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Inspect livestock daily. May order the immediate removal of any animal which, in the opinion of the approved veterinarian, places other animals at unacceptable risk of disease. Maintain a record for one year from the date of the exhibition of each animal present at the exhibit. Sheep and goat sale records must be kept for 5 years. For livestock purchased at an exhibition and moved out of state, an accredited veterinarian must issue a certificate of veterinary inspection before the animal moves across the state line.

The records must contain the following information: Name and address of the seller, telephone number if available; and Name and address of the buyer, telephone number if available; and Official identification when required as indicated in part A and B of these requirements; and Date of sale. Livestock entries close midnight July 27, See Departments for entry fees. All entry fees and season ticket money must accompany entries or said entries will be forfeited. Tickets and barn stickers can be picked up at the fair office a week prior to the Fair.

Entry blanks must be filled out in detail as per instructions or they shall become void. No entries will be accepted after midnight July 27, A phone number of exhibitor should be on entry blank. Livestock facilities will be open for receiving livestock exhibits all through the day and night on August 7, Entries will be assigned stalls by Superintendents in charge of the various Departments. After all stalls have been taken the Board reserves the right to discontinue taking entries. Livestock entries are open to exhibitors from other counties and state with the exception of Poultry and Horses.

The exhibitors must own all animals entered in these departments or premium will not be paid. For the purpose of making entries, co-owners of livestock shall be considered as equal to one exhibitor. Persons exhibiting purebred animals will be required to furnish registration papers for animals exhibited, or evidence of having applied for registration papers.

This shall apply to cattle and swine. The management will not be responsible for loss or accident, should any occur. All livestock will be released at noon August 14, , except lactating cows, of which will be released at p. Qualified judges will be employed in these departments. Regulations 1. Horse can show only 1 time in each class. Trailering in on the day of show. Free Entry 4. Any exhibitor over 6 years of age and not in Junior Fair, must purchase season tickets. Entries will be taken at the horse barn between a. Riding is restricted to enclosed arena only; penalty for violation of these rules will be expulsion of the exhibitor and animal from the fairgrounds.

Riding hours and use of arena are AM — midnight. Riding schedule will be posted in barn. Arena riding lights will be turned off at midnight. Stalls need to be cleaned daily and be completely cleaned out before leaving on release of livestock. Stalls will be assigned by Superintendent. Due to the limited number of open horse stalls that are available this procedure will be used. Previous year open stall holders will have first chance for renewing their stall. Deadline for renewing these stalls is July 1, New stall applicants will be put on the Open Horse stall waiting list and stalls will be assigned as they become available.

Open Show Classes: 1. Stick Horse Class Rider 5 yrs. Mare and Foal 3. Horse Open Halter 4. Miniature Horse Trail In Hand 5. Draft Horse Halter 7. Horse and Pony Pleasure 14 to 18 years 4-H age Walk Trot Pleasure Rider 40 yr. Mens Pleasure All Ages Double Hitch Class Open Ladies Pleasure Open Costume Class Walk Only Barrels Poles Cincinnati, Ohio In all classes where no competition exists will be paid first premium only. Bull before May 1, Bull 2 years old May 1, Sr. Bull, September 1 to December 31, Jr.

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Must be paid on the day of the show. Class Size: May vary based upon the break down of weight classes. Barrows will be weighed between pm. All participants will receive packer bid for each barrow. Premiums: Based upon all money collected or donated. All money will be distributed. Paid to the top 5 places in each class, plus a ribbon. Paid to the top 5 places overall, plus a ribbon. Plaque given to Grand and Reserve Champions. Top two barrows from each class will return to compete for Grand and Reserve Champion. Open show participants are responsible for clean up of their respective areas following the show.

Call Scott Hurtt for information. Entries and legible narrations are due by a. August 8th. Entries are open to anyone who has an interest in sheep and wool fashion. The objective of the class is to present a class of sheep in the most attractive manner. Sheep must be conditioned, fitted and trained to show at halter. The animal must meet the necessary health requirements for a sheep exhibited at the fair. The lead sheep can be a ewe, a wether, or a ram. No sheep is used.

The wool garments must have been sewn by the participant. Pairs of any age are two individuals with coordinated outfits. One sheep is used. Participants can enter more than one class, but must wear different wool outfits. Premiums and ribbons are sponsored by the Ross County Agricultural Society. Goals are: To promote the lamb and wool industry To offer an opportunity for youth to have fun To encourage youth to raise and show lambs To provide some experience in the show ring The activity will occur at approximately p.

Participants should borrow a lamb for the activvity with the owner's permission and should wear proper shoes. Registration will occur in the show arena beginning at p. A group of outstanding exhibitors will be selected. A point system will be used with the winner receiving the highest number of points. Points will be accumulated from the skill-a-thon activity, showmanship placing, market show class placing, or Junior Fair Sheep Breeding placing, or whichever is highest, and for maintaining clean sheep pens during the fair.

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No substitutes ONLY in the same class or sex. All entries must show species, variety, standard or Bantam or Fowl, Cock or Hen etc. Cock 2. Hen 3. Cockeral 4. Pullet 5. Old Drake 6. Old Hen 7. Young Drake 8. Young Hen 9. Old Gander Old Goose Young Gander Young Goose Old Tom Old Hen Young Tom Young Hen Fancy Pigeons Pigeons Utility Pigeon Performance Dove over all class Final release - pm, Saturday, August 14, last day of fair. No Later. All Turkeys must be blood tested by veterinarian prior to the start of the fair.

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A special youth show will proceed other classes. No substitutes. Only in same class and sex. Trophies awarded for Best of Breed each Breed with 10 or more shown. General Rules for all Farm Products 1. Open only to residents of Ross County. Products must have been grown in Ross County, and by the exhibitor, during the current year.

No entry fee charged. Entries may be made on Saturday, August 7, , at 12 noon — p. Exhibits must be left on display until 12 midnight, last day of the Fair. In classes where no competition exists, or if the opinion of the judge a first premium is not merited, the judges may award a lesser premium or no premium. Judging will be at p. Sunday, August 8, RULES 1. Exhibitor may make two entries in any class, but win only one premium. Corn must have been grown during the current or previous year. Exhibitors of small grain or seed must provide a grain bag for their displays.

See general rules for Farm Products. White — 5 ears 2. Yellow — 5 ears 3. Popcorn — 5 ears 4. Novelty Colored Corn 5. Shelled Corn — Any Variety, peck A. Shelled Popcorn 6. Wheat — any variety, peck 7. Oats — Any Variety, peck 8. Rye — Any Variety, peck 9. Timothy — seed, peck Clover Seeds — Any variety, peck Soybeans — Any Variety, peck Barley — Any Variety, peck Conola — Any Variety, peck Producers agents. Producers or agent will donate premium for best display of 10 ears grown from his seed. Exhibits will be judged in open show and entitled to Fair Board premium.

Each grower or agent allowed a display card, not to exceed 18" X 24" with the exhibits. Any variety, peck 2. Katahdin, plate of 5 3. Superior, plate of 5 4. Kenebec, plate of 5 5. Red Pontiac, plate of 5 6. Red La Soda, plate of 5 7. Russet, plate of 5 8. Any other variety, plate of 5 9. Red Sweet Potatoes, plate of 5 Yellow Sweet Potatoes, plate of 5 Largest Potato, plate of 1 any variety Tomatoes Standard Red, plate of 5 Pink, plate of 5 Yellow, plate of 5 Red, Cherry or Yellow Cherry Patio, plate of 10 Red Pasta or Plum Type, plate of 5 Any other variety, plate of 5 Largest, any variety, plate of 5 Beef Steak Red, plate of 5 Beef Steak Yellow, plate of 5 Orange, plate of 5 Red Heart, plate of 5 Husk Tomato or Ground Cherry, plate of 5 Onions Red, plate of 5 White, plate of 5 Yellow, plate of 5 Beans Pole, Lima, largest plate of 5 Bush, Lima, plate of 10 Colored, plate of 10 Pole, String, plate of 10 Bush Green String, plate of 10 Yellow Wax String, plate of 10 Colored Lima, plate of 10 Horticultural, plate of 10 Baby Lima, plate of 10 Any other variety, plate of 10 Lima, pint dry Kidney, pint dry Horticultural, pint dry Snap Peas, plate of 10 Half Runner, plate of 10 Flat, of 10 Root Vegetables Best Beet, plate of 5 Largest Beet, plate of 1 Best Turnips, plate of 5 Largest Turnips, plate of 1 Parsnips, plate of 5 Carrots, long tapered, plate of 5 Carrots, miniature, plate of 5.

Rutabaga, plate of 5 Radish, any type, plate of 5 Peanuts Head Stalks Kahlrabi, plate of 5 Celery, 1 stalk Swiss Char, 1 stalk Broccoli Bok-Choi Stir Fry Food Cabbage, quality head green Chinese Cabbage Purple Cabbage Cabbage, heavy, any type Okra, plate of 3 Peppers Green Bell, plate of 4 Yellow Bell, plate of 4 Jalapenos, plate of 4 Tapered, Sweet, plate of 4 Hot Hungarian, plate of 4 Pimentos, plate of 4 Small Ornamentals, plate of 4 Cheyenne - Hot, plate of 4 Any other Variety, plate of 4 Melons Egg Plant, plate of 1 Cucumbers, quality, plate of 3 Cucumbers, largest plate of 1 Cucumbers, Burpless, quality plate of 3 Cucumbers, small pickling, plate of 5 Watermelon, large round Watermelon, large long Watermelon, small round, ice box type Cantaloupe muskmelon quality Honeydew Zucchini, small quality, plate of 3 Zucchini, largest, plate of 1 Butternut, squash Summer Squash, crookneck, plate of 2 Summer Squash, Straight neck, plate of 2 Butter Cup Acorn Squash Hubband Squash Turban Squash Squash, and edible Squash, heavy Pumpkin, any edible Pumpkin, largest Largest Sunflower Gourds Display and type Miniature Pumpkin 1st 2nd 3rd Sunday after Fair No Mailing of Premiums.

Fair Board will furnish trays. A plate, for apples and peaches, shall consist of 5 well grown specimens. Plums, Plate of 5 4. Pears, Plate of 5 5. Grapes, 1 Cluster 6. Nectarines, Plate of 5 7. Blueberries, Plate of 10 8. Blackberries, Plate of 10 9. Red Raspberries, Plate of 10 Rhubarb, Plate of 5 English Walnuts, Plate of 10 Pecans, Plate of 10 Best Display of Fruit. Alfalfa 2. Timothy 4. Clover 5. Jars chuck honey 4. See general rules for Farm Products 2. One may make two entries in a class but can win only one prize 3.

An exhibitor may have entries in as many classes as he desires. To receive first money the entry must meet U. Standards, as to first quality hay. Sunday After Fair. Light Brown Eggs — 4 2. Dark Brown Eggs — 4 3. White Hen Eggs — 4 4. Pullets Eggs — 4 5. Bantam Eggs — 4. Exhibitors must be current Ross County residents. Entries will be accepted on Saturday, August 7, am pm 3. Judging will be on rarity, variety, uniqueness and human interest. Judging will occur Saturday evening, Aug. No entry fee. Displays will be open for viewing from a. Sunday through Saturday and the building will be locked at all other times.

Committee personnel will watch displays during viewing hours. Displays will be exhibited to prevent viewer touching. Anchors and chains will be available. Owner may lock property if desired. In classes where no competition exists, or in the opinion of the judge a first premium is not merited, no premium or a lesser premium may be awarded. A display can occupy no more than a three foot width of table space. Release time will be Sunday, August 15th - p. Displays will be released only with proper identification and with a committee person present. There will be a stump-the-judge category at the Ross County Fair.

Old Spoon Collection Display 2. Old Yard Stick Display 3. Old Children's Dishes Display 4. Old Hat and Caps Display 5. She was the most affectionate of the three. She always sat in the front window waiting for us and greeted us at the top of the stairs. We took er to bed with us last nite in her kitty cup between us, and left her curled up in it on the bed today.

When I got home, I wrapped her in 2 of my husband's old t-shirts with just her cute face and 2 front paws showing, and found a nice box to bury her in. We buried her tonite after work and planted a double pink rose of sharon over the grave. I had to open the box and stroke her head one last time before we put her in the ground.

This is the bad part of having pets.

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I get so attached and it breaks my heart when they die. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 61 - May 13 th , at am. I'm so so sorry for your loss. She was a lucky kitty to live with such a loving mommy. The rose sounds lovely, such a nice memorial. We planted a lime tree for my Magus, who passed several years ago. Reading your post made me cry. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 62 - May 13 th , at pm. Scotty is cute enough to eat, McCoy is just strange too much curmudgeonly overacting for a man his obvious age , and Kirk is too Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 63 - May 14 th , at am. Thank you, Sakina and Midnite Angel, for your kind words.

It's a little better today, altho' I tear up at times. Sitting down at the computer tonite, I remember lifting the blinds at the window over the desk, so she could get onto the window ledge and lie in the sun.

Cleopatra Beaded Necklace - Crochet Pattern #153

That was just a week ago. Taylor and Cleo are more stand-offish, not as loving as she was. I miss that the most. It doesn't help that it is just over 2 yrs since we lost Frisbee, my grey tiger male. He was one those very personable, affectionate cats, almost a dog, and he was my cat. I had him for 17 yrs. It also doesn't help that the weather is cloudy and rainy today, and it is finals week, so instead of teaching, I am watching my students take their tests, trying desperately to think of anything else so I won't break down in front of them.

Just one more test tomorrow, then I can let down my guard. My husband had a dinner to attend and was getting home late tonite, so I went to WalMart and indulged in a little shopping therapy: Burt's Bees sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, 3 new bras, and material for 4 skirts and 1 bodice for the faire. I just didn't want to come home and see that empty front window. So tomorrow nite I leave for the St.

Louis Faire. Andi will drive down from Milwaukee, pick me up and we will drive to Springfield, IL, and spend the nite with my mom. We will drive to St. Louis Fri am and set up the booth in the pm. The Faire opens Sat. TWC is predicting occasional showers and possible thunderstorms in St.

Louis on Fri and Sat, but sun on Sun. Outdoor theater is no fun in the rain, to put it lightly, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 64 - May 14 th , at pm. Today is much better; the sun is shining. The rose of sharon is looking good; it's leaves are visibly bigger since Tues. I hope the ground isn't too wet for it. It is still squishy, but we watered it well when we planted it and there was a lot of rain last nite. The house still feels oddly empty. I just hope the other two cats become more social. Gave the last final and turned in all the grades, so now I am free until Tuesday, when summer school starts.

I don't know whether the alarm didn't go off or I slept thru it, but I woke up barely in time to make it to school. Didn't have time to rinse my hair, and am surprised at how good it looks: plenty of body, altho' most of the curl has fallen out.

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Angel: re the men in OST, just think how intelligent, intense and driven they all were. Now imagine that intelligence, intensity and drive focused on you. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 65 - May 18 th , at pm. I am home after 4 days in Mo. Louis Renn Faire. The days were cool, Sat cloudy and Sun sunny, but never warm enough that I felt like abandoning my cloak. Several folk camp on site and even those in RVs were complaining how cold it was Sat nite. The women in the booth next to us have a permanent structure in progress, no roof yet and only two walls completed on the second story.

They live in no. They were really cold. Slept under every blanket they had and all their colthes. Took the L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner and the damned tubes leaked. Luckily I was smart enough to pack them in sealed plastic bags, but had a mess to clean up. Think I will rustle up my indignant consumer persona and write the company about their cheap packaging. Next time I will pack the Burt's Bees.

It's in bottles and not likely to leak. Had my hair braided in one of the fancy 'dos. I won't do that again. My hair is so fine that it packs down and I look almost bald on the sides; thank heavens it's dark. She used those tiny rubber bands on the ends and they did snarl the ends a bit. I had to be really careful undoing the braids to avoid tangles.

Live and learn. It did feel good to have my hair securely up off my neck, but I will go back to lined snoods and hats. It's better for my hair, and more becoming. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 66 - May 18 th , at pm. Forgot to say that I saw some lovely hair at the Faire. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 67 - May 18 th , at pm.

Your hair sounds so lovely. Do you have a picture of it? Preferably one in your Ren Faire outfit. I love those costumes; they are so pretty. I loved the Star Trek movie too! I disagree with you on Bones though; I loved him! Sorry to hear about your kitty. I know how much it hurts to lose a beloved pet. I know she will live on fondly in your heart though. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 68 - May 18 th , at pm.

Where did you get your lined snoods? Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 69 - May 18 th , at pm. Thank you, Michelle, and hugs in return. It has been a week, and I am getting used to not seeing her at the top of the stairs. I make lined snoods, Sakina. The fabric base is like a bag cap, with an opening in the back of the band, tied with ribbons for a custom fit.

I usually use a small, or monochromatic design calico that looks solid from a distance. I hand-crochet the snoods, using old doily patterns and tack them to the base. They can be solid-color, multi-shades of the same color, or ombre. I will have try to post some pictures. The advantages of a lined snood are that it keeps your hair clean, and prevents it from tangling.

Last year, one girl at Bristol wore a crocheted snood with beads, and her hair was so entangled that it took three of us 30 min. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 70 - May 19 th , at am.

crochet bead necklace

I'd love to see some pics of your lined snoods! I have 4 or 5 snoods from Lady MacSnood. That poor girl-lucky you were there to help. Do you sell your snoods anywhere??

Daily Archives

Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 71 - May 20 th , at am. Yes, Sakina, I do sell my snoods. As I said, I'll try to get some pictures up. I know Lady MacSnood; she has a booth at St. Very nice person. She also makes hair sticks, and resells for Likely Lotus, among other garb vendors. Likely Lotus makes very nice bodices with adjustable shoulders and steel boning. The girl who got her hair tangled in the beaded snood had very curly hair, so that's probably why it snarled so badly. Oiled my hair last nite and shampooed and conditioned today with the Burt's Bees Pomegranite volumizing formula.

Did a vinegar rinse between the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is soft, shiny, and full. I really like the BB products.

Fashion Clicks - Just click your way to fashion!: Monday Shopping

Have discovered that I need to wait a week or so after I color to use the vinegar rinse. It's too drying right after color. Does anybody besides me love to wash her hair? I look forward to shampooing. It's relaxing and I love the way my hair looks when it's freshly shampooed. I did e-mail L'Oreal about their tubes leaking and got a form reply today. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 72 - May 20 th , at am. Quote: Does anybody besides me love to wash her hair? Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 73 - May 20 th , at am.

Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 74 - May 20 th , at pm. I thought it was bad for your hair to shampoo every day. My hairdresser told me years ago not to do it. Today's weather is summer-like! I have all the windows open and the ceiling fans going. I live for summer! Love the sun and the flowers and green grass and summer breezes, shorts, tank tops and sandals, the scent of sun screen, cookouts on the deck, drinking wine at the picnic table!!

Oh, bliss!!! Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 75 - May 22 nd , at am. Today was a beautiful day. Sunny all day, 80 degrees, gentle breeze. All the bulbs I planted last fall are coming up and the iris are starting to bud. Put my hair in a bun with a hairstick and it is staying very nicely. If I were going to wear it up all day, I would put it in a loose pony first, then bun it. If I put it in a pony first, it will leave a kink in my hair when I take it down.

If I just twist it up, then I will have curls, which I would rather have. My hair seems to be growing nicely, and getting thicker, but I know that is because the shorter layers are finally getting longer. The top measures almost 13 in. I am using visualization, and think it is helping.

Tonite I will oil before I go to bed and tomorrow I will shampoo, vinegar rinse and deep condition. Will use the Burt's Bees again, it smells wonderful. I will be leaving for St. Louis around noon tomorrow and will be back around the same time on Monday. Hope it is a better weekend than last week.

Andi's ex was giving her a hard time, and she was upset, which made the whole weekend tense. I will be wearing blue this weekend. Spent some time this evening trying on garb to make sure everything fit. Have start to diet; fasted today, and haven't been hungry at all. Took my vitamins, and made sure I stayed hydrated. I will probably eat tomorrow, but will eat protein and vegetables, no carbs.

Yesterday was my last blast of comfort foods. Now that the sun is shining and I am feeling happier, I will lose weight. Would like to lose about 30 lbs. After I get back from St. Louis, I will get out the weights and start working out again. So I won't be writing again until Mon pm. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 76 - May 27 th , at pm. The long weekend at St. Louis Faire was interesting. Rain had petered out by the time we left for the site at 8am, but showers off and on all day, then started to rain in earnest about I was not going to walk down the hill in soaking wet ankle-length skirts.

I did wrap up in my hooded cloak and got to the van pretty dry. Waited in the van for 20 min, waiting for the gates to open, so it was really pouring by the time I got on-site and we could load the van. We had to yell at each other to hear over the pounding of the rain. Outdoor theatre can be so much fun. Drove to Springfield, IL, about mi, thru thunderstorms and hard rain. Saw several accidents, and had to slow down to a crawl a couple of times because the rain was coming down so hard.

Left at 8am Tues so I could get home in time to teach my 1pm class. Drove thru rain again, but not as much as Mon. Skies were clear when I drove the 30 mi to Morris to class, but started to rain just as I left the building to come home. So drove thru rain AGAIN and got home to find out the power was off and the garage door wouldn't open.

Hiked my books and briefcase up the front steps thru pouring rain, unlocked the door, and immediately got on the phone to ComEd to scream about the power loss. That was the second time in 3 days and has been an ongoing problem every summer for the last 6 yrs. I wish their customer service people would quit saying they understand.

Unless they have lived with the continuous power outages, they don't understand! I hate this town, I hate Com Ed, I hate this weather!!! My hair at least likes the weather. Very full and very curly. I have been using the Burt's Bees Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, along with jojoba oil treatments and vinegar rinses, and my hair is very happy.

I bought the deep conditioner yesterday and will try it tomorrow. A woman at Faire told me I was beautiful. How nice. That was on Mon when I was wearing my hair loose because it was too humid for putting it up under a snood and hat. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 77 - May 28 th , at pm. Good enough to eat. Left my hair shiny and curly. I really like the Burt's Bees line. I noticed yesterday that I was getting a little bit of breakage, but after the deep conditioner that seems to have stopped. I look at the shine serums and frizz control products, but am afraid to try them because it doesn't take much to weigh my hair down.

If you have fine hair and have tried these products, I would be interested in your experience with them. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 78 - May 28 th , at pm. Hi, Melusine! I also look at those products, but my hair does not like cones. I keep my hair well moisturized to keep frizzies at bay.

I deep treat once a week most of the time and oil my scalp at least an hour before shampooing, if not overnight. Do you have a copy of this book? How you handle your curly hair when wet and as it drying contributes largely to frizz. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 79 - Jun 1 st , at pm. Thank you, Sakina, I will look for the book.

Let's see, I condition every time I shampoo, try to remember to deep condition every other shampoo. I have accepted that it will frizz when the humidity is high, which is often in Chicago in the summer. Besides, it makes my fine hair look thicker. Am back from St. Louis, this weekend the weather was almost perfect. It did rain Fri nite, but cleared off by 10am Sat morning. We were very busy Sat and Sun, had very good sales. Andi found a tick on the back of her knee Fri nite and totally freaked out. I tried to get it out, but had no tweezers, so we ended up in the emergency room.

While I waited for her, I was beginning to wonder if there was a full moon, because the waiting room was a complete zoo. One lady was delusional schizophrenic, I think and giving her daughter, husband, the receptionist and all the nurses a fit. Her daughter was trying to get her admitted, and momma was having nothing to do with that.

Apparently mom had stopped taking her meds. Then there was the drunk, a woman about 60 who lay down on the floor right in front of the door, then kept getting up and running down the hall to the bathroom. A young man came in and went to the desk, and when the receptionist asked the nature of his ailment, he replied that it was personal and he would rather tell the doctor. While all this was going on, a very pregnant young woman was sitting on the other side of the room, holding 2 pillows. I don't know if she was there for Lamaze class or to be admitted.

By the time we got back to the hotel room, I was ready for a Valium myself. Only one more weekend of the St. I am getting in the mood to sew again. When I got home today, did 5 loads of laundry and worked on a bodice. I sewed it about 2 yrs ago and if never has fit well. I should have checked the critique of that pattern before I used it; it said that the pattern was a pain in the tookus to work with.

I had tried to alter it twice before, but never got it right. This time I removed the decorative ribbon, opened the lining, removed all the boning, took in the front princess seams, cut the seam allowance smaller, and boned just the fronts with heavy-weight boning, and thank the Mother, it finally fits. So now I have 2 more bodices to alter, and am planning to rebone all of my bodices with heavier boining, and about 8 skirts to make. I think I can get all that done before Bristol opens.

Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 80 - Jun 2 nd , at am. Where is the Bristol Faire? I wanna come to your house and make costumes!!! Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 81 - Jun 2 nd , at am. Ticks can be scary so I think you did the only right thing. I've heard that some burn them out. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 82 - Jun 2 nd , at pm. If you have a sewing machine, bring it and I'll clear the dining room table and we can make garb together.

I've been doing it for about 5 years and have gotten pretty good at it. Andi is on antibotics for the next 2 wks. The emergency room doc said that virtually all ticks carry Lyme disease now. I am teaching summer school, the short 6-wk semester, and have mid-terms to grade, so had better get to it. The scantrons look good, so hopefully I won't have to curve the grades. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 83 - Jun 2 nd , at pm. Guess they've got some good cheese booths at Bristol. Thanks for the offer I think my machine is portable.

Yeah, I'd need a lot of help. Have fun!!! Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 84 - Jun 4 th , at am. Hi, Sakina, the only cheese you can buy at Bristol is cheese fritters, which are cheese balls battered and deep fried. They taste wonderful, but you know they are full of calories. Finally today is sunny. The only day this week that we will have sun. I hope summer is better than spring has been. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 85 - Jun 4 th , at pm.

Sunny again today, but we set a record low temp last nite - 41 degrees. If it doesn't get warm soon, I am moving south. I was born in Springfield, IL, and I am used to sun-bathing in April, admittedly you had to find a sunny spot sheltered from the breeze, but I did it more than once. I can't believe that the heat is still on in June and I don't like it one damned bit!

I am not in a good mood. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 86 - Jun 10 th , at am. Shampooed yesterday with Burt's Bees Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, with vinegar rinse, and jojoba treatment the nite before. My hair really seems to like these products. I will be getting color on Thurs, so will shampoo and deep condition tomorrow. Went thru the bathroom and threw away old products that have been hanging around for years, in some cases.

I am now using only sulfate-free products, and my hair is stronger and fuller. Thank you, everyone for what I have learned here. Last weekend was the final weekend of the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. We are glad that all the work is over, but sad to be leaving friends that we won't see until Sept. So I am now in sewing mode. Bought material for 3 new chemises, all of mine are at least 3 yrs.

Have decided to up my social status and bought embroidered fabrics. After all, I work for the queen's jeweler. Togay, I altered 3 skirts for Andi; tomorrow I will pre-wash some fabric and do some sewing for myself. Haven't decided just what yet because I have so much on hand.

I do need 2 new bodices, so may work on those. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 87 - Jun 10 th , at am. I love home sewn, knitted, etc. Can't sew a button on to save my life. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but it's not far off. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 88 - Jun 10 th , at pm.

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Renn garb is really easy -- no darts, zippers or buttons and almost everything is cut on the square. Skirts, breeches and chemises are no problem. Bodices and doublets require more fitting and angles, but still no darts. They are much easier to do than comtemporary clothing. I taught myself to sew, just buying easy Simplicity patterns and inexpensive fabric. I have made wedding gowns and evening gowns and those are really fun to do, and not as difficult as you might think.

I've always thought it was like magic. There's a swatch of fabric laying on the table, and 3 or 4 hours later, there is a beautiful dress or blouse! If you think you would like to try it, get a medium-priced machine, a portable is fine, an easy pattern, and some pretty fabric and go for it. Skirts are easy to start with. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 89 - Jun 15 th , at pm. Was cruising new member intros and found the web-site for Fia's hair system. I always wondered what those codes meant, but not enough to ask. So now I know that I am a 2afii, and blissfully happy to know that.

I always thought that my hair was thin as well as fine, and was jealous of all of you with thick ponytails. But now that my bangs are grown out enough to include, it measures average density. Now all I have to work on my self-consciousness about my hair. My aunt is visiting my mom for the summer, and she has the same cowlick at back right of the crown that I do.

Got color Thurs nite after teaching my class and when I walked in, Kirstin looked at me and asked, "What on earth happened to your hair? After the color was done, she used a Redken curl activator that I really liked. She said that Herbal Essence made one similar, so I bought it, but either I bought the wrong one, or it doesn't perform like the Redken does. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I used the HE before and didn't like it then either.

Apparently my hair is just like the rest of me, just different enough from average, that the most available thing doesn't work for me. Worked at Duckcon this weekend. Met some nice people, saw some wonderful, and some weird, costumes. One guy had a South African tortoise, 5 yo, very people-oriented, and had constructed a discworld supported by 4 elephants on its back. He had a quite a crowd following him and his tortoise. How he got her the tortoise is female and her name is Sheila is another story. He had found her by the side of a country road in Indiana, and knew enough to know both that she wasn't native to the area, and that she had been kept, and abandoned, i.

That is so inhumane! She would never survived the winter or been squashed by a car. But now she is living with humans who know how to take care of her, and goes to sci-fi conventions. She moved really fast, so I asked how he got her to hold still when he installed the discworld on her shell. He grinned and said he waited until she was really tired.

Bid on and won two lovely prints by Randolph Ryan in the silent auction. One is a view of a sun-dappled valley with a castle atop a hill visible in the distance. The other is of two corsairs sailing past a ruined castle on a cliff overlooking a river running thru a wooded area on a sunny day. They make you feel that you could walk into them. And since sunny days have been in very short supply this year, I had to have them. Am doing laundry today, and it's time to do something about that, so I will sign off. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 90 - Jun 15 th , at pm.

Forgot to say that I saw a man with the most beautiful hair, just past collar length, full, with a lot of body, the wave over one eye, dark seal brown. He was about 30 and very good-looking. When he walked up to booth, I said, "You have have gorgeous hair. But I suppose you hear that all the time. So he shopped a little, didn't buy anything, but came back the next day and brought his sister and 2 friends, and they all bought something.

Giving people compliments generates results. I always try to find something to compliment when I am talking with a person, esp. It makes people feel good. Re: Melusine's Hair Reply 91 - Jun 16 th , at pm. Her first project that year was a scarf knit as she mourned the loss of her newborn son. Heather likes to believe God would understand if she did knit in church. She is an avid CraftLit listener, trying to keep the B. Her previous roles have included stints as a trainee teacher, receptionist, stressed-out LAN administrator, marketing coordinator, website content editor, and more, but she enjoys the at-home mom gig the most.

She blogs sporadically and is on Ravelry , Facebook , and Twitter as ericah She teaches writing at a small public university and blogs at PoMoGolightly. Amy Tyszkiewicz is a knitter, spinner, dyer, and proud New Jersey native. She sells yarn, fiber, and knitting patterns under the Limonene Designs umbrella at, and blogs about her adventures at limonene.

Rosemary Cox learned to knit from her beloved grandmother at the ripe old age of seven. Years later, knitting became a major focus when she began her doctoral program in chemical engineering and found a lovely bunch of knitters at her school. She has more recently become a mom to a spirited little one, which has been a fantastic new adventure. You can find her living in Northern Virginia with her wonderful husband and a sweet, mischievous little crawler. Their sheep, alpaca and angora goats live nearby on the family farm. She is on Ravelry as KarmaRose.

Find her online at www. Mari learned to knit while serving in the Peace Corps. During the long cold winters she would curl up in a ball and try to stay warm, then she learned to knit and knit herself a blanket. Unfortunately being self taught she did not seam the blanket properly and the whole thing fell apart within a few months. She began designing while living and teaching English in China. Mari now lives in North Carolina and is dedicated to making seamless patterns, and you can find her at www. They knit, sew, embroider, cook, garden, and often get distracted by shiny things—then they blog about it at www.

They would like to thank a million times over their extraordinary test knitter and friend, Gael Boyd a. She can be found at www. She previously taught college history for 13 years. Elizabeth lives in Austin, Texas. Along with obsessively knitting socks, she crochets a little, sews a little, gardens a little, and bakes a lot. She also has four children who are a constant source of delight, exasperation, and amusement. Find her online at greenethumb. She once said she wanted to read for a living; she now works full time as an editor and proofreader and knits in every spare moment.

She blogs at PAKnitWit. After the birth of her middle child, Wendy took up quilting as a hobby. Being an A type she went whole hog into quilting and filled the home with fabric. This turned into a small sewing business at WendysModestDress. During this time she also did a bit of writing and was published in a few different magazines. When the sewing got to be too much she started to crochet again, which then led to a massive stash of crocheting thread… all the way down to size 70!

After that died off a bit Wendy went head first into knitting again learned as a child , which lead to SABLE 1 in 6 months! Needless to say, she will be knitting her garage down for a good, long time. Happily married and living in the sticks on 2. This led to work as a professional spinner for a large Independent yarn company. She also dipped into dyeing and worked with Renee of Goddess Knits. Their lovely hand dyed Goddess Lace yarn was enjoyed by many but she now prefers to dye for personal enjoyment.

Her work has been seen in catalogs, magazines, books and on the catwalk at Stitches West. You can see a few of her patterns on Ravelry , the most popular of which is the Beaded Scallop Smoke Ring cowl. Wendy can be found at wmdress sbcglobal. Donna Peyton is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. She has been knitting since and spinning her own yarn since She has taught knitting and drop spindle classes in Mississippi and Texas. Laura Ricketts lives in the plains of Indiana with her husband, Chris, and her three squirrelly children. She maintains sanity by playing with wool.

Kathleen Rogers has been doing needle crafts since way back in the middle of the 20th century when her mother taught her to crochet lace edgings for linen handkerchiefs, as well as to cook, sew, and embroider. She learned to knit from her aunt so that she could make a mustard-yellow sweater with black and red embroidery she saw in a magazine. In the 21st century, her color sense has improved, and she loves working with hand-dyed yarns from independent dyers, and with one-of-a-kind yarns from artisanal spinners. She and her knitting and crocheting projects and designs can be found on Ravelry where she is katrog.

In real life, she lives with her husband and her craft supplies within earshot of Boston. You can find more of her patterns at her Ravelry store. She only started knitting in earnest as a poor sweater-loving engineering student. A few years ago she began developing her own patterns and is now self-publishing them. Find Natalie on Ravelry , on her blog , and in her Ravelry shop. She is Finnish, currently living in London, UK. Her short stories are written somewhat sporadically but obsessively; when inspiration strikes, either in designing knitwear or in story form, that idea has to be let out, otherwise sleep is compromised.

She has learned this the hard way. She knows how to crochet and spins on drop spindles, but knitting will always be her first choice in the fiber arts.