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Late in the evening, she was coming home late from work when, from a trailer a good distance in front of her an item of unsecured furniture fell off and broke apart, sending a large piece of particle board catapulting through her windshield, striking her head. The resulting trauma from massive brain, head and eye injuries caused her complete blindness. This is Federici's as well as her family's story of survival, recovery and rebuilding life by taking some of the most challenging obstacles and learning to overcome them.

Bring 'Em is a real life story told from the perspective of the victim. Its underlying theme is the true strength of the human spirit as demonstrated by Federici's unrelenting determination. It serves as a shining example for readers who need encouragement in how to face, fight obstacles and never give up.

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As she lives life to the fullest after the accident, Federici looks forward to the day when things like stem cell study provides a cure for vision loss. I made up my mind there was nothing thrown at me that would defeat me. So bring on the obstacles.

The NINJACROSS™ - An On-Demand Aquatic Fitness Gym & Obstacle Course

I am ready to face each one. What were the major events along the way?

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Maria: It took me years to write my story. It took longer to write, of course, because I now am a person without sight and depended on others to read back to me the words I had formed because I could not just look at the page and think about what I had just written. How did you overcome these challenges? Maria: As I mentioned, loss of sight was a major obstacle. I would have my partner, a friend or a family member look at what I had written, read it back to me, and make suggestions on how I might be able to say it better.

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Not being able to see the progress of my writing, one completed page after another, one chapter after another, was an obstacle but I knew where I was in telling my story and where I wanted to end up. I would just buck up and move on. Writing my book was, in many ways, a rehashing of experiences and challenges I faced from the accident. If you want to write a book, you just do it. Norm: Do you hear from your readers much?

What kinds of things do they say? Maria: Some do contact me.

The Conversation

Norm: Any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different from how others authors market their books? I have not really talked to other authors.

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I offer my book to reviewers and hope they will agree to share their opinions about my story because their opinions are important to me. I make myself available for personal interviews. I have been interviewed a lot since the accident and so am comfortable doing that.


I have made talks about the importance of safely securing a load when moving things, and have given talks lobbying for changes in law making it mandatory to secure loads. So when I do that, and mention my books in my talks, I think that helps. I do however have a book publicist, Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications. I also have a Facebook page, Obstaclesbring Em. Of course, you can just enter my book title in the search engine for amazon.

10 Reasons to Love the Obstacles in Your Life

Maria: I really have no idea but I do know that whatever is next I will get through it, enjoy each day I have, be with the people I love, and accomplish what I am meant to accomplish. Follow us. Boost Memberships. Draw Crowds. Group Fitness.

Obstacles? Bring ’Em On--Your Horse Will Love It

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