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Even in the last month of her pregnancy, Ludovic still makes all her naughty b 4. Even in the last month of her pregnancy, Ludovic still makes all her naughty bits stand up and sing. But suddenly things change and now Diana is worried. It's been eight days since their last intimate encounter. Her nagging fear is that Ludovic will tire of her and that she won't be enough to satisfy his cravings. What she finds in his library sends her deeper into unnecessary anguish. Diana faced the problem head on and the results are a delicious, erotic, romantic tale that leaves no doubt of Ludovic's feelings!

I loved this vignette! Who knew pregnancy sex could be so H. Some were beautiful, exotic, and even mysterious, but I have loved only you. Vane states the entire idea for her series of Devilish Vignettes originated from a suggestion from our dear friend, Karla Parks, who wanted a glimpse into Diana and Ludovic's married life. A BIG Hug and Thank You Karla for providing the inspiration and getting us another glimpse into the life of one of my favorite couples!

Victoria Vane never fails to deliver! Her superb writing and engaging characters keep me completely invested until the very end. Getting a glimpse into Salime and Simon's background, I can hardly wait for their upcoming story, Jewel of the East! Thank you Victoria for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

It was such a pleasure! View all 29 comments. Victoria Vane delivers yet another delicious tale with The "Devil" Devere and his very pregnant wife Diana. Giving us a glimpse at the married life of these two lovable characters and their hard sought after HEA. Not only did Vane pen down one of her most sensual novels to date with A Devil's Touch, but adds her trademark humor in this novella that bridges the gap to the next in the series Jewel of the East.

I have yet to be disappointed in this series and just this story just steals this DeVer Victoria Vane delivers yet another delicious tale with The "Devil" Devere and his very pregnant wife Diana. I have yet to be disappointed in this series and just this story just steals this DeVere fangirl's heart away again! Provided by author- Victoria Vane for a honest review!

View all 10 comments. Wow, this is absolutely fabulous! To catch up with our favorite hero Ludovic and his beautiful strong willed wife Diana is such a treat. When she confronts DeVere himself, this is where the passion between the two ignites! He pulled her into his embrace with a groan, caressing her back, plying soft kisses to her hair, then her brow, he Wow, this is absolutely fabulous! He pulled her into his embrace with a groan, caressing her back, plying soft kisses to her hair, then her brow, her eyes, and all over her lovely face.

Not knowing how much you still hold back from me when all I am is yours. To have a man like DeVere giving his love and devotion to her is a sight to behold. Diana is one lucky woman. This is such a well written story, with smooth and witty dialogue makes this a must read.


A copy has been supplied by Victoria Vane for an honest review. Thanks Victoria! View all 19 comments. I read all types of steamy romances but erotic historical's are my favorites. I was totally at awe as I read. I'm tearing up just writing this review, that's how good it was to me. View all 14 comments. Victoria Vane delves into erotica this time around, but it is handled tastefully. This was a wonderful addition to the series. Kudos for the image of a pregnant Diana in all her glory on the cover.

View all 8 comments. Sweet and hot! I have missed me some Devil. Loved this little short with Diane and Ludvic. Wish the ending could have been a little longer, but they never are for me. Nothing against VV. View all 7 comments. This was a steamy yet satisfyingly tender vignette in Victoria Vane's superb DeVere series.

If you have not read Diana and Ludovic's story, do not start here as this will feel a bit out of place. Diana and Ludovic are newly married and expecting their first child within the month. Ludovic has been told to keep his hands off his wife humor abounds here but he does not tell Diana and Diana is worried he is up to his old, wild ways. She hopes to entice him back to the bedroom but he flees to Lond This was a steamy yet satisfyingly tender vignette in Victoria Vane's superb DeVere series. She hopes to entice him back to the bedroom but he flees to London to attend to some unexpected business A confrontation ensures and the resulting passion is sure to make you blush.

I loved seeing a bit more into Diana and Ludovic's married life and this felt like an extra couple of chapters and I gobbled it up. I loved how it is smoking hot yet at the same time, very true to their natures and very tender and sweet. We get another glimpse of the characters who are coming up in the series and this was a great way to get a bit more back story on them.

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Fans of Victoria Vane will devour this story and have a happy grin on their face when they are done with it. I am a huge fan of Ms Vane and this is why. View all 12 comments. Will I ever get enough of this man? A Devil's Touch , the latest addition to the fantastic Devil DeVere series, is a tantalisingly wicked treat that shouldn't be missed. Even within the constraints of this short vignette, there is so much richness and depth to the story.

Maybe he had come to regret married life? The more she thought about it, the more distressed she became. He still had seventy-six more days of celibacy to bear and felt so full of his own unspent essence that he thought he would burst. The need for trust… "It seems," he stated, dark and ominous, "that what we really have are unresolved issues of trust between us.

I have sworn my devotion, my fidelity. We will end this right now. There is no room in this relationship for jealousy and suspicion. You are my light, my sustenance. You are everything to me. What's wrong with it? This scene is so beautifully written and I fully appreciate why it was essential for both the story and the characters. Simon means a great deal to me.

Should you accept this proposition, I would be exceedingly pleased.

The Sheik Retold

Moreover, I would provide you most generous compensation. Lushly erotic and deeply romantic, this is storytelling at its best by a mistress of her craft. My sincere thanks to Victoria Vane for providing a copy of this vignette in return for a honest review. Book 4 and I was left only thinking Wow whata good read. This was just another one of Ms. Vane good well written novella. This story involves the married life of Diana and Ludovic. We now find Diana is pregnant and suffering from insecurities that are there with pregnancy I don't think that will be a problem for Ludovic once he stops listening to the doctor What is going on with Ned, Salime and Simon?

You will find all of the characters every developed in this short solid read that will only leave you wanting more. This author is such a wonderful storyteller leaving you not able to put her reads down until the very last word and YES, I would recommend this read. View 2 comments. What fun to see Ludovic and Diana struggling to adjust to married life. Since she's nine months pregnant and the physician has told Ludovic that it isn't safe for them to have sex, I wondered how Victoria Vane would manage to keep up the steam factor found in her earlier books.

Not a problem, for Ludovic is quite the creative lover. I've totally enjoyed this entire series and am looking forward to the next installment. Indeed, I fear that author Victoria Vane has reached another pinnacle of writing while keeping her readers delightfully tangled in the DeVere loop. Many women fear that in the advanced stages of pregnancy, they will become less desirable, and Diana, is no exception despite the fact DeVere has been above reproach and extremely loving inside and outside the boudoir—until recently.

Along with the baggage from her disastrous first marriage, Diana stumbles into some very unpleasant conclusions when she discovers a discarded missive from a former lover after DeVere has made announcement that he must travel to London to assist an old friend who has just endured a harrowing ordeal for several years. Is DeVere seeking to spare her feelings? Has he grown bored, longing for variety in the arms of a past lover?

Should she confront him with his probable betrayal? Can she survive the devastating heartbreak of losing him now? Once the showdown between husband and wife commences, Diana earns the unleashed measure of her spouse and erstwhile lover, while coming into her own strength. DeVere demonstrates another glimpse into what makes him complex, commanding, and cocksure. The finale is wrapped up with Ms. As you leave the house to stop yourself from rereading this scorching vignette, the distraction of your simmering thoughts will cause you to stumble and roll down the sidewalk.

Each time I revisit these romps, I cross my fingers with the hope that Ms. Vane will not only continue writing about DeVere but that she will double the fun by increasing the length to a novel. Again and again. Ahhh, I loved it! This is one of my favorite sexy historical romance series, and Diana and DeVere two of my favorite characters. This story takes place 3 months after their wedding, with Diana well into her pregnancy. A doctor tells DeVere to refrain from sexual relations with his wife, and the sexual frustration between them crest with an hilarious and oh-so-sexy crescendo.

I just love these two together, their banter and love for each other keeps me glued. This story also introduces Captain Si Ahhh, I loved it! We don't actually meet him, but we learn he was once thought dead, and a bit about his actual plight as a war prisoner all of these years. DeVere and Sir Edward 'Ned' Chambers from book 1 were close friends with Sin before his disappearance, and decides to 'help' Sin in his recovery.

No doubt DeVere and Ned's shenanigans of 'help' will be center to Sin's story, and I can't wait to read it! I absolutely love this series, and would have happily bought it otherwise. Another awesome story from Victoria! A DEVIL'S TOUCH by Victoria Vane is the perfect bridge that fills in the blanks for those of us who have followed this series from the beginning, and a perfect introduction to the series as a stand alone for anyone who wants to just try a taste. Be forewarned - once you get a taste of the Devil DeVere, like chocolate, you'll not be able to stop. The timing is perfect for the release of this sweet story that shines a whole new light on the wickedly sexy, Ludov Another awesome story from Victoria!

The timing is perfect for the release of this sweet story that shines a whole new light on the wickedly sexy, Ludovic DeVere. If you're prudish and sway away from erotica, this one might not be for you. View 1 comment. Their marriage is no less turbulent and HOT! Diana is in the last month of pregnancy. DeVere, feeling scared for Diana, refuses to touch her.

Boy is she ever wrong. What follows is a night of unbridled hotness that will leave you panting! Diana will show DeVere how much she loves him.

A Devil's Touch (The Devil DeVere #4.5)

This is a must read for all Devil DeVere lovers. It gives us a glimpse into the married life between Devil and Diana. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Diana and Ludovic's other books.

In this story there is a misunderstanding that leads to doubts and fears on Diana's part. Her doubts and fears anger Ludovic, making him prove her trust. I think perhaps it was this that bothered me most in the story. When he should have been supporting her most, he was pushing her limits. But that could be the midwife in me, I am probably always going to side with the pregnant mom.

It worked for them though and they were happy in the end. The audio of this book was quite good as well. And I have to say that this cover is just beautiful! I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this audiobook to review. A very big thank you to Victoria Vane for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was really sweet and scorching hot.

It was really awesome to read about DeVere and Diana. I was really excited to catch a glimpse of their married life. Other than that, we also get to see Ned again, albeit briefly, but it was still good to catch with these beloved characters. We also get to know how Salime and Simon are 'introduce' to each other.

Miss Victoria is truly a tale A very big thank you to Victoria Vane for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Miss Victoria is truly a talented storyteller.

Victoria Vane

Although this is only a novella with less than 80 pages, the characters are still so engaging, the plot strong and solid and the pace crisp. Go Vic; you had me blushing. The biggest plus to this story: the heroine is pregnant.

And her husband finds her attractive and shows it. Spoiler: We get to see DeVere meet his new baby! A very sexy short story that was sooooo sweeet! Love how Ludovic is with Diana!!

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Originally published at Reading Reality Just the idea of Ludo "Devil" DeVere attempting to be the perfect husband is enough to constitute the perfect Valentine's Day present all by itself! What's even better is that this delightful Georgian bonbon actually delivers every bit of decadent deliciousness that lovers of The Devil DeVere Series could possibly wish for On his best day, the Devil couldn't have maneuvered his puppets any better! But in th Originally published at Reading Reality Just the idea of Ludo "Devil" DeVere attempting to be the perfect husband is enough to constitute the perfect Valentine's Day present all by itself!

But in this little vignette, Ludo DeVere is definitely not having one of his best days. He has finally found that wedded bliss is actually blissful, provided one is wedded to the right woman. For him, that woman is Diana. Through all of their acquantaince, they have thrown sparks off each other at every turn. Even when they have been at their angriest with each other, the one thing they have never been is bored with each other. Now Diana is radiantly pregnant with his child. Also about to burst with the child. Ludo is about to burst because the damned doctor says he shouldn't be bothering Diana for sex.

Ludo's never gone 8 hours without sex, and now it's been 8 days. And bloody counting. Diana has no idea what's wrong with Ludo. She thinks he's lost interest in her because she's the size of a small estate. He won't look at her. He won't touch her. She's lonely, bored and afraid. Not to mention extremely pregnant.

Suddenly Ludo's best friend Ned arrives and whisks him away to London. Ludo claims it's an emergency regarding their boyhood friend Simon. Sin has miraculously returned to life after years as an American POW, but Diana fears there are darker motives for Ludo's sudden disappearance. After he departs, she finds a letter addressed to him from his former paramour Salime, requesting his immediate return to rescue her. Diana, already afraid for her marriage, and questioning Ludo's rather recent conversion to marital fidelity after a lifetime of utter debauchery, wonders if he'll return at all, and whether she'll be better off for certain utterly miserable values of "better" if he doesn't.

Ned gets a good laugh out of telling Ludo that the doctor was an idiot, which puts Ludo in a tearing hurry to return home, only to find that his wife has lost her rather shaky faith in him. What lengths will they both have to go to bridge the chasm between them? Death by Chocolate perhaps.

It is very rich, but perfectly scrumptious, and a small serving is just right! It takes some shortcuts because we are expected to know all the characters. Even Simon was previously introduced in Devil in the Making. Part of what makes this fun is that Ludo and Diana are still themselves. Ludo is still trying to stage-manage. He loves Diana, and he wants to do what's best for her.

But rather than discuss it with her, he decides for her, and that's where the misunderstandammit starts. He gets into a lot of scrapes, and a lot of his scrapes with Diana, that way. I hope she thinks it's part of his charm. The setup for the next book in the series, Jewel of the East, is not-so-subtlely the way that Ludo rescues Salime by arranging for her to care for Simon. He's stage-managing again.

When he does it for other people, it usually works wonders. We'll find out in April. Right solicitous is my lord. I would much prefer to bathe and dress. Do you think you could find any of my better gowns that still fit?

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If not, I'll have to send for the sempstress again. I may be breeding, but I refuse to be a dowd. Even if she did feel less than herself of late, she was determined not to let her appearance give that away. I shan't wear a cap today. Could you please put it up? Perhaps even concern for the impending birth? After all, it was only weeks away and their close friend Edward had lost dear Annalee in childbirth. Although Diana had her own fears in that regard, she refused to dwell on what was well beyond her control. Her marriage, however, was another matter altogether.

It was not a customary practice for a man who had spent the better part of his seven and thirty years carousing until the wee hours and sleeping well past noon. But his bed had ceased to be a pleasurable refuge after Diana's last examination by the accoucheur eight bloody days ago. It was immediately afterward in the privacy of his study that Ludovic had asked Dr.

Ford the question plaguing his mind—whether it was safe to continue conjugal relations with his very gravid wife. It was what he had expected but still not what he wanted to hear. Besides," he chided, "do you not think that this close to her term, Lady DeVere might be permitted to shirk her conjugal duties? I daresay it grows exceedingly uncomfortable for her. She had tolerated a full decade of mistreatment under her first husband, after all.