fast! Ahoy all beagle fans - Roy has arrived at the farm! A 7 year old beagle that weighs 25 pounds, he has ears as soft as corduroy and a personality as silky as soy. Like a retired cowboy, Roy is learning to enjoy the creature comforts a home provides - two meals a day, a comfy bed, and toys. A bit coy when meeting new friends, Roy is quick to deploy his tail in fits of wiggles and wags - his happy demeanor helps buoy spirits wherever he goes.

Roy would especially enjoy a yard where he can employ his nose, with a sunny spot to lay out by the koi. Sure to bring you joy, come out to Saving Grace to meet Roy! We love our beagles and our new boy, Tag, is the perfect example of why. Tag is a stocky adult tri-color boy topping out around 22 lbs. He has quickly made friends everywhere and proves, once again, why beagles are such good all-around family dogs. He is well mannered in his crate and waits patiently to go outside.

Once there, his personality explodes as he enjoys taking in all the sites and smells. Tag melts our hearts, we feel sure he will melt yours too. Dog Adult Male Medium Hound. With hair as white as the flour for the best biscuits around and patches of red the color of spicy seasoning, Bojangles is aptly named and a mix of all things spicy, delicious and popular as heck so watch out peeps.

The cars are gonna be lining up like a busy Saturday morning drive thru! Bojangles is all beagle and a total hoot of a pill that will brings lots of lazy days, hearty meals, discussions about his likes and dislikes and about the best snuggle buddy around. Bojangles is about 7 years old and weighs in at about 30 something lbs.

He is not the picture of home living but has also been well fed in his past which makes us think he might have come by his namesake honestly! Bojangles is the bomb in his crate, sleeps quietly, waits to go to the bathroom outside and will enjoy any sized bed, big to small, that your house might offer. Meals are never turned down. Bojangles is a quiet kind of guy and never makes much noise. Unless it rains. Bojangles is not a fan of the rain or the cold. He says he lived in it enough already and we can totally respect that.

Bojangles would settle into a family with another dog with ease but is also okay on his own. Kids are proven great companions and Bojangles is happy to being the sweet tea to the family party. Come on out and meet our bestest beagle guy and fall in love all for yourself. Weekend host update: " He loves to snuggle on the couch and will remind you to keep petting him with a little tap of the paw if you stop.

He walks great on the leash with a proud little trot, and is also great on car rides. Dog Baby Female Medium Boxer. I get my name because I prance when I walk. I get along with dogs and people of all sizes. But watch my teeth they are very sharp. I love to run around and I need lots of space to excersize and grow. I also love to ride in the car and sleep. On the rocks, neat, straight up, with soda and a lime, there isn't a way you won't like having this Tito!

Tito is an outgoing and friendly guy with the body of a chihuahua that seems to have been placed on stilts. His long legs will allow him to keep up on long walks or hikes, but his petite size makes him fabulously portable to accompany you on less active outings as well. He has done well with the other small dogs in his playgroup but would be perfectly content being your one and only. He is a young adult who is ready to embark on the next chapter of his life. While we have this cold snap that never seems to end, get in your adoption request to grab yourself some Tito's to cozy up with!

Dog Adult Female Medium Beagle. If you're in the market for a loving companion, look no further than Octavia. A retired hunting dog, this girl is a senior tri-colored beagle who weighs in at about 26 pounds and is as mellow as they come. Done with chasing rascally rabbits, Octavia is now on the hunt for a forever home to live out her golden years in, one where she will be showered with love and attention.

Easy going, Octavia gets along with everyone at the farm, no matter what shape or size, and enjoys spending time in the company of volunteers. And after a day wandering the yard and a good meal, she settles down quietly in her crate, perfectly content to continue her search for that perfect someone the next morning. Will it be you? Brock is a male chihuahua about 7 years old and weighs about 10lbs. He is truly a chihuahua when it comes to snuggle time, loving to cuddle into a cozy bed or bury under the covers.

He is ok with other dogs but would also be ok soaking up all the love and attention! He can be just a little shy at first but warns up quickly to a kind hand and a warm lap. Brock is doing well with his crate training but would of course never turn down and invitation to snuggle up close to you for the night. If interested in meeting Brock, please send an adoption request to Saving Grace.

He will surely bring much love and companionship to his forever home. Dog Adult Male Medium Feist. Some times when dogs arrive at the farm we have dreams for them when they cannot have them for themselves. This has been the case with Sundance. At about 2 years old and 20 lbs, Sundance has not had the best of lives.

He likely has been on his own, scraping to get by and living solo, so arriving at the farm and getting to know what is like to be around people in a loud and busy world has been a bit overwhelming for him, but he has shown nothing but grace in the face of all of that. His coat is nowhere near the level of Handsome, with a capital H, that it will be with time, care, good meals and love. This sweet boy does not ask for anything, likely because he does not know he can and what wonderful things will come with asking. Sundance would much prefer a home that is quiet and settled, as he shies away from chaos.

He has been able to find the laps of kind volunteers and sit in the sun, allowing himself to melt into a nap like butter on hot bread and what a reward it is to be able to share that kind of ease and comfort with this boy. Sundance does well with other dogs and would adjust to a home with another dog who could help to show him the way. Patience and love will make it all change for this boy and we simply KNOW, that within no time he will be dancing, prancing and romancing you and yours in the sun of the backyard.

Hence, Sundance. Are you looking for a big personality in a tiny little body? If so, we have got the little boy for you. Rafael is a tri chocolate chihuahua with beautiful long legs. He is still learning that folks are good here in this new place called Saving Grace but once he warms up he is your buddy. He loves to give kisses and always is up for a game of trying to tag your hand with his little paws.

That is his favorite game and just the cutest thing to watch. He is a beautiful little boy that is so excited to find his forever home and his new person will be so lucky to have him! Get your adoption request in fast, he will get snatched up doubt! Dog Adult Female Small Beagle. Hippie is a young beagle who came to us unable to walk.

She had surgery to repair her hip and is well on her way to having full use of her leg again. Hippie has obviously been a part of a family in the past. She is house trained, loves to ride in the car and knows basic commands. Hippie would love a home with a large fenced in back yard to explore and a comfie dog bed to call her own. She gets along well with other dogs, cats and farm animals. Since she is so laid back she would probably do well with kids too. Derek is a red and white beagle mix that has already shown us how much he enjoys being around people.

He has quickly learned how to be a good boy in his crate and is so excited when he has a chance to be outside playing with his friends and the volunteers. Derek enjoys chasing balls and with a bit more work, will be a great fetch partner. He will enjoy an active family that can love on him and allow him to strut his stuff during a walk through the park. Dog Baby Female Medium Feist. Pretty Shakira is the most independent and cautious in her litter of siblings. Enjoying her own space, Shakira likes to observe the happenings around her, while checking in with her person frequently to get a quick snuggle or head scratch.

She loves a good game of chase with her siblings and can also be found confidently exploring new areas. And while she can be quite playful and exuberant, that doesn't mean she doesn't like to scout out a comfortable spot to nap in after her playtime. It takes Shakira a bit to warm up to new people, but once she does she will be your shadow. This girl, along with her siblings, is currently working on her crate training. Being the smart pup that she is, her foster mom believes she will pick up all training very quickly.

Shakira would love to have an older and confident canine companion already in the home to show her the ropes and help her get comfortable in her new role as beloved family member. Come meet sweet Shakira, a quiet girl who has a lovely sassy side! Arthur is a spunky little pup with the heart of a champion. He loves to run and play and has even tackled some stairs with minimal difficulty. He needs a family that will love him for all this quirks and be patient with him. Arthur is crate trained and has no problems sleeping through the night. Meet Tomi. She is a young girl that found her way to the farm as a baby and is now ready for her forever home.

She continues to amaze us in how well she has adjusted to life at SG. Lucky for Tomi, she's also had a chance to take advantage of one of SG's host weekends and she got great reviews from her host family for being house broken, crate trained and for playing well with all the other dogs she met. Tomi is a young lab mix and can be a bit shy with us humans at first, but will adapt nicely with a family that will love her for who she is and provide her with guidance to boost her confidence.

She would do nicely with a family with another dog to show her the way, but she can also make it on her own. Her sweet and soulful eyes promise you to always give her undying affection and faithfulness. She's ready to meet you! Weekend host update: "She is very sweet, loves to sleep in bed and cuddle. She also loves other dogs as she came from a litter of Matti is a young pit mix that plays wonderfully with other dogs and loves the SG volunteers. Matti is eager to find a home where she can settle in with a loving, kind person or family who can build her confidence and she can fully devote herself to.

Matti will do well as your one and only or also with other pups in your home. Schedule your appointment today! If you're in search of a cuddly, devoted guy who can be your weekend adventure buddy, look for further than John! John is a young pit mix that is ready to set forth on a mission to find his forever home. This young boy is one handsome fella in the making. He does great in his crate and enjoys his time outside to play and interact with the other dogs and humans at SG. Once he gets to know you, John is a real cuddle bug!

John would love a chance to meet you and see if you are his perfect match. Get in your adoption request today and let him grow into the loving companion he is meant to be! Meet Peter of the 12 disciples. At about 5 months old, these guys have already gone through a lot, but like their namesakes know the importance of forgiveness and hold absolutely no ill will!

They remain happy, fun loving puppies eager to start fresh on the wonderful lives they know they were destined for. Peter has learned how to act in his crate and wait his turn to go outside and do his business. He even did well with their senior cat. Peter will do well with another dog to keep showing him the ropes or he will also be great with a family who is willing to love on him and teach him the rules of your home. Peter is ready for his forever family to come scoop him up and will give lots of puppy kisses and cuddles in return for a safe space and a full belly.

Is that family yours? Send in your adoption request right away to meet him! This little one quickly became a volunteer favorite! Simone is one of the sweet little pit mix girls that made her way to the funny farm with her 12 brothers and sisters Simone is wonderful in her crate and has learned that time outside is where she should be doing her business and running and playing with her friends. We especially like watching her cute full body wiggle when she wags her tail! Simone will do well with another dog to keep showing her the ropes or she will also be great with a family who is willing to love on her and teach her the rules of your home.

Simone can't wait to meet you so get in your adoption request today! Dog, Adult, Female, Large Rottweiler. Dog Adult Female Large Rottweiler. Lady Sansa has arrived and she is everything you'd expect a Lady of Winterfell to be. She is feminine, beauty, and grace! Sansa is a pretty rottie, a slim 61 lbs.

While Sansa may no longer be as naive and innocent as she once was, she still holds hope that she will find a family to call her own. Sansa is a good girl, one who enjoys socials and attention. She is extremely intelligent and would be an asset to have in your family. Sansa presents a strong front; but is an extreme softy underneath. If you wish to have the honor of having the Lady of Winterfell in your life, send the ravens with your message adoption request and our counselors will help make an appointment.

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Weekend host update: "She was a pleasure to have this weekend. If her adorable underbite doesn't win you over, her sweet disposition will. It took about two hours to earn her trust, but once I did she stuck by my side and bonded so well the entire weekend. She's a little skittish at first of new things, but with positive reinforcement she always works through that!

All she wants is love and affection. Lord Tyrion has graced us with his presence at Saving Grace. Tyrion may be small only weighing 28 lbs but he is mighty, as all beagles are. He is a young lad, approximately years old. Tyrion is quickly impressing us with his wit and intellect. He is treat motivated to gain all the knowledge of the seven kingdoms and beyond! Tyrion is using his skills and influence to his advantage, quickly making friends of both volunteers and fellow dogs.

In fact, we are noticing quite the alliance forming between he and Jon Snow. No longer able to rely on his family title for love and protection, he is actively seeking a new family title. If you believe you are fit to provide for Lord Tyrion and can provide the loving protection he seeks, send us an adoption request to begin the alliance.

How Liz Farina Markel Captures Life: An Interview with Tipping Point Photography

Dog Young Male Medium Hound. We cannot help it. Something about this boy brings to mind visions of a beach in Mexico, leisurely walks in white sand, the smell of the sea air and an evening of lime margaritas while whittling the time away. Sucked it yet? We sure are and we are loving and slurping up this sweet and unassuming boy in big gulps and feeling the buzzy fun of being with him. Lime is a hound mix who, ironically, is more of a lemon hound than lime meaning he is mostly white with patches of light tan. He is a young man with lanky legs who is growing into the handsome man and loving soul he was born to be.

At about 8 months old he is a lean teen who weighs about 35 lbs and will fill out and grow into his big boy body which is likely to be about 50 or so, as he could use a few extra cookies with a dollop of peanut butter at the current time. Lime is as relaxed and laid back as they come and would be more than happy to inhabit a beach and meander the day away outside.

He is comfortable in his skin and enjoys the company of most any dog, in the typical hounds are the ambassadors of how to get along with everything fashion. He is everything sweet, never sour, and eager to find a soft place to call his forever. Lime could likely charm and befriend pretty much anything on one, two, three or 8 legs. He is quiet, clearly more a thinking and doing hound than a talking one. Crate manners have not even been a challenge he says as he rolls his eyes.

Get your big glass, slap some salt on the outside, turn on the fan and sit by the bathtub and with Lime at your side, it will be like a day in Cancun! Dog, Adult, Female, Medium Terrier. Dog Adult Female Medium Terrier. All of the best things of a shepherd in a small package? Sound like you and yours? Let us introduce us to us and ours! Tiara is a small package of wonderful that was delivered at our gates and we just adore her! She is ready for it all! Tiara is coming up on a year old and does not even weight 30 lbs yet. We expect she will grow a bit more and also know she is an athletic girl who is ready for an adventure seeking family.

Tiara has a gorgeous coat and awesome marking about her eyes, MAC model was her previous day job. She has abandoned that and ISO a full time family position that will allow her access to a backyard and energy expending activities with kids, dogs or neighbors. She does not care. Tiara is ready to the gem in your lives so get stepping on your apps ASAP! Dog, Adult, Female, Medium Retriever. Dog Adult Female Medium Retriever. Wisteria is a beautiful lilac flower filled shrub that blooms in the spring.

Our girl Wisteria is just as beautiful and since arriving to Saving Grace, she is really blooming into her own. She is a brown retriever mix; and weighs about 40 lbs. Wisteria is super friendly with both people and other dogs and has a happy easy-going personality type. She has wonderful soulful eyes, that are patiently waiting to connect with the eyes of her forever family. She will blossom under the care of a loving caring home. This girl is impressing all of the volunteers with how well behaved she is, and how great she is in the crate. Wisteria is ready to provide loyalty and love to her family; if you think you are her future family send us an adoption request and we will take care of the rest.

Dog Young Female Medium Hound. Melon is as refreshing as her name suggests, especially in the summer months when we can all use something cool and refreshing. This girl has game! Melon is a hound mix, though we would like to call her a pocket hound as she is about a year old and only weighs about 20 plus lbs almost full grown. Imagine that? A friendly, social, active, engaging, kind and gentle hound in a small package.

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Can you beat that? Her gorgeous black and white coat is stunning and her attitude is stellar! A walk, a hike or a run. A single grabbing a cup of coffee of a neighborhood meet and free? Melon is sure to be the best friend of everyone she meets. Sporty and small is a great combo.

**Update - she's home ** Educate me on liver failure in dogs - Chronicle Forums

Melon has requested an active and engaged family. Number of members does not matter to her. Party here, party there as long as there are people around. She has been a great friend with dogs of all sizes and is eager to become a permanent fixture in your summer, winter, spring and fall! Our darling Clementine is settling in on the Funny Farm and quickly making friends.

This lab mix has a stunning black coat, is about years old and is as sweet as can be. She is very friendly but has no problem standing up for herself if another dog gets too pushy. Clem is fantastic to work with and is good in the crate. Clementine would also do well in a household with children. Once settled in with her new home and family we suspect she will be easy to have around the house without too much worry while you are gone. This 60 lb bundle of cuteness is ready for her forever home! If you want to meet Clem, send in your adoption request and we will make an appointment.

Dog Adult Female Medium Boxer. Papaya has a sassy little strut that will make you sit up and take notice the minute you see her. This sweet girl looks like a boxer mix but in low rider style. She greets everyone like she has known them for years and loves all the attention she can get, although she does not demand it. She has shown wonderful crate manners, keeping things clean and quiet.

She is very respectful to other dogs of all sizes and loves to play. She is confident enough to do well as the queen canine in your home but would not mind at all if she had a canine sibling to pal around with too.

She is has a great energy level, lots of fun and easy to cuddle! If you would like to meet Papaya and see the swagger, she is waiting patiently with her tail wagging. Dog, Young, Female, Medium Terrier. Dog Young Female Medium Terrier. Honey Bee is a gorgeous tan terrier mix, with the kindest eyes. She is young, only about months. A little more reserved than most youngsters she is still a sweet and as kind as can be.

The more she gets to know you and is comfortable the more adventurous she becomes, and you get to see a bigger personality. She will really blossom under the love and guidance of her forever family. She really enjoys being outside and romping about with her other puppy pals in her play group. When its time to settle down, she is just as well behaved inside in her crate. She very much wants to please and is quick learner.

The more she gets to know you, the more of a lover and snuggler she becomes. We suspect with lots of love and attention she will be the best Netflix binge partner you can ask for, as long as you make room for her on the couch! If you want this Honey Bee to buzz on over and be apart of your family; make an appointment to meet her by completing an adoption request. Goldberg is a precious boy. He has short black hair, with white around his nose, chin, chest and front paw. He is one of the eight pups in the Goldbergs litter. Goldberg will make great running buddy since he is very fast!

Exploring and sniffing the yard are his specialities, and he has the cutest bark. Goldberg is doing well going potty outside.

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  • He sleeps quietly in his crate at night and keeps it clean. Goldberg has lived in a foster home with four children, two dogs and a cat. He does well with them all. Are you the forever family Goldberg is looking for? Dog Baby Female Small Beagle. Cadbury is packed with puppy love with eyes and ears that go on for days. Cadbury came to her foster home with a broken hind leg but that never kept this cutie pie from being a happy go lucky girl.

    She can run, jump, leap and dart about like a wild child when she wants to, and then settle in a nice dog bed and work on a chew toy. She has been a wonderful houseguest while recovering, and has almost mastered housetraining. Have you ever seen a puppy love food so much they actually get in the bowl with their food?? Well, you will if you choose this sweetheart.

    Dog Adult Female Small Feist. A gorgeous young lady who appears to be part Carolina dog and part terrier and about a year or two old and 25 or so lbs full grown. She was so shy when she arrived. Not the look she wanted to sport into forever and my oh my she has opened up and had a blast lately at the farm! Periwinkle has been running the yards, socializing with big and small dogs and people of all sizes. She is ready to set out on the adventure of her life with you and yours and wants you to know a few things.

    She might not have lived a home before. Have patience and she is eager to learn about lots of stuff and settle into your routine. She loves walking, sniffing, playing and running as much as anything. She does NOT like to go to the bathroom in her crate. She is a lady ISO a lady's family. Periwinkle could blend with dogs of all sizes but would love a low key yet active family. BFF and bestest snuggle buddy. Hard to beat right?

    A genesis is a beginning, the start of something. Genesis is looking for her new beginning. Look at that face. Want to go for a walk, no problem. Do you happen to have some sheep that need herding? She can probably handle that too. This adorable girl is waiting, fill out your adoption request to meet her today! Twilight - This little lady is a precious package that will make anyone swoon. Soft demeanor and fairly small in stature she would make the perfect dog for someone just starting their dog journey. A truly great "first dog" listens well and is crate trained.

    She is about 12 weeks old and about 12 pounds currently. Parker is a little reserved at first, but once he gets to know you he opens up and is full of energy! He loves to explore and is very curios and would do very well in a house with other dogs so they could show him the ropes.


    He is a quick learner, especially when treats are involved! He has learned to sit and has started to learn to potty outside, but still needs a little work on that. One of his favorite things to do is chew, so having a ton of chew toys is a must!! He is a very sweet dog and would make a great addition to any loving home! Ranger is a little shy at first, but really opens up around other dogs and would do very well in a house with a dog or even two!!

    He is a quick learner and very treat oriented! In addition to playing outside, one of Ranger's favorite things to do is chew, so having a ton of chew toys is a must!! He is a very sweet and loving dog and would make a great addition to any loving home! This is how puppies play with their littermates.

    When one gets hurt and squeals, play stops for a bit and then begins again. When Scout jumped up on us, Diane urged us to turn to the side and look away, ignoring Scout for a few seconds rather than scolding her, and then getting her to sit, followed by a reward. She thought Scout had become bored with the same toys and suggested a Kong, a cylindrical rubber chew toy that can be filled with food and puppy treats and even put in the freezer. She offered rewards for every bit of good behavior and suggested that we do the same, even if the treat was just a piece of kibble.

    At mealtime, Scout had started barking loudly as we prepared her bowl, and fortunately, Diane had a cure. She suggested that we ask Scout to sit before we put her bowl down and then reward her with a piece of kibble. It worked. The barking stopped. Diane thinks small bits of human food are good for dogs and gave us a list of approved and forbidden ones. Yogurt, already on her diet , was fine, along with carrot chunks, cheese and other items. On the verboten list, because they can poison a dog, were grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic and, oddly, nutmeg.